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Found 101 results


    Project CARS Build 505 (Team Member+)

    Il team SMS ha rilasciato la nuova Build 505 aggiornata del suo interessante Project CARS: questa release, destinata a tutti gli utenti Team Member+, porta con sè come al solito varie migliorie e bugfix. Notevole ad esempio il miglioramento del circuito di Donington!

    Project CARS Build 494 (Team Member+)

    Anche oggi, come ogni venerdi, il team SMS ha rilasciato una nuova versione aggiornata del suo simulatore in fase beta: è infatti disponibile la nuova Build 494 di Project CARS, che possono scaricare tutti gli utenti Team Member+.
  3. Build 494 (14/06/13, Team Member+) Cameras: * Changing default values for look to apex etc * Adding in dof effect for helmet camera when moving at speed and going into apex Race Weekend: * Implemented global session timer for practice, qualification, and warmup races * Fixed black background screen when going into the race overview screen for the first time * Implemented Autopilot throughout the game, except for the Online menu option where it can be disabled * Implemented variable session durations (changable via a FE menu option) for practice1&2, qualification and warmup * Turned the Save button on for all sessions, but specifically disabling it for the final session in sequence * Fixed scripting bug which meant the sessions wouldn't save if being played from Practice1 Physics: * Moved ResetGarage systems earlier so not to overwrite user changes * Reset setup and gear numbers to default on vehicle initialisation * Default final gearing set correctly when no setup created * Write gear ratios (left/right) as well as fraction to GetCurrentDisplayValue if requested * Added GetCurrentDisplayValue left and right outputs for gear ratio reading * Fixes using final drive to limit other gears * Tires: New modal+flash GT tires and many optional tires added for other cars Audio: * Looping sounds can now be keyed off * EXTERNAL GEARSHIFTS - New batches of external gear shift sounds and events for the categories Race and GTRace * Rationalising current Backfires/Splutter content for the exhaust events. The aim is to make these sound more like they are part of the engine - and - work well with the new external gear shift sounds WiiU: * WiiU Net OneSock compilation fixes/rough and ready socket implementation * Updated BString/BDbgString vsnprintf usage to a safer cross platform handling of the va_list * WiiU: w-i-p updates to File Module * WiiU: Added Application Data device handler * WiiU: Added internal manager support for device clients and centralised file operation command block support * WiiU fix for Environment Timeline pre-linker errors * Updated default props for WiiU configs. Added solution name to PCH default folder. Set Linker 'Link Once Template Instantiation" to default On * Added support for WiiU to HRDF Compiler * Increased command line length limit to 8191 from 256 * WiiU Main project now builds! * WiiU VideoCapture Library compilation fixes. * WiiU RaceInput library compilation fixes/stubs GUI: * All-new in-game telemetry Tracks: * Bathurst: Optimisation improvements - adding LODs, occluders, and optimising existing objects * Azure Circuit: Deleted sea mesh under the ground, updated csm, added 2more 3d armco ends * Northampton Classic: Reworked all tribunes and grandstands, reworked area around the bridge so the dip is removed, fixed CSM issues, Vehicles: * BAC Mono: revised engine braking for new throttle system * M3 GT4, M3 GT, Z4 GT3, Boss 302R, SLS GT3: setup tweaks, restrictor size limited, engine braking tuned for new throttle system This post has been promoted to an article

    Project CARS Build 489 (Junior Member+)

    Il team SMS ha rilasciato come ogni venerdi una nuova versione aggiornata del suo Project CARS: la Build 489, disponibile per tutti gli utenti abbonati Junior Member+, porta con sè moltissimi bugfix, migliorie varie ed alcune novità, come ad esempio il nuovissimo tracciato montano di Fort Felix, una pista di fantasia ovviamente ma davvero molto affascinante, come potete notare dai primi video di anteprima in game.

