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  1. Searspoint Raceway for rF2 WIP. Demonstrating race line and marble build up, Environmental reflection and drying line. BIllboard spectators and trees. Framebuffer video on Jumbotron’s. HDR is on, but I’m finding it very hard to tune due to the light coloured terrain and the dark road wanting to go their separate ways. Maniak DOWNLOAD
  2. frasie

    [GTLegends] - NG Valley

    File Name: NG Valley File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini File Submitted: 16 Mar 2012 File Updated: 01 Apr 2012 File Category: Tracks Author : frasie NG Valley International raceway Version 1.0 GTL 3,4 Km permanent road course by Frasie. Click here to download this file
  3. Alessandro Pollini

    [rFactor] - Col De Turini

    File Name: Col De Turini File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini File Submitted: 02 Feb 2012 File Category: Tracks Author : DMz and Steely Release Date : 2009 Famous Stage from the Monte Carlo Rally, 25km of hairpins up to the Col, mixed snow and tar and all tar versions in both directions. Thanks to FOG>Steely for starting this track and allowing me to finish it. Click here to download this file
  4. E' disponibile la prima beta pubblica di Zandvoort (v.0.9.1). Proprio in quanto beta, questa release può contenere qualche imperfezione che gli autori invitano a segnalare, così da correggerla per il rilascio della futura versione 1.00. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ITALIANO -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Circuit Park Zandvoort Burgemeester van Alphenstraat 108 2041 KP Zandvoort Autore: Radiator Springs Racing Team -------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://ww
  5. Alessandro Pollini

    [rFactor] - German F3 2010

    File Name: German F3 2010 File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini File Submitted: 13 Jan 2012 File Category: Open Wheel MODs Author : astonracing GERMAN FORMULA 3 2010 (Addon to Japan Formula3 2007 4.31) Included : -7 Teams (van Amersfoort Racing, HS Technik, Motopark, Performance, Jo Zeller, Brandl and Racing Experience -16 Cars (Dillmann, Abt, Magnussen, Rosenqvist, Dusseldorp, Eriksson, Pommer, Steindl, Day, Derani, Binder, Hauser, Soerensen, Herndlhofer, Zeller and Melker) -2 Engines (Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz) -Talent -Upgrades Click here to download this file
  6. Alessandro Pollini

    [WIP] Mallory by MotorFx

    Alcune immagini di Mallory in fase di conversione by MotorFX
  7. Alessandro Pollini

    [Race07] - Northern Club Circuit

    File Name: Northern Club Circuit File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini File Submitted: 03 Jan 2012 File Category: Tracks Author : zerez86 Update V1.02: - fixed: garage doors not working properly - new camera positions (some more movement paths) - adjusted racing groove on certain corners If you only want to download the update instead of the full version 1.02 please go to for the download link. Happy new year! zerez86 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a scratch made fantasy track located somew
  8. Alessandro Pollini

    Formula 1 1994 Track Pack by F1-Sim-Racer

    Formula 1 1994 Track Pack by F1-Sim-Racer View File Author : F1SR Team F1SR 1994 Track Pack completo v1.2 Submitter Alessandro Pollini Submitted 12/27/2011 Category F1 1994 Mod  
  9. Ho visto in questo video, suppongo sia di Max D'Angelo una versione che non sono riuscito a trovare di Zolder ho scaricato anche un track pack di wtcc 2011 ma niente se qualcuno di voi fosse in possesso o conosce un link dove scaricarla vi sarei grato se la/lo condivideste con me grazie in anticipo
  10. maurovr

