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Found 14 results


    American Truck Simulator by SCS Software

    dal 3 febbraio su Steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/270880 Se girare per tutta Europa col vostro camion vi ha emozionato, allora preparatevi il prossimo 3 febbraio per l'uscita del nuovo American Truck Simulator, simulatore della SCS Software dedicato ai camion ed al trasporto, ambientato questa volta negli Stati Uniti. Qui di seguito il trailer di lancio. Haul through the legendary roads! American Truck Simulator will take you on a journey throughout the vast landscapes full of breathtaking landmarks of North America. Drive iconic American trucks and become the King of the Road while building a large transportation company from scratch.

    American Truck Simulator update v1.33

    Dopo aver aggiornato il simulatore di camion europeo, SCS Software provvede ad aggiornare alla nuova versione 1.33 anche il suo American Truck Simulator, per chi preferisce girovagare con il proprio camion nelle americhe. Numerose sono le migliorie che accompagnano anche qualche novità, come spiegato qui di seguito. American Truck Simulator Update 1.33 We are happy to release American Truck Simulator Update 1.33 out of open beta! Thanks to everyone who helped us verify the stability of the new features. We kept testing the ATS update a bit longer to make sure that there were no surprises with the new detours feature, and fortunately it looks like the reactions to it are all positive. We'll keep tweaking the feature in upcoming updates, and of course we owe it also to players of Euro Truck Simulator 2 - once we create the relevant new graphics content depicting the blocked roads. CHANGELOG: Buyable turnpike double trailers (Nevada only) Detours Added OR-140 road (Oregon DLC required) Steam cloud based profiles Reusable truck and trailer configuration templates Physics improvements (suspension, damping, braking, cogs) Rain drops behavior on glass improved Music shuffling Country/ state name localization settings g_disable_beacons (0/1/2) - for people that have issue with blinking lights Various customization options
  3. A quanto pare la SCS Software non è andata in vacanza quest'estate, pur di soddisfare le richieste dei numerosi appassionati di simulazione di camion: è stata infatti rilasciata la versione 1.32 open beta di Euro Truck Simulator 2, oltre a presentare con un video il nuovo DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea. Allo stesso modo, è stata rilasciata la release 1.32 open beta anche per American Truck Simulator, presentando in questo caso con un altro trailer il DLC Oregon.

    ATS e ETS2 Update 1.31 disponibile!

    SCS Software ha rilasciato un doppio aggiornamento per i suoi ottimi American Truck Simulator ed Euro Truck Simulator 2. L'update porta i due titoli alla versione 1.31, con varie migliorie ed aggiornamenti, comodamente spiegati nel trailer qui di seguito. ATS and ETS2 Update 1.31 Out Now! We are happy to give you official new updates for both our flagship truck sims, at last. Testing of this update wave took us longer than we had hoped, both internal tests and the open beta revealed a lot of areas requiring our attention before we could call the update done. There's quite a lot of new content and functionality for both games there, and we have run into some unexpected problems when things refused to work together. Thumbs up to everyone who participated in the beta (for both of our games) and sent us his opinion and reported any issues. We would like to express our sincere thanks for all your help, bug reports, and general feedback, they were even more important and helpful than usual. After over a month full of testing, bug fixing, (and sometimes yelling and panicking), we're finally there. Update 1.31 is out for both of our games! You can find the long and dry list of changes and additions below, but for those of you preferring moving pictures to written words, here is a very nice overview of the major changes in the 1.31 update courtesy of Squirrel's YouTube channel:

    American Truck Simulator 1.28 Open Beta

    La SCS Software ha appena rilasciato la nuova versione 1.28 open beta del suo apprezzatissimo American Truck Simulator, simulatore di guida dedicato al mondo dei camion e dei trasporti ambientato negli Stati Uniti. You may wonder about the game version number suddenly jumping to 1.28, as at the moment it was sitting at ver. 1.6. We have decided to unify versioning of ETS2 and ATS to simplify communication about game updates both internally and externally. The version number used to denote that ETS2 has been through 27 major updates, while ATS has been through 6 big revisions since the respective game's release. But we realized that this is not a crucial piece of information. It is more relevant and more important to provide the information that the updates, even if they appear at slightly different times, are based off the same core functionality upgrade; that the progress is in sync on both games. That's why we decided to only continue the numbering scheme established originally with the older Euro Truck Simulator 2 game, and stick to it even with American Truck. This way it will be clearer if and when both games reach a particular development milestone.
  6. La SCS Software ha rilasciato oggi un doppio aggiornamento per tutti gli appassionati di simulazione di camion. Sono infatti disponibili l'update v1.6 per American Truck Simulator e la release v1.27 per Euro Truck Simulator 2. Le migliorie e novità per i due titoli, elencate in dettaglio qui sotto, sono di vario genere, compresa la fisica e dinamica dei veicoli. Game Updates Arrive Today! The wait for the final version of the 1.6 update for American Truck Simulator and 1.27 update for Euro Truck Simulator 2 is over! We want to thank all of you who contributed to our open beta test with bug reports, feedback, and suggestions. Updates for both games are available via Steam now. MAIN FEATURES [ETS2 only] Country Specific Police Cars AI This update brings a new element which synchronizes the game with ATS - cop cars in traffic. Police cars have a unique look for each country. [ATS only] Weigh station pass device The windshield-mounted box expands situational awareness for those who prefer to switch off all user interface elements for an immersive experience. It works the same way as the weigh station functionality which is a part of the on-screen Advisor "widget". Trailer Liftable Axles Differential Lock Adaptive transmission modes (power, normal, eco) Improved engine simulation model (friction, braking, consumption) MINOR CHANGES [ETS2 only] Volvo with Allison gearbox can shift up over 4 gears. Air pressure simulation improved (pressure buildup, cut-off sound, application pressure). Coin sound tweaked. FOV range increased to 40-120 degrees in adjuster. Engine brakes set to 3 positions (as most current trucks have). One-key-hold control will use full strength still. If engine brake toggle input is not assigned, increase/decrease engine brake inputs work similar to retarder (in range from 0 to maximum). Multiple fueling points on gas stations. g_force_economy_reset flag is disabled after economy reset. Transmission input shaft simulation (double clutch). MODDING INFO Single "overrides" (forced default) rule can be used instead of defaults-suitable rule pair across linked accessories. All pressure units set consistently to bars (data, animation, dashboard UI). Nominal air_tank_pressure value added to chassis data. Changed interior animations: all air, oil and brake pressure (gauges, indicators). New interior animation: trailer axle lift (indicator), differential lock (button, indicator). New engine data: resistance_torque (measured at 2000rpm). Coin sound made moddable in the same way as other sounds (through ogg file). To get the best advice about modding either game check our modding wiki. WORLD OF TRUCKS Connecting DLC's owned by the player to his World of Truck account to make the content available for all World of Trucks features.

