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  1. ITA: Di seguito la lista completa dei mod e delle piste rilasciate con i link alle relative discussioni sul forum. Ciascuna entry ha indicato l'autore, così da facilitarne la ricerca. Se (ad esempio) state cercando i lavori dei Virtua_LM, premete Ctrl + F sulla tastiera e scrivete il nome del team: potrete così navigare tra tutti i loro rilasci grazie al tasto F3. UFFICIALE significa che è un lavoro pubblicato ufficialmente dagli ISI. TOP significa che è un mod che ci sentiamo di consigliare data la sua alta qualità. ENG: You can find down below a full list of released mods and tracks with links to their respective threads. Each entry has the author's name specified, so that it will be easier to look for its contents. If (e.g.) you are looking for Virtua_LM's works, press Ctrl + F on your keyboard and write the team's name: you'll be able to surf among all their releases by pressing the F3 button. UFFICIALE means that it is an official work from ISI. TOP means that we suggest this mod due to its high quality. Tracciati - Tracks Mod - Mods
  2. Yes, it is true, finally Varano De Melegari for AssettoCorsa. In collaboration with my old friend Gabriel Bonora (Elwood), who returns to the team bringing his great work. OfficineMeccanicheVirtuali.... dreams come true
  3. BoNI

    Circuiti Extra

    A1 Ring -> http://www.mediafire.com/file/n74b9ik5cpyonz7/A1Ring_RSR_v2.0.7z/file Adelaide1989 + Fix -> down Ahvenisto -> down Autumn Ring -> down Barcelona 2010 v1.0 + update 1.5 + start lights fix -> down Barhain v1.0 -> down Blackwood LFS -> down Brands Hatch v1.1 + mappa circuito -> down Brescia -> down Brno -> down Crema Update -> down Crystal Palace Historic -> http://www.mediafire.com/file/8eaf3b82bswyms8/crystal+palace.rar Dijon + mappa pista -> down Dinosaure Canyon -> down Donington Park -> down El Pinar (Uruguay) -> http://www.mediafire.com/file/laq1yjz4kd819q8/El+Pinar+1.02.rar F1 Stadium -> down Falkenberg -> down Fuji Speedway 1.0 + FIX -> down Goodwood -> http://www.mediafire.com/file/i76anxr9stx5lrk/Goodwood+v0+99.rar Hockeneim -> down Hungaroring -> http://www.mediafire.com/file/gahx0gcljyfq3hq/Hungaroring+1.0.zip Imola 2011 -> down Interlagos + patch v1.1 + textures 2010 -> http://www.mediafire.com/file/th7wbczwx7cggig/Interlagos_Textures_2010_1.0.rar Interlagos 1979 -> http://www.mediafire.com/file/cjnjpa0ls3k70yp/Interlagos1979.rar Istanbul v1.2 -> http://www.mediafire.com/file/7vkz4krsd779zjy/Istanbul+1.2.zip Laguna Seca + Fix -> down Lastplace.lake -> down Le Mans 24 Ore Night & Day -> down Lime Rock Park -> down Magione - Autodromo dell'Umbria -> http://www.mediafire.com/file/aq3r6bywi1iog20/Magione_1.0.1.rar Magny Cours v1.1 -> down Marina Bay Street Circuit -> down Melbourne -> down Monaco + mappa circuito -> down Montreal + Fix -> down Mondello -> down Monza+ update v1.2.1 -> down Mountain Sprint -> down Mugello -> down Nordschleife -> down Nurburgring v2.0 + mappe circuito -> down Oschersleben + update 2 -> down Oval -> down Road America -> down Sepang v1.0 -> down Shanghai -> down Silverstone + Fix -> down Singapore Beta Pit Open -> down Snetterton -> down Spa 1967 -> down Spa-Francorchamps 2010 + laptime fix -> down Spa-Francorchamps 2001 -> down SS 81 Monno-Mortirolo -> down Suzuka v1.0 -> down Valencia Ricardo Tormo Beta + mappa -> down Valencia Street circuit v1.1 -> http://www.mediafire.com/file/6k9amdai2t8d2c8/Valencia+1.1.zip Updated main GUI track layout images -> down EDIT: link in aggiornamento perché scaduti, vediamo cosa riusciamo a recuperare..
  4. Fonte. v0.8 -AI not working -ONLINE not working -Few Textures Details needs to be done -Curently Working On the Long Version of the Track DOWNLOAD
  5. Nome file: Mallory Park by Eximo Autore del file: Uff File inserito: 03 Jun 2014 Categoria del file: Track Forum. v0.5 2 Layouts now included Export now using AC editor - shaders still being tweaked and tested Recreated world nearest the track edges, run offs now a lot smoother Added Fast_Lane and Pit_Lane AI for both layouts - tracks can now be used quick race and race weekend modes Added more barriers / walls Added Marshall stands around the track Added more buildings Added collision mesh to pit lane garage Added flag pole at hairpin - no flag though Adjusted other buildings - scale/width Adjusted barriers to match up with world better Adjusted lakes New UI images, overview and information details Known Issues: Kerbs are currently still defined as Grass and as such do not have the correct surface Kerbs are a bit rough Some grass areas defined as Asphalt Edwina chicane bump on the exit Bus stop chicane bumpy on entrace and exit Charlies chicane bumpy - this chicane isnt used so not a high priority Pit Lane entrance is a tad bumpy but you shouldn't be speeding anyway Some barriers in certain areas do not match world Placeholder textures used across some meshes UV mapping incorrect on some meshes - especially grass AI not the smartest especially around the hairpin however you can have some decent races with them as they are quick everywhere else Pitlane Barrier mesh not rendering correctly - not sure why Inside world doesnt match pitlane edges Water defined as Grass Clicca qui per scaricare il file
  6. Uff

    Misano World Circuit by foyol

    Version 1.1


    Forum. Hi all, I completed a new version of the Misano World Circuit track. It has the 2 layouts available in real life: Tracciato Lungo (4226 mts, MotoGP layout) and Tracciato Corto (4048 mts, most car races, testing etc.) The layout has been tuned to perfectly match size and direction of real life track. The "rubbered" darker zone of track is the real one of Misano: a desatureted and blurred aerial photo placed on the track - no stretching allowed Disclaimer: use of this track is allowed for personal use and for community racing provided that no one will ask money in any form (sale of driving licenses, championship fees etc are not allowed. Non-mandatory donations to organizing server are allowed). This track is given away for free and must remain free. Have fun!
