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  1. Adria International Raceway is a motorsportrace track near Adria in the Veneto region of Northern Italy. It is a permanent road course, and is 2.702 km (1.679 mi) in length. The venue has hosted the FIA GT Championship, Italian Formula Three, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters and the Formula Three Euroseries. Converted to AC: Mitja Bonca Originally created: Slider916 and CodeF1 Working AI 22 pit boxes DOWNLOAD
  2. DOWNLOAD Another little something we've been working on (and no, you cannot fly the plane).
  3. Con il promo video che vedete qui sotto, il team ISI ha rilasciato pubblicamente per rFactor 2 il nuovo circuito storico del Tiger Moth Aerodrome: il tracciato, in versione 1.02, è disponibile in 5 diverse configurazioni, comprese le test track.
  4. Hey, been working on this track on and off for the last few weeks learning the different material settings. It isn't perfect as there isn't enough info about at the mo and examples but non the less this track was created around 5 years ago for Rfactor and it went Hall of Fame so I thought it would be a good choice. I have done a fair few updates to try and modernize the model. It could do with some more but hopefully you will enjoy it for what it is. DOWNLOAD Cheers Madcowie fonte AC forum
  5. Il team Slightly Mad Studios inizia a mostrarci oggi le prime otto piste che saranno protagoniste del prossimo Project CARS: possiamo ammirare in tutto il loro splendore grafico i tracciati di Zolder, Silverstone, Oschersleben, Dubai, Monza, Imola, Hockenheim e Brands Hatch. Da non perdere i numerosi video di anteprima dedicati al gioco, come gli ultimi due pubblicati da AdrianF1 e DigiProst. This post has been promoted to an article
  6. Fonte. Hi everyone! Here is my 2nd attempt with a race track. All the objects are just place-holders, the lion too Video of it: Track.avi?dl=0 Please feel free to try it out and let me know your thoughts, how it drives, is it fun etc. If the feedback is positive, I shall continue adding details around the track and tweaking the shaders. DOWNLOAD
  7. Fonte. Top Gear Test Track add in \steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks Deleted OLD version ! Download v0.6 -->> ----BUG FOR TREES---(no transparency)

    rFactor 2: ecco cosa arriverà...

    Con un lungo post sul suo blog, il team ISI ci aggiorna su cosa arriverà nel prossimo futuro per rFactor 2: come prima cosa il nuovo circuito storico di Tiger Moth Aerodrome, che possiamo apprezzare anche nel video qui sotto, quindi l'ovale di Mountain Peak, adatto alle stock car Gen6, che incorpora anche un tracciato stradale ed una pista karting, non mancano poi varie migliorie grafiche, che si possono notare dagli screens, sulle stock car, la pista di Jacksonville e Atlanta. ISI conferma poi l'arrivo della AC Cobra 27, Honda NSX e Chevrolet Corvette C6 !
  9. Fonte. Mission Raceway Park also known as MRP, is an auto racing facility located in Mission, British Columbia, Canada. The facility features a ¼ mile NHRA-sanctioned dragstrip, a 2 km (1.2 mi) 9-turn roud course, and a 3 km (2 mi) motocross track. It is owned and operated by the B.C. Custom Car Association, and the BCCCA operates the drag strip directly. The road course and motocross tracks are operated independently by the Sports Car Club of British Columbia (SCCBC) and the Lower Mainland Motocross Club (LMMC) respectively. The BCCCA originally drag raced on unused runways at Abbostf
  10. Non ho idea se è una conversione illegale, l'autore è lo stesso della mod delle Civic. v0.1.0: – First public release – 26 Pit Boxes – Quick Race with A.I.’s working – Timed Sectors working – Bumpy surface, will be fixed – Trees are not in the right place, just temporary – Doens’t has 3d Grass in all sectors yet – Track Cameras, Track Map and AI Race Weekend don’t work yet DOWNLOAD
  11. DOWNLOAD Based on the original Spa Francorchamps1992 for rFactor by F1-S-R Credits Original creators: F1-S-R - modeling, texturing, scene F1-S-R - former modeling, organisation F1-S-R - texture
  12. Scaricata e provata...ben fatta...e soprattutto finalmente un hillclimb...provata con la 500 ss...mi sono divertito molto... DOWNLOAD This post has been promoted to an article
  13. Fonte. v1.1 -Slightly better fps at max settings -mesh and textures fixes -A.I. file included -cam files included DOWNLOAD
  14. Fonte. Highlands Motorsport Park v0.89b - © David Neighbour 2014 (UPDATED 03/09/14) - Updated from 0.83b Server Currently online - GT Cars all variants (latest ISI) - "RACEFACTOR-HMS GT TEST" - Australian Based Server - All 5 variants - Vote it through to preferred DOWNLOAD LINKS MediaFire MEGA DONATIONS for the track can be put on our League page ( - Thankyou in advance to anyone that wants to donate for the efforts - (It will say anonymous, but Paypal will notify us) Release notes - Scratch build High
  15. Fonte. Readme from the zip file: Petersberg Hillclimb for Assetto Corsa by GTAce v0.9 Converted by dkutch/bobskype Don't convert, or change this track in any way! If you want to convert it to another platform, or want to edit things like the AI and CAMERA files, ask for a permission first. It's very likely that I'll give it to you, as long as it improves the track. DON'T UPLOAD IT SOMEWHERE WITHOUT MY STRICT PERMISSION!!! INCLUDING DRIVINGITALIA, RACEDEPARTMENT, OR OTHER MOD COLLECTING SITES!!! - INSTALL - To install this track, simply drop the "petersberghillclimb" folder into X:\S
  16. A quick peek at Mountain Peak's ... well, peak Non credo sia la stessa pista mostrata con alcune criptiche immagini poco tempo fa, ma questo potrebbe essere un bene: potrebbe voler dire che in tempi relativamente brevi arriveranno due nuove piste.
