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Nome file: Misano World Circuit by foyol

Autore del file: Uff

File inserito: 02 Oct 2013

Categoria del file: Tracks


Hi all,

I completed a new version of the Misano World Circuit track.

It has the 2 layouts available in real life: Tracciato Lungo (4226 mts, MotoGP layout) and Tracciato Corto (4048 mts, most car races, testing etc.)

The layout has been tuned to perfectly match size and direction of real life track.

The "rubbered" darker zone of track is the real one of Misano: a desatureted and blurred aerial photo placed on the track - no stretching allowed :)

Disclaimer: use of this track is allowed for personal use and for community racing provided that no one will ask money in any form (sale of driving licenses, championship fees etc are not allowed. Non-mandatory donations to organizing server are allowed).

This track is given away for free and must remain free.

Have fun!

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