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Found 4 results

  1. Tutti i piloti devono installare e attivare l'app Ptracker per partecipare alla competizione. Devi installare e abilitare l'app prima di iniziare il gioco. Ptracker migliorerà la tua esperienza online fornendo informazioni sui tempi sul giro e monitorando la tua auto in pista. 1. IMPORTANTE: prima di procedere assicurati che Assetto Corsa non sia in esecuzione. 2. Scarica l'app PTRACKER (scarica qui) 3. Per installare l'App decomprimere il file nella cartella principale di Assetto Corsa: Hard Disk (C:) -> Programmi -> Steam -> Steamapps -> Common -> Assetto Corsa (C:\Program Files\steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa) e cliccare sul file .exe per avviare l'installazione automatica. Puoi anche seguire questo video per installare e imparare a usare Ptracker in Assetto Corsa 4. L'app deve essere abilitata su Assetto Corsa: vai nel launcher e sotto Option -> General -> UI Model 5. Dopo aver abilitato, avvia il gioco. All'interno della gara premi l'icona "PT" nella barra laterale del gioco sulla destra. Se PTracker è correttamente abilitato, quando sei in pista, l'app apparirà sul monitor e verificherà che l'icona "pin" sia verde come nella foto sotto. I pin verdi indicano che l'app funziona correttamente e è attiva sul server. (se era di un colore diverso, prova a uscire dal gioco e rientrare, oppure reinstalla nuovamente l'app) Attiva l'app: L'app deve essere abilitata dopo l'installazione: nel programma di avvio in Opzioni->Generale->Moduli interfaccia utente. Dopo l'abilitazione, avvia il gioco e controlla l'app ptracker e successivamente troverai l'icona "PT" nella barra laterale del gioco sulla destra. Se PTracker è correttamente abilitato, quando sei in pista, l'app apparirà sul monitor in questo modo e verificherà che l'icona "pin" sia verde come nella foto qui sotto. I pin verdi indicano che l'app funziona correttamente e è attiva sul server. (se era di un colore diverso, prova a uscire dal gioco e rientrare, oppure reinstalla nuovamente l'app)
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. Fonte stracker and ptracker stracker and ptracker are apps for the race simulator Assetto Corsa. stracker is the server-side portion and ptracker is for the client side (i.e., it runs in the game). Both apps aim to improve your online experience. It is not required to always have both instances running - stracker can be used without all drivers using ptracker and vice versa. However, you get the best experience when both are running. ptracker Main Window The client app provides a window in the game with 3 sections: The hotlap section, the leaderboard section and the message section. Each section is highly customizable, you decide about the information displayed on your screen. The hotlap section shows information about the current lap. The hotlap line is shown here in its default configuration: Live delta / lap time / pit time display Lap validness display (green: lap valid, red: lap invalid) Split delta Sector delta Connection status (gray: not connected, green: stracker connection established, yellow: setup available for download) Session progress (qualification/practice: time left, race: <current lap>/<number of laps>) Fuel indicator (gray: fuel for more than 3 laps left, yellow: fuel for 1 to 3 laps left, blinking: less than 1 lap left) Fuel prediction (number of laps left). ('-' if no fuel prediction is available) The leaderboard section shows the current leaderboard with current rank, car badge, tyre, name, relative deltas, best lap times and more. The message section shows chat messages and messages from ptracker and stracker, such as personal best lap times, server best lap times, players entering and leaving the server, etc. The message section can be detached from the other two sections, so that you can place it independently on your screen. Chat functionality ptracker has a chat feature built in accessable with hot keys. You can open a chat editor by pressing Alt+T (of course you can change the keys in the configuration dialog). There are 9 predefined messages mapped to the number pad keys 1 to 9 (NumLock has to be enabled): 7 hi 8 thank you! 9 bye 4 good race 5 good pass 6 sorry 1 2 3 Dialogs Additionally, there is a dialog with more detailed information and customization. You activate this by either double clicking on the hotlap section or by a single click on the connection icon. The dialog can be closed by clicking on the icon in the top left. The dialog has the following sections: The Lap Stats section shows information about the best laps achieved. The information is either gathered from a database on the client machine, or (if available) from stracker. The information source is indicated in the lower right. You can set various filters in this dialog. You can click on a lap to get more detailed information. You can navigate through the ranking with the buttons on the lower screen (go to top, one page up, go to my rank, one page down, go to bottom). Similarly, the Session Stats section shows information about recent sessions. The Config section is the central place to configure the behaviour of ptracker. You have loads of possibilities to change the behaviour. The Setups/Players section provides an interface to share setups in various ways. This functionality is limited for servers running stracker. Server admins may also use this page for kicking bad drivers. The Database section provides an interface for controlling the local database. Performance During the development of ptracker, a lot of effort has been spent to make it as efficient as possible and to keep the in-game FPS as high as possible. This is the reason why ptracker is split up into two parts, a normal python app running in the Assetto Corsa game and an exe file which is automatically started from the python app. stracker The server-side app automatically stores all laps, sessions and drivers in a database on the server. It can provide web pages with interesting information for access with a browser. See the NEYS AC server statistics for an example. HTML Output The HTML output of stracker features the following items: Lap Times. Ranking of a track/car combination with various filters (accessable by the '+' button). You can click on any lap to get more detailed information. Sessions. History of sessions. You can click on any session to get the leaderboard information. Furthermore, clicking on a driver in the leaderboard provides you with the laps of the driver, and of course you can get the details for all the laps. Drivers. List of all drivers seen on the server. Championships. Championship ranking (for leagues). Statistics. Server statistics. Live Map. Live view of current server activity. Admin Area. Admins can access this area for performing a number of tasks: Manual lap invalidation, e.g., when there were cheaters online. Driver management (adding to banlists, etc.) Championship management. Group management. General administration. Multiserver support A lot of communities offer multiple AC servers. stracker supports these setups with flexible configuration options. You choose if you wish to keep all servers in one database, or have a seperate DB for each one. Database backends There are two database backends supported: sqlite and postgresql. While sqlite has its strengths in its ease of use, the postgresql database is a natural choice for larger setups. You can switch between these database backends at any time. DOWNLOAD
  4. Abbiamo attivato su tutti i nostri servers di Assetto Corsa l'efficace sistema pTracker - sTracker A questo link trovate tutte le varie statistiche aggiornate in tempo reale, inoltre sulla pagina live map potrete persino seguire le gare in diretta con la posizione in pista dei piloti! Links utili: FORS: iscriviti e corri online con DrivingItalia! [server] Assetto Corsa MINORATING attivo sui servers Assetto Corsa
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