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  1. And this is one of our next projects for rf2/AC!
  2. Alessandro Pollini

    Yas marina 2014 - Night & Day Versions


    Author : TTM Track is conversion/based on scratch made rFactor track by the league F1Pro (racedepartment) - Nad, Forlorn, Kamilo62 and Gucio 85. Thanks Nad for permission and Gucio85 for helping me to contact Nad. Track contains 22 pitboxes, working ai and many graphical changes. I also included my own Night pp filter to package. Optimal time of day for night version is 12:00. Next update will come in early 2015, but if there is any big bugs i try to fix them soon as possible. Remember that both tracks are still very early stage and track lacks groove, 3d grass, but i will implement them l

    RaceRfactor Monza 2014

    Version 1.0


    We present to you the RaceRfactor Monza 2014. In this circuit we have improved the graphical aspect, the realroad, the AI, furthermore the performance depending on the graphical details chosen in the game.
  4. Alessandro Pollini

    2014 Corvette Daytona Prototype

    Version 0.2.2


    Author : IER Modding Group 0.2.2 -proper collisions -adjustable brake bias added -tire damping changed Features: -Accurate physics and liveries -Different chassis versions (Dallara (left hand drive), Coyote (right hand drive), and Riley -Riley to come in future update) -Realistic sounds -SPEED -More speed -Downforce -a free soda (okay that one's a lie)
  5. Version v0.3.5


    "Formula Corsa Modding" FC1 2014 Season 0.35 Beta Released At FCM , We create software simulations that are designed for Pro League Races , 100% of our efforts are orientated towards that goal in creating the most realistic racing simulations that one can drive so please keep this in mind when downloading what we create . We will be making and releasing all types of formula based sims for the community so after our first release of our 1.0 GP2 2014 season, also we will be releasing the full FC1 2014 season in association with F1 ASR team Modding, while working on our GP3 Season and formul
  6. Alessandro Pollini

    2014 Ferrari 458 Maranello Motorsports

    Version 1.0


    Author : ESP Install to your Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ferrari_458\skins folder - Livery painted by NWRAP Graphics IF you wish to use any of the items from my skins please ask and you will be given the OK. I can even give you the logo you want to use. PLEASE don't steal my work as a lot of time and research goes into making my replica skins. Website: Facebook: Skinner for AusModders Bathurst Legends 69 Mod for Rfactor Skinner for AusModders Bathurst Legends 72 Mod for Rfactor Skinner for V8FU 2011 Fujitsu
  7. Alessandro Pollini

    2014 Italian F4 Championship


    Author : hulg063 Welcome to the REAL 2014 Italian F4 Championship Season, the competition consists of seven races in Italy. In the folder there is the Adria circuit.

    AC: mods aggiornati by UnitedRacingDesign

    Assetto Corsa DLC updates are out for PX, Formula, T5 packages. EGT will follow. Check spam and wait some time until emails arrive pls. Shop -> Mercedes CLR for Assetto Corsa -> Reminder for our customers on AC. Our T5 2015 is whole new package with full new models and it will receive free update for 2016 Maures and 2017 Aura models!

    AC: T5 updates by URD

    Il team UnitedRacingDesign ha rilasciato sul proprio shop ufficiale alcuni updates per Assetto Corsa: in particolare potremo acquistare il pacchetto T5 2015, ispirato al campionato DTM, con le nuove Aura e Bayro, oltre alla Maures (ovvero BMW, Audi e Mercedes), mentre il pack 2016 sarà poi disponibile gratuitamente per tutti quelli che compreranno il DLC attuale. Inoltre è disponibile anche il pacchetto delle stagioni 2013 - 2015. Gli URD hanno annunciato che a breve saranno rilasciati i nuovi pack Endurance GT (dedicato alle GT) e PX (dedicato ai prototipi). Commenti sul forum.
  10. F1ASR is working on the 2014 GP2 season for rFactor 2. GP2 is now entering its tenth season and is one of the best feeder championships for Formula 1, with ten of the current F1 grid coming from the series. With a V8 4 Litre 612 HP engine and a weight of 688kg, GP2 is not too far away from F1 levels of performance, so its an exciting car to drive. F1ASR is putting a lot of effort into making sure the car feels and acts as the real one does to offer a true driving experience.

