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  1. Ok here it is, first beta version of my track project: Yas Marina Circuit (Day & Night) Track is conversion/based on scratch made rFactor track by the league F1Pro (simracingpro) - Nad, Forlorn, Kamilo62 and Gucio 85. Thanks Nad for permission and Gucio85 for helping me to contact Nad. Track contains 22 pitboxes, working ai and many graphical changes. I also included my own Night pp filter to package. Optimal time of day for night version is 12:00. Next update will come in early 2015, but if there is any big bugs i try to fix them soon as possible. Remember that both tracks are still very
  2. Imola 1988 made by carrera4 conversion by ​ This 3D-track was made by carrera4 for the F1 1988 rFactor mod. It was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker and members of The conversion of the 1988s tracks is a project of your friendly AC-Server. Please note that this track and others are in development which takes so much time, that it is impossible to watch every question in every thread and forum. WIP screens of the track: ​ Facts: (not set yet) pit boxes 3.636meters long Features: -AI (pit and fast lane) -Camer
  3. Rockingham ISSC (BETA) v0.1 (Release 23.01.2015): Download Link Hi Everyone, Assetto Corsa, I present you with Rockingham. This is the first public release of my mod of Rockingham (the UK one) and its ISSC layout (International Super Sportscar Circuit). The version number is 0.1. This is therefore still a BETA and very much (despite the hundreds of hours spent thus far) a work in progress. I have learnt how to use Blender from scratch and this track has been made from scratch using photogrammetry GIS data, survey maps and endless reference photographs. When this reaches 1.0 it is my hope that
  4. I present you my track originally created for rFactor but I converted it to AC just to see how will be it behave in this "not-outdated" engine note: just a test conversion, nothing really works hehe Glava Zete is hillclimb track in Montenegro. This track is the bumpiest track I have ever created for rFactor and practically it is undriveable in AC. and there are some problems with normals and lighting. -length: 6.9km version 0.9.1: -fix for "hotlap" and "race mode" version 0.9 -new trackside and pit objects -3D spectators ( goodbye cardboard cutouts -new distant trees -road surface is sl
  5. by S_Denis Based on the original Jerez 1994 for rFactor by F1-S-R track: Credits Conversion for AC & texture update: thestrobe8 aka S_Denis Original creators: F1-S-R - modeling, texturing, scene F1-S-R - former modeling, organisation F1-S-R - texture fonte AC forum
  6. Based on the original Matra Park for rFactor by Andras Csepecz Credits Original creators: ----------Matra Park---------- Matra Park logo made by Gergo Truckeszitz Track information: Lenght: 2,342 m Type: Permanent Circuit Conversion for AC & texture update: thestrobe8 aka S_Denis track:
  7. Barbagallo Raceway V1.2 by Darren Blythe Barbagallo Raceway at Wanneroo is Western Australia's only permanent racing circuit and has been operated continuously since 1969. It is most recognized for it's place on the V8 Supercar Calendar and it's short and fast layout coupled with some nice elevation changes make it exciting and fun to race. Barbagallo is one of my favorite Aussie tracks so I started putting this together a few months ago. It started as a test project to help me get to grips with AC's modding possibilities but took on a life of it's own. It is scratch built from the ground up.

    rF2: Silverstone by ISI v1.35

    Il team ISI ha rilasciato per rFactor 2 la nuova versione aggiornata 1.35 del circuito inglese di Silverstone. Per dettagli, download e commenti fate riferimento a questo topic. We are happy to release version 1.35 of Silverstone Circuit for rFactor 2. This update includes a number of small fixes and tweaks, a very important fix for the GT AIW (AI driving lines), and the addition, finally, of a working National configuration.
  9. We are happy to release version 1.35 of Silverstone Circuit for rFactor 2. This update includes a number of small fixes and tweaks, a very important fix for the GT AIW (AI driving lines), and the addition, finally, of a working National configuration. DOWNLOAD
  10. Fonte. Monsum ha mostrato le prime immagini di anteprima di questa nuova pista. Probabile che venga rilasciata poi sotto nome Virtua_LM. Very early WIP of a new rFactor 2 project: Watkins Glen International (nicknamed “The Glen”) is an automobile race track located near Watkins Glen, New York, at the southern tip of Seneca Lake. The sports car racing facility is owned by International Speedway Corporation. It was long known around the world as the home of the United States Grand Prix, which it hosted for twenty consecutive years (1961–1980), but since 1948 the site has been home to ro
  11. il circuito sarà parte del 1986 Toyota Celica GTO mod DOWNLOAD