  7. Nome file: Misano World Circuit by foyol Autore del file: Uff File inserito: 02 Oct 2013 Categoria del file: Tracks Forum. Hi all, I completed a new version of the Misano World Circuit track. It has the 2 layouts available in real life: Tracciato Lungo (4226 mts, MotoGP layout) and Tracciato Corto (4048 mts, most car races, testing etc.) The layout has been tuned to perfectly match size and direction of real life track. The "rubbered" darker zone of track is the real one of Misano: a desatureted and blurred aerial photo placed on the track - no stretching allowed Disclaimer: use of this track is allowed for personal use and for community racing provided that no one will ask money in any form (sale of driving licenses, championship fees etc are not allowed. Non-mandatory donations to organizing server are allowed). This track is given away for free and must remain free. Have fun! Clicca qui per scaricare il file
  8. Fonte. Ok, it's ready now I'm happy to report that Longford will also be included in the base install of the Steam version of rFactor2 when rF2 Steam is released This new version of Longford includes a number of visual updates. Textures have been adjusted for the recent updates to the lighting system. New house models have been added and the Control Tower has been updated. Night driving has been improved with adjusted settings. Road surface materials have been tweaked and some minor road mesh changes have been made. A new AIW file should accommodate a wider variety of cars and provide more satisfying racing. v0.99 ReadMe/Change Log: 2015-11-03: Longford 1967 - v0.99 (during rF2 Build 1008) by woochoo ============================================= |\|/|\|/|\|/|\|/|\|/|\|/|\|/|\|/|\|/|\|/|\|/| ============================================= OLD rF2 VERSIONS 2015-03-03 v0.98 (during rF2 Build 930) 2015-01-06 v0.97 (during rF2 Build 910) 2013-11-22 v0.92 (during rF2 Build 342) 2013-09-17 v0.91 (during rF2 Build 300) 2013-08-19 v0.90 (first version for rF2 Build 240) OLD rF1 VERSIONS: 2013-03-14 v1.0 (probably final version for rFactor 1) 2012-10-19 v0.99 2011-08-17 v0.97 2010-07-11 v0.9 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- /\_/\-/\_/\-/\_/\-/\_/\-/\_/\-/\_/\- - Rights to reuse any content are denied unless explicit permission is given by woochoo. - Please do not edit textures, models, or other files without permission. - Loading screens may be modified without permission for private league use (credit to woochoo must still be displayed on screen). - Contact woochoo if other changes are needed to make the circuit more league-friendly (and woochoo may implement them into the main package). - Conversions and updates require explicit permission from woochoo. - Permission for conversion or update is not transferable between personnel. - Permission for conversion or update is not transferable between source versions. - Absence of permission does not imply permission. - Credit must be given in the readme.txt file and any other appropriate accompanying documentation (including download pages). - This ReadMe file must be included (unedited) in any redistribution of this circuit and/or content. - Use of any content in a public display or commercial context (or any similar situation, other than private home use and standard online use) is not permitted without permission from woochoo. - Contact woochoo to request permission (semi-active on some sim-racing forums, primarily ISI forums, so send PM). - If woochoo cannot be contacted, absence of permission still does not imply permission. /\_/\-/\_/\-/\_/\-/\_/\-/\_/\-/\_/\- _-__-__-__-__-__-__-__ 36 garage spots, 12 pit boxes, 36 grid slots. 1 Grid Layout: - Staggered Grid has a single car per row, alternating left and right. _-__-__-__-__-__-__-__ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- |========================================| |===============CHANGE LOG===============| |======What is new in this version?======| |========================================| +@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ V0.99 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@+ - Road: Slight changes to road surface before pub, including what appears to be a pot hole filling, as recently noticed in ref material, and repair patch at begining of yellow pitlane line. - Road: Changes to road materials and specular masks. - Road Decals: Some small material and texture changes (higher res). - Control Tower: Some renovations to the rear of the tower, reconfiguration of scaffolding, addition of external doorknobs, addition of floodlights, and some basic interior fitout. - Control Tower: Reworked/new textures and materials as a result of above mesh updates. - Control Tower: Added small custom "wind" animation to awnings (it's not great, but it's something). - Control Tower: Added working clock. - Pits: Fixed an unnoticed mapping error causing broken lighting reactions, and updated sponsor signs with some new fictional advertising and updated textures and material settings. - Pits: Replaced names of real drivers, teams, cars (to avoid potential legal troubles). - Foot Bridge: Reworking of stairs, some slight extra mesh detailing, mapping changes reducing absolute texture size, and removal of fake shadow caster (visible mesh now casts shadow). - Tram/Police Centre: Small update to texture and material. - Food Stall/Toilets: Small update to textures and material. - Bleachers: New highpoly model with new texture (old model still used for lower detail levels). - Spectator Cars: Retoned paint colours and removed some details from textures to make the cars less specific. - Spectator Cars: Corrected a mesh error that had appeared on some station wagons. - Pub: Some small mesh, mapping, and texture changes. - Pump Station: Upgraded pump station building (driver's right after King's Bridge) with more mesh detail, new textures, and new material. - Houses: Upgraded house models with more