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Found 15 results

  1. The 288 GTO Challenge mod for Automobilista is here! We are delighted to share this car with you thanks to the great contribution from Richard Wilks. This car is now a far more accurate depiction of the original and provides a "hypnotic" driving experience. Enjoy!
  2. Dopo anni di lavoro, il team Apex Modding ha finalmente rilasciato per rFactor 2 l'attesissima versione 1.0 del suo imperdibile GT3 2012 Mod ! Il progetto, che è possibile scaricare gratuitament dallo Steam Workshop, include tutte le vetture GT3 dell'epoca, ovvero quelle partecipanti all'ADAC GT Masters, Blancpain series, FIA GT3 series, PIRELLI WORLD CHALLENGE e Nordschleife VLN. Per commenti e discussioni fate riferimento a questo topic del forum. We at Apex Modding Team thank you for downloading our 2012 FIA GT3 mod for rFactor2. It took years of work to create, improve and fix content, as well as stay current with game and technology updates. If you enjoy our work and wish to support us for past content or for future incentive, you can donate any amount through this link.If you downloaded our mod outside of Steam, please do not forget to install “AM_FIAGT3_2012.rfcmp” as it is the file that contains the sounds. Below is a summarized changelog between our last public beta and our v1.0 release. Enjoy the reading and we hope you will enjoy racing a full grid of cars - Bentley, BMW, Chevrolet, Mercedes, and an Italian and another German manufacturer – both offline and online!Apex Modding FIA GT3 2012 version 1.0- New cpm 2.0 tyres based on Studio 397 tyre database, rebuilt and tweaked with Redapg online tools. IMPORTANT: You need to be careful on the first lap out of the pits as these tyres, like in real life, need to reach a proper temperature window. If you push too hard too soon, the long-term pace and tyre life will be jeopardized. This mod is an endurance mod, like in real life, strategy is important. S7 tires are the softest compound, S9 are the hardest compound.- S7 tyres can handle 30 laps at a circuit like Spa-Francorchamps. The S7 is the tyre to use in Sprint races (Lasting one hour or less).- S8 lets you run a double-fuel stint and can last roughly two hours.- S9 can last up to three hours so it is a great option for proper endurance races- Reworked default setups which now offer a great blend between drivability and stability.- Added latest rFactor2 tech such as:- ABS, Traction Control (default setting is Medium), rain drop shaders and behavior to body and windscreen (wipers are now necessary), tweaked chassis flex, fuel movement- Undocumented and not fully supported by the game, we added night lights in the cockpits of 997, 12C, SLS, and Z4 as per real life references. There are limitations to what was realistically achievable so we had to settle for an implementation that worked and was not buggy- Illuminated MOTEC Reworked car filters and categories, and added more filters:- AMGT3: All cars (each manufacturer has their own filter too)- AM_ADAC-GT: Cars that participated in the ADAC GT Masters- AM_BES: Cars from the Blancpain series- AM_FIAGT3: Cars from the FIA GT3 series- AM_PWC: Cars from the PIRELLI WORLD CHALLENGE- AM_VLN: Cars that participated in the Nordschleife VLN race- Some series have cars with only a couple of liveries. We were not able to paint all of the cars but believe the overall representation is very good. The mod is now organized in a way where new skins are more easily added and found, and more skins can be added in a future update if the community wishes to contributeDebugging- Reworked Z06 chassis flex to address bottoming issues in tracks like Nordschleife or Spa-Francorchamps- Removed heat haze from the SLS- 799 cockpit camera correctly centered- Removed fuel mixture settings- MP4-12C and Z06 now use the correct sidewall textures- Reworked class filter displayNot Included- Chassis scratches due to game limitations. Detachable parts remain.- Car LED position lights as the real cars we recreated did not feature suchCredits:- 3D, 2D art, sounds, physics: Apex Modding Team ( Additional physics: Chris redapg (his online tools), Michael Borda, Marek Lesniak- Additional 2D and 3D: shadow works, olisoft, sfersystem, Tolik, Totorman, Stano, Cartman 78, Gui lite- Additional sounds: Destroem- Additional art, windshield wipers and rain effect: SlowMotion, Nibiru (XFactor Racing)- Studio 397 for the updated tyre database from where we could study new entries- Testing: Apex Modding, adakar, archi, and special thanks to wishmaster and P1-Gaming for extensive beta testing of updates and Balance of Performance
  3. Dopo anni di lavoro, il team Apex Modding ha rilasciato per rFactor 2 la versione aggiornata 1.02 del suo imperdibile GT3 2012 Mod ! Il progetto, che è possibile scaricare gratuitamente dallo Steam Workshop, include tutte le vetture GT3 dell'epoca, ovvero quelle partecipanti all'ADAC GT Masters, Blancpain series, FIA GT3 series, PIRELLI WORLD CHALLENGE e Nordschleife VLN. Per commenti e discussioni fate riferimento a questo topic del forum. We are happy to release the v1.02 update of the mod today! We listened and analysed the feedback received here and elsewhere (such as P1-Gaming and Kiwi simracing). Here is the v1.02 changelog: - Added missing 458 rain tyres and z4 s9 - Closed gap on cockpit view in z4 and SLS - Debugged Camaro roll over and random CTD with some cars on s8/s9 tyres - Reworked light cockpit halo on SLS, z4, MP4-12C, 799, Camaro - Helmet and driver can now be skinned - Updated template file with driver and helmet templates If you are already subscribed on Steam, the mod should update automatically. A direct download link will soon follow. You can find it in rFactor2's workshop

