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  1. Visto che i circuiti per rF iniziano ad essere davvero tanti ho intenzione di raggrupparli, man mano che escono, in questo topic: More Track ... here - Track Update A1 Red Bull Ring 2010 Abu Dhabi F1 Circuit v1.16 By: NAD and forlorn&kamilo62 Abu Dhabi F1GP09 4.01 Adria 1.1 Adelaide Street Circuit 2011 Adelaide 1985-1995 v1.0 By: mike27466 and carrera4 Aintree 2.1 Albert Park Australia by WCP Algarve (Portimao) Anderstorp v1.1 (da GTR2) Assen 2001 Austin v0.6 beta Autodromo internazionale Siracusa 1.0 By: Massimo Grassa Autumn Ring by Madcowie Avus 1993 Bahrain v2.0 by CTDP Bahrain 2010
  2. BoNI

    Circuiti Extra

    A1 Ring -> http://www.mediafire.com/file/9rrgx6chhio3gep/A1Ring_RSR_v2.0.7z/file Adelaide1989 + Fix -> https://www.mediafire.com/file/zo88c12chyxf2mq/Adelaide_1989.rar/file ADM Raceway Moscow -> https://www.mediafire.com/file/7oj4p33evvt8iiq/ADM_Raceway_Moscow.rar/file Ahvenisto -> https://www.mediafire.com/file/aoo6a3tauxnr7rn/Ahvenisto_1.0.zip/file Autumn Ring -> https://www.mediafire.com/file/kojugz2z4rlt1oo/AutumnRing_v1.2_Full_Package.7z/file Barcelona 2010 -> https://www.mediafire.com/file/18o0u109f4j5g89/Barcelona2010v1.6.rar/file Ba
  3. Nome file: Mallory Park by Eximo Autore del file: Uff File inserito: 03 Jun 2014 Categoria del file: Track Forum. v0.5 2 Layouts now included Export now using AC editor - shaders still being tweaked and tested Recreated world nearest the track edges, run offs now a lot smoother Added Fast_Lane and Pit_Lane AI for both layouts - tracks can now be used quick race and race weekend modes Added more barriers / walls Added Marshall stands around the track Added more buildings Added collision mesh to pit lane garage Added flag pole at hairpin - no flag though Adj
  4. Version 1.1


    Forum. Hi all, I completed a new version of the Misano World Circuit track. It has the 2 layouts available in real life: Tracciato Lungo (4226 mts, MotoGP layout) and Tracciato Corto (4048 mts, most car races, testing etc.) The layout has been tuned to perfectly match size and direction of real life track. The "rubbered" darker zone of track is the real one of Misano: a desatureted and blurred aerial photo placed on the track - no stretching allowed Disclaimer: use of this track is allowed for personal use and for community racing provided that no one will ask money in any form (sale of
  5. Nome file: Misano World Circuit by foyol Autore del file: Uff File inserito: 02 Oct 2013 Categoria del file: Tracks Forum. Hi all, I completed a new version of the Misano World Circuit track. It has the 2 layouts available in real life: Tracciato Lungo (4226 mts, MotoGP layout) and Tracciato Corto (4048 mts, most car races, testing etc.) The layout has been tuned to perfectly match size and direction of real life track. The "rubbered" darker zone of track is the real one of Misano: a desatureted and blurred aerial photo placed on the track - no stretching allowed Disclaimer: use o
  6. Uff

    Longford 1967 by Tiago Lima

    Version 1.0.1


    Fonte. Longford 1967 For Assetto corsa Converted by Tiago Lima -30 pit box -Hotlap working -sectors working -Cameras -Ai Ai and cameras by : @Flashcrow Conversion permited by the creator woochoo (Shannon Woolley) Testers: -woochoo - @Kristaps -flashcrow -modek -gamer muscle -Ricardo costa -Sergio vieira -daniel nogal -Michael Hornbuckle Downhill cameras fixed by @flascrow https://www.dropbox.com/s/1pweizpkyyzyipn/longford_cameras.zip