    AC: Darche PX1 by UnitedRacingDesign

    Il team UnitedRacingDesign ha appena rilasciato per Assetto Corsa una nuova versione aggiornata del suo PX mod, pacchetto dedicato ai prototipi, che include ora la Darche PX1 (l'avete riconosciuta vero?): direttamente dallo shop URD potrete acquistare per 9,80 euro il pack, al quale saranno poi aggiunte anche altre vetture.

    rF2: Seat Leon EuroCup v1.5

    Seat Leon Eurocup v1.5 for rF2 Changelog: – Fixed tire grip (slick and wet) at wet conditions – Tweaked Nominal Max Steering Torque, now you can use with the default (1.0) ffb multiplieer – Added #61 Mario Dablander livery
  13. ======================================================================== Seat Leon EuroCup 2014 for rFactor2 ======================================================================== Seat Leon Eurocup v1.5 for rF2 Version: 1.5 21th of May, 2015 Install: First, remove the previous version, after install the new v1.5 full content. Changelog: – Fixed tire grip (slick and wet) at wet conditions – Tweaked Nominal Max Steering Torque, now you can use with the default (1.0) ffb multiplieer – Added #61 Mario Dablander livery
  14. Fonte. Title : Seat Leon EuroCup 2014 Author : Tamas Pongracz (Tommy78) e-mail: Blog :> Description : Add-On mod for Assetto Corsa ==================================================== Sorry for the late release, i'm still sick, and still in the bed, so here is the version 1.3. But after the AC 1.1 is coming i need to update again the mod. Version: 1.3 (1st of March, 2015) Changelog: - fixed rear tyre grip in the data.acd, so now both rear tires grip visible in the ovinfo App - fixed damage glass, now visible the pit crew - added n
  15. Hello and welcome, Welcome to the re-release of the much loved FC2 2014 mod created by the Formula Corsa Modding team. After many changes and improvements to the base game Assetto Corsa, it is now time to reintegrate this mod for the community. Enjoy the powerful new V8 engine, thunderous backfires and ear popping gear changes in one of the fastest cars in the motorsport world. ChargingCar - Project manager Joel Rautavaara - Community Rep Garry Vale - Logo expert technician, CS6 Pro Wilmer Chavez - Graphics artist, CS6 Pro David Dominguez - Physics Guru Eduard Mallorquí -Physics Tester Neils

    rF2: Seat Leon Cup v1.4 e Hockenheimring

    Tommy78 ha rilasciato due imperdibili addons per rFactor 2: la nuova versione aggiornata e migliorata 1.4 dell'ottimo Seat Leon EuroCup 2014 e la versione 1.1 del circuito tedesco di Hockenheimring. Seat Leon EuroCup 2014 v1.4 – Fixed Banner material name, so now is paintable – Tweaked flickering of the rear bumper and trunk lid – Tweaked brake torque – Tweaked brake wear and failure – Slightly touched tyre grip

    AC: FC2 2014 by Formula Corsa v1.3

    Il team Formula Corsa ha finalmente rilasciato per Assetto Corsa la nuova versione aggiornata 1.3 del suo imperdibile FC2 2014 Season Mod, che ci permette di simulare la passata stagione dell'appassionante campionato GP2. FCM FC2-2014 Season 1.3 Released Changelog V1.3 Updated Audio by NeverKrash Updated ACD

