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Un team eSports Porsche con Assetto Corsa?

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Sembra davvero che la Porsche stia pensando ad un team virtuale ufficiale, targato ovviamente Porsche, per le competizioni eSports. In una video intervista (qui sotto), Sebastian Hornung - Branded Entertainment Manager Porsche - parla della collaborazione con la Kunos Simulazioni per Assetto Corsa e specifica appunto (minuto 8:40) dell'interesse per la Porsche per l'eSports:
“SH: We noticed that eSports is over the (last) couple of years have grown from only shooter, strategy, and role-play games, now also in motorsports. There is a long history of online racing. Nowadays its become more popular to really celebrate in a broader audience. Also, the virtual race sports. We are right now working on our road map: Assetto Corsa will be one important pillar to do that, but of course there are other publishers and other platforms we work together with to provide our community with every possible way…
Domanda: Perhaps a Porsche team?
SH: Might be possible. We’re right now considering and discussing internally how we can really do our best to have a good racing platform.”

Sarebbe un ritorno mediatico notevole l'interessamento di Porsche al simracing inteso come sport, visti anche i successi di eventi come il Road to Vegas Challenge (con rFactor 2 e la Formula E), o il Forza Racing Championship. Attendiamo con ansia buone nuove...

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