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Il modding team UnitedRacingDesign ha appena rilasciato per Assetto Corsa la nuova Ferrucci 296 GT3 2023, vettura di categoria GT3 dietro il cui nome di fantasia si cela in realtà l'ultima nata della casa di Maranello.


Per l'acquisto della vettura dirigetevi su questa pagina, mentre per commenti e supporto utilizzate il forum in italiano.




Ferrucci 296 GT3 steps over the boundary of vanilla physics limitations and is powered by CPHYS framework included in Custom Shaders Patch. This makes CSP of version 0.1.79 or higher a HARD requirement to be able to run this car. Experience on older versions may wary.

Full list of features includes but not limited to tyres with advanced contact and true to life heating models, engine maps allowing to play with fuel economy at the expense of power, realistic brakes with adjustable brake ducts, two-stage traction control and many other smaller things.

Please read the documentation on this car to understand some of the custom features and skinning guide. CSP Version 0.1.79 is required.

Big thank you to all who contributed to making this release happen!! It is illegal to obtain or distribute, acquire and or download unauthorized , unpaid copies of any content from United Racing Design. This is TOTALLY FORBIDDEN AND ILLEGAL.


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  • 3 weeks later...


We are very proud to have worked together with Radical Motorsport Ltd. to bring to you the fully licensed 2023 Radical SR10 XXR!!!

Ideal for track-day enthusiasts, motorsport country club members, and racers across the globe, the SR10 delivers more power and torque than has ever before featured in Radical’s SR line-up. With a high horsepower, long-life powertrain, the Radical SR10 is everything you’d expect from a Radical – turbocharged.

The SR10’s sole purpose is to out-run and out-maneuver the competition whilst remaining easy to drive and cost-effective to run. Radical Performance Engines (RPE) cutting-edge engine tuning capabilities and Ford’s EcoBoost's reliable engine architecture come together to unleash a powerful race engine with 425bhp and 380lb-ft of torque. A bespoke Garrett G-Series turbocharger delivers better throttle response and reduced lag, with forged pistons and connecting rods and a bespoke dry-sump lubrication system for bulletproof durability. This high-output engine is integrated with a new Hewland GT3-derived six-speed gearbox.

Big thank you to all who contributed to making this release happen!!

CSP Version 0.1.79 is required.


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Carrying on URD's dedication to the Super GT Series we present the 2022 Shiro Z GT500!!


Big thanks to the team for the hard work in the development of this car. Enjoy the new addition to the Super GT grid!!

More coming soon for the SUPER GT grid!! Keep an eye open for more news to come!


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