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Power & Glory V2.1 disponibile!


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Il team GTL Workshop è orgoglioso di presen....

aahh ma che vi sto a spiegà!


ringraziamo Drivingitalia.net per il primo mirror, ne seguiranno altri anche con un unico file


Patch v2.1

Power&Glory v2.0 has been a huge success so far, not only because of the content, quality and overall driving experience, but also because it hasn`t had any showstopping bugs right out of the box. That has allowed us to focus more on overall quality testing, and with the help of the simracing community, spot and correct all the little niggling bugs. We didn't stop at that though. We`ve improved the graphics, sounds and physics on many of the cars, and as if this wasn't enough, we`ve provided some brand new cars for you, which we`re sure you`ll find as thrilling and exciting as ever! Here is a small list of the most important improvements. A more detailed list is included in the changelog.txt file.


The Porsche 906E. Equipped with the more powerful and responsive fuel-injected engine!

The Porsche 906 LangHeck. The amazing longtail Porsches that complete our top 8 Le Mans grid of 1966!

The Porsche 906/8. Porsche put a screaming eight cylinder 2.2 liter engine in the 906. The result is explosive!


Search for the ATCC 66001 Mustang of Ian "Pete" Geoghegan. This car still holds an impressive Guinness world record. There's a reason why and now you can drive it!

The Ferrari 250 SWB is finally the best handling Ferrari ever... as it should have been from the start.

Handling improvements on the Ford GT40 MK1 and MK2.

The Ferrari 250 and 275 now have the correct fuel tank capacities.

Improved Porsche 914s.

Corrections to the Porsche 911 RSR wet tyre values and asymmetrical default setup.

Handling improvements on all Austin Healey 3000s.

Sound enhancements.

Additional content and fixes

More GT40s!

More Shelby Cobras!

Many more Porsche 906s!

Dirty Ford Falcons and Mustangs.

Period style pitboard with template for you to personalize.

Corrected a handling bug on all the cars with rear live axle.

Stability improvements

... and so much more!

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una volta scaricato possiamo infiokkettarlo e metterlo sotto l'albero??? :fischia: :fischia: :fischia:

ahaha...grazie dello splendido regalo di natale!!! vai col downloaddddddd :winner:

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scrivo solo per dire:


in questi giorni mi sono ripromesso di leggere tutto il blog prima di guidarlo, ma sono ancora alla terza pagina: ce la far

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che gran regalo di natale!!! grazie!, ma ragazzi, 104 auto?? ma allora sono molte di piu di quelle di gtl, ma forse contano le skin vero? cmq sia

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che gran regalo di natale!!! grazie!, ma ragazzi, 104 auto?? ma allora sono molte di piu di quelle di gtl, ma forse contano le skin vero?


What You See Is What You Get

In parole povere: "Ci

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