    Project CARS approda su Steam

    Con il comunicato che potete leggere integralmente a questo link e assecondando i desideri degli utenti membri che hanno votato a suo favore, il team Slightly Mad Studios ha annunciato la prossima integrazione del suo Project CARS nel sistema di Steam. La già nota ed apprezzata piattaforma di digital delivery gestirà in modo totalmente automatizzato tutti i vari aggiornamenti del software e le diverse autentificazioni dei vari utenti membri, assegnando ad ognuno un livello compatibile al proprio grado (ovvero Junior, Manager ecc...). Il gioco d'altra parte beneficerà di tutte le opzioni presenti in Steam, come ad esempio la chat vocale e gli inviti.
  6. Build 484 (31/5/13, Team Member+) Render: * x64 configurations now compiles cleanly * DX11 fix for depricated 16bit texture formats loading bug * Fixed 64 bit pointer warnings and depracated string warnings * Enabled 64 bit config. Excluded OculusRift cpp from PS3 configs * Fixed Oculus Rift VS props so that it displays properly in the Property Manager Bug Fixes: * Fix for online being stuck in a restart loop when pressing "Advance" * Fixed the problem with the distorting AI engine sounds (now re-enabled) by changing how it recycles the instances (distance rather than volume-based), and fixed an issue with glitching during transitions GUI: * Fixed quad visibility applink Base: * Added PCH support * Fixed options/settings * Fixed warnings/errors reported by WiiU compiler * Added ResetTickEvent to gManager * Call ResetTickEvent automatically when either AutoDeactivateManagers, EnterGameMode or LeaveGameMode is called * OculusRift removed from 64 bit config Environment: * Code to generate air pressure (pa) and altitude base air temp based on altitude of the track. Also added hooks so we can provide the altitude of a track via its trd Game Modes: * Race weekend enabled in Front-End * Basically, now all the Quick Race game mode menu options are now working -Quick race mode, is now Race Weekend mode. -Re-enabled the TwoRaceFormat menu option -Fixed a bug in the Custom Race GUI handler, so now the correct game mode options are enabled on first-time into the menu -Fixed a bug in the number of laps being overridden by the previous sessions -Fixed a round-tripping bug where the current session index wasn't being reset across seperate games Physics: * Tires: Adjustments to both FlashTread and ModalCarcass improving inclination (camber) behavior Replays: * Missing file from previous replay-fix added Tracks: * Azure Circuit: Added new Andreas sea/water,added bg mountain/remapped and retextured the terrain above the rascasse/saintdevote, added new cruiseship+new building from James, fixed few things here and there * Azure Circuit: Initial trackside cameras and raceline added Vehicles: * BAC Mono: fixed up center camera position * Ford Mustang Boss 302R: fixed steering sync on temporary driver anims * Pirault Mega: Minor fix on CPIT body meshes * Pirault Mega: Added LODA roof/windscreen to CPIT body, fixed minor issues * RUF RGT: Fixing legacy issues in AI engine sound to put it in the correct sound category and misc settings * Gumpert Apollo: Fixed LODs A and B wheel nuts colors (different left and right) * Gumpert Apollo: LODC update. Some basic detailing added * Pagani Huayra: Minor collision joints update * Pagani Huayra: Needles instruments calibrated This post has been promoted to an article

    Project CARS Build 484 (Team Member+)