polygons and new textures. - Houses: Some changes to house distribution based on reference photos. - House Fences: Small updates to the front fences of some houses, as well as brand new white picket fence after rail crossing. - Kerbs/Gutters: Increased mesh density for smoothing hard edges. - Gutter/Footpath: Remade and extended gutter/footpath on the left side of the beginning of Tannery Straight (in the town). - Driveway Thresholds: Added concrete ramps over gutter to footpath. - Haybales: Welded and smoothed bales (they look a bit better and a bit worse now - different... just different) - Fences: Some small changes to textures and materials of timber plank fences. - Railway Crossing Signs: Higher poly meshes with new textures and material. - Railway Signal Tower: Higher poly mesh with new textures and material. - Sponsor Tower Signs: New meshes and textures for global oil company sponsor signs. - Sponsor Signs and Banners: Replaced most real-world tradenames and imagery with fictional alternatives. - Sponsor Signs and Banners: Have aquired approval to use some registered tradenames and branding from the real-life events. - Sponsor Signs and Banners: Moved and rescaled (smaller) red cola sign at viaduct, based on photo reference. - Starting Lights: Fixed material animation error and changed sequence to single red light, then green light. - AIW: All new AIW files due to online grid errors in old version. - AIW: New AIW may produce faster AI laptimes (have added slight limitation on AI acceleration). - AIW: Removed "Historic Grid" & "Level Grid" layouts, which were having some grid troubles. - AIW: Changed (due to congestion) garage/pit/grid capacity to 36/12/36, down from 42/13/42. - AIW: Adjustments to blocking path, aimed at reducing severe blocking on the Flying Mile. - AIW: Added "Fast_H" fast path for Cobras, which more than any other car were cutting the turn off of Long Bridge. - AIW: Added "OW3_Fast" path for Skip Barber, which wasn't handling some slow-down hacks in the main fast path. - CAM: Moved (lowered) trackside camera in group one due to removal of perch in same location. - HDR: Adjustments to a number of textures (over 80 different objects) that were excessively clipping against the white point of the new build 948 HDR automation. - Standardisation: Slight changes to file name structures to match ISI format more closely. - Optimisation: Some fairly insignificant batching and/or material reduction could improve performance slightly. - Optimisation: Pit tents and metal fence panels now visable in high/med detail levels, may slightly reduce fps. ================================================== === ===Known Issues, Non-Implemented Features, & Notes=== ================================================== === ===The AI - Sometimes they'll hop onto the dirt banks on the inside of a few corners. - F1 and some other cars may collide with tyre markers. ===Headlights - Some cars may not have their headlight beams rendered on road, terrain and objects correctly or consistently (includes ISI Corvette C6, Honda NSX cars) ===Wet Road Reflections - Fences and some terrain areas are not currently in the reflection list due to the nature of the reflection system. ===Shadows - Some popin, popout, and awkward shading of trees/bushes/buildings etc. In some cases this is a compromise between shaded vegetation and overly bright unshaded vegetation. ===Poles and Fences Flickering in the Distance - Distant poles and fences may flicker due to the difference between shaded and unshaded parts of the mesh. There is a constant reevalution of which part of the mesh to render into the available pixels, and where bright and shaded geometry is close the rendering alternates between bright and shaded pixels. Using something like nVidia's DSR should reduce flickering by rendering at higher resolution and then the resultant downsizing for display will have blended the brightness transitions. ===Bridges - Bridge structures don't currently extend down into the river bed mud. When bridge structures are updated, they will. ===Terrain Decals - Slight blur where grassy road-edge decals blend into terrain. ===Normal Mapping - In a couple of areas one or two of the normal maps don't seem correctly oriented with the lighting system. ===General Efficiency / Optimisation - This project was started as a beginner some time ago, and has been a learning experience. Skillz, philosophies, techniques, and technology have progressed in that time. As a result, and the size of the circuit, updates are a rolling process, and there isn't usually time to do all desired updates at or by a specific time. It is planned that the older models and textures will be updated, optimised, or replaced. ===Continued Development - The main target of development will be updates/remakes of older buildings/structures. - 3D trees for track-side trees are planned, but takes too long to reach my desired accuracy at this time (some unreleased work has occurred but it is time-intensive). - Separating painted lines from road textures to separate grip levels (pitlane and grid lines are already separate). ================================================== === +@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ V0.98 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@+ This release is primarily a maintenance release to fix an AIW issue. - AIW: Fixed issue where some low-grip/high speed cars would miss apexes, and the final corner entirely (added AI path kinks before turn in - doesn't appear to concern cars which already worked well). - AIW: Attempted to help some modern GT type cars avoid first lap crashes by narrowing AIW corridors. - AIW: Some improvement for historic cars (BT20/Howston) crashing in wet conditions at kink before Tannery Corner. - AIW: Note, Since early builds there have been three variations of the starting grid, so experimenting with those may help avoid first lap incidents (eg. Staggered Grid for modern cars). - House: Replaced old GPL model of large house on driver's left, after rail crossing (new model is ~11K triangles). - Tents: New tent models and textures to replace the old ones. - Road: Slightly eased some bumps (track mesh) on the flying mile. - Road: Added slight hump/dip between turn two and the viaduct (was hard to be sure from reference photos, but newly acquired reference photos from a different angle make it much more obvious - thanks to Cooper997). - Road: Some changes to material specular settings. - Terrain: Some changes to texture & material specular settings. - Terrain: Some changes to some normal maps. - Trees: Improved tree settings for people not using transparency AA (should look less bad). - Grasses: Improved tree settings for people not using transparency AA (should look less bad). - Bushes: Removed some shadow casting in viaduct area. - Footbridge: Partial update/partial remake of textures. - Crowd: Minor tidy-up work on the old 2d cardboard crowd (yes, still the same old crowd textures at this time). - Tyre/Tire Markers: Slight reduction in height of collision mesh (will still flip cars with low floors etc). - TDF: Small changes to road bumps in terrain physics definition file. - CAM: Some chages to trackside camera clipping planes to reduce z-fighting (not perfect, but better). - Maintenance: Deleted a few megabytes worth of old textures from Maps.mas. +@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ V0.97 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@+ - Road: New T1/main textures. - Road: Small texture changes and increased resolution, and modified material settings for detail textures. - Road: Some variation to road edge geometry. - Road: Some small adjustments to road camber and crown. - Road: Some reduction of the more extreme bumps. - Road: Added some road surface repair patches. - Road: Higher polygon density in some corners (makes more precise RealRoad effects). - Road Lines: Some changes in resolution, normal maps, and material settings of decal lines. - Road Lines: Added small, fictional yellow paint markers to the yellow pitlane line to indicate pit-in/pit-out for speed limits. - Roadside Kerbs/Gutter: Updated some textures and increased some resolutions. - Terrain: Initial implementation of new terrain shader (from rF2 build 860) - Terrain: Mostly new textures. - Terrain: Added geometry to some verge edges for variation and texture lerping. - Terrain: Some verges have changed from grass to gravel. - Terrain: Added shadow casting meshes for some steeper terrain areas, and global sun-blocker, to improve morning/afternoon lighting. - Terrain: Added some basic terrain reflection meshes where appropriate. - River: Added geometry to river and river shore, to improve mapping and appearance. - River: Adjusted water textures and material properties. - Trainlines: New trainline meshes, adjusted textures, added specular and normal mapping. - Viaduct: New Model (more polys, more pixels, more precise). - Pub: Some small upgrades to textures and material. - Pit Building: Some basic stopgap updates to the pit building (a new mesh is planned in the future). - Control Tower: Some quick and basic texture adjustments. - Water Tower: Higher resolution texture, and material adjustments. - Culverts: New models for Viaduct, Tannery Straight, and Newry Road culverts. - Roadside Marker Posts: Replaced with new models and textures (including reflectors). - Hay Bales: Textures retoned and higher resolution. - Fences: New wire texture for fences (includes rusty barbed wire). - Fences: Added normal mapping to some fence elements, and increased texture resolution for some fences. - Fences: Adjusted Fence collisions outside of Turn 1 to reduce severity of 3-wide AI incidents at the start of a race. - Trees: Rearranged some poplar trees after Newry Corner. - Trees: Fixed some broken shading on some trees. - Trees: Removed self-shadowing from trees (in some ways it's better, in some ways it's worse). - Trees: Fixed some Z-fighting on some distant trees. - Trees: Replaced some tree walls with massed X-trees. - Sponsor Banners: Adjusted some textures and added specular and normal maps to some banners. - Lights: Shortened attenuation of streetlights and floodlights. - Shadow Meshes: Removed some old-style dummy shadow meshes from some buildings (now using the visible mesh to cast some shadows). - AIW: Adjusted fast path on Tannery Straight to reduce AI crashes in wet conditions (some may still occur when low-grip cars are side by side). - AIW: Some adjustments to create (a quite subtle, hacky) wind shear reverb effect on power poles. - Physics: Some changes to physics of movable objects (hay bales, marker posts, signs) - Indy Aero: Included VehicleConfig.ini to force Indy DW12 to use Roadcourse aero package. - Optimisation: Some batching and adjustments to some draw distances may produce small FPS improvements. +@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ V0.92 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@+ - Three versions of the track: Historic, Level, & Staggered grids (may ease AIW & online grid/collision issues). - AIW file: New version of Level grid, hopefully to fix online grid issue (otherwise use staggered). - AIW file: Eased pitbox congestion (was 16 boxes, now 14: now 42 grid/garage spaces). - AIW file: Pace Car/Safety Car now works. - Water: Water shader with animated textures. - Road Mapping: Road is now continously mapped, and more linear in mapping. - Road Detail Textures: New spec, multi, & normal map textures & mapping. - Grass: Preliminary implementation of specular effect. - Mill: New model of the mill at Longford Corner (Four-storey brick building seen when approaching the town). - Road Signs: Replaced some of the old direction sign objects (initial implementation). - HDR: Adjustments for b342 - Includes "Bright", "Clear", "Neutral", & "Overcast". - Cameras: