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I costi nel motorsport reale sono proibitivi... ma nel simracing si può cominciare spendendo poco!
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    Ancora suoni per Richard

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    Nuovo aggiornamento sonoro da ben 3,5MB per l'ottimo Richard Burns Rally della SCi: potete scaricare questo nuovi suoni, molto più realistici e corposi, da questo indirizzo. Aggiornamento: disponibile un update 1.2 da 2,2MB.

    Ive listened and seen a few audio mods about, as I work with audio in life I noticed some odd sounds in the car, so decided to make things more fatter/punchier - natural - and more important - try a totaly different engine audio to make the car sound more meaty.


    - ** Totaly New car engine sound - more richer and alot more agressive sounding on revs - purrrs like a fat angry cat!
    - ** car engine sound more prominent inside the car when in cockpit view
    - All bangs and hard crash hit sounds are EQ'd & compressed with more bass to give better punch / ooomf
    - Crash sounds now have glass smash fx within them - to give impression of glass breaking
    - Crash scream voice sounds changed with more shock / breathing groans
    - Surface sounds / gravel skids / skid sounds EQ'd & leveled with less harsh sounding
    - Different tarmac skid (credits to 2re)
    - Gear change sounds re-eq'd & leveled (shorter sound) - added slight reverb to make them less clunky/clumsy & dry
    - Ignition sound changed - re-eq'd leveled & slight reverb - more natural sounding inside car
    - Pops & bangs from rear of car now louder and have more attack - more bang!
    - Raised turbo whistle effect slightly
    - Bird hit sound - more punch & prominent with bird noise added

    version 1.2:
    - Reworked Gravel skid effect (original was very dull) - raised pitch, eq'd & added slight wheel screech
    - Modified menu sounds & season menu sounds (credit to 2re for extra menu sound)
    - Service sounds in Championship changed - no more OTT garage chatter (credit to 2re for new sounds)
    - Added missing modified bird hit audio file

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