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Found 6 results

  1. Alessandro Pollini

    [GTR2] - World Super GT Mod

    View File World Super GT Mod World Super GT Mod v1.0 by RMT for GTR2 --------------------------------------- Archives have been made with 7zip v17.01 (update your archiver if tells you that archive is damaged) Due to nogrip 250mb upload limit I had to split WSGT mod in 2 parts : CARS & SOUNDS WSGT_v1_by_RMT_CARS.7z md5= 98DE8B09FC715D03653140C781D04D0C WSGT_v1_by_RMT_SOUNDS.7z md5= 7D0114BA0BF2DF5957C71B42434EEE84 First thanks to Wim for kind permission to upload this great WSGT Mod by RMT for GTR2 at nogrip : this mod is still one of the best after 10 years and many other 3rd party mods require it. The only modification I have made from original is the WSGT MENU which is not enabled by default but available in an [OPTIONAL] folder in order to avoid overwriting of 3rd party menus such as advanced-FFB or DucFreak's GTR2 UI MOD and 10th Anniversary Edition. INSTALL ------- - copy GameData + ReplayData folders in your GTR2 install (click yes to overwrite all files) UNINSTALL --------- - delete GameData\SIM_WSGT.gdb - delete GameData\SIM_WSGT.txt - delete GameData\SIM_WSGT_FERRARI.txt - delete GameData\SIM_WSGT_SINGLEMAKES.gdb - delete GameData\SIM_WSGT_SingleMakes.txt - delete GameData\WSGT.tga - delete GameData\Teams\WSGT - delete GameData\Talent\WSGT - delete GameData\Sounds\WSGT WSGT MENU (OPTION ONLY) --------- ATTENTION your menu will be modified so it is NOT recommended to use this option if you already have advanced-FFB or DucFreak's GTR2 UI MOD and 10th Anniversary Edition. - backup UIData\gtr2ui.mnu - backup GameData\Teams\expo.set - install [OPTIONAL_WSGT_MENU] : copy GameData + UIData folders in your GTR2 install (click yes to overwrite all files) to restore default GTR2 menu then install [ORIGINAL_GTR2_MENU] Credits ------- Racers Modding Team (RMT) Submitter Alessandro Pollini Submitted 01/15/2012 Category Cover wheel Mods
  2. Dopo le <a href="http://www.drivingit...howtopic=32195" target="_blank">decine di screen</a> che hanno ammaliato i frequentatori del forum di GTR2, è sicuramente una buona notizia quella che ci arriva <a href="http://www.rfactorce...d Super GT Mod" target="_blank">da rFC</a> e che ci mostra diversi screen di questo spettacolare mod anche per rF. Ci sarà da divertirsi! <i>Things have changed a lot since the old thread was posted. Lots of members left to a point where only Arnold and me were left. After some new members joined the team we decided to start the mod from scratch again. We wanted to focus on top quality scratch built cars and also scrapped all conversions we were doing or planned to do. The mod will feature a range of top of the line sports- and GT cars that have been racing in GT and sportscar series all around the world in the past 10 years. CAR list for part 1: Aston Martin DBB9/DBRS9 Ferrari F50 GT Ferrari FXX Ultima GTR Maserati Trofeo Light McLaren F1 GTR Longtail Painting kit released http://www.drivingit...ds&showfile=763 V1 car list: Aston Martin DBR9: Aston Martin Racing #58 Le Mans 2005 Gigawave #10 FIA GT 2008 Gulf #9 Le Mans 2008 Jetalliance #33 FIA GT 2008 Aston Martin DBRS9: Barwell #1 British GT 2007 Barwell #2 British GT 2007 Barwell #3 British GT 2007 Cadena #18 British GT 2007 Kaias Racing #07 Australian GT 2007 Ferrari F50 GT: Doyle-Rise #11 (ALMS 1999) MOMO #30 (ALMS 1999) GPC #50 (FIA GT 2004) GPC #51 (FIA GT 2004) Pilot Racing#4 (Le Mans 1997) Marek #16 Ferrari FXX: Red #12 Silver #16 White #17 Blue #24 Schumacher #30 McLaren F1 GTR Longtail: Schnitzer #8 FIA GT 1997 Gulf #1 FIA GT 1997 Lark #44 Le Mans 1997 Tajimax #20 Super GT 2005 Adison #08 Arnold #55 Maserati Trofeo Light: AF Corse #205 GT Italia 2005 Guidici Corse #202 GT Italia 2005 Guidici Corse #203 GT Italia 2005 SFoW #34 Grandam 2004 SFoW #33 Grandam 2004 Ultima GTR: Belgium Racing #46 BELCAR 2006 Belgium Racing #246 BELCAR 2007 The rF version of the mod will be released after the GTR2 version.</i> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" /></a>