    Siamo a venerdi ? Allora è tempo di un nuovo aggiornamento del team SMS! E' infatti disponibile la nuova Build 484 di Project CARS per tutti gli utenti Team Member+. Oltre alla consueta badilata di bugfix e migliorie varie, segnaliamo i notevoli aggiornamenti grafici apportati al circuito di Montecarlo, che inizia ora a presentarsi come lo splendido teatro del famosissimo GP di Monaco...
  8. Riportiamo anche qui il topic già aperto in Vendo Compro Scambio: cortesemente, evitate le richieste di scambio o vendita account. Vista la sempre maggior richiesta di account di Project CARS da parte di chi non ha acquistato uno dei pacchetti nel periodo in cui era ancora possibile farlo, ritengo sia utile un chiarimento onde evitare fraintendimenti. Capiamo l'interesse da parte di molti verso questo titolo, che sicuramente è qualcosa di nuovo nel nostro mondo, ma anche per esso è prevista un'EULA (End User License Agreement, accordo di licenza con l'utilizzatore finale) che avete accettato al momento dell'acquisto e che, come tale, dovete rispettare. In dettaglio, il capitolo 3 intitolato RIGHTS OF USE AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS cita chiaramente come l'account sia personale e non trasferibile, di conseguenza tutti i topic di vendita o ricerca di un account verrano da ora in avanti chiusi. Invitandovi a leggere con attenzione tutta l'EULA, vi chiediamo di portare un po' di pazienza fino a quando gli SMS non torneranno ad aprire l'accesso ai nuovi utenti. Lo staff
  9. Project CARS Vista la sempre maggior richiesta di account di Project CARS da parte di chi non ha acquistato uno dei pacchetti nel periodo in cui era ancora possibile farlo, ritengo sia utile un chiarimento onde evitare fraintendimenti. Capiamo l'interesse da parte di molti verso questo titolo, che sicuramente è qualcosa di nuovo nel nostro mondo, ma anche per esso è prevista un'EULA (End User License Agreement, accordo di licenza con l'utilizzatore finale) che avete accettato al momento dell'acquisto e che, come tale, dovete rispettare. In dettaglio, il capitolo 3 intitolato RIGHTS OF USE AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS cita chiaramente come l'account sia personale e non trasferibile, di conseguenza tutti i topic di vendita o ricerca di un account verrano da ora in avanti chiusi. Invitandovi a leggere con attenzione tutta l'EULA, vi chiediamo di portare un po' di pazienza fino a quando gli SMS non torneranno ad aprire l'accesso ai nuovi utenti. rFactor 2 In seguito a chiarimento con gli ISI, la vendita di account di rFactor 2 viene esplicitamente vietata. L'account è personale e appartiene a chi lo ha acquistato. In caso gli ISI scoprissero che un account è stato venduto, esso verrebbe disattivato e né il proprietario originale, né il nuovo acquirente riceverebbero alcun tipo di rimborso. Steam Key è altresi vietata, per i motivi già citati sopra, anche la vendita di chiavi Steam per i vari titoli

    Project CARS Build 480 (Team Member+)

    Il team SMS ha rilasciato nel fine settimana, come ormai consuetudine, una nuova versione aggiornata del suo Project CARS: la build 480, disponibile per tutti gli utenti Team Member+, oltre ai soliti bugfix e migliorie varie, porta con sè anche la nuova versione storica del circuito di Silverstone ed un nuovo spettacolare sonoro per la Pagani Zonda R.
  11. Questa news su VirtualR ci riporta alcuni dettagli interessanti sul funzionamento del modello delle gomme in pCARS.
  12. recensione su MultiPlayer....bah a leggere sembra quasi un "simulatore" http://multiplayer.it/articoli/118527-project-cars-il-punto-della-simulazione.html
  13. ADRIANF1esp

    Video confronto: Project CARS vs realt

    Altamente spettacolare è il nuovo video di confronto realizzato dal nostro amico AdrianF1: protagonista del trailer è la Caterham, in confronto diretto con la sua controparte reale sul tracciato di Donington!

    Project CARS Build 473 (Team Member+)

