A new release of Virtual Xperience has been released today including various new features, imporvements and bug-fixes.



This update sees the introduction of new leaderboard rankings, accessible via the leaderboards menu. Due to the vast number of potential combinations of vehicles available in Automobilista a sampling approach is used for the calculation of rankings. Each Driver will have his best lap from each leaderboard series considered as part of their rank to give a comparible score representative of his best abilities accross all series.

There are a few rules attached which should be noted.

  • Leaderboards with less than 20 entries will not be counted towards rank (this will likely increase in the future).
  • When a driver has no valid time for a given series he is applied a penalty position equal to the largest VX leaderboard + 1 place. (220 at the time of writing).

You can see information regading the laps that counted to your rank and the penalty scores applied on your profile page, accessible via the link in the userbar when logged in.

There is additonal work to do in this area and rank calculations may be subject to tweaks in the coming weeks as required but we feel it's time to let the cat out of the back and get you guys involved.

User Login & Settings


Users can now login using their Steam Account. This opens up opportunities to give a more personalised experience in the various areas of VX. In the first instance the settings page accessible from the top naviagtion bar provides the much requested ability to override your display name and country flag. Any options set here will override those from collected from Steam. Users no longer need to have a public Steam profile to display their choice of flag.

Community Section

The new community section provides a one-stop-shop to find communities and leagues serving users of Reiza products. The Community Directory provides a filterable listing of communities which support Reiza titles. Find a community based reigions served, laguages used or days they host races.

The league finder provides a similar service for leagues. Find leagues that based on race days, event frequency, or your favourite series.

Community leaders are invited to submit their information to the directory. Please note you must create an organisation before being able to add a league (controles for this are located inthe sidebar menu of the community details page) and that only the person who creates a community is able to add/edit/delte information at the moment. This will be addressed in an upcomming update.

VX Homepage


Virtual Xperience now has a home page which provides all the latest Reiza/AMS/VX news & anouncements along with an overview of the current Time Trial of The Week, official server status, and upcomming events.

User Profile


Each user now has a personal profile page bringing together all their times and ranking information from all combinations they have run. The display is switchable, allowing the display of all a drivers laps or only the laps used to calculate their rank. It's here that rank penalties can be viewed so you know which series you have yet to set a lap for. When logged in you can jump right to your own page via the top navigation menu.

Look out for further developement in this area in the near future.


Lobby entries now include alist of available driving aids. To complement this new filters are available to show servers which allow aids you wish to use.

Other fixes & changes

  • Leaderboards aids tooltips now correctly match in-game text.
  • Unrecognised Steam profile countries no longer crash leaderboard pages.
  • Leaderboard track selector no correctly shows circuits in alphabetical order (DLC was sorted last previously).
  • Various tweaks & improvements to packaging and back-end services