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Found 8 results

  1. Tramite il suo sito e i social Codemasters annuncia di aver acquisito la software house Slightly Mad Studios, casa produttrice di Project CARS e Project CARS 2. Tempo fa vi avevamo parlato di alcuni grossi progetti in gioco, ma nessuno si sarebbe mai aspettato di leggere un annuncio simile, con titoli come Project CARS, Project CARS 2 e un non ancora annunciato blockbuster che entrano a far parte del portfolio Codemasters. Nelle gerarchie delle sue compagnie non sembra essere cambiato molto: Frank Sagnier rimarrà CEO di Codemasters Group, del quale ora Slighly Mad Studios fa parte, e Ian Bell rimarrà CEO e Fondatore di SMS. Entrambi si dichiarano entusiasti di questa unione, con Sagnier convinto che questa mossa confermi la posizione di leader di Codemasters nel settore. Secondo il CEO di Codemasters questo è il momento perfetto per fare lo step in avanti successivo. Secondo Bell questa unione darà la possibilità ad entrambe le case di imparare l'una dall'altra, di condividere risorse e approfittare delle nuove tecnologie e delle nuove piattaforme Al momento non ci sono informazioni circa nuovi titoli in arrivo, ma non mancheremo di aggiornarvi appena avremo più notizie
  2. Con un tweet Slightly Mad Studios ci informa che è alla ricerca di un nuovo Video Director che sia capace di creare trailer di gioco sbalorditivi. Forse è in arrivo un nuovo capitolo di Project CARS? Tempo fa il CEO di Slightly Mad Studios tramite Twitter aveva parlato di un nuovo Project CARS, che a detta del CEO sarà una rivoluzione Solo il tempo ci dirà cosa bolle in pentola in casa SMS

    Project CARS test a Brands Hatch

    A 40 chilometri da Londra, sorge il celebre circuito automobilistico di Brands Hatch: nato come campo d'addestramento militare, questo spettacolare tracciato immerso nel verde è stato per oltre un ventennio nel calendario del campionato del mondo di Formula Uno (dal 1964 al 1986). Qui per esempio il mitico Nigel Mansell conquistò la sua prima vittoria in F1. La vicinanza con la capitale inglese e le spettacolari variazioni di pendenza di Brands Hatch hanno certamente convinto il team Slightly Mad Studios a scegliere proprio questa location per la presentazione del suo attesissimo Project CARS. Leggi l'intero articolo e commenta a questo link del forum dedicato.
  4. Questa news su VirtualR ci riporta alcuni dettagli interessanti sul funzionamento del modello delle gomme in pCARS.
  5. Uff

