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Found 7 results

  1. Our big rFactor 2 DX11 beta release later today featuring VR, hope you guys enjoy it! Now here's a little preview to keep you going.
  2. Come era normale aspettarsi per una versione beta, la nuova release "DirectX 11" di rFactor 2 non si è presentata esente da difetti, bugs e problemini di vario genere. Studio 397 è però costantemente al lavoro per risolvere, in ordine di priorità, le varie questioni e pochi minuti fa ha pubblicato un piano di sviluppo per le prossime settimane, che vedranno il rilascio di costanti aggiornamenti, come già successo nelle ultime 48 ore. The Road Ahead: Open Beta Explained On Monday we released the first “open beta” and promised you regular updates in terms of code and content. In today’s blog we would like to explain this process in more detail to give you more insight into this process and our plans to get from this open beta to the first stable release. The implementation of the DX11 and VR engine obviously is a big project that touched many areas of the codebase and in terms of features we added everything we wanted to have in our first release. Once that was done, our focus shifted to performance and ensuring the code runs in a stable way on every system out there. At this point, no matter how many great testers you have, you discover that you can never test your code on all possible combinations of hardware and software. For that reason we decided to release an “open beta”. Regular Updates Our strategy in the upcoming weeks will be to release small updates often. Whenever we fix an issue, we’ll quickly test it internally and push a new build, so you can confirm that it is indeed fixed. This way we might end up pushing one or more builds every day. On our forum we will keep a changelog as we publish those builds. To make it easier to report issues, we have added a “Contact Support” button to the Launcher (top right of the main window) and, for performance related issues, we added a feature that allows you to collect performance data in a file that you can send along with your report. To enable the capture of performance data, please first press Ctrl+F to display the framerate information (which we’ve extended a bit). Then, as instructed on screen, press your Left-Shift+SPACE to start capturing data. After a little while, the capture will end and you get a file in your UserData\Log folder called PerfLog_DATETIME.txt which you can send to us along with your report. Then you can turn off the display by pressing Ctrl+F again. Content Updates In the mean time our content team is working hard on making more of the stock content available to you. Our plan here is to stick to roughly a weekly schedule for delivering updates. Those will be a bit bigger in size, and we will deliver them to both the stable DX9 build and the open beta simultaneously. Content updates will obviously also contain information about exactly what content gets updated. Beta Labels Explained If you’re currently running the open beta release, you are on “v1108-dx11-open-beta” and this is the label we will be regularly updating as we address more and more issues. If for some reason this build is not working for you at all, after reporting it, you can optionally switch to the “v1108-dx11-open-beta-last-stable” build, which will point to a older build. If that does not work, you can obviously choose to temporarily “opt-out” of the beta releases altogether and go back to the stable release until we release another update. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on our forum or on Discord.
  3. Il team Studio 397 ha appena rilasciato la prima versione aggiornata open beta del suo rFactor 2 ! Fra le principali novità di questa release troviamo il supporto grafico alle DirectX 11 ed il supporto tecnico alla Virtual Reality. Per tutti i dettagli, spiegazioni tecniche e commenti correte sul forum dedicato. Open Beta with DirectX 11 and Virtual Reality Support! We know it’s been an excruciating wait, even for us. We’ve been bursting with the type of anticipation you get when you’re waiting to give someone a really cool gift. The long road to DX11 and VR that started just a few months back has brought us to this day – with all of the expectations, promises, teasers and general community fervor encompassing this release. Now it’s finally here and ready for you to enjoy. This is the first important milestone in the continued development of rFactor 2. It is a huge update, focused on improving the visual fidelity and creating a foundation to work from. Importantly, this is an ‘open beta’, meaning we are still working on optimising and improving the fidelity of the engine – your feedback is always welcome. We have much more in the pipeline, and can’t wait to let you all get your hands on the new user interface, content and some pretty cool features. Thanks for staying with us on this journey! We’ll start these notes with a description on how to activate the open beta, how to configure VR if you want to use that, and then proceed with the release notes, some known issues and a glimpse at the road ahead. Switching to the DX11 “open beta” (and back) To try the DX11 open beta, you must first opt-into the DX11 branch – this means essentially you are downloading the DX11 version of rFactor 2 – don’t worry, though! You don’t have to download everything again, it will be a small download to switch between DX9 and DX11. So, here’s how you do it: Open Steam and on the right hand side right-click on “rFactor 2” to bring up the menu. Click on the “Betas” tab at the top. From the drop down list, locate and select the beta called “v1108-DX11-open-beta” Now at the bottom of your Steam window you will see the download starting. If you encounter any problems, make sure you validate your locally installed files. To do this, from your library in Steam, right-click on rFactor 2. Select “Properties”. Go to “Local Files” then click on “Verify Integrity”. The game will verify the files (this might take a moment). If you ever want to revert, follow the same procedure, but instead of selecting a beta version, select “NONE”, which will opt you out of any betas, straight back to the latest DX9 release. Your first steps in VR Setting up VR and Post Processing: Open