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Automobilista: con il nuovo update va in pista la Fiat Uno!


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Il team Reiza sta preparando un nuovo aggiornamento per il suo ottimo Automobilista, insieme con un nuovo DLC di contenuti extra dedicato al campionato brasiliano Touring Car Classics: come vedete dalle prime immagini di anteprima, potremo andare in pista con Maggiolino, Golf, Passat e persino Fiat Uno, modelli per certi versi storici dell'automobilismo nazionale. Reiza implementerà nel pacchetto sia le vetture che hanno corso negli anni 80 e 90, sia quelle che ancora corrono oggi in categorie classiche come la Copa Classic RS e la Coppa Maggiolino!











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AMS v1.4.8 will include some further AI developments, including a revamped blue flag logic - AI cars now move out of the way when faster cars approach.


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Il team Reiza ha appena pubblicato il nuovo development update del mese di settembre per aggiornarci sullo sviluppo del suo ottimo Automobilista. Commenti sul forum.

Hello everyone! We´ve got another update for you, this time sharing some news about the upcoming V1.4.8 release, and some of what´s coming up next as we approach v1.5.0 and the definitive version of Automobilista.
A combination of things taking a bit longer than expected, some unforeseen issues demanding attention along with valuable improvements that we´ve found to be within reach have led to AMS development stretching a bit further still. All for the better though as it means AMS should end up in even better shape!
The next update is v1.4.8 and is going to bring some valuable improvements along with a new DLC:

New DLC - Brazilian Touring Car Classics
The next DLC will bring several "oldies" to AMS - the TC Classics are some of the cars that have made history in brazilian tourinc cars through the decades.


The DLC will include 4 models (Fusca, Gol, Passat, Uno), spread over 4 unique series:
Copa Classic - a modern mixed class series from southern Brazil running classic machines; DLC will feature Fusca, Passat, Gol and Uno with the specs these various cars run in the series.

Copa Fusca - a modern series from southern Brazil for Fusca (Beetle) enthusiasts

Copa Uno - based on popular 1990s brazilian Formula Uno series, with the street car stripped down to the basics

Hot Cars (brazilian TC series from early 1980s, derivative of the previous Divisão 3 from 70s), featuring seriously tuned up versions of these classic cars. DLC will feature Fusca, Passat and Gol:
hot car Interlagos  abril 1981 (1).jpg

All series feature the 4 models in a wide variety of configurations presenting very distinct challenges.
Special thanks on this one to the good people involved with the Copa Classic championship who have been super friendly and very helpful with information. It´s very hard to find data for these cars, specially the older ones from the early 80s so having people who have lived through this history be so engaged is both and a very pleasant experience. The series is based in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul which has some of the strongest motorsports culture in the country - it has been a great experience to get to know it better.

There are some other interesting models that some are sure to miss not being included - unfortunately we we had initially set out to do only 3 Hot Cars models and ended up going further with 4 models and a bunch of variations covering 4 different series, so we´d already stretched our schedule for it as much as we could. It´s not out of the question though that some new "old" models will be added further down the line.

V1.4.8 update 
Further AI Developments
@Alex Sawczuk took a break from track modelling this month to take a few stabs at the code, and he´s managed some valuable AI improvements in the process, including a revamped blue flag logic - AI cars now better evaluate approaching cars and move out of the way:


We have also increased rate AI assesses situations by 4x which should result in more appropriate behavior in several racing situations - this makes it much less likely the AI will get confused and veer off the track, or not "see" a car coming up alongside.

DynHUD issues
We´re hoping we have a fix for the recent DynHUD issues that came up for Windows 10 users following a recent system update included in v1.4.8. In any case we´ll be also looking to improve some remaining niggles with DynHUD and also beef up the native HUD a bit more as an alternative.

The run down to 1.5.0

Following v1.4.8 we´ll be on the final stretch to the definitive version of AMS - at the moment we´re still undecided on whether there will be a public v1.4.9 or if we´ll go straight to v1.5.0 - depends on the rate of progress we manage next month.
Here are some of the goodies still to come:

Metalmoro AJR
Metalmoro AJR_WIP.jpg

As announced a couple of months back, the hot new prototype from Metalmoro is coming up next for AMS. The model is shaping up quite nicely :)

Turbo model
@Niels Heusinkveld and @Luis Miguel have been working on finalizing the turbo model and it will be included in time for v1.5.0, including updated physics for all turbo cars in the sim to use the new model.

