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Found 15 results

  1. Alessandro Pollini

    [rFactor2] - RMegane World Trophy MOD

    File Name: RMegane World Trophy MOD File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini File Submitted: 15 Jul 2011 File Category: Cover Wheel Mod Author : Juergen-BY This mod is a standalone version of the ISI_Renault_Megane_Trophy_2009-v144/145. All credits goes to ISI and many thanks to ISI for the permission! Last update for all. Further updates will be uploaded to the workshop only! Changelog: v2.1.0.30 - new engine with 542 BHP & 630 NM (+ Twin-Turbo), engine and weight specs taken from Renault Sport Megane RS01, gear box modified - some hdv parameter corrected - fixed an iss
  2. ACFL F1 2015 Mod v3.2 disponibile DOWNLOAD -> ACFL F1 2015 VERSION FINAL 3.2 released today - Correction pneus : pour que les serveurs puissent bloquer l'utilisation des pneus (soft / medium) (super soft / soft) etc... - Correction Numéro Pilote Sauber - Correction nom de la voiture de Maldonado pour installer le mod complet, pensez à supprimer les anciennes voitures dans votre dossier CARS App DRS!gUImGbSa!RFL1duOu9-ILUt8lO4kF-wI-pt3DAvIr-mY_8xuOsGs Pour ceux qui le désire, l’APP_DRS

    ACFL Formula 1 2015 v3.3
  4. Fonte Audi TT Sport Cup 2015 for Assetto Corsa Release Date : 31st of August, 2015 DOWNLOAD ======================================================================== Title : Audi TT Sport Cup 2015 Author : Tamas Pongracz (Tommy78) e-mail: Blog : Description : Add-On mod for Assetto Corsa ======================================================================== Version: 1.0 Mod : Scratch-made model by me (Tommy78) Features : Contains almost all curr

    AC: F1 2015 v3.2 by ACFL
  6. DOWNLOAD patch v1.1 del 6-7-2015 FC1 2015 Wantage FW37 v1.0a Please ensure to install the f1_2015 fonts provided within the download any questions regarding none working display will not be answered. We have provided 8192 DHD resolution textures within the download has an optional extra , please only install if high end graphics has they are very demanding . The download also consists of our templates please feel free to create your own artwork for the content , 2D & 3D templates provided in 4096 2D with UV , and 8192

    AC: Williams e Mercedes 2015 aggiornate

    Doppio aggiornamento F1 questa sera per gli appassionati di Assetto Corsa: per il simulatore made in Kunos il team Formula Corsa ha infatti rilasciato la nuova versione 1.2 della Mercedes e la versione 1.1 della Williams.
  8. Il team Formula Corsa ha rilasciato per Assetto Corsa un'altro dei suoi piccoli capolavori modding: questa volta si tratta della bellissima Williams FW37 di Formula 1 che in questa stagione porta i mitici colori Martini. Da non perdere.

    ACFL Formula 1 2015 v2.0

    Il team francese F1Ligue ha rilasciato come promesso per Assetto Corsa la nuova versione 2.0 del suo Formula 1 2015 Mod, progetto che ci permette di simulare l'attuale stagione del mondiale F1. Numerose le migliorie e novità apportate da questa release, compreso un nuovo volante con display 2015 ed attivazione del KERS, – SETUP default (wider setting panel) – CORRECTION OF VALUES BASE – CORRECTIONS AERO (Diffuser) – corrects oversteer the rear axle (light, the range between the low & high speed was too broad and posed problems during deceleration when entering low-speed curves) – WHEEL F1
  10. Alessandro Pollini

    [AC - APPS] FIA F1 2015 HUD

    File Name: FIA F1 2015 HUD File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini File Submitted: 05 May 2015 File Category: Miscellaneous F1 2015 HUD 2.1 version for Assetto Corsa To install, just paste the f12014hud folder in Assetto Corsa > apps > python folder. Click here to download this file
  11. Formula Corsa FF1 2015 Season FCM FF1 2015 Season 1.2 Released Special thanks and credits to all the AC Community , who was involved in creating this project and to, F1-S-R For full model support , Physics By David Dominguez Livery By the Community. Changelog V2. 18-April-2015 Formula Fantasy 1 2015 - V 1.2 Released for Assetto Corsa v1.1.5 and beyond. It's worth reading this to know what you have just downloaded. There's also a useful tip hidden somewhere below. Find it! Installation Installation of the FF1 mod: •Delete any previous installations of the fc_ff1_2015_season mod (if applica
  12. Proseguono i lavori di Tommy78 sull'Audi TT Cup 2015, mod attualmente in fase di lavorazione su Assetto Corsa da parte del bravo modder che già ci ha stupiti con il suo Seat Leon Euro Cup 2014 (AC e rF2). Qui di seguito potete vedere il modello 3D in una fase avanzata di lavorazione con la prima livrea applicata.
  13. Alessandro Pollini

    [AC] FCM FF1 2015 Season

    File Name: FCM FF1 2015 Season File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini File Submitted: 28 Sep 2014 File Category: Open Wheelers Mods Special thanks and credits to all the AC Community , who was involved in creating this project and to, F1-S-R For full model support , Physics By @David Dominguez Livery By the Community. And a massive thankyou to @NeverKrash for all the support over the last few weeks and projects, means a lot. Changelog V1.1 New cameras added, Textures tweeked on the tires, Physics updated v1.1 Optional install .exe for quicker downloads and faster installation.. Click he
  14. The 2015 Mustang GT is the newest addition to Ford’s iconic range of Mustang cars that started in 1964, having become a major automotive icon ever since. The car’s heritage is renewed with the all-new 2015 Mustang GT as Ford opens up a whole new chapter in the history of Mustang. Featuring a sleek, brand-new design, the car’s front end features the traditional and iconic Mustang grille, a power dome as well as LED headlight “gills”. The rear end follows the traditional hatchback design, including triple LED taillights, a body-colour diffuser and a set of twin tailpipes. The Mustang GT is pow
  15. Nuova licenza ufficiale annunciata questa sera dal team Slightly Mad Studios, in arrivo per il suo Project CARS: sarà disponibile il prossimo autunno infatti la nuovissima e cattivissima Ford Mustang GT del 2015, che potete ammirare in queste spettacolari foto di presentazione del veicolo. Project CARS players will be among the first to drive Ford’s brand new 2015 Mustang GT as the sixth-generation pony car is making its way into the WMD-powered racing title! Adding to the 11 Ford models in Project CARS, the V8-powered Mustang GT will give players the chance to experience the latest instal
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