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Found 7 results


    rFactor 2: 2 auto e 4 piste by ISI !

    A quanto pare oggi il team ISI è scatenato! Sono infatti disponibili per rFactor 2 ben 2 vetture aggiornate e 4 nuovi circuiti, creati da collaboratori esterni al team americano: cominciamo dall'imperdibile Dallara DW12 Indycar in versione 1.65, quindi le Stock Car v1.04, per passare poi ai tracciati di Northside, Apple Valley, Eagle Creek e Palm Springs, sia ovali che con layout stradale.
  2. Although it has been updated a number of times, the DW12 really needed this one. The car is much closer to being called ‘final’ now! Download: Non-Steam – 166MB Changelog: – Fix for weak overall FFB feeling. – 120″ wheelbase default now (with 119″ 2nd in list, in order of usefulness) – Reduced real road rate slightly. – Increase in wet cooling effects across all tyres. – Small tyre fix which helps to improve optimum camber angles. – Attempt to make AI less prone to cut corners (especially slower turns and very high speed turns). – Minor AI physics correlation improvements (less longitudinal grip). – RollDamping (in the form of natural / self damping) now embedded into ARB adjustments. – Removed ‘wedge’ from pit menu HUD for Road Courses. – Enable pit-adjustable rear wing for speedway configurations. (The last car bug reported by Max) – Added toe-offsets. – Minor turbo sound tweaks. – Added GrooveSqrdEffect with the primary purpose of reducing speedway grip a fraction. – A tiny bit less sensitive to dirty air (more so on the speedway configuration side). – Leading draft significantly cut too (reducing fore balance shift which cause weird feeling spinouts if someone managed to get VERY close behind) to a more realistic level. – Slightly reduced cooling on minimum radiator. – White edges on digits fixed – Changed “Chevy” back to “Chevrolet”. – Add 1 onboard camera. – Steering wheel hand rotation now matches wheel a little better. – Some other graphical fixes.

    rF2: Dallara Indycar by ISI v1.62

    You might want to consider this beauty a first true release. We got data and we've used it. It is almost a scratch built car in terms of physics. The road side has had quite a few changes, but the oval side is where you should be able to feel the biggest difference. Enjoy. Changelog: (link) Physics / Setup – Fixed fuel tank capacity. – Fuel tank position corrected (slightly lower and further forward) – Allowing both compounds during race. – Added ‘weight jacker’. Garage only at this time. – Brand new CPM enabled tyres. – Better undertray points. – Better fuel estimation. – Better ride height ranges and defaults. – Caster range now 4-10 as per real life. – Accurate suspension geometry that varies between oval / road course. – Tyre pressure ranges more realistic (as are defaults) – Updated trackconfigsbase.ini to have proper layout names for Mountain Peak and newer tracks. – Minor Turbo error correction. – Aero corrections for both speedway and road courses. (Main change is more accurate and higher downforce for speedway config) – Recalculated brake system & restricted brake bias range. – Improved unsprung masses. – Added wheelbase options, the primary purpose of which is to adjust the weight distribution. 119″ is ideal for speedways, 120″ may be ok for road courses. – Increased the weight of the car (was ~missing driver weight). – Slightly more damage sensitive. – Increased CG height according to new data. – More accurate default RC toe angles. – Increase AI’s grip a touch (road course). – Recalc’ed and more accurate anti-roll bar rates, ranges. – Fixed small error on front wing range (now goes up to 32° on RC / SC) – Slight increase in mid-range torque and also fuel consumption, and attempted improvement for fuel estimate. – Allowing stiffer springs. – Now using spool differential (locked axle). – Increase in chassis flex. – Min brake ducts now have MUCH less cooling, Max similar. – Brake Duct drag and lift reduced (so penalty is a little lower). – Steering system updated. – Opponent sound attenuation increased (so other cars are slightly less audible). – Steering ratio corrected (default, options not available yet). – Very slightly less sensitive to turbulent air, Auto-shift tweak (AI) Visuals – Fix so rotation matches in-game. – Fixed problem with Alternates showing as Primaries at race start – air intake gap fixed – hands animation fixed – new tyre damage texture – spinner scene fixed – Fixed tyre compound visibility in spinner. – Digits on the steering wheel increased to 5 – Digital Yellow message “Yel” aligned – Graphics : whole model rescale (+2%), – Front susp arms corrected. – Mirrored rear wing back logo (#27 #77) – Various texture fixes
  4. Con perfetta puntualità, dopo i numerosi screens e video di oggi, il team ISI ha rilasciato due gustose novità gratuite per il suo rFactor 2: sono infatti disponibili la Dallara DW12 Indycar ed il mitico tracciato americano di Indianapolis, in configurazione ovale e stradale. Per il download dei files visitate questa pagina. Il server dedicato di DrivingItalia è già attivo online per una spettacolare Indy 500 ! We are happy to announce that the Indy car and Indianapolis Motor Speedway are now available, free, to rFactor 2 users. This was an epic project for us, with the oval and roadcourse originally surveyed in 2012, we visited the facility five more times since, including being there the day after the asphalt was laid late last year. We’re extremely proud to be the first simulator to feature the new 2014 Grand Prix of Indianapolis roadcourse as well. Our track team have gone above and beyond by including the 2007 Grand Prix, 2013 Grand Prix, 2014 Grand Prix and 2013 Oval layouts for you to enjoy. All for free to those of you who own our product. There are three physically different Dallara DW12 chassis configurations and it has two engine configurations, making a total of six technically different cars. Within the roadcourse configuration, we also have two tire options, Primary (black-sidewall) and Alternate (red-sidewall). This means effectively seven combinations, not including wets. Again, all free for rFactor 2 users.

    Video: Forza 5 vs iRacing

    Molto interessante è il nuovo video di confronto che vi proponiamo questa mattina: potete ammirare il paragone diretto, sul circuito di Indianapolis, fra la Dallara DW12 di iRacing (rilasciata ieri) e quella di Forza Motorsport 5.

    iRacing: Dallara Indycar disponibile

    Praticamente in contemporanea con la mitica 500 Miglia di Indianapolis, il team di Iracing ha puntualmente rilasciato per il simulatore americano la nuova Dallara DW12 Indycar, al costo di circa 9 euro. The Dallara DW12 IndyCar is now available for $11.95. That’s just in time for iRacers looking to channel their inner Tony Kanaan - or Kurt Busch – in the iRacing Indy 500 on Friday and Saturday. You say you recently bought the “old” Dallara? Anyone who purchased the Dallara IR03/05 in the past 90 days will automatically have a $6 credit applied to their account to use whenever and on whatever they choose. Click here to start driving your Dallara DW12 today.

    rFactor2: Indianapolis e DW12 in arrivo

    Direttamente Tim Wheatley del team ISI ci informa che il nuovo ed atteso circuito di Indianapolis per rFactor 2 sarà rilasciato a fine mese in concomitanza proprio con la mitica 500 Miglia. Il tracciato sarà disponibile in tre versioni: vecchio e nuovo circuito stradale ed il classico ovale. Salvo imprevisti, assieme alla pista sarà rilasciata anche la nuova monoposto Dallara DW12.
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