Adjusted static orientations. - Sounds: Added a subtle ambient environmental sound (initial implementation). +@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ V0.91 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@+ This version is mainly a fix version for v0.90 [edit: this didn't work out in v0.91]. - collisions with fence on Long Bridge causing flips/flying: hopefully fixed. - cars in online race sessions flip/fly/bounce on grid: hopefully fixed. - a levitating clump of grass just before King's Bridge: fixed. - grass popup on tannery straight: fixed. - less PA sound sources in pit area. - volume of flapping flag sound has been lowered. - reverb effect no longer heard around whole circuit. - added low detail vis group (removes a bunch of stuff on low detail setting). - road surface is less bumpy. - grass rolling resistance increased. other things: - grid is now 2-2-2-2 alignment, rather than 3-2-3-2, to ease congestion. - racegroove/rubber line is now mapped continuously. - colour tone of willow trees (and some other trees) has been adjusted. - corner markers (tyres) are rounder. - corner markers (tyres) have separate HAT meshes (lower profile). - have fiddled with HRD profile due to b300 lighting changes. - road mirage effect enabled. - mip bias for trees and bushes adjusted. - waving flags, implying a fairly strong wind (might be adjusted in the future). - loading screen updated with new image and version number. - readme and change log updated to v0.91 +@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ V0.90 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@+ This version is mainly a conversion from rF1, with inclusion of RealRoad, Reflections, Weather, HDR and some other things. ================================================== === =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Check the credits list. They span rF1 and rF2 periods. If you have contributed and feel you have been under-acknowledged or not acknowledged at all, let me know. I've tried to keep up with the list, but i might have missed some things. Thanks to all those people! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= |\|/|\|/|\|/|\|/|\|/|\|/|\|/|\|/|\|/|\|/|\|/| ============================================= ==========CREDIT, and/or THANKS TO:========== Piddy and Bob's Track Builder - circuit made with Bob's Track Builder (now using 3ds Max) Dave Noonan & 3dSimEd guitarmaen & rF AIW CAM Editor tasman-series.com - photos and info Ben Jamieson - beta testing and resources VirtuaLM/elwood/madhorse - Rouen grass/road textures (only in rF1 v0.9 - no longer used - thanks ) VirtuaLM - Modding@Max 3dsMax scripts (esp. detach by smoothing groups) people on the atlas nostalgia board (Ray Bell, Doug Nye, Cooper997, Longfordboy, elrosso, Ellis, and others) ennis fargis - rural aus and roads medium btb xpacks (i think only a single bush is still used) Wierdbeard: haywood club btb xpack textures (I'm not sure any of these are still used) http://www.cgtextures.com/ - Rocky's bricks, some wooden fences, others Gustaf Reutersward - GPL 3do models (inc. Pub, Mill, Tannery), photos - big thanks Kruch/ Neil Faichney (Team ORSM) - skybox geometry and code (see .scn file) ISI - rFactor and textures (only a small selection) Longford Country Club Hotel - photo reference Matin Weare - icepack - off white brick texture behind pub http://www.masterbuilderstore.com - timber fence texture "fen_wd1" My Dad and my Mum ~ National Automobile Museum of Tasmania Meclazine - beta testing oldracephotos.com - Lindsay Ross - photos Barry Green, author - Longford: Fast Track Back Malcolm and Peter O'May - private footage from 1965 Ellis French - movies, photos, posters, program covers, 2x photos on loading screen Mike McIvor & Barry Cassidy (former drivers at Longford) unknown - track marshall texture "flagger.dds" Stephen Dalton - TNF member (Cooper997) Longfordboy - TNF member Sunalp2 John S. - Chrysler Royal ambulance photos (no longer used, but thanks) - http://www.111emergency.co.nz/ExWFAChrysler.htm http://www.sergent.com.au/motor/tas67a.html The owners of the St John HD Holden Ambulance, 94, Glamorgan (at the Longford Revival Festival, 2012) 6e66o's sky pack: http://simscreens.blogspot.com/2008/...ures-pack.html (no longer used as of 0.99) saultenian Com8: Mainz-Finthen "wet.dds" (renamed to "reflectnoise.dds" - only in rF1 version 0.9) The Lonely: Wet Track Turtorial (http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail...ack%20Tutorial) motorfx for GTL, GTR2, Race conversions of rF1 v0.9 Todd B./TASMAP & Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (Tasmania) - Aerial Photography. James, Andrew, Stephen, Tom, Winyu, Christian, Andrew, & HITLab AU Luke S., at/formerly UTas ehrlec Tim B. for hooking me up with... Octagon and the Longford Revival Festival (2011, 2012) Shannon's Insurance - Rodney, Warren, Nick Andrew Q. - SCTV Tim, Luc, Scott, and all the other helpful people on the ISI forums Strava and the Vintage Vee mod Rantam and HistorX Mod Team My Dad for "Eater's Ice Cream" fictional sponsor name Ian Carins - Former secretary of the Longford Motor Racing Association Rob Saward BLeeK Duncan Taylor Julian Groitzsch`s Weather Builder Aleksi Elomaa (staggered grid suggestion) Shaun Andrews Luc Van Camp Marco S (Indy Aero config - ISI forums) Andreas Zeidler, danke jpalesi matf1 ~IsR~Barabba Helpful, enthusiastic, supportive people on the ISI forums Server admins who have been hosting Longford sessions, including Durge and Bryan Longford rF1 Beta Testers -Meclazine -Ben -Sunalp2 -saultenian -Andrew -Stephen =========================================| =========================================| All trademarks are the property of their respective owners, and use has not been authorised, unless noted. Any indications of sponsorship relate only to the original real-world events, not to this recreation. Authorisation recieved for reproducing the name/branding