    AC-rF2: WSGT2, RMT chiede aiuto

    In a perfect world, we would like to release part of the WSGT 2 material for rF2 and Assetto Corsa. That said, there is no such thing as a perfect world, meaning we are still debating what we will or can do. Today we reached a point where we are discussing what the next step will be. For the moment we have a staggering amount of material, but have to be honest to admit that with the four of us and the time schedules we are running, it will be virtually impossible to release the full WSGT2 mod as planned. Even a few cars might become a problem with the current workload and free time. As friends, and as a Team we are now trying to come up with a few solutions. One of those solutions would be bringing more members into RMT. Admittedly we have tried that in the past, and it became clear that this is not as easy as it might sound. Its very hard to find passionate and committed modding enthusiasts. If someone out there would hear the calling, and would like to join our little team, feel free to contact us. The attached gallery (about 600 screens) and video’s show you a small amount of material we have created in the past few years. While some material is a good 5 years old, we feel it still comply’s to todays standards. (Keep in mind that all videos are recorded in rFactor 1) It would be a shame to let it all go to waste. So we are trying our best to come up with a solution that enables us to finish what we started. Thanks for listening. Arnold Carter Wong , Klaas van Houten, Rick Schoenmaker, Wim Bries Racers Modding Team 2014

    rF2: WSGT2 Megane Trophy V6 in arrivo

    Con una serie di inediti e spettacolari screenshots di anteprima, il team RMT ha annunciato il prossimo arrivo a Gennaio per rFactor 2 della loro attesissima Renault Megane Trophy V6, primo step evolutivo di quello che sarà il completo WSGT2 Mod. Its been a while since we have posted some news about the WSGT2 Mod for rFactor 2. As many of you might already know, we decided to use the WSGT2 RMT Megane Trophy V6 as a testing ground regarding workflow on the ISI rFactor 2 platform. Because of other and private projects, we did not have the chance to work on this mod as often as we liked, but better late then never. Unfortunately, we did not make it in time for a Christmas release, but you should see the mod released somewhere early January...

    rF2: WSGT2 Megane Trophy V6 in video

    Dopo un periodo di silenzio, torna a farsi sentire il team RMT e lo fa mostrandoci un video di anteprima che ci presenta i progressi della cattivissima Megane Trophy V6 che sarà inserita nel WSGT2 Mod in fase di sviluppo per rFactor2. We are making progress on the WSGT2 RMT Megane Trophy V6 mod for rFactor 2. Time for a Video. There is still some work to do, but things are shaping up fine. We did not yet optimise the mod, but it already seems to behave fine as far as frame rate and performance is concerned...

    WSGT2 e GTPC in screens

    Segnalo questa mattina i progressi, che ci vengono mostrati con i classici screenshots, di due diversi mods in fase di sviluppo ormai da tempo: il primo è il GTPC (noto anche come Prototype C), che il Virtua_LM Junior Team sta realizzando per rFactor, mentre il secondo è la Megane Trophy del WSGT2 Mod che il team RMT sta sviluppando invece per rFactor2.
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