  17. Fonte. Current state of this track: rev_0.04a ----------------------------------------------~ - [FINAL!] Track surface. NEW! (0.04a) - [FINAL!] Hotlap start position. NEW! (0.04a) - [WIP] Sector Times positions NEW! (0.04a) - [WIP] Pitstop actor position. - [ALPHA!] Buildings position. NEW! (0.04a) - [WIP] Tunnel at portier sector. (removed) (0.04a) - [WIP] All Materials & Textures. (removed) (0.04a) - [WIP] Sun Lighting & position. ----------------~ It's a slowing work so stay tuned for more informations about the actual progress below! DOWNLOAD Actual Progress~ #Current pro
  18. Fonte. Based on the original Pilotage Stadium Abbeville for rFactor by julio76600 conversion for AC by thestrobe8 aka s_denis Credits Original creators: julio76600 - modeling, texturing, scene julio76600 - former modeling, organisation julio76600 - texture DOWNLOAD
  19. File Name: Donington Park by BrunUK File Submitter: VELOCIPEDE File Submitted: 26 Aug 2014 File Category: Track v1.03 Not a major update, just a few small changes... Fixed the pitlane issue so people running with penalties enabled won't be limited to 50kph Changed the sectors so they're distributed more evenly around the track. Can't remember where I got the locations for the original ones but think they may have been for the National circuit. Also made sure the objects for the splits (and start/finish line) are outside the track boundaries so it should no longer be possible to miss th
  20. È ufficiale: Spa Francorchamps arriverà su Assetto Corsa fedelmente riprodotto in laser scan. La storica pista belga sarà parte del primo DLC che includerà anche diverse vetture aggiuntive e che sarà completamente gratuito per chi pre-ordinerà il sim. La versione riprodotta è quella attuale, ma ne è prevista anche una storica in futuro, versione che andrà ad affiancarsi a quelle di Silverstone e Monza. Di seguito il comunicato ufficiale. This post has been promoted to an article
  21. Fonte. Hey, on time for the German Grand Prix I´m going to present you my latest work: the Hockenheimring! This is my first project and I´m still learning Blender and that stuff. So far I´ve got the Grand Prix layout and the two short variants, the DTM layout will follow. All textures are still placeholders and I appreciate every kind of help (footage, textures, etc.). Special thanks goes to Rigel for letting me use his great kerb texture. Make sure you don´t miss his track: To see my pr
  22. Fonte. Version 0.5 - Update First Chicane - Correction File surface Version 0.6 - Addition of objects in the pit lane (original objects AC) - Correction of the track (3D) area less bumpy, tell me if it will not. DOWNLOAD This post has been promoted to an article
  23. Hey guys, I got permission to convert Salzburgring by *Com8* into Assetto Corsa. I will make this track with top notch. So, stay tuned, I will keep you in the work progress. Original authors: Com8 and Steppenwolf DOWNLOAD (69.59MB) version 1.01 from 23.07.2014
  24. Negli ultimi giorni la Kunos Simulazioni ha pubblicato tramite social network alcuni spettacolari screens di anteprima del suo Assetto Corsa scattati sulla mitica pista belga di Spa Francorchamps. Potremo a breve provare la compressione dell'Eau Rouge?... E fra le immagini avete notato l'intrusa?....
  25. Fonte. Hello, I start converting the first circuit of a series for the DTM season 2013. The conversion is based on a version of RF2 A1 Ring, but I can not find information about the author !! If any of you have a track, I'm interested. Without permission, I would not share my work of course. Original Creator :DerDumeklemmer / ACFL Corverted to Assetto Corsa by: Pascal Martin v0.3.A - Changed all the tire walls - Rework some barriers - Retraivail Trees - Added 3D grass - Added a Helicopter in the sky and other things ... DOWNLOAD
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