    American Truck Simulator update 1.5

    ATS World Rescale is released in Update 1.5! We are happy to announce that our work on the rescale of American Truck Simulator world is finished! Looking back, we see thousands of hours that we have invested into this project over the last six months. Our efforts have produced a result which we’re very proud of; the reworked road network is much closer to reality. We've made another big step on our quest to show the United States as they really are, as they can be seen by truck drivers in real life. In recent months, we have kept you updated about the rescale project of the American Truck Simulator world from 1:35 to 1:20. The changes are quite extensive, with the different world scale comes also a longer day-night cycle and rebalancing of the economy, so the gaming experience is changing way more than would be expected through "mere patch" of an existing game. If you want a small refresher on the changes, we are linking the relevant blog topics below: The Rescale – basic pillars of the project and the reasons for its creation American Truck Simulator Rescale Screenshots – screenshots from rescale project American Truck Simulator Rescale Screenshots #2 – the second series of screenshots ATS World Rescale Open Beta – notes for open beta 1.5 update and main features Rescaled map main features: Scale 1:35 → 1:20 – 1,75x larger map Hundreds of miles of new longer roads A new city - Santa Maria Completely reworked city – Oxnard Reworked roadsystem topology: New Interstate I-580 and I-80 connections I-5 near LA topology corrected I-5 Redding topology corrected New stretch of CA-101 [*]Correct interstate junctions - no more same level crossing, freeways exiting on itself, etc [*]28 reworked or new junctions - most notably - Reno, San Francisco, San Diego, L.A. [*]6 new custom rest areas – truckstops [*]More accurate height profiles - new steeper climbs and descends [*]Famous recognizable landscape landmarks: Donner pass, Grapevine, Kumeyaay highway, Picachio peak, Humphreys peak, Cajon pass ATS 1.5 patchnotes Main features Map rebuilt in 1:20 scale Upgrade Shop and Truck Browser Search Tool New chassis options (6x2 & 6x2 Midlift) Game Adjustable interior FOV per truck Weigh station UI behavior made more real Truck repair/refuel performed by hired driver cost money, included in logs Added informational dialog showing when game detects upgrade or downgrade Added pounds + short tonnes as weight unit option Add possibility to buy driver and co-driver plate in truck dealer Online job offer: Replaced refresh button with browse jobs Better trailer air pressure simulation Low air warning should only be active with running engine Parking brake mechanical safeguard on low air added Revised rolling resistance computations Hired driver use same math for eco skill as player Added selector modes to shift layout, correct detection of split shifts (advanced mode) Adaptive shifting logic improved Mod manager: Added link to load game screen in case game crashed and user has at least one mod activated Mod manager: Added possibility of setting profile by name and by user profile pointer Mod manager: Added dlc dependency list to mod manifest Prevent to AI trucks disappearing in players view Tweaked traffic spawn frequencies MOD Changed map parameters (climate_profile, map_data) Moddable interior camera zoom parameters. (speed, factor) 1 degree rotation on Ctrl + R, 90 degree rotation on Home Merged editable sign and sign dialog Refresh sign template and its model from content browser Added letter-spacing to sign editor Store content browser navigation history Support for day/nigh effect switching and child hookups for lod_model_hookup_u Undo of veg sphere manipulation
  8. The Day of the Updates We are happy to announce that the final version of the 1.4 update for American Truck Simulator and 1.25 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 are now available via Steam. Big thanks to all of you who have contributed with your feedback and bug reports during the Open Beta period! Let's recap the key features included with these updates: [ETS2 only] Completely revamped DAF XF - we've reworked the old model and improved the it in many areas, increased the detail of textures, and remodeled quite a few of the parts. Trailer selection - When you pick up a new job the game will now give you a chance to change the trailer look (or the trailer itself) if it finds that there are alternate trailer styles or textures available for the given cargo. Even better, it works with modded trailers as well. Custom steering wheel position -You'll be allowed to adjust the tilt of the steering wheel column or telescope it so you can create your perfect driving position. Here's a log of the additional fixes and improvements that went into this update: CODE Cruise control is not disabled by the throttle anymore. Interior camera zoom - You can bind the key for zoom in Options → Key and buttons → Camera controls → Zoom interior camera. Option to set preferred job length generation in options. Option to set split shifting input. More unit display options (volume, consumption). DATA Steering wheels are now a separate model with a default and exclusive version for each truck Steering knobs - six different steering knobs in each game; you are able to install them at four possible locations on a steering wheel. [ATS only] Customizable cabin lights and horns on all trucks. Low air warning sound added. MODDING Separated map_data.sii from game_data.sii Look_presets_defaults[] in interior camera Change trailer looks to paint jobs. Please also check out our modding wiki to get the best advice for modding either game.

    American Truck Simulator in video

    Se girare per tutta Europa col vostro camion vi ha emozionato, allora preparatevi il prossimo 3 febbraio per l'uscita del nuovo American Truck Simulator, simulatore della SCS Software dedicato ai camion ed al trasporto, ambientato questa volta negli Stati Uniti. Qui di seguito il trailer di lancio. Haul through the legendary roads! American Truck Simulator will take you on a journey throughout the vast landscapes full of breathtaking landmarks of North America. Drive iconic American trucks and become the King of the Road while building a large transportation company from scratch.

    American Truck Simulator in screens

    La SCS Software sta lavorando in questo periodo su due fronti: da un lato è in fase di testing la nuova patch ufficiale per aggiornare Euro Truck Simulator 2 alla versione 1.20, un'altra parte del team di sviluppo sta invece lavorando al nuovo American Truck Simulator, che porterà i nostri amati camion in USA. Gli screenshots che vedete qui sotto ci mostrano appunto i tipici paesaggi americani.
  11. Con il trailer che potete ammirare qui sotto, la SCS Software ha presentato alla Gamescom di Colonia il suo nuovo American Truck Simulator, simulatore di guida dedicato al mondo dei camion e dei trasporti, ambientato questa volta negli Stati Uniti. Experience the most legendary American trucks and deliver various cargoes across the United States. American Truck Simulator takes you on a journey through the breathtaking landscapes and widely recognized landmarks around the States. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ficMiV3AfuE
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