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  • AC: Ferrari 288 GTO v1.01

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    Uff By Uff, in Modding, , 0 comments, 1,011 views

    Current status (22 Feb '15) (beta 1):

    First public release!

    The time has come where I'm just going to have to call it and release what I have. Not to worry, it's in a pretty good state I feel, but I've been holding off on a release hoping for some stuff to come in from @Flat-twin. He was testing my UV skin template and is working on liveries and improved textures. But he's a busy man and the car works just fine in good old rosso corsa clear.png

    So what's not very good yet:

    - No LOD B/C yet, LOD_A is within budget so hopefully performance should be at least reasonable.

    - No Ambient Occlusion yet, my textures are mediocre at best. I'm awaiting upgrades by Flat-Twin.

    - No custom sounds. Custom sounds were in progress but with weeks of no reply from the creator I fear they've been abandoned. The car uses the stock F40 sound now.

    So without further ado, grab it from race department and if you choose to share this car, please make sure to send them here or to this RD link so that they'll always end up at a page that'll be updated with latest versions etc:

    Small update: in case you had a sound issue with beta 1, hopefully beta 1.01 will fix it. Thanks to Brownninja97 to the rescue.


    For skinning artists and hobbyists alike, I've also uploaded the Skin template + FBX.

    With this you can import the car in the editor by just hitting import fbx and all the textures and shader will be loaded automatically. I've also included the layered files I used to create the current textures, that oughta help tell you what's what and how to use it. If you have any questions just ask. And if you feel you have better shader settings or 2d art than I was able to figure out, you're probably right and I'd love to see them! clear.png

    The same goes for any changes anyone would like to make to this car. I realize that supplying you all with all the source files to the mod makes it very easy to create all sorts of versions and claim them as your own. And the truth is I don't really care/mind. The one thing I ask is that we keep this mod as the de facto 'realistic' one. If you feel you have a change that makes this mod better because it's more realistic, please talk to me about it.

    We can work together, make the change and make this mod a better mod. If you just want to make a fantasy car that looks like a GTO but drives like a GT2 car, that's when you make a separate version and you're welcome to do so. If you do, the credit I would request is simply a link to here labeled as the original mod. And feel free to talk to me about what you're making, I might love it and want to be involved.


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