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[WIP] Lamborghini Gallardo Valentino Balboni by RadiatorSprings Racing


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Gli RSR sono al lavoro per portare la loro Gallardo su Assetto Corsa. Ottima notizia!


Exacly a year ago, Radiator Springs Racing Team released his first car for netKar PRO. With Assetto Corsa on the way, we decided to give our Gallardo LP550-2 Valentino Balboni a new life with a complete makeover.

We are starting to work again on our car, giving to it a big boost to make it shine in Assetto Corsa.

Few days back we contacted Matteo Stirati asking him if he wanted to cooperate with us for our AC projects. He gladly accepted our offer and he is already working on a new 3D for our Gallardo. Matteo is a professional 3D artist, and, as you can see from his website, he can really do impressive stuff.

Surprises aren't finished yet. Also on the sound department, we have nice surprises, with a completely new sound pack created by a professional sound designer. More info on this later on.

Our aim is to push the boundaries on the physics as well, exploring the new AC Physics Engine, and put at good use all the data gathered in the past. We will study even more to get our Gallardo as close as possible to the real one. Just as in the previous case, we are striving to get all parameters from real data, so we will keep looking for new detailed information about this car.
We are already trying to open again all our contacts to people that drove this car in real life, to get their support and feedback for our project.

We will use this topic to inform you on our progresses, showing you how the project comes along in the different phases of the development.

What do we need:
We are constantly looking for information, detailed data, detailed photos, feedback from people that drove this car (or an other Gallardo), or that worked with it. To make a good 3D model and textures, but also to model correctly some key physics elements such as the suspensions, we will need some very specific photos. We are already trying to get what we need, but any help on this will be greatly appreciated. If you own a Gallardo, or you have access to it, please contact us.

We are all really excited to start working on this car again, and we really hope we will make it justice.
Thanks once more to the new guys that joined the project, and all the RSR team members for the constant help and support to make this possible in the first place.

Here our first batch of photos of the new 3D Model created from scratch by Matteo.


Check our forum for more details

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Our Gallardo 3d model is improving day by day. Starting from real measurements and real photos used as reference, Matteo brought his model to a perfect match (or at least as accurate as he possible can) to the real counterpart.


Some small adjustments on the back end of the car, side mirrors slightly moved, wheels rim scaled correctly, a completely remodeled set of brakes, and the engine modeled in the finest detail.

Here some renders of the latest model

jhhVv9SibKiQZ_xs.jpg jTVBgbrhHzJm5_xs.jpg

Check our forum for more details

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