of: - St. John (ambulances) - Donald Gorringe (pedestrian overpass) - Examiner Newspaper* (pit building and fence banners) - 7EX (control tower) - 7LA (control tower) - TASMAP (pit building - not historic, but as recognition of permission to use aerial photography) Thank you to the respective representatives of those brands. *permission could not be renewed for reproduction in commercial software (rFactor2 Steam) in time for release. =========================================| =========================================| - required statement for use of cgtextures.com source material: One or more textures in this 3D model/environment have been created with images from CGTextures.com. These images may not be redistributed by default, please visit www.cgtextures.com for more information. - thanks to cgtextures for making so many textures and source photos freely available for use! =========================================| =========================================| DOWNLOAD PAGE: http://isiforums.net/f/downloads.php...&downloadid=35
  9. Visto che i circuiti per rF iniziano ad essere davvero tanti ho intenzione di raggrupparli, man mano che escono, in questo topic: More Track ... here - Track Update A1 Red Bull Ring 2010 Abu Dhabi F1 Circuit v1.16 By: NAD and forlorn&kamilo62 Abu Dhabi F1GP09 4.01 Adria 1.1 Adelaide Street Circuit 2011 Adelaide 1985-1995 v1.0 By: mike27466 and carrera4 Aintree 2.1 Albert Park Australia by WCP Algarve (Portimao) Anderstorp v1.1 (da GTR2) Assen 2001 Austin v0.6 beta Autodromo internazionale Siracusa 1.0 By: Massimo Grassa Autumn Ring by Madcowie Avus 1993 Bahrain v2.0 by CTDP Bahrain 2010 (nuovo layout) Barcellona GTR2 Bathurst 1.1 ORSM Belgio 1.1 da GTR2 Bergrennen Oberhallau (hillclimb track) Birmingham Motorplex 1.55 Birmingham Superprix v1.2 Blue Mountain Brands Early Brands Hatch 1950 Brands Hatch 2005 1.0 Brno v1.2 da GTR2 Brooklands 1907 1.5 Bucharest Ring v0.9 beta Cadwell Park 2.1 Castle Combe 2005 Charade 1970 v1.1 Charade 2006 Charade 2009 Cina v3.1 by Raceking Circuit de la Sarthe 2004 v1.0 Circuit de Catalunya 2002-2010 Circuito de Navarra Cleveland 2006 Croft 2007 Crystal Palace Daytona 1970 Daytona Road Course Denver v1.2 Detroit streets v1.3 Detroit Belle Isle Dijon 1979 v2.5 Dijon GTL 1.0 Donington 2011 v1.1 Donington GTR2 v1.1 Donington (Grand Prix & National) 1.1 Enna Pergusa 1969 (no chicanes) Estoril 2010 v1.1 Eurospeedway Lausitzring-Klettwitz 1.3 Fiorano Franciacorta Fuji Speedway by Virtua_LM Fuji 1970 Goodwood Harewood Hillclimb Helsinki Thunder 1996 1.00 Hockenheim 1988 by Carrera4 Hockenheim 1999 v1.0 Hockenheim GTL v1.2 Hockenheim 2008 da GP4 Hockenheim 1.1 (GP - Short - National) Hungaroring 1999 Hungaroring 2009 Hungaroring 2010 Hungaroring 1.0 by EMG Imola 2006 Imola '94 Imola 1960 Imola 1963 Indian Grand Prix 1.40 By: Aleksandar Knezevic Indianapolis 1960 Indianapolis 2.1 (GP4) Indianapolis ovale Infineon Sears Point Interlagos GP4 v3.1 Interlagos 1993 ISAM 2011 Istanbul Park Jacarepagua 2007 Jacarepagua 1988 by Carrera4 Jarama v1.2 Jerez 88 Jerez 2009 by The Lonely and SLN Korea International Circuit 1.0 By: Speed Racing Studio Korea F1 SSH Korean International Circuit v0.70 By: San Shi Huangdi Korean Grand Prix 2010 v0.80 By: Rizke Korea Circuit 2010 1.40 By: ADMf1 Knockhill Kyalami 1979 v2.5 Laguna Seca 1970 Laguna Seca v1.2 Las Vegas 2007 v1.6 Le Mans 1960 Le Mans 1967 Le Mans 24 Ore v2.0 Le Mans 72-86 by VirtuaLM Le Mans 2004 SNL Le Mans Bugatti Long Beach 2007 v2.1 by iDT Longford 1967 Mackwerk 1967 v1.2 Magione Autodromo dell'Umbia 2010 v1.9 by Zeffio Magny-Cours 1.5 conversion GP4 Malesia 2010 by WCP Melbourne 2011 F1VS 1.00 Melbourne GP4 v2.5 Mexico City Mid America Motorplex Mid Ohio v1.1 by Virtua_LM Mills Metro Park 4.0 Misano v2.0 MMG 6 tracks 2007 Monaco EMG 1.0 Monaco New Layout 1.1 Montjuich da GPL Mont Tremblant Montreal 2011 Montreal 2.0 by EMG Montreal GP4 2010 Montreal GP4 2011 Montreal 2008 Monza 1960 Monza 1967 v1.0 Monza 1970 Monza 1971 Monza 1979 v2.6 Monza by ISI (6 layout) Mosport 1.3 Mosport Park 2009 v1.1 Muntain Sprint 4 Season v1.1 Mugello 1.1 Nardò v1.1 Nogaro 2003 Nogaro 2004 Nogaro 2009 Norisring 2008 Norisring 2009 by com8 Nordschleife Nurburgring 2007 v2.21 + horizon update + update by Max21 Nordschleife All Road v1.2 Nurburgring Nordschleife 1970 by Motorfx Nürburgring Nordschleife 2010 Nurburgring 1967 Oran Park Lidar v1.1 Oschersleben 1.0c Österreichring 70 1.0 By: motorfx Osterreichring 1979 v2.5 Oulton Park 1960 Oulton Park 2005 Paul Ricard v1.0 Phillip Island 3.0 Phoenix 1991 1.20 Portimao 2010 (nota: richiede Algarve installato) Portrero de los Funes Circuit Race of Champions - Paris 2005 v1.0 Race of Champions 2008 by Com8 Reims v1.1 Russian National Autodrome 0.90 Road America 2008 Road Atlanta Road Atlanta 1967 Sachsenring 1967 1.0 Sachsenring 2009 Salzburgring by Com8 Sebring 12 ore by iDT Sebring 1970 Sepang 2010 Sepang GP4 + textures update Sepang WCP 2009 Shanghai by ISI Shanghai v1.0 By TEAM CHINA Shomaru Touge Track Silverstone 1979 v2.5 Silverstone 1987-1990 v1.925 Silverstone 1988 Silverstone 1991-1993 by FCMG Silverstone 2010 v1.1 Silverstone 2011 by FCMG (Northamptonshire addon) Singapore 2008 v1.0 by MMG Singapore 2009 by F1WCP Snetterton 1964 Slovakiaring 4 Layouts Spa by EMG Spa 1967 SPA 2007 by MMG Spa 1988 Spa 1993 F1SR Spa 2009 by Int. Pro Modding FSOne Sudschleife Suzuka GP4 3.0 Suzuka 2008 Talladega Road Course Targa Florio The Bullrun 1.1 TIAida v1.01 Trois Rivieres UKRally v1.0 Vairano 2010 v1.1 Valencia 2008 by MMG v2.0 Valencia 2009 by International Pro Modding Vallelunga v2.1 Varano de' Melegari 2010 Varano de' Melegari 2013 v1.6 by MBDev Team 11 layouts Watkins Glen 2.0 Westwood 1990 Zandvoort 2.0 Zandvoort 1967 Zolder 2.0 Ringrazio Charger che mi ha aiutato facendo una guida a cui ho attinto per completare questo elenco, Velocipede, Uff, Magnus e tutti gli altri utenti per gli aggionamenti che mi sfuggono...
