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Found 9 results

  1. Adelaide Clipsal 500 2011 Street Circuit Download v0.85 This is a conversion of a track that I previously converted to GTR Evo. Its my first go at an Assetto Corsa track and will attempt to produce more V8 Supercar / Australian locations in the future. Fixed in this update: v0.85 Rainmaker AI and Lighting fixes included Tyrebundle at first chicane relocated Pit crews fixed Track textures and shader updated Grass texture and shader updated Sand texture and shader updated Shadows turned off on track walls (was causing bad flickering) Info: Length - 3.219 km (2.012 mi) Turns - 15 Grid Positions - 28 PitBoxes - 16 Current Issues: No track cameras Number of Grid positions not equal to Pitboxes Start and pit lights don't work Credit for the original track goes to Redhawk and RacerM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=nIRLa9wHd6A
  2. Alessandro Pollini

    GP3 Series 2011 by World Sim Team v1.1

    DOWNLOAD by DrivingItalia Car model made by haunetal1990 Car skins made by fisicof1 and Carlos12295cf Helmet skin made by lotusmania and Danilo72 Sounds by fisicof1 Physics by Carlos12295cf Patch v1.1 correct the multicar.mas and some physics files.
  3. Il World Sim Team ha pubblicato una prima patch per il suo mod GP3 Series 2011, rilasciato alcune settimane or sono. La descrizione del correttivo non è molto esaustiva e sappiamo soltanto che va a correggere un problema con il file multicar.mas e con alcuni file della fisica. Se avete apprezzato questo buon mod vi invitiamo a scaricarla e ad installarla: la trovate a questo link.
  4. Alessandro Pollini

    [rFactor] - GP3 Series 2010-2012

    File Name: GP3 Series 2010-2012 File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini File Submitted: 01 Jul 2013 File Category: Open Wheel MODs Forum. Author : World Sim Team Car model made by haunetal1990 Car skins made by fisicof1 and Carlos12295cf and Jan-CRG Helmet skin made by lotusmania and Danilo72 Sounds by Felipe Giro Physics by Carlos12295cf Cams by Oliver Kwoka Tyres 3D by SIMCO Steering Wheel 3D by F1SR Helmet 3D by Daimon Click here to download this file
  5. Formula Masters 2011 realizzata dagli ISI. Nessuna novità rispetto a quella già rilasciata, il topic serve solo come riferimento da linkare in quello riassuntivo. 2011 ISI Formula Masters: v1.0 or Torrent or Mirrors: R2P | SSY | XRPM – 122MB
  6. Il video mostra 2 sessioni di gioco, la prima di mattina con le Clio e la seconda di pomeriggio con le 370z e le GT-R. L'illuminazione del pomeriggio è la mia preferita. Le ombre sono fantastiche e l'HDR fa il suo lavoro. La pista l'ho convertita con 3DSimed dalla mia versione 2.0 rilasciata per RFactor1, c'è ancora molto lavoro da fare come la gommatura dell'asfalto e la pista bagnata, devo capire bene come farle. Se c'è qualcuno che vorebbe provarla me lo faccia sapere, accetto anche consigli e critiche http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl7hyv-fjr8&feature=share&list=PLHGYth3xD-pe7ZUNrgtsYhuWBBphQCmli
  7. Il team F1-S-R ha annunciato di essere al lavoro sulla conversione del loro ottimo mod GP2 2011. http://f1-sim-racer.co.uk/ This post has been promoted to an article
  8. Il team F1SR è al lavoro sull'attuale stagione di Formula 1. Non è ancora noto se il mod verrà rilasciato per rF o rF2, ma intanto godiamoci i primi render di anteprima. This post has been promoted to an article
  9. Alessandro Pollini

    [rFactor] - GP2 2011 by F1-Sim-Racer

    Nome file: GP2 2011 by F1-Sim-Racer Autore del file: Alessandro Pollini File inserito: 25 Jun 2011 Categoria del file: Open Wheel MODs The 2011 GP2 Series season was the seventh season of the pan-European motor racing series for single specification open wheel GP2 cars. Thirteen teams competed over a nine event series that run from May 7 at Istanbul Park in Turkey to September 11 at Monza in Italy. The series again performed the role of a series for developing emerging young drivers, acting as the principal supporting motor racing series that fills in time between sessions of the nine World Championship Formula One Grands Prix that are held in Europe. The championship was won by reigning GP2 Asia champion Romain Grosjean at the penultimate round of the series. Romain Grosjean (DAMS) won the drivers' championship. Following a three-year cycle, the previous GP2 chassis was replaced by a brand new car, the GP2/11, built by Italian racing car manufacturer Dallara. The series will change tyre supplier from Bridgestone to Pirelli for 2011–13. The 2011 season saw the addition of two new teams to the grid, Carlin and Team AirAsia. Meanwhile, DPR was not selected to continue in the series. F1-S-R GP2 -2011 season features all the teams, drivers and updated Liveries of both the GP2 series and GP2 Asia series. PATCH: DOWNLOAD New Physics by DaveSR1 The physics component of this update is as follows: Tires have been tweaked to tighten up the mechanical (low speed) rear grip. Brake optimum temperature range has been broadened to make the duct setting less critical This addresses the problem of the front brakes overheating into the fade range, making the rears tend to lock up. So now it is easier to set the brake duct so both front and rear remain in the right temperature zone. Still an important setup item though. The aero package has changed to a setting range of 1 to 12, but with 3 DF packages, purchaseable in the upgrades section. There is the standard setup, (the default), and a High DF wing for tracks like Monaco or Hungary, and a Low DF wing for tracks like Monza. You will need to select the appropriate DF level before going to the track. Like they do IRL Tire model fixed by PeterV, Talent files by F1lover New Mercedes safetycar CTD for Carlin and cockpit textures fixed Showcar fixed so shows correct skin in showroom. Correct Pirelli straight logo New cam files New skins for main series Addax, Air Asia Supernova and some tweaks on others new UI and showroom, including openwheel car in hud on track. Patch should be loaded over Public release and files overwritten. Thanks to all who helped in the making of this great mod, and for your patience in waiting for this patch. FORUM Clicca qui per scaricare il file
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