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Reiza Studios ci aggiorna sul prossimo futuro...


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Dopo un periodo di silenzio, il team Reiza Studios ci aggiorna sugli sviluppi del suo prossimo futuro. Il simulatore completamente nuovo, successore quindi dell'ottimo Automobilista che, a detta degli stessa Reiza, ha ottenuto un successo superiore alle aspettative, resta naturalmente confermato, anche se posticipato al 2019. Al momento non è ancora certo l'utilizzo dell'ultimo engine ISI motor 2 (quello di rFactor 2), ma la scelta dovrebbe comunque essere questa. Il progetto, al momento misterioso, sta comunque avanzando su altri fronti: una serie di nuovi interessanti accordi di licenza e sviluppo di nuovi contenuti, con l'aggiornamento delle auto e delle piste che verranno trasferite da AMS nel nuovo titolo.

E' in arrivo invece il già annunciato pacchetto Reiza rFactor 2 Bundle, che porterà in rFactor 2 4 vetture e due tracciati di Automobilista. Reiza prevede infine un ultimo aggiornamento ed un nuovo DLC proprio per Automobilista.

Dal forum Reiza

We´re finally back to offer some fresh Reiza info for you.. I know some of you have been earning for it for a while now :)
Firstly I´d like to assure that the relative lack of news do not mean things haven´t been going on in the background, but some news are indeed overdue and this feels like a good time to offer a round-up of where we stand on various topics - here goes!

Reiza Next Title (aka Reiza 201X or the AMS Sequel)

This is understandably the biggest source of antecipation so let´s start with that - I´ll try share as much as I can :)
For those of you who may not be aware, some background info: we first announced plans to develop a fully new title after licensing the ISIMotor2 Engine back in 2015 as part of the SimRacing Bonanza crowdfunding campaign to fund further development to Stock Car Extreme (eventually turned into Automobilista), as a way to give backers some foresight of where we were going on the long term (also because this new title was offered as a perk on some investment levels). This new title was at various points refered to as Reiza2017, Reiza2018 or just simply the "AMS Sequel".
As it turns out the announcement proved quite premature, and the estimate release schedule optimistic as the 3 years that have gone on since have brought up many changes - Automobilista proved both more demanding and more succesful than we expected, earning it an extended development timeline; some people have moved on while others have joined, lessons have were learned, new partners and better possibilitiies have presented themselves and all the while we have been juggling these changes and evaluating the new options in order to work out the best path forward.
While all that has inevitably pushed the schedule for the new release up further, we hope people can appreciate that this is a crucial step for the future and once development sets off on given a path it´s very difficult (and potentially lethal for a small studio such as ourselves) to try turn around. It obviously hasn´t happened in 2017 nor will it in 2018, but release is now set firmly to 2019.
The original plan was to develop our own tangent to ISIMotor 2 (and we have done that to some extent with Automobilista), it eventually became clear that tackling the bigger structural changes required to fully update the engine was too risky and time consuming prospect, so we set of looking at alternatives that could deliver and engine to our requirements at a faster pace, and preferably not forcing us to discard the work poured into AMS. The good news is that there are no shortage of good options that will allow us to deliver on those targets.
One of which is indeed rFactor 2 - after we announced the rFactor2 Bundle there was some natural speculation about us licensing the rFactor2 engine for the AMS Sequel - the opportunity to develop the Bundle has certainly been valuable for us to properly sink our teeth into that engine and learn more about it, at the same time allowing us to create something fresh and generate some welcome extra revenue with it. It was also a chance to rekindle our relationship with our friends from Studio 397, with whom we had already collaborated early on the development of Automobilista.
While licensing the rF2 engine remains a very exciting option, for now development of the Bundle is an end on itself - we´re still evaluating other options including one that has just recently been presented, while remaining adamant a decision will have to be taken soon.
In the meantime the project has been advancing in other fronts - we´ve recently secured a number of new exciting licensing deals to go along those we already had; we have also been working on developing new content and further upgrading the cars and tracks that will be ported over from AMS (most of them will).
This is what I can share now - while I appreciate this is not as detailed as some might have been hoping for, hopefully when time comes for an official announcement (in a matter of weeks rather than months) the wait will have proven worthwhile :)

Reiza rFactor2 Bundle

The next step is on the road is the release of the Reiza rFactor 2 Bundle, an exciting prospect in its own right. Here are some more details we can now share about it.
Firstly, the content - these are cars and tracks that will make up the Bundle:

Metalmoro AJR
Metalmoro MR18
MCR Sports 2000
Formula Vee

Our goal when assembling content for the Bundle was to put together a pack that was at once interesting, complementary and fit in well together along with exiting rF2 content. Obviously the fact this is a 3rd party for another sim means it has to inhabit the design of that product, for that reason you won´t be seeing any of our semi-fictional cars on the Bundle, as Studio397 has been focusing on delivering officially licensed content for rFactor 2.
Since there are 50 venues and over 30 series to pick from in Automobilista it would not be surprising for some of you not to find your personal favorite in this package, moving forward though anything is possible - if the Bundle is well received it could be expanded or a new one put together, possibly even including bigger and / or brand new content.
Pricing is not 100% finalized but you may expect it to be close to standards of other rFactor 2 DLCs with items being sold individually and the full bundle at a special discount. We are pushing to release all items together before the end of September.

Last Automobilista DLC

This is another front where we have been running late over the original prediction, so firstly let me assure everyone that it´s still coming :)
Obviously much later than we´d antecipated - reason in part is that eyeballs have almost inevitably focused elsewhere lately, but the main challenge has been conciling the licensing demands of this DLC with the AMS Season Pass - as this pack wasn´t initially foreseen when we first offered the Season Pass it took some manouvering and a bit more time for us to absorb the costs and keep it free to Season Pass owners. We´ve managed to work it out and should have more details about it in the coming weeks and release not long after.
Further Automobilista news is that while core development wrapped early on the year with v1.5.1 release we´ve taken some time to put together one more hotfix to address a few issues presented to us since. It should also be rolling out towards the end of the month.

Reiza Backers - what´s next

We have an extra treat for both Reiza Campaign backers as well as Membership pack owners - thanks also to the kind support of Studio397, upon release of the rF2 Bundle those of you in either group will have the option to request the Reiza rF2 Bundle to be added free to your Steam account (naturally so long as you already own rFactor2). More details on how to proceed to request this will be offered upon release.
As further clarification specially to backers who bought into investment levels that included the AMS Sequel and its eventual DLCs as potential perks, we´d like to assure you´ll still be due to receive those perks upon the release of the new title. The "extra" perks that have been offered since in the form of free additional AMS DLCs and now the rF2 Bundle do not subtract from your original perks.

Sim Racing Expo

The Sim Racing Expo will be taking place this weekend at the Nurburgring, and I will be attending along with some other Reiza devs. While we won´t be presenting anything this year, it should be a good opportunity to meet up and chat with those of you who may also be attending :) We´ll be roaming around on saturday afternoon with our Reiza / Extreme t-shirts, so feel free to come up and say hello!
Hopefully this update covers your more immediate questions, but if not feel free to ask below and I´ll do my best to answer you :)

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Ma non sarebbe meglio passare ad UE4 anche per loro?
ISIMotor2 è datato, e ormai, nonostante gli aggiornamenti, ha fatto il suo tempo e più di questo non può dare.

UE4 invece, è il presente ed il futuro dei videogiochi, tutto questo senza dover penare per creare un motore grafico fatto in casa, proprio come per Kunos Simulazioni.
In questo modo, una volta che si fossero adattati al nuovo engine, avrebbero molto più tempo per lavorare al resto del progetto, visto che le novità a livello grafico le implementa direttamente Epic Games.

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On 9/12/2018 at 3:05 PM, delpinsky said:

Ma non sarebbe meglio passare ad UE4 anche per loro?
ISIMotor2 è datato, e ormai, nonostante gli aggiornamenti, ha fatto il suo tempo e più di questo non può dare.

UE e' un engine grafico, quello ISI e' grafico e fisico. Certo, potrebbero usare UE + la sola componente "fisica" del vecchio motore che hanno usato fino ad oggi (quello di rfactor 1), ma quello e' ormai un engine fisico da cui si e' spremuto tutto lo spremibile. Io nel 2019/2020 un sim simile non lo comprerei.

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Inoltre , se posso aggiungere  , l'UE4  dipende chi lo prende in mano ; nel senso che non è così semplice tirar fuori belle cose.

Ci sono  innumerevoli ciofeche fatte con UE4 ; il fatto che sia gratuito, non  fa diventare un team  di  programmatori ( o presunti tali)  dei "Geni" della grafica.