    rFactor 2: Lime Rock Park by ISI v2.0

    CHANGELOG (v1.43 -> v2.0) NEW BITS Updated roads, curbs and concrete to use Real Road Shader Replaced trackside vehicles with more detailed ones Replaced all sector timing lines Redone all verges and fixed the most important mapping glitches Redone groove mapping Set new static reflection map position Filled hills with more treelines Applied new terrain shader and re-blended terrain Applied vertex-based terrain shading (Radiosity + manual tweaking) Added billboard weeds on terrain embankments Added collision object for vehicles (hit at own risk) Added crude –but effective– conc
  13. Hi i make a hillclimb that i worked for RFACTOR and RBR sims this is the hillclimb Thanks to Kon, SIMTRAXXX team, Vicent Sollana and Antu for their help this is a beta version v0.5 DOWNLOAD fonte AC forum
  14. Fonte. Nuova versione beta 0.6 DOWNLOAD Changelog: BETA V.0.6: – 3D Grass available (No-Grass version for low specs) – 25 Pits – Track TV Cameras
  15. Original track from Slimjim Update: Improved Tarmac Improved Grass Improved colour overall New Barrier cam No fps improvement no map Download
  16. Hi all! I started 1992 Spa Francorchamps track project two months ago, in beginning only for testing and learning purposes, but after some days of work i decided to continue and continue and now i want release it to public when it's ready. Don't expect soon, because a lot of work is still needed.. Track is based/conversion from F1-S-R 1992 rFactor track, i got permission from them.. I have already made big changes to track and i will continue to improve it. Atm track contains 18 pitboxes, real tv cams, new pitbuilding and a lot of new textures and smoothing to track surface etc. Here is two W
  17. Fonte. DOWNLOAD Before asking me any questions make sure to check out this video i made, the answer is probably in here
  18. Fonte. Baskerville Raceway for Assetto Corsa - By Nick Rainbird This is my local racetrack, it is a short track with excellent elevation changes that I would liken to a short version of Brands Hatch. I am building the mesh and objects from scratch with the idea that I will try to create an authentic version of the circuit, while keeping the system performance optimised and utilising as many graphical elements as I can from the AC SDK tools. Download v0.6 Credit goes to Norbs from this very forum for creating the TV cameras for Baskerville. 12 November, 2014 update: I started this p
  19. Fonte. Just released my first custom level for AC, LakeSide. This is a made from scratch fantasy level (not ported). It's an 8 km long loop with a good mix of high speed stretchs interspersed with twists, turns and lots of elevation changes. It has 12 slots (reccommend playing with 5-6 max) with working AI and TV replay cameras. It's online ready ! Download beta V0.9 (30 Mb) Layout/Spec: Video: Not the best quality video, apologies!
  20. Fonte. Hello guys... this is my first track for assetto corsa Built from scratch.. have fun Sentul International Circuit is a permanent motor racing circuit located in Babakan Madang, Bogor, Indonesia. Away from the Toll Gate of Jakarta towards Bogor, Indonesia. Its pit facilities got easy access from the Jagorawi Toll Road. The course (run clockwise) is actually a truncated version of the original design. The current circuit, shortened by 40 percent compared to the original design, is predominantly used for motorcycle racing and the Asian F3 series. Sentul is a relatively simple, smooth
  21. Fonte. Lippo Village Street Circuit v1.1 (Final) (Assetto Corsa) Change log: - refined track texture - refined 3D grass - Banking on all corners - much... much better FPS (Low spec PC friendly) - Bye-bye... >95% CPU Occupancy ... race with 16 AI without any problem in my PC - 3D Grass - Refined material mapping - Better AI file - etc. Download
  22. Fonte. [MBTEAM] - ISI_Belgium_1966 - REL. V1.44 Hi Everybody, After playing a few months ISI tracks, in light of recent builds developments and having the desire to improve the immersion, we decide to enhance (with the permission of Tim) the Belgium 1966 Track (but it depend to your PC Config). Changelog : 05/10/2014 - V1.44 - Initial Release What is done in the V1.44 : ■ 23 HDR includes ■ All objects around the cockpit is always visible (no clipping) ■ All objects in the mirror is always visible Build Tested : 860 Link Track : Coming soon... Advise : I preconise to : - Use the Belgi
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