  10. DOWNLOAD Circuit de la Sarthe The Circuit des 24 Heures, also known as Circuit de la Sarthe,located in Le Mans, Maine, France, is a semi-permanent race course most famous as the venue for the 24 Hours of Le Mans auto race. The track uses local roads that remain open to the public most of the year. The circuit, in its present configuration, is 13.629 kilometres (8.47 mi) long, making it one of the longest circuits in the world. Credits: zolee145 For the original 2012 rfactor version Conversion and improvement to Assetto Corsa Tiago Lima Update to version 2017 by jim lloyd Terra21
  11. Fonte. Hi, i converted Prato from nKPro (both short and long version). It's pretty much finished, 16 pit boxes, 3 sectors. Maybe just some shader optimization to do according to the feedback i'm going to receive and adjust the ac_start objects if somebody is going to create the ai for the track. v1.21 - Fixed green "kerbs" - Added cameras files (provided by JayJayRaceinho) v1.20 - Better ui preview image for prato long - 21 pit boxes - Added tracks lenght in the ui info - Ai for both tracks, new ai for short layout (provided by Stepy) - A bunch of new textures - Adjusted a few shaders settings that i missed last time - Fixed bumpy white lines - Corrected start spawn positions - Working traffic lights - Fixed some invisible walls - Removed windows on the pit wall DOWNLOAD
  12. Fonte. Circuito San Martino del Lago ( Cremona ) Mappa google - Official Site -
  13. Alessandro Pollini

    Spa Francorchamps

    Version 0.86


    Author : ~IsR~Barabba Spa Francorchamps 0.86 for rFactor 2
  14. Le Mans 1991-96 v1.00 is available now (~181MB): download -> http://www.drivingitalia.net/forum/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=5282 Basic info: - This is a greatly improved version of the previous release. The most refined area is the guardrails and the specularity levels of the objects. A lot more objects are reflected on the cars or during rain. AI has been refined and the AI-does-not-pit bug has been fixed. Oh and there's also pit perches now. - Originally the track was started for rF1 by Sylvain Glapa, who has done an incredible job with most of which you still see today. The largest ones (in my opinion) would be the trees (look out for the distinct types in the right areas), the road surface modelling and the grandstands/pit buildings. The shaders and some textures have evolved but without his basis we would not have such a track today, let alone one this great. - The shoulders down the Hunaudières straight are not for driving. We could not find any hard info but racing cars generally do not use it outside cases of emergency. We implemented this by making them uncomfortably bumpy. - If you find something that should not be please leave a kind note. Few things are worse than you having a point that we don't read because it was presented in an unkind manner. Incomplete Changelog for v1.00 - fuel consumption recalculated, didn't notice any mods being impacted by this but better safe than sorry. - increased LOD bias for some textures which increases resolution at a distance, lessening unintentional "haze" effects, if that's what you guys meant - a lot more objects will now reflect on the cars, most noticably on cars with high reflection settings and dark paint schemes. This does cost a fair amount of performance so make sure to test the track with your favourite mod and desired number of cars again. There are three settings for reflections now, No (meaning a static cube map), Low and High - trackside cameras have optimized shadow ranges to lessen the issue of car shadows disappearing too soon - sunblock meshes have been added, one to fix sunlight showing through gaps, one to avoid having objects lighted once the sun moves below the horizon - reworked a handful textures, increasing texture size minimally where helpful. Also optimized the mip map bias to sharpen textures which are already large enough. - guardrails have had extensive work done on them. Gaps have been protected by rebuilding the guardrails. Variety maps have been added in two distinct varieties. - made shadows beneath tirewalls transparent instead of opaque black - fixed intermittent specularity issue on helicopters - worked on specularity, especially of the road and the guardrail. For some reason they had practically no specularity in v0.90. - re-assigned pit spots, now including 23 pit spots instead of the previous 18. Maximum number of cars is still 46. - eliminated any flashing in the specular effects I could find Performance guide: - Use the Track Detail and Shadow Detail settings! Both are implemented intensively for you to fine-tune performance. Max/Full settings are beyond what my machine can easily manage. Don't be afraid to use High or even Medium settings, it will still look good. - If you only have 1GB of Video RAM you might struggle due to the size of the track. Single Player should be fine even at high/full settings, but as soon as you load more than one or two AI cars you will probably see slow-downs. I'd suggest to go down to Track Detail: High and Shadow Detail: Medium as a first step and see if that frees up enough Video RAM for you. Track Detail: Medium and a lower Texture Detail setting would be the next steps. Known Issues: - There is some flickering and clipping present due to the size of the track. We tried to minimize the