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Found 9 results

  1. disponibile! IER Car Pack #1 - USCC Mod -> http://www.drivingitalia.net/forum/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=7700 IER Modding Group IER Car Pack #1 Update Released! Featuring the Coyote and Dallara Corvette Daytona Prototypes along with the Oreca FLM09 LMPC car, the long awaited update to IER's first car pack is finally ready for public release. The update brings new features, bug fixes, and improvements to the cars. Further development of the tire model, aerodynamic properties, suspension geometry and kinematics, among a myriad of other adjustments bring both of the cars to new levels of accuracy. Utilizing more technical data and telemetry than ever before, the Oreca FLM09 race car is as accurate as it gets in public simulations. Telemetry between the sim and real life around Sebring International Raceway has been matched to the mph, while braking torque has been calculated to be as accurate as the simulator can handle, with the only limitation of accuracy being the user's pedal set. To move along with Assetto Corsa's progress, all cars now feature the V10 tire model, dynamic brake temperature, and in a first for AC, visual aerodynamic part adjustments. Users can now choose the Low-Downforce configuration of the Corvette DPs via the in-game aero setup menu. In-game performance has now been enhanced via texture and material optimizations of the two cars. In addition to the update, RaceDepartment forum user, NCIS, has graciously produced all of the liveries from the 2016 season for the Oreca FLM09. An update to the "Standard Definition" livery pack will be uploaded soon, along with the updated templates for the Corvettes. Thanks for your continued support, The IER Simulations Team

    AC: IER Car Pack #1 update v1.01

    Changelog v1.01 Bugfixes: - Corrected Coyote's blurred rims in showroom - Auto exposure settings improved - Dallara steering animation corrected - Various other fixes Changes: - Updated sounds from Fonsecker - Slightly different tire heating characteristics - "Black_Glass" shader modified to match other glass ambient and diffuse values. If your personally created livery uses a black windshield banner, copy the new version of the texture from one of the official liveries. - New flashing lights functionality added

    AC: USCC Car Pack update by IER

    2014 Corvette Daytona Prototypes by the IER Modding Group Changelog: 1.0 -3D completed for both the Dallara and Coyote chassis -Completely revamped physics based on data from engineers of the real car -Driver animations for both versions -Full LOD implementation for better frame rates -Feature list updated to current version of AC -New and improved sounds -New shaders -Various graphical improvements ______________________________________________________________________________ 2015 Oreca FLM09 LMPC by the IER Modding Group Changelog: 0.3 -Small 3D changes - with more to come once a new modeler is found -More accurate physics based off of better data - vastly different to the last release -Updated and improved sounds -Feature list updated to current version of AC -Livery compatibility - although not advised as neither the 3D model nor it's skinning layout is finalized -Verification of handling accuracy through tests done by a driver of the real car (so don't complain about the light steering, that's how it is the real thing)
  4. mclarenf1papa