    Mugello RSR v1.1

    Mugello RSR v1.1 Conversions / modifications of this track for any other simulator is not allowed. Textures, created by Culmone, cannot be used for other projects. Layout & 3D Objects: Mauro Delega', Mario Gilles, Andrea Lojelo, Riccardo De Rosa, Albert McSaltens, Luca "SkyGT" Naldi Textures, Technical Suggestions, Graphical Composition of the Environment: Giovanni Culmone Cameras: Andrea Lojelo, Albert McSaltens Support : Fulvio "Gek" Genova, Giancarlo Graziano, Riccardo Azzoli (pilot), Lorenzo Scotti (pilot) History: 25/11/2010 Release 1.0 Initial package 18/11/2011 Release 1.1 (You c
  11. Alessandro Pollini

    [GTR2] - 91 Phoenix

    File Name: 91 Phoenix File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini File Submitted: 16 Nov 2011 File Category: Tracks Author : McWolf GT Legends Version Release Dale : 2010 Update v 1.3 by Mc Wolf ================ 1. Fixed asphalt and lines ! 2. Converted all "BMP" to "DDS" ! Now the track is smaller, for shorter loading times ! Old v 1.2 = 75.8 Mb New v 1.3 = 28.6 Mb !!! ------------------------------------------------------------ The Formula 1 used this tracklayout in 1991 ! ----------------------------------------------------- Orginal for F1C by Nericksenna & Birkuc ! -----------
  12. Alessandro Pollini

    [GTLegends] - Solitude 64

    File Name: Solitude 64 File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini File Submitted: 10 Sep 2011 File Category: Tracks Author : NeelJ GTR2 Version - rFactor Version - Race On Version Solitude circuit History; The Solituderennen Solitudering or (in French circuit of Solitude) is a 11.4 km road circuit near Stuttgart, and named after the nearby Castle Solitude. Motor sports events were held from 1903 to 1965. Because of the narrow pathways, only motorcycle events were held until 1956. The track and stands were expanded in early 1957 and racing sports cars and racing have been organized by the Auto
  13. Alessandro Pollini

    [GTLegends] - Vairano 2010

    File Name: Vairano 2010 File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini File Submitted: 27 Aug 2011 File Category: Tracks Author : NeelJ GTR2 Version - rFactor Version Original author for GPL & Rfactor by Strava, Modification, and graphic improvement by Neel Jani, I thank Strava for the authorization that it granted to me in order to propose this new version to you, for platforms GTR2, GTL, Race07 & Rfactor, Modification made on the basis of me has version Vairano V3.0 GTR2, I thank Boblebric for the video assembly for the screens TV, and Luigi for are great work with the realization of t
  14. File Name: Yas Marina Circuit - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini File Submitted: 26 Aug 2011 File Category: Tracks Author : derDumeklemmer rFactor Version Yas Marina Circuit (Abu Dhabi Grand Prix) V1.01 =========================================== Birkuc build the rF-version based on La Plata's GP4 version and kindly gave permission for a GTL conversion MY BIGGEST RESPECT FOR THEIR KIND WORK. Since this build was done based on informations about the track from '08 it's not that close to reality (no tunnel, missing chicane and so on). CREDITS: ======== - La Pl
  15. il team Radiator Springs Racing e' orgoglioso di presentarvi un nuovo update per uno dei circuiti piu' belli di netKar PRO: Crema. Circa un anno fa il nostro team creo' un file per creare un temporaneo box e griglia per Crema. A quel tempo l'unico modo per farlo era era creare a mano il file di configurazione con molti tentativi per indovinare la giusta posizione La community ha riscoperto questo bellissimo tracciato, quasi inutilizzato in precedenza perche' disponibile solo in single mode. Il tracciato era bellissimo ma aveva un grosso problema. Il nuovo "box" non era nient'altro che una
  16. E' disponibile sul sito dei CTDP la versione 2.2 di questa loro comoda utility, che permette di creare campionati personalizzati evitando di modificare il file rFm e i vari mismatch online dovuti da ciò. Championship Track Manager v2.2 by CTDP This is a small tool which makes it easier to add seasons to rFactor. You can set your own tracks, cars, safety-cars & pointsystems for the championship-mode. You can add a varius number of random tracks to the season (so far you hav
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