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Ottima notizia per chi vuole provare l'ultimo lavoro dei Reiza! Finalmente sia ha un tempo di prova accettabile: in 30/60 minuti non si riusciva davvero a capirci nulla.

We are glad to release a brand new meaty DEMO version of Game Stock Car 2012!

This free Demo offers 30 days of unlimited gameplay. If you are yet to try the full Game or did not get enough from the 60 minute trial available with the full version' date=' the Demo allows for a proper go at most of the cars available in the full Game plus two tracks, featuring a total of 5 different layouts.


The demo packs 4 different series, with 4 different cars each:

Stock Car V8

Mini Challenge

Camaro SS

Formula 3

And the following tracks:

Jacarepagua (Stock Car, Curva Sul, Oval and 2005 layouts)


This Demo does NOT include multiplayer support.

Download Game Stock Car 2012 Demo HERE (895 MB)

Mirrors are welcome!

For more information on the full version, please visit www.game-stockcar.com.br


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