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Automobilista by Reiza v1.5 "Christmas surprise"


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The upcoming v1.5 of Automobilista will include a beautiful Christmas surprise - the Buskerud KartKurs is a fictional karting track set in a bucolic Norwegian region amidst pine trees, wind turbines, lakes and rocky hills. The two layouts are as close to a roller coaster ride one is likely to get without rails!





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Greetings everyone :)Here we are then for the final dev update of the year, just in time for what is to be the final major update to Automobilista.
We´ll begin with the not so-great news - those of you who have been following these dev updates will be aware we still have one final car pack DLC to announce. Our plan had been to deliver a holiday surprise but unfortunately we haven´t quite managed to put everything together in time, so this is going to be our early 2018 treat instead. In the meantime we´ll have to keep the suspense on for a little longer...
While we´ve missed out on delivering that particular Christmas present, we do have a lot of exciting stuff packed in and almost ready to go in what is to be the last major AMS update - one which we hope will keep you warm over the holiday season :) Here are some of the highlights of what´s coming up with V1.5 and beyond:

Official Multiplayer Ranking System

@Alex Sawczuk and @Dave Stephenson have put together a cool new feature for multiplayer racing - v1.5 will introduce "Race Rank" which is our first steps in creating an online ranking system. Drivers will be able to earn points by racing on our official servers in Qualifying and Race sessions to improve their rank. The scoring will be weighted by the quality and quantity of the opposition as well as the length of the race, as well as the users recent participation. The driver and server ranking values will be visible in-game, with full in-depth details to be found at www.VirtualXperience.net.
The new system will go in open Beta stage with v1.5 initially only with Reiza official servers, with the possibility of being expanded to other open & active servers as it develops. A more detailed breakdown of the system mechanics will be shared in time for v1.5 release.

Limited tire sets

As commented in the previous dev update, v1.5 will add a new realism dimension as users will get the option to limit the number of tire sets available for single & multiplayer races, which will then accumulate wear as they´re used throughout the race weekend. Drivers will then be able to switch back & forth between used and new tire sets (rather than just infinitely reset tires to a brand new set every time he goes back to the pit menu, although this will also remain an option).

Updated UI design

@Alex Sawczuk has done a little further freshening up to AMS presentation in v1.5 with a few UI design revisions, most noticeably being the session monitor UI, now following the overall UI design, with a beefed up timing screen and background nicely filled up by the ongoing track action:

Buskerud - new kart track

@ilka has put together a beautiful-looking surprise Christmas present in the shape of Buskerud KartKurs. This fictional venue is set in a bucolic Norwegian region amidst pine trees, wind turbines, lakes and rocky hills. The two layouts are as close to a roller coaster ride one is likely to get without rails :)

Mendig Full Course
@ilka and @Alex Sawczuk have also managed to find some time to put together a new layout for Mendig - a respectable 11km course which roams through and around country roads, hills, village and the airport.

Super Formula Dirt
The F-Dirt is getting a new big brother variant in the shape of the Super F-Dirt - an AWD Turbo, more powerful and higher grip version of the F-Dirt currently in the sim for some extra power drifting fun.

Drift Series

On the topic of drifting.. Recently we´d been debating within the team about a fun project to wrap v1.5 with and unwind a bit. @Niels Heusinkveld had been playing with Drift physics for a while so that got things kick started, which in turn got @Domagoj Lovric (who had fancied doing some new V6 turbo sounds) going.. Along came @Sandro Kholodkevich to pimp up a few existing cars with optionals and soon we had something shaping up for some serious dorifto action :) So much so in fact that we´ve elected to add a Drift series as a new bonus content to Automobilista.
The series will feature a few of the existing models customized for drifting. We also plan to add some custom Drift courses and scoring system. This however won´t be quite ready in time for v1.5 so will be included in one of the post-release patches sometime in january.