    AC: TUDOR United SportsCar pack v0.2

    This is IER's first car pack for the TUSCC mod, it includes: 2014 Coyote Corvette Daytona Prototype by the IER Modding Group BETA V0.41 DELETE ALL PREVIOUS VERSION(S) OF THE MOD BEFORE INSTALLING A NEW VERSION. Creators: mclarenf1papa- physics, project manager, textures, skins Stereo- 3D modeling, textures, skins Rosicky10- skins Fonsecker- sounds Patrik Marek- driver animations Big shout out to @Stereo He's done a fantastic job with everything. Please feel free to report all bugs found, give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, opinions, and as always, feel free to donate (link on website) Current known issues: Interior is not complete.... Driver animations are not finished. Dallara model not ready for release. Changelog: 0.41 -better forcefeedback -fixed issues with blurred rims on the #90 and #99 0.4 -new static shadows -new sounds all around -updated physics -much improved 3D model and textures -added high detail model and lower detail model to improve performance 0.3 -new static shadows -new interior sounds -new physics (tires, suspension, aero, and more) -better optimized textures (more FPS, yay!) 0.2.2 -proper collisions -adjustable brake bias added -tire damping changed _____________________________________________________________________________ 2015 Oreca FLM09 LMPC by the IER Modding Group BETA V0.21 DELETE ALL PREVIOUS VERSION(S) OF THE MOD BEFORE INSTALLING A NEW VERSION. Creators: mclarenf1papa- physics, project manager, textures, skins Paule_NLC- 3D modeling, textures Fonsecker- sounds Patrik Marek- driver animations, LCD display Current known issues: -Model is not finished... -No LODs so performance may suffer -No finalized UV map on the body shell, therefore no liveries yet -Front wheels clip through fenders as the 3D model is not yet accurate in that area Changelog: 0.21 -better force feedback 0.2 -Fixed driver animations -Fixed suspension geometry Unique Features: -Physics made with data from multiple LMPC teams ______________________________________________________________________________ Note: -Feel free to make youtube videos reviewing/testing the car. But it is very important that if you do so, you put a link to the acusccmod.weebly.com or iermoddinggroup.weebly.com (preferably both) website in the description of your video (or in the actual video of course). -PLEASE REFRAIN FROM CONVERTING AND RELEASING OUR MODS TO OTHER GAMES WITHOUT OUR WRITTEN CONSENT - Download -
  5. Il team IER ha rilasciato per Assetto Corsa la nuova versione 0.3 della sua spettacolare Corvette Daytona Prototype 2014. Questa release ci offre numerose migliorie, alla fisica, al sonoro, effetti grafici e textures. E' importante cancellare la vecchia versione eventualmente presente prima di installare questa. v0.3 -new static shadows -new interior sounds -new physics (tires, suspension, aero, and more) -better optimized textures (more FPS, yay!)
  6. Il team IER ha aggiornato la prima vettura add-on mai rilasciata per Assetto Corsa. La loro Corvette Daytona Prototype raggiunge la versione 0.2.1 e risolve alcuni dei problemi riscontrati nella prima versione. Disponibile in due versioni (guida a sinistra e guida a destra), già da ora ha riscosso pareri più che positivi da parte di chi l'ha provata. Pur essendo ancora una beta e mancando diversi elementi, merita sicuramente di essere scaricata. Leggete tutti i dettagli di questo rilascio a questo link! Features: -Accurate physics and liveries -Different chassis versions (Dallara (left hand drive), Coyote (right hand drive), and Riley -Riley to come in future update) -Realistic sounds -SPEED -More speed -Downforce
  7. mclarenf1papa

    AC: 2014 Corvette Daytona Prototype !

    2014 Corvette Daytona Prototype by the IER Modding Group BETA V0.1 creators: mclarenf1papa- physics, project manager, textures, skins, sounds (edited them for release) Stereo- 3D work, textures, physics RedCart- skins Rosicky10- skins Fonsecker- sounds Big shout out to @Stereo He's done a fantastic job with everything. Please feel free to report all bugs found, give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, opinions, and as always, feel free to donate (link on website) Also feel free to make youtube videos/first looks on the car (no proper reviews please as it is still beta). But you MUST link to the acusccmod.weebly.com website in the description of your video (or in the actual vidoe of course). Current known issues: The model is equivalent to the 2nd LOD, the first one will be much smoother around the edges, and nicer to look at, so keep that in mind. And there isn't really an interior yet..... The AI are wonky. If @Aristotelis could give me an explanation of the .ini for the AI via PM that'd be awesome (I'd add it to the physics questions database as well) There are NO LODs at the moment, so the car will be much more taxing on your PC than any of Kunos'. We hope you enjoy the first originally created car for AC! Car (full download with skins - unzipped 720 MB, zipped 62 MB) TEMPLATES note: the body template should be saved as: body_unwrap.dds. The spec map is: body_maps.dds.

    AC: Corvette Daytona in video!

    Grazie alla video anteprima che potete ammirare qui sotto, realizzata dal team di Inside Simracing, possiamo gustarci in pista l'attesissima Corvette Daytona Prototype del United SportsCar Championship mod in fase di sviluppo per Assetto Corsa. ISRTV.com presents our Saturday test drive. This week we get to drive a mod that's being built in Assetto Corsa. It's the Corvette Daytona Prototype coming from the IER modding group. Darin and Jason take the Corvette out to Mugello for a little hot lap competition. Remember when watching, this is a work in progress and the mod still has some work to go to be complete. The guys are tied 1-1 in the hot lap competition coming into this test drive. Watch and see who comes out on top and how this new Corvette Daytona Prototype looks and handle in Assetto Corsa. Thanks to the IER modding group for giving us this opportunity to check out this very cool mod !
  9. mclarenf1papa

    AC: Daytona Prototype in pista!

    Come gli appassionati più attenti già sanno, i primi circuiti extra per Assetto Corsa sono già disponibili da qualche giorno, mentre i modders sono da tempo al lavoro su varie creazioni sia a ruote coperte che monoposto. A quanto pare però l'International Endurance Racing Modding Group si è portato parecchio avanti con lo sviluppo del suo United SportsCar Championship, infatti ci mostra già oggi un primo video di anteprima che vede la Daytona Prototype già in pista!
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