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Found 17 results

  1. La Fanatec ha appena presentato un nuovo volante: il ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2 è praticamente la versione aggiornata e migliorata del buon vecchio volante Formula della casa tedesca. La particolarità di questo modello è quella di essere compatibile anche con la console XBox One. Il prezzo è di 349.95€. Per ulteriori dettagli e acquisto fate riferimento al sito ufficiale Fanatec. This is what your asked for! This is our first ever formula-style Xbox One-compatible steering wheel. Attach this wheel to any of our current wheel bases and you’ll enable full Fanatec ecosystem compatibility for the Xbox One family (including Windows 10 PCs)! Fanatec® today revealed a new generation of ClubSport technology: The ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2. The product incorporates many feature and design improvements over its predecessor, including Xbox One™/Windows 10 compatibility, and a fully metal and carbon fibre construction. Officially licensed for Xbox One™ and Windows 10. For the first time, Fanatec is offering a Formula-type steering wheel with full Xbox One™/Windows 10 compatibility. Attaching this product to a suitable Fanatec base—for example the CSL Elite Wheel Base, ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5, or a Podium Series Wheel Base—will enable full compatibility with the Fanatec ecosystem on the Xbox One™, including the use of Fanatec pedals, shifters, and handbrake. Fanatec innovation at your fingertips. Take control of the ultimate racing machines using the most feature-packed steering wheel Fanatec has ever developed. Multi-position switches, rocker switches, 11 buttons, and rotary thumb encoders are ergonomically positioned for making fast, intuitive adjustments to your vehicle while you drive. New multi-colour RevLEDs and multi-colour FlagLEDs display important information such as engine RPM, optimal shift point, tyre wear, fuel level, or incoming radio*. Upgradeable to Podium-spec magnetic paddle shifters and analog clutch. The standard paddle shifters of the ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2 can be easily exchanged for the Podium Advanced Paddle Module, which adds a dual clutch paddle system and two sets of magnetic paddles. The automotive grade PODIUM Advanced Paddle Module delivers the ultimate in performance and shifting realism. The ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2 is available for pre-order today for 349.95€. *Advanced RevLED and FlagLED features can be implemented by game developers through the Fanatec SDK.
  2. File Name: Formula DS (fastest, extremest AC car, experimental) File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini File Submitted: 03 Jul 2011 File Category: Open Wheelers Mods Author : Piereligio Here's my first car mod for Assetto Corsa (based on Formula Abarth). Ignore physics laws, reach a max of about 80G in turnings, over 100G in acceleration and over 150G in braking! Moved by a petrol+jet engine, the car has a dynamic aerodynamics (sorry for the pun) system, to keep the downforce constant at every speed. You can tweak a gain for the front wing load (positive or negative), that will also increase/decrease the downforce, but 0 value works well. Be careful. The car is stable until 4000km/h, and 4500 km/h when going straightaway (or on light turnings). The car has been tested on a DualShock3 only: I sadly don't own a steering wheel to test the car with, so a help, there, would be very appreciated. Click here to download this file
  3. Version 2.4


    Author : Piereligio Here's my first car mod for Assetto Corsa (based on Formula Abarth). Ignore physics laws, reach a max of about 80G in turnings, over 100G in acceleration and over 150G in braking! Moved by a petrol+jet engine, the car has a dynamic aerodynamics (sorry for the pun) system, to keep the downforce constant at every speed. You can tweak a gain for the front wing load (positive or negative), that will also increase/decrease the downforce, but 0 value works well. Be careful. The car is stable until 4000km/h, and 4500 km/h when going straightaway (or on light turnings). The car has been tested on a DualShock3 only: I sadly don't own a steering wheel to test the car with, so a help, there, would be very appreciated.
  4. La novità più interessante annunciata dalla Fanatec alla fiera Gamescom di Colonia è la nuova modalità di vendita che verrà applicata ai nuovi prodotti di alta qualità prodotti dall'azienda tedesca: grazie allo sgancio rapido che sarà presente nei nuovi volanti, sarà possibile acquistare una base con un volante specifico (esempio F1) e poi in seguito acquistare altre tipologie di volante da applicare sulla stessa base. Fanatec ha infatti annunciato di essere al lavoro su diverse tipologie di volanti che riprodurranno le fattezze di volanti GT, Nascar, Rally e Drifting, potremo cosi usufruire di un volante diverso a seconda delle gare che decideremo di affrontare. La Fanatec, con la prossima linea di hardware dedicata, punta, oltre che sulla robustezza e sull'elevata qualità, anche sull'alta percentuale di personalizzazione (regolare l'angolo della leva del cambio, la distanza tra base e volante, la tensione della cinghia senza dover aprire la base, ecc...). La nuova linea Clubsport arriverà sul mercato tra novembre e dicembre e avrà un prezzo di 450 dollari più IVA. I vari volanti intercambiabili si aggireranno invece tra i 150 ed i 300 dollari a seconda del modello. Dopo aver annunciato una linea di volanti espressamente dedicati a Forza Motorsport 4, Fanatec sembra averci preso gusto e propone agli appassionati un ulteriore volante, questa volta espressamente pensato per F1 2011 (e le monoposto in generale). This post has been promoted to an article
  5. Introducing: IFM – International Formula Masters 2009 Questo messaggio è stato promosso ad articolo