    Nordschleife by Snoopy

    Version v1.1


    Original makers: *Com8* - modeling, texturing, scene Nor, G99 - former modeling, organisation 6e66o - textures Thorsten Rueter - Cam's Misan - AIW, Cam's Tobi - website, board Many thanks to the guys on this forum: Tmanning47- Conversion Stereo- Conversion fixes Qwaribo-brute force json editing Flashcrow-AI fastlane never_eat_yellow_snow1-overlay map The_Doctor and-trackside cameras Installation copy the entire folder called "nord_snoopy_0.5.0" to: X:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\

    Donington Park by BrunUK

    Version v1.03


    v1.03 Not a major update, just a few small changes... Fixed the pitlane issue so people running with penalties enabled won't be limited to 50kph Changed the sectors so they're distributed more evenly around the track. Can't remember where I got the locations for the original ones but think they may have been for the National circuit. Also made sure the objects for the splits (and start/finish line) are outside the track boundaries so it should no longer be possible to miss them. Added a background/horizon object and texture. Looks much better for it, although it probably needs tweaking cos
  9. Version v1.2


    SHELBY COBRA 427 COMPETITION Created by the_meco pankykapus Shelby Cobra 427 S/C is now officially in Assetto Corsa. The street car, s1 replica and Competition cars are still mods. 1.2 MOD Includes- Shelby Cobra 427 street car Shelby Cobra 427 Replica + Shelby Cobra 427 Competition :-D Updates Physics: -Added missing code in aero, drivetrain, engine, tyres, brakes, ai -Competition car is now more consistent with the official S/C version -Tyres updated as per latest AC updates -Vintage tyres only for Competition -Street tyres updated for Street and S1 -Performa
  10. Alessandro Pollini

    Blackwood RELOADED

    Version v0.8


    This Conversion is permited by Live For Speed Dev Team: http://www.lfs.net/ Live for Speed (LFS) is a racing simulator developed by a three person team comprising Scawen Roberts, Eric Bailey, and Victor van Vlaardingen. The main focus is to provide a realistic racing experience for the online multiplayer game and to allow single player races against AI cars. Users can set personal bests which can then be uploaded to LFSWorld in hotlap mode, and take driving lessons in 'training' mode. I release the BETA 0.8 in the UHD Version (some 4K textures) and the HD Version. Tell me what do you think
  11. Version 0.9.5


    Fonte. So i recived the ok by the original creator of the track Fuji International Speedway Special thanks to Katsuo For giving me the permition Original Creators Katsuo So here it is my conversion. Converted to Assetto Corsa By Tiago Lima Special thanks to : @Changincar to teach me everything i know @Modek by the help and support All my friends at Sim Racing Portugal that helped me with the testing v0.9.5 -Updated tarmac texture -new grass texture settings -tweked some objects shadows -tweaked shaders -tweked orizon
  12. Uff

    Prato by DarkShinryu

    Version 1.21


    Forum. v1.20 - Better ui preview image for prato long - 21 pit boxes - Added tracks lenght in the ui info - Ai for both tracks, new ai for short layout (provided by Stepy) - A bunch of new textures - Adjusted a few shaders settings that i missed last time - Fixed bumpy white lines - Corrected start spawn positions - Working traffic lights - Fixed some invisible walls - Removed windows on the pit wall
  13. Uff

    Interlagos by ACFL

    Version v0.5


    v0.5 - Fixed Grip track - Fixed Grip off the track - Fixed colors of objects on the track - Fixed brightness objects - Fix shadows v0.4 - Fixed texture road - Fixed Textures of the track (a facelift) there will be further changes in the coming updates. - Added AI file - Added Camera File - Adverse Deleted Objects https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzF3KXrvgEM

    FVR V8 Supercars 2014-2016

    Version 6.1


    Version 6.0 needs you to totally remove previous versions. If you fancy yourself as a skinner, please feel free to help us out on the 2013 skins and we can post the mod into the list. Version 6.0 has some all important physics tweaks and hopefully all cars are visible this time, Coulthard was missing. We are proud that this mod was built from the ground up at FVRFactor. 99% of the mod is scratch built, wretched thing the wipers and driver. We also have a User Interface on our website for the mod. The mod has multiple options in it to suit various configurations of how you want to drive. We
  15. Uff