    rF2: FIA GT3 by Apex Modding v0.940

    0.940 Update DEBUGGING - debugging alt tab problem discover by Euskotracks, offset=7 now - reworked animated driver on all cars . - reworked z4 cockpit , problem discover by Luc devin - reworked Motec rendering - debugging ground impact on z06 on the Nord - name changed on steam workshop GRAPHICS - new tyres sidewall for all the cars except Camaro isi( thanks James hazen for HD michelin textures ) - new cockpit default view with new F.O.V except Camaro - reworked some parts of the z06 cockpit SOUNDS - Complete new internal sounds on the corvette - added missing scrub sound PHYSICS - added fuel mixture feature on all cars 15 steps are present 0 is Safety Car step and represent 60 % of the full power engine 1 is the low step of the eco mod , named Eco_3 and represent 97 % of the full power engine 2 is a low step of the eco mod , named Eco_2 and represent 98 % of the full power engine 3 is a another low step of eco mod , named Eco_1 and represent 99 % of the full power engine 4 is a basic step , named lean_1 and represent 100 % of the full power engine 5 to 11 represent the others step ,they increase one by one the fuel mixture 12,13 and 14 are not usuable for the moment default setup is 5 , represent 101 % of the engine power . you need to map a key in the rf2 controls for use those feature. - added last chassis flex feature on all cars (Fuel Tank Transfer , pushrod new feature , new control section ) - added steering wheel ratios feature on all cars - complete new cpm rain tyres on every cars, less wear , better grip in heavy condition SPECIFICS CHANGES - reworked z06 suspension for avoid the ground impact on the Nord . - complete new suspension on the 458 ,reworked ffb rendering - complete new aero and suspension on z4

    rF2: quando i modders collaborano...

    Quando i modders collaborano, gli appassionati hanno tanto da guadagnare: qualche giorno fa, il team Enduracers ha annunciato la collaborazione con il team URD (ovvero gli United Racing Design) per l'utilizzo dei modelli 3D della Corvette nel ben noto Endurance Series mod di rFactor 2; sempre per il sim ISI, oggi è stato il team Apex Modding ad ufficializzare la collaborazione con Shadowworks (che a sua volta collabora con i Machine Dojo per Project CARS) per i modelli delle vetture GT3, che possiamo già ammirare nelle immagini qui sotto. Apex Modding Team are pleased to announce our partnership with shadowwork for rfactor2. Since we both are creating GT3 machines, we decided to share resources and avoid duplicate work in present and future.We still talk about the same agrement for The lemans 1999 project. The Shadowworks flawless partnership with Machine Dojo Moddinng Team will continue for Project cars, as planned.Apex Modding team are in charg to put in Rfactor2 shadowworks 3d.

    rF2: FIA GT3 by Apex Modding v0.930

    Physics changes by Lgel 1 The revised physics while retaining the unique features of each car and offer now similar tuning ranges for every car. 2 AI speed has been balanced too. 3 Each car needs a specific setup, those of previous version 0.92 may not work as intended. 4 The default setups are meant to be drivable out of the box, they are on the safe side (mild understeer). 5 They are not optimal for braking strength and balance, gearing, cooling of motor and brakes, and may be tire pressures. Tires reach their pressure balance after 5 to 6 laps, they don't like to be abused. 6 Cars should have similar level of performance, depending on tracks some cars may be faster than others, for leagues the recommended mean of leveraging performance is to impose weight penalties as FIA does in real life for these cars. 7 pits time for every car are now the same Graphical changes by Tosch 1 Rendering of every car, body, windows and rims. 2 New flare lights on every car, only one plane object for each light needed now. 3 Optimized lods on every car to improve FPS hickups and avoid ghost objects. 4 New collision 3d model, less than 100 polys, to avoid some strange collision bug. 5 Added moving mirrors (thanks redapg for the help). 6 Windshield and windshield banner problem fixed. 7 2015 spa 24h Z4 skin added.