Automobilista Holiday Bundle
Steam Holiday sale starts today and we´ve got a killer offer for those that may still be on the fence about AMS - the Automobilista Holiday Bundle is going to include AMS along with all DLCs released so far - this is a limited-time opportunity to pick the whole package up not only at its best but also at its best price :)
Individual packages are also on sale with discounts as big as 90% so if you´re missing anything in your collection do make sure to check the sale out :)

Automobilista Beyond v1.5

While core development of AMS ends with v1.5, the new Drift project and the upcoming DLC means there is still some exciting things to come to AMS in 2018 - Since v1.5 is another major update with substantial new features it´s also very likely we´ll do some fine tuning and deploy a couple of smallish hotfixes early on next year.
By and large though AMS is going to be hitting its definitive and peak form in the coming days. Although we´ll continue to support it with new content & official competitions in 2018, by next year our development focus will be fully on an exciting new challenge, about which we hope to be sharing more news soon.
In the meantime we´d like to thank everyone who one way or another contributed to AMS development - the terrific feedback we have been able to gather here, in the RD forum and other AMS communities has has been invaluable and your enthusiasm for the sim a source of great motivation for all of us.
In the name of the whole Reiza team I wish you all a happy holiday season - we look forward to catching you for some online action over the break :)

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Il team Reiza Studios ha appena rilasciato la nuova versione aggiornata 1.5 del suo ottimo Automobilista. La nuova release include il nuovo ranking online ufficiale, un nuovo circuito karting di fantasia, nuove features dedicate al realismo simulativo ed altro ancora. In occasione del rilascio, il software è in offerta su Steam con un incredibile sconto del 70% !

Automobilista v1.5.0 is now out - includes new official multiplayer ranking system, a beautiful new kart track, new realism features and more ! V1.5 is the culmination of years of simulation development, and the definitive version of Automobilista - currently on Sale with 70% off! Check it out at http://store.steampowered.com/app/431600

To celebrate AMS v1.5 release, the Automobilista Holiday Bundle is currently and for a limited time now on http://store.steampowered.com/…/Automobilista_Special_Holi…/

The Automobilista "Season Pass" including all DLCs is also available now at a discount price: http://store.steampowered.com/app/521600/


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Automobilista v1.5.0 is now out - includes new official multiplayer ranking system, a beautiful new kart track, new realism features and more !

V1.5 is the culmination of years of simulation development, and the definitive version of Automobilista.

To celebrate AMS v1.5 release, the Automobilista Holiday Bundle is currently and for a limited time now on 
Save 74% on Automobilista Special Holiday Bundle on Steam

The Automobilista "Season Pass" including all DLCs is also available now at a discount price: Save 50% on Automobilista - Season Pass for all DLCs on Steam

Introducing Race Rank: Race Rank is the first step in an online ranking system for Automobilista. The scope of it’s release for Automobilista is to rate players as they race online and produce a leaderboard of all entrants. The aim for the leaderboard is not only to drivers from the fastest downwards, but also give prominence to those who race recently to keep people actively racing.

A full weekly schedule will begin on 1/1/2018 and will be posted both here on the forums as well as virtualxperience.net.

Below is the Changelog for v1.4.93 -> v1.5.0:


  • Added Buskerud Kart track (2 layouts)
  • Added Mendig Langschliefe layout


  • Added support for Ranked Servers: Lobby shows Ranked Servers average entrants ranking. Added player's server rank in monitor view (Only Reiza Official Servers will be ranked at this stage)
  • Added "TIRE SETS" option to limit number of available tire sets over the race weekend (range 1-10 or unlimited as before)
  • Added "RETURN TO PITS" option to RULES settings (options are Instant, Car must be stopped and Car towed to garage with semi realistic or realistic timings)
  • Fixed various issues with Steam Achievements
  • Disabled Pause While Zero Players server setting, as it is required for servers to announce on Steam
  • Added Game tag to results file with property "Automobilista"
  • Added Steam ID and Race Rank to player entries in Results files
  • Added Game Version and Profile in use to title bar on Dedicated Server
  • Increased frequency to smooth player´s steering wheel animation during replays (should no longer look jerky)
  • Fixed Spotter announcing last lap one lap too early if you were a leader in a timed race
  • Fixed Steam info not being parsed correctly when dedi is hosting without steam client logged in


  • Redesigned Monitor UI screen
  • Added Escape Menu Confirmation option to Display settings
  • Fixed multi join screen sometimes showing wrong track map
  • Added RaceRank leaderboard to Profile page
  • Auto select users time on TT Leaderboards
  • Refactored internet connection type settings
  • Garage UI now shows fuel by decimal point when step is less than 1.0
  • Optimized UI files, removing unused files and entries


  • Tweaked AI suspension rates to smooth ride over curbs a bit
  • New AI code which uses actual car width to calculate road width