    Nurburgring by mianiak

    Version 1.00


  16. 1,632 downloads

    Phillip Island Circuit By: Slider916/Cammel Converted from rFactor Australia’s premier permanent road course
  17. Version 2.01


    Forum. Version 2.0 (The 1.0 was released a year ago to run a private race). To update de track we have donde this work: - New AIW. - New textures - Shadows. - Reflections. - Lights to night races. - New Cams. - New billboards. - New Trees. - Corner-Workers. - New kerbs. - New "baguetes" - New objets (wall, crane, vehicles, public, etc...). DESCRIPTION
  18. Alessandro Pollini

    Truck Racing

    Version v1.1


    Author : tommy78 Changelog: - added collision modell (which is a bit lower then the top of the truck, so you can use any track where are too small the garages) - added undershadow (but i can't see different) - added norain zone - added heat FX effect - added driver model with helmet - added driver steer animation - changed light shader (from t1 to high luminance sun) - changed mirror shader (from t1 to no lighting tex1) - but again i can't see any different then in v0.9 Update: - Fixed mirror shader - Unlimited class use 8 speed gearbox now (you can choose 3 final ratio)
  19. Uff

    Las Vegas by iDTDoug

    Version 0.96


    Forum. Here is a PRE-RELEASE of Las Vegas. Version 0.92 Known Issues: Not all flag workers are functioning. AI racing line needs refining.
  20. Version v0.13


    Forum. Well, now the cat is out of the bag and since no one from our team is currently working on the track it makes no sense to keep these files private. Enjoy the current alpha for what it is and if you feel like updating/improving, please download and share the ModDev and Max files The simple goal of this release is to darken the textures and make the course usable for everyone while the "real" version is being developed. HUGE thanks to Kuato, Georg, Mario and the Targa Team for making the dev files available so this course can be further developed and brought up to rF2 standards.
  21. Uff

    Philip Island by R1CHO

    Version 0.42


    still needs work but enjoy
  22. Uff

    Longford 1967

    Version v0.99


    About the circuit: Longford began hosting motorcycle events in the early 1950s, and car races soon after, including two Australian Grand Prix. The lineup included touring cars, sports cars, and the Tasman Series featuring a number of the top F1 drivers and teams. The circuit was last used for the 1968 event. The public road circuit started amongst sheep paddocks, moved past the town's water tank, down a steep slope, passed under the brick arches of the railway viaduct, and onto King's Bridge over the South Esk River. The circuit approaches the town and turns in front of one of the local pu

    Nurburgring Nordschleife by Pleclair

    Version v1.65


    domande e commenti sul forum -> http://www.drivingitalia.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=63189&page=5#entry745155 Nordschleife Guide download link (Thanks to Hectari for providing this! Give this a try, it's an amazing in depth review of the track and how to race it) v1.65 03-06-2014 Hey guys, Well…. good news and bad news…. Good news is, I managed to finish up the long awaited update, and I’m currently almost finished uploading… will probably be done by the end of my post. A lot of things changed, you can find out all about it in the component description. I also reworked al
  24. Uff

    Calder Park LMS by R1CHO


    Calder Park LMS by R1CHO.
  25. Alessandro Pollini

    Super League Formula 2009 by johnconner

    Version 9.0b


    Forum. Update 5 lots of Icons. Correct RPM to 11,000. Reflection map. Changed aero balance. Fixed mirrors. Changed default setup. SFX tweak's. Drafting. Heat Haze. For Track click here ORIGINAL CREDITS: IMAGE SPACE INCORPORATED ------------------------ Dan Peal Gjon Camaj Jeremy Miller Joe Campana John Bayley Laurent Evenisse Luc Van Camp Michael Borda Michael Juliano Michael Zielinski Terence Groening 3D Artists ---------- Alexander Borro Andreas Neidhardt Eugene Faria 2D Artists ---------- Daniel Fredrich Daniel Senff Dennis Schmid Florian Gramsch Raül M
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