    rF2: FIA GT3 by Apex v0.928

    Mentre prosegue senza sosta il lavoro di sviluppo (ecco alcuni screens dell'Audi), il team Apex Modding ha anche rilasciato per rFactor 2 la nuova versione aggiornata 0.928 del suo ottimo FIA GT3 Mod. Anche questa volta le migliorie e correzioni sono varie, vi consigliamo quindi di provare il lavoro, anche se non ancora definitivo. 0.928 Update - last cpm tyres on all the cars ,tyre wear adjusted - last b.o.p on all cars based on the results of the 2 first race on racingfr online champ - pit time are the same now for all the cars - corrected mp4 rbump who dissapear in high settings - corrected mp4 engine who explode sometime in draft situation - corrected chassis flex on the 458 and 997 , less slide effect less wear ,grip feeling enhanced , less understeer - camaro veh filter reworked for avoid the problem with the isi camaro

    rF2: FIA GT3 by Apex v0.925

    Il team Apex Modding ha rilasciato per rFactor 2 la nuova versione aggiornata 0.925 del suo già noto ed apprezzato FIA GT3 Mod, progetto che ci permette di simulare l'omonima serie GT3 ufficiale della FIA della passata stagione, con tutte le vetture. Qui di seguito i dettagli delle novità e migliorie apportate, mentre per download e commenti fate riferimento a questo topic del forum. Changelog 0.925 Update - reworked 997 : new gear box , new final ratio, correcting the rear of the car who slide on fast turn - reworked the two broken cars : sls and z06 - rework some lods - third try for kill the invisible wall problems on 458 , z06 , sls , z4 . we race everywhere except on the track in silversone , Estoril and nordcheiffe - add missing Template
  9. Andrea Brunini

    rF2: FIA GT3 by Apex v0.92

    Changelog cpm patch on every tyres ,slick and rain on every car tyres temp and wear are now better ,but you need to stay clean on road and have a good setup.. mp412c gt3 added to the mod 3d,2d,and sounds = yoss Turbo engine physics and rounds thing : Michael Borda ISI Reworked thing - as requested ,new filter system for select only the car of the mod , more easy : one general filter named AMGT3 and one specific filter if you want choose one one car of the mod for challenge cup : AMGT3_BMWZ4_GT3 AMGT3_799R_GT3 AMGT3_854GT3 AMGT3_Camaro AMGT3_MP412C AMGT3_SLSAMG AMGT3_Z06RGT3 - updated z4 physics for correct the aleatory game ctd with this car – new gear box on the 854 – less oversteer on the 799 – every car receveid new from scratch chassis flex file made with the ISI tool – every car have a new damage file , based on camaro gt3 isi file – updated cockpit rendering ,external and internal window with the new tone mapper isi Debug - zbuffler problem on the sls and z4 on nordcheiffe and silverstone resolved (thanks tosch for the help) – continious work on stop problem some car suffer because ISI put invisble easter egg everywhere (i m joking) thanks Freddy3792 and Gijs van Elderen for the help – banner problem on the 799 resolved Let to do – a lot of thing and we correct in the next update the remaining bug you find ,as usuual.yes we know IA are not good but it s a online mod on a multiplayer game . it s the 0.92 version of the mod , we are far away the end …rf2 game evolve time to time ….and it’s FREE modding …

    rF2: FIA GT3 Apex v0.90

    Il team Apex Modding ha rilasciato per rFactor 2 la nuova versione 0.90 del suo FIA GT3 Mod, un progetto che ci permette di simulare l'omonimo e combattuto campionato FIA. La nuova release, che include anche le nuove BMW Z4 GT3, Chevrolet Camaro GT3 e Ferrari 458 GT3 (denominata però 854), è scaricabile adesso anche dalla nostra area files.
  11. Uff

