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Found 6 results

  1. Il modding team Race Sim Studio ha rilasciato per Assetto Corsa la sua nuova monoposto Formula RSS4 in versione 2.0, ovvero una Formula 4 con motore Abarth da 160 cavalli. Per scaricare il mod è necessaria una donazione minima di Euro 1,99 che potete effettuare tramite lo shop online. Our Formula RSS 4 car has been updated to version 2.0, featuring several improvements. An e-mail with the download link will be sent to all the customers of the Formula RSS 4 and Formula Pack 2. If you don’t own the car yet, you can buy it here. Thank you for your support and have a good weekend! FORMULA RSS 4 V2.0 CHANGELOG 08/02/2019 3D: • UV Mapping fixed rear wing lower beam, • Updated car shadows • Optimised the car chassis main LOD / cleaned and reduced geometry by 2k triangles • New steering column created and applied to the main steering wheel frame, bugged geometry from a past XFORM settings, • New seat belts added and applied to Cockpit_LR & LOD_B • New tyre textures created and more blur applied along with new shader settings • New steering wheel TX gears added as requested, much improved the resoution • New previews pictures • Display textures saved again to remove the known .dds bugs we sometimes see in textures, • New driver animations, much improved over the previous ones, also shift paddle anims updated • A general overhaul of textures and settings in the LOD_A and lower • Exported the main car at animation frame 10, to give a better visual appearence in the showroom, car is lower to the ground like ingame Sounds: • Overall volume balancing • Added new effects samples (tyres, bodywork) • Reduced turbo effects Other: • Minor updates to car naming, with short name provided
  2. Il team Race Sim Studio ha appena rilasciato per Assetto Corsa la nuova e spettacolare monoposto Formula RSS 2000 V10, vettura che riporta alla ribalta le mitiche Formula 1 V10 del passato! Commenti e discussioni sul forum. We are happy to announce that our new brand Formula RSS 2000 V10 car for Assetto Corsa is finally available! This car is our best effort to represent the old V10 generation of Formula cars that many of us loved so much; with over 800 hp, limited tyre grip and no traction control, making driving skills shine more than ever. You can buy the car here. (Car templates will be available soon).
  3. Il team Racesim Studio torna ad aggiornarci finalmente sullo sviluppo dei propri straordinari mods: per quanto riguarda Assetto Corsa, dopo il grande successo della Formula 1 2017 Hybrid, viene annunciata la nuova versione F1 2018 Hybrid, equipaggiata naturalmente con il controverso Halo, come vedete dalle immagini. Hi all! Following on from the very popular Formula Hybrid 2017, Race Sim Studio is is happy to announce the Formula Hybrid 2018. This is an entirely new vehicle design detailed with the advancements of the top-tier Formula cars in mind while being original to the Race Sim Studio team. The 2018 car will feature three sound packages, an updated car model, revised physics and the new halo feature prominent in the 2018 Formula season. With the first race of the season just around the corner, it won’t be long until you get to enjoy the new car! Prosegue intanto lo sviluppo dello spettacolare RSS GT1 Championship, il mod liberamente ispirato al glorioso GTR2, come vedete dagli ultimi screens di anteprima, manca ormai pochissimo al rilascio delle nuove vetture: We are also working very hard in order to release as soon as possible the last GT cars of the pack; below you can check the current status of the cars. The first one to come out will be the Lanzo v12, which will be available in a few days! Infine una bellissima notizia per gli appassionati di rFactor 2, perchè RaceSim Studio è già al lavoro per portare proprio il GT1 Championship mod anche sul simulatore targato Studio 397! Gli ultimi 4 screens di anteprima sono relativi proprio a questa versione. For the first time ever, Race Sim Studio will be bringing its cars to rFactor 2! This is a long-awaited entry to one of sim racing’s favourite titles allowing for more ways to bring our work to the community. rFactor 2 is one of the most competent and rewarding sim experiences, so it was only natural for us to make this move. You can see some of our work-in-progress below.
  4. A pochi giorni dalle versioni aggiornate delle moderne Formula Hybrid e Formula RSS2, il team RaceSim Studio rilascia per Assetto Corsa la sua nuova Formula 79, monoposto storica di fantasia chiaramente ispirata alla mitica Lotus 79. Per l'acquisto e download della vettura correte sullo shop RSS, mentre per commenti e discussioni utilizzate questo topic del forum. Hello! Today we are glad to announce that our third creation, the Formula 79, available to purchase on next Friday 28th. What should you expect from this car? -Full working ground effects! -An amazing V8 engine that outputs as much as 475 horsepower -Huge rear tyres! -And most importantly, a lot of fun powersliding the car out of the corners!
  5. Dopo il successo ottenuto con la Formula 1 Hybrid 2017, il team Race Sim Studio annuncia lo sviluppo della nuova monoposto Formula RSS 2, ovvero una GP2, recentemente rinominata dalla FIA come Formula 2. Today we are pleased to announce our next project, the Formula RSS 2 ! This is a special car, since some of us, Scott (chargingcar), Ali (NeverKrash) and I (David) started modding together for Assetto Corsa back in 2014, making a GP2 car for the old Formula Corsa team. Now we want to recreate this car but making it from scratch, with the best quality possible in every area (modelling, sounds, physics) to give you the best experience possible. Below you can find some WIP screens and the basic car specs. Formula RSS 2 Overall weight: 690 kg Wheelbase: 3120 mm Engine: V8- 4L naturally aspirated, peak power 610 hp, peak torque 500 Nm Wheels: 13″ x 12″ front, 13″ x 13.7″ rear
  6. Il team RaceSim Studio ha rilasciato per Assetto Corsa la nuova Formula Hybrid 2017. Si tratta di una Formula 1 di fantasia con tutte le caratteristiche della stagione 2017, a cominciare dalle gomme più larghe e dai tipici alettoni ed appendici aerodinamiche derivati dai nuovi regolamenti. Il team ha rilasciato anche il template, quindi a breve non mancheranno le skins grafiche delle F1 in pista a Barcellona in questi giorni. Potete acquistare la vettura per Euro 3,99 direttamente dallo shop, mentre per commenti e discussioni fate riferimento al topic dedicato sul forum. We are pleased to announce that our Formula Hybrid mod for Assetto Corsa is already available in our shop! Go to the “Shop” page to purchase the car mod. Thank you for your patience and have fun! Formula Hybrid 2017 by Race Sim Studio -Two different high quality models, a standard version and an upgraded one with a shark fin. -Two different highly detailed sound packages. -Basic car setup guide. -Tyre texture pack (1k & 2k) with different colors. Links for car templates: Mega Mediafire
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