  • Enhanced surface sounds positioning
  • Fixed various little sound replay bugs
  • Lowered spotter default volume to 75%
  • Replay surface sounds are now positioned (both pre 1.49 and new replays)
  • Remote vehicles now also have tire sounds (although highly approximated)
  • Tweaked dirt residue sound calculation (should hear it more often)
  • Audio now is smoothly faded in / out when pausing / resuming game
  • Added additional audio output configurations: Surround Headphones 5.1, Surround Headphones 7.1, Surround Speakers 7.1
  • Added "Trackside Camera Audio Directionality" into PLR file for stereo configurations (with it non-zero, sounds in the back will be less loud then ones in front of camera)
  • Fixed RPM limiter sound not being played
  • Added new crowd samples (club, national in addtion to old grandprix type)


  • New TV helicopter camera sample
  • Removed helicopter sound from ambient audio sample
  • Added audio environment settings to all circuits
  • Updated TV cameras for F-Ultimate, F-Extreme, F-Reiza
  • Updated Headlight textures in various cars
  • Fixed rear view mirror resolution inconsistencies
  • Granja: Revised AI paths in all layouts
  • Boxer: Increased brake torque & adjusted front tire load sensitivity; Updated series skin set
  • F-Trainer: Updated series skin set
  • Karts: Adjusted fuel scale to allow 0.1L increments (needs Garage UI code tweak); Further adjusted AI, adjusted front tire load sensitivity; Removed redundant / innacurate feeler values; Reduced tire wear for all compounds; tweaked AI to reduce issues with rolling over curbs; Added more suitable standard tireamanagement / startskill multipliers
  • AJR: Adjusted AJR RealFeel setting to reduce default FFB clipping; Fixed loop on high rpm in Honda Turbo
  • F3: Fixed double arms in F309; Updated external sounds & fixed missing onboard pit limiter sound
  • Caterham: Fixed double arms in various models
  • F-Reiza: Updated LCD display
  • Ultima: Fixed unbalance front brake torque in road versions
  • TC: Classics: Corrected some pitch errors in external sounds


Logitech G29 / G920 users
: Support for auto rotation is on a dedicated Beta Branch labeled LogitechG29. Further instructions as to how to switch to a beta branch here.

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Sto sim é sempre in piena evoluzione, devo iniziare ad usarlo un po di piu echi se nefrega se non e in dx11:6_smile:...che bei ciuf che hanno messo ai freni ad aria della f. Truck:6_smile:

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Automobilista v1.5.1 is coming up soon! This update will wrap a few remaining features from v1.5, adding a brand new Drift mode, the Super F-Dirt, a new winter Buskerud along with a several updates and fixes, including a comprehensive revision of the AI code!

Both Automobilista & Season are currently on sale on Steam with 50% off - make sure to check it out:










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Il team Reiza Studios ha finalmente rilasciato la nuova versione aggiornata 1.5.1 del suo ottimo Automobilista. L'update, oltre ai consueti miglioramenti e bugfix, ci mette a disposizione anche la nuova e spettacolare serie Drift, la monoposto Formula Ultimate 2018 (ovvero la moderna F1 con tanto di Halo), un update di Interlagos e molto altro ancora.

Automobilista v1.5.1 is now out - includes a new Drift Series & Game mode, F-Ultimate 2018 series, an updated Interlagos, a comprehensive AI revision, snowed in Buskerud Ice track and a whole set of further updates and fixes! The new DRIFT series comes as free base content to all game owners and is a perfect addition to those who enjoy some serious sideways action!

Automobilista is available at: http://store.steampowered.com/app/431600

The Automobilista "Season Pass" including all DLCs is available at http://store.steampowered.com/app/521600/







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We are working on a hotfix to rectify a few issues, including one which could be the cause of multiplayer overload reported since AMS v1.5.1 release. We hope to deploy it before the end of the week.

We thank all who contacted us to collaborate with identifying the problem and apologise for any inconvenience it may have caused. In the meantime leagues that have encountered the issue have the option to revert back to v1.5.01 in order to avoid problems.

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AMS v1.5.11 is now up - this is a hotfix to address issues reported with the previous v1.5.1 release (check link below for changelog).

Please note that the multiplayer issues require more testing with large player fields to be sure issues have been fully rectified - we´ll be monitoring servers over the next couple of days and welcome reports from league admins that run on this new version to address any eventual remaining issues.

IMPORTANT: Dedi servers are required to generate a new multiplayer.ini file to include the updated max data setting (just deleting the old file will generate a new one).

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