Ed anche l' UE4  cmq ha i suoi "limiti" .



L'anti-aliasing in Unreal Engine 4 viene eseguito in post-elaborazione utilizzando FXAA, che è un'efficiente implementazione MLAA GPU. Questo metodo risolve la maggior parte delle cause degli artefatti di aliasing, ma non può impedire completamente l'alias temporale.

Altre tecniche: UE4 attualmente supporta MSAA solo per pochi editor 3d primitivi (ad esempio 3D Gizmo) e
Temporal AA

La funzione può essere disabilitata dal flag di presentazione Anti-aliasing post-processo.

Per maggiori informazioni, :     https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-us/Engine/Rendering/PostProcessEffects/AntiAliasing

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se non lavorano seriamente su un online pubblico fruibile,  dubito che questi cambiamenti serviranno a migliorare la situazione.

possibile che non si chiedono come mai altri giochi hanno successo e loro no?

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Il team Reiza Studios ci aggiorna sui prossimi sviluppi futuri: come prima cosa, continua il lavoro sui contenuti per rFactor 2, in particolare sulle due versioni aggiuntive di Imola, i layout del 1988 e del 2001, che saranno aggiunti gratuitamente per tutti coloro che hanno acquistato Imola o qualsiasi pacchetto DLC. Non mancheranno migliorie di vario genere, come la mescola del pneumatico da bagnato mancante per la MCR S2000 e il modello turbo alla Metalmoro. Queste novità dovrebbero essere rilasciate entro la prossima settimana.

Reiza ha già un accordo di licenza per alcune nuove macchine per il suo prossimo simulatore, che sono già modellate e messe in gioco, ma difficilmente riuscirà a portarle in Automobilista, invece ci sono concrete speranze per includere Donington Park e Snetterton, come parte della stagione AMS Pack senza costi aggiuntivi per coloro che già lo possiedono. Le piste dovrebbero essere pronte entro la fine di luglio.

Infine il team brasiliano si prepara finalmente ad annunciare il suo nuovo titolo...


Time to break radio silence again to bring you some fresh news about what´s happening with Reiza and our projects over recent weeks and for the foreseeable future.

Reiza rFactor 2 Bundle - May Update
As previously announced, we´ve continued development of the rF2 content this month focusing primarily on development of the two additional Imola versions - the 1988 and 2001 layouts, which will be added free of charge to all who bought the Imola track or any pack that included it.
Below a couple of WIP previews - now the rF2 Mclarens will have some era-accurate official tracks to stretch their legs on :)
There´s also been some work done elsewhere in the pack with further polishing and sorting a few remaining issues - more notably we have added the missing wet tire compound for the MCR S2000 and we are working on adding the turbo model to the Metalmoro cars that feature it.
Wiith the possible exception of the turbos, these updates are due for release later next week.

Automobilista Final Update & DLC
Unfortunately are still struggling a bit to get this one worked out. Without going too far into licensing specifics, here´s a brief breakdown of where things stand at the moment:
Although we have for a while now held a licensing deal for some new cars for our next sim and already have them modelled and in-game, we jumped the gun with regards to extending their license agreement to Automobilista - despite continuing attempts we still haven´t quite managed to make the numbers work and it´s looking unlikely we will manage to, which may force us to us to pull the plug on releasing this particular pack in Automobilista.
If that scenario pans out however we have put together a good alternative - we are extending our licensing agreement with Motorsport Vision to include Donington Park and Snetterton, and in this one we would be able to release both tracks for Automobilista as part of the AMS Season Pack with no extra charge for those who already own that.
Development for both Donington and Snetterton is already in progress, and we should have them both ready by late July.
I understand such changes are never a good thing specially for something that was announced so long ago, hopefully most users agree this alternative is good value too.
Either way we are set on releasing one last set of premium content for Automobilista along with some minot bug fixing before the end of July.

There is one more thing...
Naturally most of you will be checking this more interested in hearing news about our much antecipated and long overdue new title.... I´m aware we have pushed everyone´s patience to the limit there but good things do come for those who wait :)
After a long, gruellling and sometimes painful conception we´re finally getting ready to unveil our new baby. Stay tuned for an announcement to be made in the coming days on our Social Media pages, which you can access from the links on the top right of this forum.
Once this is out of the way we should certainly have a lot more to chat about again, so look forward to us resuming our monthly update tradition from next month onwards!


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