the rFactor 2 Launcher. In the Launcher click on the settings icon wheel. Then click on the ‘Video Settings’ button. In the pop up config window check the box ‘VR’. Set your screen resolution to 1920×1080. Start by setting the Post Effect Level to “None” (see release notes below). Starting rFactor 2 in VR: Important: First open SteamVR manually before starting single player. (We have a known issue we are working on where you will not get FFB if SteamVR is not started first) Now just click on the single player icon in the Launcher and open rFactor 2. The menus and UI are all in the VR space, but you will need to use mouse and keyboard. There is a known issue with the replay cams, only one eye has an image. Release Notes We’ll start these release notes with a few hints on how to setup the DX11 graphics (regardless of VR): In the same config window where you set your ‘Video Settings’ you have a drop down for post effect levels. Post effects provide you with some exciting new graphical options that look great, but as with any graphics option, need to be balanced against a good framerate. Therefore, we recommend you start at a conservative level (none or low), and if you have a graphics card of the latest generation, try the higher ones (medium or high). The highest setting (ultra) gives the best quality effects, but will also require a really fast graphics card. Note that even the “None” setting gives a better graphical quality than the DX9 graphics we had before! An overview of the levels: None Low = Glare Effects Medium = Glare Effects and Depth of Field High = All Effects at High Quality Ultra = All Effects at Ultra Quality At this point we would also like to thank the people from YEBIS for providing a great library to work with. It has definitely contributed to the overall look of the end product. With the DX11 implementation we also introduced new features to improve many aspects of the final output:Improved MSAA rendering. Improved Clouds resolution and depth. Static AO; This is adding Occlusion to bottom of objects and cars. It does improve the overall depth in the environment. Dynamic AO. This is adding a subtle low-frequency Ambient Occlusion to the scene and cars, improving the “connection” between terrains and structures in the scene, and also balancing cockpits brightness. Shadows Normal renders shadows, taking into account the shadow receiver normal map. A new Tone mapper which improves both colors and histogram, a perfect companion for our dynamic weather/sky engine! New Car Ambient Shadow, now working for the entire 24h cycle. Fixed some “pixel” artifacts caused by invalid calculations in shaders. Dedicated dynamic exposure simulation for each main camera set. Realistic simulation of Depth Of Field, Lens Flare, Bloom and other Optical aberrations, with scalable options. Track Lights and Car Headlights now can use the realtime glare simulation and get rid of the old technology and custom shaders. New Shader for car Dashboards, Rev Meters and Motecs. Content updates as part of this initial build: The USF2000, Nissan GT500, Howston G4 and G6, Dallara DW12 and the Stock Cars have been updated with new shaders, better headlights and overall better textures. Atlanta Motorsports Park, Silverstone, NOLA Motorsports Park, Mores and Indianapolis Motor Speedway have all gotten texture updates, and we painted the curbs at Silverstone in the current colors too! Modding: There are new guidelines for content creators, please make sure you read them here Known Issues Plugins that render to the screen will not work any more. These plugins all depend on DX9, so their authors will need to update them. That said, we at S397 are working on improving the way such plugins render to the screen to make them integrate better with our new HUD, VR and each other. In general, for most plugins, there are known alternatives. Feel free to discuss these on our forum or on Discord. We’re glad to help! Content using LDR diffuse maps instead of correct albedo presets will work, but may have strange effects at some times of day and night, such as glowing surfaces. See: There is a known issue with losing FFB in VR. As a temporary workaround, first open SteamVR manually before starting single player. As stated above, we are still optimizing performance of DX11. As confident as we are that most of you will experience a nice boost when comparing the same settings in DX9 and DX11, we are aware that some of the new post effects, especially at higher settings, require a lot of memory on your graphics card. Future builds will bring improvements. Some users may experience black track surfaces/boxes around the car. Deleting files from Shaders and CBash folders (located in \Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\UserData\Log) and reloading into the sim and track should fix this. The Road Ahead This release version, as we have said, is an open beta. Development is ongoing, and we will quickly move to a full release over the next few months. We will regularly provide you with updates, both in terms of code and content. This release already comes with 5 updated cars and 5 updated tracks, and we have seen some third party modders come out with releases that are DX11 compatible as well. Expect us to do more releases in the upcoming weeks, each with new content, bug fixes and further improvements. Additionally, the full release will include updates in key areas, such as improving night driving, rain, new shaders for cars and a host of other additions. We know that strong graphics coupled with our best-in-class physics is only part of the package. We are working heavily on new content – both cars and tracks – and of course on providing you all with more functionality – including an innovative competition mechanic. We are really excited about our upcoming UI, which didn’t quite make it into this release, but will be released and improved as part of our series of frequent updates.
  4. Il team Studio 397, in attesa del rilascio della nuova versione di rFactor 2 prevista per oggi, che implementa la nuova grafica DirectX 11, ci presenta questo spettacolare trailer di anteprima ! Commenti sul forum dedicato. Our big rFactor 2 DX11 beta release later today featuring VR, hope you guys enjoy it! Now here's a little preview to keep you going.