    Build 154

    Build 154 (17/2/12, Team Member +) MUST START A NEW PROFILE WITH THIS BUILD Changed Fanatec wheel default from 270 degree range to 900 degree range. This would be a problem if the player did not calibrate the wheel before driving Removed memtrace calls from System Pool header expansion due to deadlock issue until they can be sorted properly Fixed force effect thread crashes by implementing deferred creation/deletion of forces Removed loading code for obsolete tracksglobal pakfile Increased fidelity of replays for player and AI vehicles Aries: Fixed memory leaks in Timings::ExportBestLiveLapData due to incorrect mempool overries Ambient shadow height editing with F1 menu and reduced default to 5cm (from 25cm) to stop overlapping with bodywork Camera / replay updates: Physics tick and pause uses the same sync timer Update camera using new metrics from physics Physics sync timer uses app timer exclusively Deprecated SetPhysicsClock no longer required Detachable components and attached wheels are now regularly updated for AI vehicles Detachable components are updated only once per simulation step. Disabled automatic switch to "photomode" when pressing P - this stops the game pad right trigger from causing the camera to shoot into the ground if you hit P to pause the game Increased number of op user channels from 12 to 13 to avoid crash occuring when changing window focus with certain wheels and recently added deferred effects deletion code Corrected custom livery number for F68 Belgian Forest and Bathurst WDF edited and new textures added Formula A: quick fix for offset sidepod collision mesh. New livery for GUMPERTS Increased far clipping dist for all cameras Removed some understeer from the Kart. Increased front grip New Caterham export New California Raceway export Build 153 (16/2/12, Senior Manager) Removed all statics from HDR control, these were causing interference between the rear view mirror and the main scene. Hud now copies HDR params from main scene and from environment manager (otherwise mirror dims twice when in cockpit view). This stops the screen changing brightness if you turn the mirror on and off Fix for uninitialised var in HDR setup Fix for brake light glows Aries: Added placeholder files for ghost sources AI metrics updates: Added sub-tick metrics for AI vehicles to match the higher updated metrics for the player Adjustments to timestamping so subticks are marked appropriately Correct component index is now reported to cockpit render on wheel detach/repair Added some extra functionality for text merging to aid localisation process, for clearing out strings that change and writing out translations that have missing languages Updated RCF files to contain custom wheels as well Added physics tweakers for processing of vehicle contacts Fixed audio compression settings so that the FormulaB and Leonus don't use excessive disk space Increased smoke generation thresholds to make tyre smoke less likely. New skydome crossfade shader Tweak to exterior 3d pan levels Added classic belts and LODs & material WIP new skydome rendering .. allows cross fading Build 152 (15/2/12, Senior Manager) Increased thresholds before skid sounds start Revised FFB dead zone helper Updated max steering lock scalar to 4.0 FFB deadzone work FFB reduced over-aggressive bumps, causing problems in the kart Racer: Adjusted roof cam to show driver's helmet by default Ariel Atom Mugen: AO finished. Ultra detail now using INTERIOR_LODX model Formula A: merged in UV mapped body parts, lots of fixes, meshes cloned New textures and improve existing - Belgian Forest Added custom liveries for all cars Custom wheel textures added New Belgian Forest export New Formula A export New Ariel Atom Mugen export Build 151 (14/2/12, Manager+) Updated the game stat handling to automatically replace any personal bests stored locally in the profile by times received from the server when browsing leaderboards or when loading into a track. Also delete locally stored personal best if a personal best stat query returns nothing TM F430/RGT FFB config updated. Users of these wheels are required to delete their player profile <default.sav> Better graphics defaults. Increase the max clamp of the steering lock scalar created from the steering ratio to allow ratios greater than the natural steering wheel lock. Moved VM_STEER_RATIO enum to correct place FFB update: deadzone work, also a tweak to road noise with clamp Gumpert Apollo 3PV steering head fix Slightly improved Belgian Forest cameras Initial Kart driver setup Adjusted roof camera of Kart Increased the brake pressure +15%. Caterham 500 Upped AI fuel load estimates by 10-15% so they won't run out of fuel in a 3 lap or less race Locked chase cam behind car Turn off cockpit pertubation scaling Fixed drain Belgian Forest texture Build 150 (13/2/12, Senior Manager) Multi-turn wheels now default to maximum lock instead of 360 degrees. Old sprites removed and lower in memory now, SMS/WMD logos moved to login sprite container, Audio page updated, Video page temporarily fixed (still needs swapping to panel layout), steering lock tidied on Controls screen, Max Steering Ratio added on Setup screen (needs Geds Applink), Fast/Slow labels added on Setup screen, re-arrangement of logos on splash/login Added MaxSteeringRatio app link Hidden the max steering ratio value Gumpert Apollo 1pass animation set + fixed wrong car name in .CD Gumpert Apollo 3PV steering head fix This post has been promoted to an article
  6. Come si poteva intuire dal fatto che certe vetture fossero chiamate con il loro vero nome, gli SMS hanno rivelato le prime auto di cui hanno acquisito licenza ufficiale. Di seguito l'annuncio. GUMPERT apollo s You should have all noticed this car by now - it was our first signing and what a car it is (one of my personal faves). A full-on race-bred, mid-engined, RWD car, the design of the car is so optimised that GUMPERT claim it could drive upside-down in a tunnel if driven at sufficiently high speeds. Ariel Atom A completely bonkers British-made sports car, the Atom is truly a vehicle for the track. With the chassis laid bare, minimal bodywork and weighing less than half a tonne, it's got a brutal power-weight ratio which makes it a great addition to the game. Ariel Atom Mugen Limited to a mere 10 models, the Atom Mugen is made in collaboration with the Japanese tuner Mugen and features a Mugen-tuned 270bhp engine from a Civic Type-R as well as a custom livery and badging. Ariel Atom V8 From mental to insane - that just about sums up the Atom V8. Limited to a run of 25 cars and with a V8 powering it, the car features a full sequential gearbox and a power to weight ratio of more than 900bhp/tonne! Palmer Jaguar JP-LM Just about the closest thing you can get to driving an actual Le Mans prototype, the Palmer Jaguar JP-LM is a mid-engined sports prototype car available to drive on the Palmersport days.
  7. E' ufficialmente iniziata l'avventura di C.A.R.S., titolo che (come sappiamo) verrà sviluppato dagli Slightly Mad Studios sfruttando gli investimenti e le richieste della community. Direttamente sul sito ufficiale è possibile acquistare uno dei cinque pacchetti proposti per poter così scaricare la primissima build del gioco, contenente 8 vetture fittizie (riconducibili ad auto reali, quali l'Audi R18 TDI, la Lotus 48, l'Audi A4 DTM, le Radicals e un'ulteriore monoposto) e due piste. Proprio queste ultime riservano una piacevole sorpresa: dietro al tracciato indicato come "Bologna" troviamo infatti la nostra Imola riprodotta nell'attuale layout, mentre la seconda pista altri non è se non Watkins Glen. Ad aiutare il team nel testing del gioco ci sarà poi Ben Collins, conosciuto dai più come The Stig della nota trasmissione televisiva TopGear. I primi screen e commenti fanno ben sperare, non resta che augurarsi che nei prossimi 18 mesi si arrivi finalmente al titolo che tutti noi abbiamo sempre sognato. Planned Features - FRANCHISE MODE allows you to carve out a personalized career starting in the Karting world and then progressing on to whichever motorsport specialization you prefer including Rally, Touring Cars, Open-Wheel, GT, Le Mans, and many more! - Play CO-OP with a friend as Driver/Co-Driver - FULL TEAM MANAGEMENT… Have a large number of friends? Create, manage, and compete together! - Experience the excitement of PIT STOPS like you’ve never seen before! - Revolutionary PIT-2-CAR RADIO gives you the strategic advantage - DYNAMIC Time Of Day & Localized Weather make every race unique and challenging - 10+ GAME MODES covering every form of motorsport - CLOUD-BASED SOCIAL NETWORK allows you to connect with friends, compare times & scores, compete and challenge each other, and share content - USER-GENERATED CONTENT – Create your own liveries, decals, tuning setups, and even events! Then share them with the world – either for free, in-game credits or even real money! - PUSHING TO THE LIMITS – Advanced physics, lighting, and AI This post has been promoted to an article
  8. E' online il portale di riferimento del progetto: http://www.wmdportal.com/ Al momento è soltanto un test per controllare che tutto funzioni a dovere, ma quello rimane comunque il link di riferimento.
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