    Assetto Corsa: aggiorniamo i mods

    La nuova versione 1.1 di Assetto Corsa ha portato alcuni problemi con i mods, con le vetture extra realizzate dagli appassionati che ora si bloccano in avvio. I modders però non riposano ed ecco quindi disponibili le prime patch per risolvere ogni problema con il Seat Leon Eurocup, l'Audi A4 DTM, la McLaren M23, la GP2 e la Formula Fantasy 2015 dei Formula Corsa. Per molti altri mods è disponibile questo pacchetto contenente il fix "data" per rendere ogni mod compatibile con la versione 1.1 di Assetto Corsa.
  19. MILESTONE ANNUNCIA La stagione MotoGP 2014 diventa NEXT GEN Non perdere il brivido del Motomondiale anche su PlayStation®4 Oltre 100 piloti disponibili, tutti i costruttori ufficiali, tutte le classi di gara e 18 circuiti nel nuovo capitolo dedicato Campionato Mondiale della MotoGP Guarda il Trailer di Annuncio sul canale Youtube Ufficiale 7 Marzo 2014, Milano – Milestone, la più grande realtà italiana impegnata nello sviluppo di videogiochi per console e PC, specializzata nel campo dei racing game, è lieta di annunciare il nuovo MotoGP14 previsto in uscita per giugno 2014 per X
  20. Uff

    Corvette C7R 2014

    Chevrolet kicked off the 2014 season with the debut of the all-new Corvette C7.R at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The new Corvette race car, wearing an updated “Jake” mascot, has made its competition debut at the Rolex 24 At Daytona, Jan. 25-26, 2014. C7.R is the racing version of its new C7 Corvette Stingray . The news falls with the unveiling of the new Corvette Z06 , the car the C7.R shares many design and performance attributes with. The two beasts were co-developed to take full advantage of the engineering expertise and technology both versions of the Vette use t

    AC: Seat Leon Euro Cup 2014 v1.2

    Dopo il rilascio dell'update 1.0.2 di Assetto Corsa, il bravissimo Tommy78, per risolvere i bugs riscontrati, ha prontamente rilasciato una versione aggiornata del suo ottimo Seat Leon Euro Cup 2014, portando il mod alla release 1.2. Vi ricordiamo che, proprio con questo mod, si correrà online giovedi 22 un evento speciale con la partecipazione del pilota reale Stefano Comini! Version: 1.2 (19th of January, 2015) Changelog: – fixed collision (updated to AC 1.0.2) – fixed front windshield alpha ref – fixed rear window alpha ref
  22. Blog F1ASR -> Blog Formula Corsa -> "Formula Corsa Modding" FC1 2014 Season 0.3 Beta Released Changelog 0.3.1 – August 24, 2014 - Updated team names and descriptions - Updated Scuderia Maranello’s physics - New Enstone GP sounds - New brakes for all cars - Fixed power curve of Enstone GP - Added FAQ, Instructions and Disclaimer - Modified flames position on all cars - Blank flame png added and tested on all cars Brackly_gp , crash fix by David DOWNLOAD

    AC: FC2 2014 v1.2 e non solo...

    Domenica all'insegna del modding download per tutti gli appassionati di Assetto Corsa: come prima cosa è da non perdere la nuova versione aggiornata 1.2 del FC2 2014 Season creato dal team Formula Corsa, che ci permette di simulare la stagione passata del campionato GP2, con una nuova modalità carriera, vari bugfix e numerose migliorie; sempre per il sim by Kunos, consigliamo anche di provare la Beta 2 della Honda NSX 1991 by Some1 e la v0.82 della Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 1987 by bobskype, l'Automotodrom Grobnik Rijeka, il Circuit de la Sarthe by Tiago Lima v1.1 ed Eastern Creek 2014 v2.0,

    rF2: Seat Leon EuroCup v1.2

    Tommy78 ha rilasciato per rFactor 2 la nuova versione aggiornata 1.2 del suo ottimo Seat Leon EuroCup 2014 Mod. Come potete leggere dal changelog, le migliorie e novità sono davvero numerose. Changelog: - fixed cockpit windshield texture to better reflection – modified rear lights texture (removed glow effect) – fixed rollcage and few other material reflection – added front daylight, so the LED is always on – added front light (lights with glare effect) – added brake glare effect (lights with glare effect) – fixed car undershadow – re-positioned swingman camera – added two new onboa
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