  5. Il team Studio 397 ci mostra finalmente i primi screens in game del suo rFactor 2 spinto dal nuovo motore grafico in DirectX 11. Vi ricordiamo che la nuova release del software sarà disponibile dal 1 maggio. Come si nota dalle immagini di anteprima, il miglioramento estetico sarà più che notevole!
  6. Il team Studio 397 ha appena pubblicato un nuovo roadmap update per aggiornarci sullo sviluppo del suo rFactor 2. La principale fantastica notizia è che dal 1 maggio sarà disponibile la prima versione beta del software con il nuovo motore grafico spinto dalle DirectX 11. Come si nota dalle immagini di anteprima, il miglioramento estetico sarà più che notevole! Commenti sul forum. With about a week and a half left until May 1st, it’s time for our monthly update again. We’re sure everybody is looking forward to the new build, and we’re happy to announce that both the DX11 graphics engine and VR support will be released as promised. DX11 Over the last couple of months, we’ve revealed several development screenshots of the DirectX 11 engine to share with you our enthusiasm for the possibilities it brings. The new engine is not only the basis for our VR implementation, but it also enabled a new, improved HDR tone mapper and a bunch of post effects that greatly enhance the overall atmosphere of the simulation. We tried to strike a balance between using these effects to render the real-world imperfections of cameras while retaining the “first person view” you have when racing. At the same time we kept two very important goals in mind: we needed to ensure that, with the same graphics settings, the DX11 engine is at least as fast as the DX9 engine, and that existing content is still compatible with the new engine, so all the content out there can still be fully enjoyed. We are quite sure we succeeded in both, and we extensively tested the new graphics engine with our community of beta testers. That said, we want to make sure that everybody is able to run this new build without a hitch, which is why we are making the initial release available as an “open beta.” Starting May 1st, anybody can switch to this new build and try it out. It is fully multiplayer compatible with the DX9 build. If for some reason you run into any problems with the new build, you can easily revert to the previous engine with just one click. We didn’t just stop at updating the graphics engine, though. While we’re at it, we also updated some of our existing content to DX11, so you can expect the first of a series of Studio 397 updates as well. And you’ll be happy to know, these updates don’t just concern the graphics: in some cases we also made changes to and upgraded the physics. The new graphics engine really lets our content shine. It provides so much improvement that we have decided to postpone releasing any new shaders. To whet your appetite, take a look at these new screenshots showing off the new engine and some of the camera post effects in action: Virtual Reality If you have been following us on Facebook, you’ve already enjoyed some teaser shots of our VR implementation. We have since added some features such as support for our HUD, including virtual mirrors, as well as a way to browse the UI in VR mode. Mouse control is enabled for the UI, although we are definitely considering adding other options for controlling the VR interface. User Interface We know you are eagerly awaiting the new user interface, and we share your impatience. However, because we want to give you the full experience of the new UI and all its capabilities, we feel it is not quite ready for prime time just yet. Although that means we will ship the first open beta release with our existing UI, it will be upgraded to the new UI once that’s ready for release. As we announced last month, we are now able to easily push updates, and we will use this ability to quickly release updates to the open beta in the upcoming weeks. Our goal is to ensure that we have a stable release for everybody, allowing us to begin phasing out the DX9 build altogether after a few months. In the meantime, our concern is to ensure that everybody has a fully functioning and compatible version of rFactor 2 to race with. Content Work on the Radical continues. With most of the graphics in place, our focus has now shifted to the physics and the sounds for this car. It’s not ready to be unveiled yet, but we can tease you with one of the other new cars that we have started working on soon! Watch our social media. Modding The modding community just recently gained access to an early DX11 build, and we released some guidelines for artists to work with the new rendering engine. Expect to see updates of third party content coming soon. In general, the new engine requires modders to make only minor changes. One area we are still working on concerns “plugins” that render directly to the screen. These plugins will not work properly in the first open beta. We are actively looking at improving our implementation of this functionality overall.
  7. Lo Studio 397 ha rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento sullo stato dei lavori di rFactor 2 a Gennaio. Con piacere possiamo vedere per la prima volta "in azione" il nuovo engine DirectX 11, tanto atteso dalla community. I lavori stanno procedendo bene e si è cercato di rendere il più indolore possibile il passaggio da Dx9 a Dx11. Molti dei vecchi shader sono infatti stati convertiti con successo, pertanto non dovrebbero esserci grossi problemi di compatibilità con tutti i mod già rilasciati. Proseguono i lavori anche sul nuovo launcher, che permetterà di essere modificato molto più facilmente grazie alla sua base in HTML 5, e permetterà il supporto a campionati personalizzati ed altro ancora. Concludiamo con alcune immagini di anteprima dell'aggiornamento previsto per fine mese dell'apprezzata Nissan GT500 (rilasciata lo scorso Natale) e con tre screen inediti in 4K dell'atteso NOLA Motorsports Park. Correte sul forum per commenti e domande.
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