    Fanatec ClubSport Porsche 918 RSR wheel

    Oggi la tedesca Fanatec possiamo davvero definirla "scatenata": tramite il blog ufficiale ha annunciano numerosi nuovi prodotti già disponibili, come ad esempio i volanti ClubSport steering wheel GT, ClubSport steering wheel Round 1, ClubSport steering wheel Flat 1, ma fra le tante novità si distingue certamente il volante ClubSport Steering Wheel Porsche 918 RSR, replica di quello originale montato sull'omonima vettura! The race version of the Porsche 918 supercar is the best what Porsche has to offer at the moment and a true masterpiece of Germaneering. We loved the breathtaking style of the car and the interior from the first moment and the steering wheel got our attention right away. The combination of elegant super car and minimalistic race car style is unmatched and there is no word to describe how great it feels in your hand. But form follows function so it also comes with the extremely helpful shift light indicators which are placed right in front of your eyes. By the use of expensive materials like carbon fibre and high-end PU foam and leather on the rim we were also able to reduce the weight significantly. This will result in much better performance.
  7. ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal Hub Rim Features 16 integrated buttons on top of the hub 4 button boxes with 3 buttons each FunkySwitch™ with 4-way direction pad, 2-way turning function and push button. Comes with a metal knob Small or big shifter paddles for different rim diameters. The big shifter paddles are fully adjustable in distance, width and angle Shifter paddle units can be taken off to save weight. LED display for Tuning or telemetry functions. It can be installed in two positions: Standing or flat USB port to charge a smartphone. No data An additional 5th button box unit can be attached (not included) Data port for future feature upgrades Formula Carbon Rim for ClubSport Wheel Base Features Replica of a steering wheel as used in formula cars. The compact diameter of 26 cm allows fast movements and reactions Durable construction fully made of metal Real carbon fiber front plate Grips made of genuine Italian made Alcantara®. This material is easy to clean and provides sensational grip 11 Buttons plus two paddle shifter buttons with ultra-reliable switches. Analog joystick to look around in the Cockpit or to map with any other axis 7-way FunkySwitch™ to change settings: Turn left; turn right; move left, right, up and down; push (active in Tuning menu and compatible with any PC game) LED bar to show motor RPM and optimal shifting point LED display to show telemetry functions. Works with several popular PC games like iRacing or pCARS Adjustable and detachable paddle shifters completely made of metal. Adjust angle, distance to rim and travel of the paddles Tuning functions with LED display to adjust settings independent from the game and during gameplay Saves up to 5 wheel set-ups Adjust force feedback strength during game play Adjust sensitivity independent from the game. Turning angle can be adjusted in the wheel from 90° to 900° ABS vibration in the wheel and on the (optional) ClubSport Pedals for all games Change the linearity in the steering axis to get the precision of a 900° wheel and the fast movement of a 270° wheel Add some artificial dead zone to avoid shaking on straights if needed Customize the force feedback sensations by changing the spring, force effects and dampening forces ClubSport Handbrake Features Realistic replic of a Handbrake used for drifting in race cars Full metal construction Lever can be mounted in horizontal or vertical position Flexible mounting options on three sides of the product Analog sensor Soft foam grip Can be used on gaming consoles

    Volante GT e Flat1 da Fanatec

    People are still screaming for more so here comes the FLAT1 wheel rim for the ClubSport Wheel. Just like the Round1 it is a small rim with just 270 mm but this one is covered with suede leather. We also added some more buttons and a tuning display. If you compare the last rims we announced you might get a clue what they all have in common. Available this summer for 349,95 Euro / USD (incl. tax / excl. tax) And we are not done yet...

    Fanatec ROUND 1 WHEEL RIM

    Dopo il modello Classic, il Carbon e l'Oval, la Fanatec annuncia oggi un nuovo volante per il suo ClubSport Wheel: il Round 1 Rim, questo il suo nome, è un volante tipicamente pensato per gli appassionati delle vetture GT, che sarà anch'esso disponibile da questa estate al prezzo di Euro 349,95. And here is the next one: Say hello to the ROUND 1 WHEEL RIM for your ClubSport wheel. A lot of people are waiting for small, round and light GT rim and here it is. Fine, smooth leather, plenty of buttons and a diameter of just 270 mm. Available this summer for 349,95 Euro / USD (incl. tax / excl. tax) Do you already see where we are going? ;-) We have still not shown you everything so what do you think will be next?

