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[AC - Track]Automotodrom Brno by Patrik Marek

Alessandro Pollini

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Nome file: Automotodrom Brno by Patrik Marek

Autore del file: Alessandro Pollini

File inserito: 09 May 2014

Categoria del file: Track

Author : Patrik Marek

- first pass at shaders
- latest texture work
- separated pitlane from the track ( should help with AI lines - however there is some tool in SDK for AI, so maybe I will check it out there instead ) - it might need more separation PIT-IN part of pitlane is probably still part of main track
- new sun orientation (hopefully matching real sun position)

known issues
so far I didn't figured out how to make the "helper objects" export properly, so the orientation of the car in Hotlap/Practice isn't correct, but this will be hopefully sorted out soon,
there are some white edges here and there, will have to check it out and see what can be done about those

this month I will be busy with other stuff, so the progress will be quite slow on this track, but hopefully I will pick it up after that and finally start adding some grass/sand/armco/kerbs to make it easier to test out the track

v 0.1.4
- more details on pitwall (started building the fences)
- added brake markers where they are on real track
- tweaks to road surfaces, mostly shape of straights

- was trying to get even better/more realistic road elevation, I feel like first half of the track is pretty spot on,
if I was to tweak something, I would say that the double corner , after the lowest point on the track , should be bit smoother, and then the very last 2 corners should also be smoother, there appears to be a small hill before finish line, but that's shouldn't be there,
- added more details on the pit wall, updated texture too
- improved road surface accuracy (hopefully)
- smoother surface
- more pit-lane work
- added small kart track ( although you probably can't reach it and drive on it )

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