Spielberg 2017


@ilka has been working on an update to the modern Spielberg track, to include the latest reforms since the track was originally modelled. Although the track hasn´t had its layout altered, there are several curb and run-off changes, a new grandstand in the home straight along with other cosmetic modifications.
There is more still to come of course - look forward to sharing some final surprises with you all :)
That´s all for this month - hope you all enjoy the coming update!

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Il team Reiza ha rilasciato il nuovo aggiornamento per il suo ottimo Automobilista, insieme con un nuovo DLC di contenuti extra dedicato al campionato brasiliano Touring Car Classics: come vedete dalle prime immagini di anteprima, potremo andare in pista con Maggiolino, Golf, Passat e persino Fiat Uno, modelli per certi versi storici dell'automobilismo nazionale. Oltre al DLC, non mancano ovviamente bugfix ed aggiornamenti vari, come ad esempio le migliorie apportate al sistema automatizzato delle bandiere blu per i doppiaggi in gara.

Automobilista v1.4.8 is released - includes new DLC release as Brazilian Touring Car Classics are now available!
Below is the Changelog for v1.4.76 -> v1.4.8:

  • Added Brazilian Touring Car Classic series: Copa Classic, Copa Fusca, Copa Uno & Hot Cars (requires ownership of DLC or Season Pass)


  • Fixed DynHUD on Win10 & re-enabled it by default as a config option
  • Fixed bug that could cause game to crash loading old setups with notes
  • Added support to latest Fanatec SDK
  • AI blue flag logic improved: AI cars now move offline to let leaders by, lift proportionally to the amount of throttle they should be doing,and to the speed difference relative to the car approaching
  • Increased rate AI assesses situations by 4x which should result in more appropriate behavior in several racing situations and less off-track excursions
  • Tweaked AI calculations when thinking about passing to reduce the swerving from one side of another car to the other (added AISuddenMoveScalar parameter to car physics, makes cars change lane, react to incidents more gradually)
  • Changed AI Start Behaviour to keep drivers running in a straight line from their grid slot more (added AIStartOffset and AIStartMerge values to car physics - these are how long to stay on the line and how long to merge in seconds)
  • Adjusted default talent values so that AI is better when there is no RCD file or values are missing
  • Rescaled AI aggression levels for latest code changes
  • Fixed possible crash with Season Tool
  • Added Season Tool option for double points in final race of the championship
  • Added regular silent messages by clients in multiplayer (as a possible fix for TCP connection lost issues with client inactivity)
  • Changed logic for "Finish Session" / "Skip Session" logic" - the first now accelerates time to finish the session with properly generated times from the AI, the second advances the session with the current standings (with player put in the back of the grid if not having set a time)
  • Adjusted tire smoke threshold so tires don´t generate smoke on smaller slides or in lock-ups of lightly loaded wheels
  • Added garage pitstop schedule menu to all cars when refuelling is allowed (hidden when it´s not)
  • Velopark: Fixed minor graphics glitches
  • F-Vintage: Fixed collision bug with wheels
  • Ultima GTR: Revised road car physics

Logitech G29 / G920 users
: Support for auto rotation is still on a dedicated Beta Branch labeled v1.4.8_G29. Further instructions as to how to switch to a beta branch here


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Automobilista v1.4.81 now up - this is a hotfix to address the main issues since last week´s v1.4.8 release.

  • Fixed a possible CTD caused by unitialized career data when calculating points
  • Removed redundant "/ka" messages in AMSDedi
  • Added PLR file name and version number to AMSDedi tool
  • Adjusted Realfeel defaults for TC Classics & F-Vintage
  • Added new car-specific AI aggression scalars
  • Spielberg: Fixed CTD issue with 2015 GP version
  • Adelaide: Adjusted fast rolling start location
  • F-Vintage: Reduced default ride height & increments to 0.1cm per step (rather than previous 0.5cm); Moved default brake bias a bit further frontwards
  • TC Classics: Updated HotCars Passat & Gol to have their own VX IDs; Fixed external idle sound missing; Adjusted tires; Duplicated Hot Cars Boxer engine file so it can feature sound emission points for both Gol and Fusca; Increased power for FuscaR, Gol33 & PassatR in Copa Classic; Corrected errors with Reiza51 drivers; Fixed Passat, Gol Hot Cars bumper models flickering in TV cameras; Fixed missing hood from cockpit view in some cars; Small adjustment to FWD weight distribution; Small fuel consumption & estimate adjustments; Bumped max opponents to 25 to accomodate full Hot Cars field (keep in mind however other classic series have only 20 cars)
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