    Fanatec: Formula Carbon e Oval Rim

    Dopo il volante Classic, la Fanatec annuncia altre novità dedicate al suo ClubSport Wheel: agli appassionati di monoposto più esigenti è infatti dedicato il nuovissimo Formula Carbon Rim, ovvero il volante interamente in fibra di carbonio! Per i fans delle stockcar Nascar c'è invece l'Oval Rim. It seems that some of you expected a new rim with more buttons and less expensive so what about the new Formula rim with real CARBON fiber? The functionality is the same as in the Formula rim but the style is completely different. The 3D effect of the Carbon Fiber makes it looks different from every angle. This is pure racing style. It also comes with exchangeable grips and we plan to offer different colour and material options in future. Available very soon at a price of USD 249,95 (excl. tax) or € 249,95 (incl VAT). NEW OVAL RIM for your ClubSport Wheel. It is an authentic 1:1 replica of the original steering wheels and is covered with suede leather. The soft hub cover in the middle can be exchanged against a metal hub cover just like on the Classic rim but in black colour. The dish is deeper than the Classic but the diameter is the same with 350 mm. That is the same diameter as they have in the NASCAR race cars. And in order to keep the original design we added just one button. In fact it is an encoder button so you can map 7 functions to it. It will be available this summer at a price of 349,95 Eur / USD (excl.tax / incl. tax)

    Fanatec presenta un volante Classic

    Dopo aver soddisfatto gli appassionati di monoposto con il Formula Rim e i fans delle GT con il BMW GT2 Rim, la Fanatec ha deciso di rendere felici anche i nostalgici delle vetture storiche: sarà disponibile infatti la prossima estate per il già noto ClubSport Wheel il nuovo volante Classic Rim che, come si vede dalla foto, è chiaramente ispirato all'epoca d'oro dell'automobilismo. Il volante Classic sarà in vendita a 349,95 Euro. The CLASSIC rim features fine brown leather and polished aluminum and is the most stylish way to steer any classic car. No buttons disturb the nostalgic look so it is a perfect addition to your ClubSport Shifter. Of course it also features a metal quick release system like the other wheel rims. The diameter is 35 cm and it looks and feels just like a real steering wheel. The metal hub cover made of polished aluminum gives a nice and elegant touch to it. It sells for 349,95 USD (excl. tax) or 349,95 Euro (incl. VAT) and will be available for sale this summer.
  12. ADRIANF1esp

    Video confronto: Project CARS vs realt

    I video di confronto sono sempre i nostri preferiti, vi segnaliamo quindi il nuovo trailer pubblicato da AdrianF1, che ci mostra il paragone diretto fra la realtà della monoposto Formula Gulf e quella virtuale presente in Project CARS.
  13. Alessandro Pollini

    rFactor2: Super League Formula 2009

    Potete prelevare direttamente dalla nostra area files il nuovo Super League Formula 2009, mod convertito ottimamente per rFactor2 dalla versione originale creata dagli ISI su base rFactor. Il mod è compatibile con i circuiti di Monza 2011, Jerez e Malaysia.
  14. Lo screen risale a Luglio 2012, ma non ricordo fosse mai stato pubblicato. Dato che ora è stata rilasciata la Marussia con le indicazioni che il team è al lavoro su questa serie, apro il topic ad essa dedicato.
  15. Nome file: Formula Nippon 2006-2008 by rFactor Series Autore del file: Alessandro Pollini File inserito: 06 Jul 2011 Categoria del file: Open Wheel MODs Author : rFactor Series Fix list v1.01 -Bug Fix ****************************************** Credits Modelling: GUNBOY Modding Leader: Hikonyan@rFs Car Skin: GUNBOY,esso,Gin Shadow:Gin Texture: GUNBOY,jillnoy Helmet skin: esso,Keita,pink4,Yukazu,FBevo,ten-JPN-,LXX-06F,Minazuki Mizuki Assistant Modeller: Keita Physics: Tomono Mizugami Sounds: C3-R2,Hitm Photo Resource: Minazuki Mizuki Promotion Movie Director: Nullpo Adviser: Shinji Debugger: Rony Tomo,Kuroneko Tester: AchroM,BOBO BOZU,code2501,Delico,DoKuE,Doumei,genn,halk,Joe161K, John Clark,Lybius,Mona,NAO0413,nasoke,PQP,Reco,RENO,Sin,soramame, tajitaji,Tousetsu,t.umeda,YOSIO918,JuN_1967Fix list Clicca qui per scaricare il file
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