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Found 7 results

  1. Formula One 1991-1994 MasterBlaster Modding is happy to announce that F1-S-R Team has granted permission for a conversion of this great mods to GTR2. Right now we are working on the 1985 F1 season which is nearly done, after that all hands will work on the 90's seasons. It will feature... - 1991 Historic Edition - 1992 LE V1.01 - 1993 LE V1.2 - 1994 LE V1.3 1991 MOD SUONI FIX SPECCHIETTI 1994 MOD SUONI Thanks to Acestumacher and the whole F1-S-R Team [fonte NoGrip]
  2. by S_Denis Based on the original Jerez 1994 for rFactor by F1-S-R track: https://yadi.sk/d/nqVL-gmDdyNJZ Credits Conversion for AC & texture update: thestrobe8 aka S_Denis Original creators: F1-S-R - modeling, texturing, scene F1-S-R - former modeling, organisation F1-S-R - texture fonte AC forum
  3. By f1lover22 By f1lover22 F1SR Modding Group is Pleased to announce the Release of the 1994 F1 Season Mod F1SR is Acestumacher F1Lover AleSanchez JDaddle F1-1994 Car Models McKey415, Oggo, RF900R Williams FW16="McKey415" Texture="Oggo-Alesanchez" Tyrrell 022="McKey415" Texture="Oggo-Alesanchez" Benetton B194="McKey415" Texture="Adry77-Oggo-Alesanchez" McLaren MP4/9="McKey415" Texture="Oggo-Alesanchez" Footwork FA15="McKey415" Texture="Oggo-Alesanchez" Lotus 107C="RF900R-Fongu" Texture="Oggo-Fongu" Jordan 194="McKey415" Texture="Oggo-Alesanchez" Larrousse LH94="McKey415" Texture="Oggo-Alesanchez" Minardi M194="McKey415" Texture="Oggo-Alesanchez" Ligier Js39="McKey415" Texture="Oggo-Alesanchez" Ferrari 412T1="McKey415" Texture="Oggo-Alesanchez" Sauber C13="McKey415" Texture="Oggo-Alesanchez-Jdaddle" Pacific PR01="McKey415" Texture="Oggo" Simtek S941="Loren" Texture="Loren-Alesanchez" Credits Authors GP4 1994 MOD="McKey415, Diego (Oggo), Manuel, Kev, RF900R" Authors rF Conversion="Alesanchez" Credits="Alesanchez" "Helmet Painted by Manuel, Kev, Alesanchez" "Driver Suits by Alesanchez" "3D Cockpit and Texture by Alesanchez" "3D Tires and Rims by F1SR Studio's, Owner Acestumacher., texture Alesanchez" "Sauber Tissot livery JDaddle" LE Physics Dave Purdy, Shawn Purdy SPECIAL THANKS RF900R Alesanchez Fsone for MENU' big thanks to the whole senior memebers of f1-s-r Lasercutter To our Beta Testors Leo de Souza Jonny Farmer Hobbescene Tony Jerry McComas Wezroz Will Fly Richard Tol Dylbie Involute99 Ferrari665 Ace Jr Giuseppe Rainieri (thanks for the cam setting, and Intro video) Andy71 (SRM) for AIW Track MUSIC Goodbye My Friend Philadelphia Forrest Gump Suite Sound Design Vehicle Sounds by Wolferl as taken from F1SR mods. SpeedGlen F1lover Dedicated to Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger and remembering Dan Wheldon F1-S-R Team © 2011 "F1 1994 Mod" http://www.drivingitalia.net/forum/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=2609'>Download mod 1.0 http://www.drivingitalia.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=47664&view=findpost&p=660581'>Patch v1.1 + Trackpack http://www.drivingitalia.net/forum/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=2921'>Patch v1.3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eydmAg4BbA
  4. Nell'intervista rilasciata a DrivingItalia qualche tempo addietro i CTDP hanno parlato del 2007 come data plausibile per l'uscita del mod, nel frattempo ci deliziano con alcuni nuovi screen di antemprima. http://racingmag.gam.../...8&urcat=100
  5. Alessandro Pollini

    Formula 1 1994 Track Pack by F1-Sim-Racer

    Formula 1 1994 Track Pack by F1-Sim-Racer View File Author : F1SR Team F1SR 1994 Track Pack completo v1.2 Submitter Alessandro Pollini Submitted 12/27/2011 Category F1 1994 Mod  
  6. Hi guys, Have just uploaded 9 HD renders of Ayrton Senna's Rothmans Williams Renault FW16 on my website, http://racingrenders.com Comments are welcome. F1Racer This post has been promoted to an article
  7. Uff

    CTDP F1 1994 AFD

    Questa volta i CTDP hanno deciso di regalarci un lavoro... alternativo! CTDP release the new AFD 1994 mod for rFactor For years CTDP has become well-known for high-quality-mods who raise the bar of quality for mods. Today, CTDP tries a different approach and instead of giving you the most advanced F1-1994-mod ever, we present you 1994 like it was played 12 years ago. With CTDP ADF 1994 you can turn your rFactor into a Time-Machine and go back to the year 1994. This mod is based on the advanced technology deployed in GrandPrix2. The mod features all teams, 2 carshapes and 13 car textures. Everything state of the art of 1994! See the project page for more details. Have fun driving this very special mod. Let us know, how you like it… Description Gentlemen, please start your timemachine. Recreating a Formula One season with today's state of the art technologies is one thing. Recreating the look and feel of the year, the season was running is another. CTDP is proud to present you the Back-in-the-Days-Edition of the 1994-mod. Sit down in your 1994 race car! Enjoy the high-polygon-models of 1995 and the high-resolution-textures of Grandprix-2 will blow your mind. Have fun! Features * 2 high detail model of 1994: low and raised nose * All teams of the season 1994 * No track liveries at all! * Blurry, barely unrecognisable helmets, which only serve the illusion! * No new physics and barely any tyre physics * 3D tyres that spin! * Menu with 256 colors! * Fully skinnable with any GP2-texture ever released! Installation 1. To install the CTDP AFD 1994, run the installation and install it into your rfactor-directory. 2. Select CTDP AFD 1994 in your Mod-Menu in rFactor. Done, ready to go, simple as pie. This mod is built for rFactor Version 1.255f. Problems may occur with older versions of rFactor. Download
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