flickering, especially with the spectators on the grandstands when looking straight at them from your garage, but could not completely eliminate it. This is more pronounced in some cars (depending on how far away the near clipping plane is as far as we can tell) rather than others. - We had a single case of the pace car not deploying for a rolling start online but could not replicate it offline where it worked just as it should. If you encounter this please let us know. - The 370z is prone to rolling over when cutting the second curb (the one on the right) of the Ford chicanes, presumably due to the underside hitting the edge at a bad angle or the suspension travel being too short. We, much like the FIA probably would, advise not to cut the curb. If you notice this kind of behaviour with other cars as well, let us know. - On some systems the Zeppelin is showing through the trees. This is an issue with rF2 that should be fixed with the next build. Some screens:
  15. Dopo avervi segnalato gli ultimi circuiti storici aggiornati e le apps da non perdere per Assetto Corsa, oggi vi suggeriamo, sempre con l'aiuto di un video realizzato da Gamermuscle, i 6 circuiti moderni creati dai modders assolutamente da provare per il simulatore della Kunos Simulazioni. Qui di seguito, ecco quali sono quelli suggeriti da Gamermuscle, con il relativo link per scaricarli: Bridgehampton Race Circuit - download link Paul Ricard - download link Donington park - download link Road-america - download link Longford - download link Barbagallo - download link Infine aggiungerei personalmente il mitico ed imperdibile tracciato di Le Mans 24 Ore e la temibile Laguna Seca ! Per altri circuiti fate riferimento all'apposito forum dedicato.
  16. Uff

    Longford 1967 by Tiago Lima

    Version 1.0.1


    Fonte. Longford 1967 For Assetto corsa Converted by Tiago Lima -30 pit box -Hotlap working -sectors working -Cameras -Ai Ai and cameras by : @Flashcrow Conversion permited by the creator woochoo (Shannon Woolley) Testers: -woochoo - @Kristaps -flashcrow -modek -gamer muscle -Ricardo costa -Sergio vieira -daniel nogal -Michael Hornbuckle Downhill cameras fixed by @flascrow https://www.dropbox.com/s/1pweizpkyyzyipn/longford_cameras.zip
  17. Updated with kind permission of Feels3. Big thanks to Feels3 for this great track. Changelog : 02/07/2017 - V1.1 - Replaced Static flags with animated ones. - Add some crowd - Add some flash for the photographer - Various gdb - Fix the transparency tree - Fix some Shadows - Updated DX11 Link : https://www.mediafire.com/?ssegaaw57tyucsh This post has been promoted to an article
  18. Fonte. Here are two screenshots from the current track. Only a few corners have trees yet, so do not be dissapointed, when you load the track. The trees are at the hairpin area. I still have to figure out how to make the trees look better. All materials/shaders are placeholders, ill do the modeling first. So no normalmaps/specularmaps on everything. Have fun! DOWNLOAD v0.37
  19. Fonte. V0.5 Transfagarasan North. Hill Climb V0.5 http://www.mediafire.com/download/p29awbr3ax16ixr/tn_t-drdoomslab_v0.5.rar -Fixed missing road side gravel (Thanks to Nao for helping out finding the gravel holes) -Redone the timing to new Point to Point Timing. -There is now a new DownHill Point to Point, UpHill Point to Point, and UpHill race. - AI does not work properly. It needs to be redone. -DownHill Has no AI. If you wish to see your TV cam replay please copy AI in after you have saved replay. Do not use when Driving. -UpHill Has AI. It does not work very well. Ok For TV Cam. -UpHill Race Has AI. It does not work very well. Ok For TV Cam. This is the Old Timing and 16 starting grid on the start line. This is for Online Races. -Redone LOD's to improve performance -Tweaked material setting in KSEditor -Tweaked some textures -Tweaked grass -Redone some normal maps -Fixed lots more holes and gaps. Still lots to go -Road side Gravel redone -Added some road side tarmac -3D Grass is on Maximum track detail only. Screen shot from v0.4O Thanks to Benjamin Joel.

    Rivijera by Lemax

    Rivijera v0.8 for Assetto Corsa location: Somewhere on Earth, fantasy track type: Temporary Point-to-Point Sprint (A2B) 2 layouts: Rivijera length: 4.3km pit boxes: 5 Rivijera Downhill length: 7.0km pit boxes: 5 Originally made for rFactor1 download
  21. La produzione e la qualità dei mods per l'ultimo Automobilista targato Reiza inizia ad essere particolarmente interessante: vi segnaliamo oggi la disponibilità del nuovo Clio Cup 2013 v1.3, per simulare l'omonimo e combattuto monomarca della casa francese e l'imperdibile update 1.2 del Track Megapack, un pacchettone suddiviso in due files che installa in un colpo solo oltre 20 circuiti aggiuntivi fra i più importanti, come Monza, Silverstone, Nurburgring e Laguna Seca.
  22. Fonte. hello a long time a go , we made a spa track for rf1 : the track for rf1 was never released , but work fine on him. the architect who made the 2007 chicane give us in 2008 the cad datas of the track .we still have those datas .So we find one talented guy who remade the full work , from 0 , for rf2 so for resume : we made the spa 2007 track for rfactor2 , based on cad datas with real elevation , from scratch. First pic of this rework : cad datas imported on 3ds max : Questo messaggio
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