    rFactor 2: FIA GT3 v0.89

    Il team Apex Modding ha rilasciato per rFactor 2 la nuova versione aggiornata 0.89 del suo ottimo FIA GT3 Mod. Questa release non ci offre novità sul fronte della fisica o di nuove vetture, ma porta con sè numerose migliorie e fix, per prepararsi al prossimo update decisamente più corposo. - new lods work on the 3 cars - fov correction in cockpit view for the 3 cars - driving view rework on the 3 cars , you can now let the default setup in the game - Hood cam centered added - new external Mirror, some players complain about some fps loose - added some missing sounds , sound experience is different now - deleted common sounds and new centralised fiagt3 sound folder

    rFactor 2: FIA GT3 by Apex v0.88

    Il team Apex Modding ha rilasciato per rFactor 2 la nuova versione aggiornata 0.88 del suo interessante FIA GT3 Mod. Oltre ai consueti bugfix e migliorie generali, questa release del progetto ci mette a disposizione due nuove vetture, ovvero la 799 RGT3 e la Corvette Z06. - added the 799 RGT3 and corvette Z06 , those two cars are converted model of our rfactor1 mod ,so 3d models are of lower quality compared to SLS. - sounds for Porsche are actually quite good. With Vette, they are unfortunatelly a bit worse. We are looking for better sources for samples. - all cars have updated tyres, - by default, gear ratios are locked to homologated pairs but we included an upgrade which unlocks all available ratios, - steering lock is locked but for people with wheels with rotation range of 270 degrees and lower, we provided an upgrade allowing to set steering lock between 10 and 14 degrees in 0.1 deg. steps by steps. - engine heating and other "minor" things are not yet updated, - AI tyres are also updated, but we still don't like 799R, at least not as much as Corvette or SLS. - updated sls sfx file (thanks Valter Cardoso and Jamezinho ) - 799R has rather high default camber and right now it doesn't work well so we suggest you to lower it (to less negative), almost to minimum actually. we think, range -2.5 to -3.0 front and -2.0 to -2.5 degrees rear works the best right now.
  13. Uff

    rFactor 2: FIA GT3 v0.87

    Il team Apex Modding ha rilasciato per rFactor 2 una nuova versione aggiornata del suo FIA GT3 Mod, che ci permette di scendere in pista con la Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3. L'attuale release 0.87 porta con sè alcune migliorie e bugfix, di seguito elencate. Disinstallare la vecchia versione prima di installare questa. changes - vmod creation work fine now - chassis flex added - brake hiss sounds added - Display Class Override is now "AMGT3 SLS AMG " - lods rework

    rF2: Mercedes GT3 by Apex Modding

    Il team Apex Modding porta fuori dal garage la prima vettura del suo progetto FIA GT3: è infatti disponibile per rFactor 2 la prima release della spettacolare Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3, che potete scaricare dalla nostra area files ed include le livree di vari campionati GT3, come il Blancpain Series ed ADAC GT Masters. Apex Modding would like to present you the first car of a GT3 mod for rFactor 2: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3. Today's release is not a final version. Because the sim is improving and changing from build to build, some things may come out and will need to be fixed. Also, we are aware there is still some room for improvements in both graphics and physics in our mod, so please expect updates released in the near future.

    FIA GT3 si blocca su rFactor 2?

    Errata corrige: Yoss, direttore dei lavori all'interno dell'Apex Modding team, ha commentato quanto segue, specificando inoltre come il commento riportato inizialmente fosse vecchio di due mesi e non veritiero dell'attuale situazione del mod. -------------------------- Il noto team Apex Modding ha deciso di bloccare lo sviluppo del suo FIA GT3 Mod per rFactor2, in sostanza perchè non soddisfatto allo stato attuale dei progressi del simulatore made in ISI, soprattutto per quanto riguarda la fisica, quella delle gomme in particolare. Sembra inoltre che anche cosm1 abbia abbandonato la creazione della sua Ferrari 458 Italia, per vari problemi riscontrati con il software. Speriamo in ogni caso di non perdere definitivamente progetti cosi interessanti... Indeed, for the moment, all the members of the apex team are not convinced at all by rfactor 2. Moreover, other GT3 mods (copies of official game) have been released for rf1 since the release of our mod (unfortunately we planned to work on an evolution for rf1) and no doubt that it will be the case for rf2. We still check all the release of rf2 because we hope that the current gap will be solved by isi. IMHO, isi is not focused enough on modding issues, especially for the physics design (my role in apex team) and more precisely for the tire design. I hoped before rf2 release that isi will gave real design tools for the physic, on tire and also on suspension. But i think now that is over. Actually, months ago, I had the occasion to explain my position about tire design issues...
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