    Dopo un susseguirsi di varie versioni durante tutta la settimana, arriva oggi per gli appassionti di Project CARS la release per il weekend: è infatti disponibile la nuova Build 473, che possono scaricare tutti gli utenti Team Member+, con numerose migliorie ed aggiornamenti, anche per quanto riguarda le Apps. Da non perdere gli ultimi spettacolari video di anteprima.
  15. This post has been promoted to an article
  16. Sarà che non lo provavo da un pezzo con il volante, però... che miglioramento! Ho girato un po' con la BMW Z4 e la differenza è dal giorno alla notte rispetto a qualche mese fa. Il force feedback inizia finalmente ad essere utile, almeno con questa auto. This post has been promoted to an article
  17. Build 365 (7/12/12, Team Member+) Online: * XSession is now created around single player Xbox 360 games (required for stat submit * Implemented hiding of cars which have quit from multiplayer Input: * Fixed problems relating to setting Logitech active wheel range in combination with calibration. Bug Fixes: * Fixed 'edit controls' screen not showing screen flow correctly Tracks: * Heusden: Added some assets, buildings, bridges * Moravia: New mesh and interior for the main tower, baked lightmap for garage interiors + UV fixes * Moravia: Textures update * Milan: Fix some text ads on the textures * Milan Short: Add latest assets from TomT and checked lod popping * Milan GP: Add bridge6006 and stands03 and checked lod popping [P4Utils.PerforceEdit v1.0.0.0] * Milan: Added new textures for mz_bridge6006_loda * Harrison Pike Raceway: Updated LOD distances definition for crowds * Connecticut Hill: Updated LOD distances definition for crowds * Harrison Pike Raceway: Placed flag wavers at grandstands * Connecticut Hill: Placed flag wavers * Derby National: Fixed csm and open ends on barriers/tyrestacks/armcos * Derby GP: Fixed csm and open ends on barriers/tyrestacks/armcos Vehicles: * BMW M1: fixed inverted ride height sliders * BMW Z4 GT3: added contest winning liveries * Motec LCD colour & light switching using headlight toggle. Including display cycle using new input (no cars yet checked in) Previous 4 builds... Build 364 (6/12/12, Senior Manager) Online: * Changed the way attribute and state changes are handled on PS3. Now the online layer guarantees that there is never more than one attribute change call in progress and batches attribute change requests done within one request tick or while another change is in progress. This fixes problems with attribute change ordering and mismatched combinations of old and new attributes when packing them into single binary NP Matching attribute Input: * Fixed Logitech wheel initialisation issue when running without the Profiler Season Mode: * Season progress is now saved in the profile (round info, participants and scores) and will be able to be resumed using the Resume Previous option once that's added. Progress is reset when completing a Season, and resetting is handled. The saved participant info is now used to persist across rounds. Note that further UI is needed before this becomes operational Tracks: * Azure Circuit: Merged in latest stuff from MJ, added new nibox building with just grey diffuse/ao mao, some works on portier turn, fixed csm issues, fixed some small things around the track, fixed some duplicate mat names, deleted some obsolete obj around the portier area * Azure Circuit: New textures * Heudsen: New texture maps * Test Track: Test Track updated with previous triggers positions (won't affect as track is playable in practice mode only currently) * Added Test Track Hillclimb to grp and tracklist * Test Track Hillclimb: TRD checked in enabling the track in racemode * Test Track Hillclimb: Raceline checked in * Test Track hillclimb: Trackmap for menu * Test Track Hillclimb: Test Track Hilclimb updated with Physics updated * Test Track Hillclimb: Grassmaterial for test track hillclimb * Test Track Hillclimb: Groundcover files for Test track hillclimb variation Vehicles: * Kart: suspension adjustment to get jacking working Build 363 (5/12/12, Senior Manager) Online: * Added priority calculations to recipients of vehicle update packets in race. This should pripritize packets sent to players physically close to the sender's when outgoing bandwidth is not enough to send everything through direct channels * Disconnected player participants will only be removed once from the race * Fixed sorting of peers when deciding which messages to send directly and which via rebroadcaster, based on recipient priorities (the game now sets priorities based on vehicle distances, and the sorting code was not handling this correctly) * HUD: added position readout for MP races Render: * Added in RenderContexts and hooks for shader techniques setting up the correct render contexts * Changed basic_translucent shader to make the alpha pre-multiplication happen after all the extra layers (envmap, specular, fog) so that we don't get a strange over-application of effect in the far distance when the mipped down alpha is kicking in. This fixes an issue with fog on distant fences looking over-bright Input: * Reworked and re-enabled steering lock spring * Added setting of active wheel range (soft-stop) for Logitech wheels * Disconnection handling updates * Implemented force operation merging * Added more device-specific default wheel range values * Ensure force effects are released on game exit Weather: * Change to Access levels for edit data * Adding in project settings to exclude WeatherStringEnum.cpp from all PS3 build configurations TweakIt: * Updates for enum context menu display to allow lots of items to display in a friendly way Physics: * Updated cleanup of participant manager to reset spawn location info used during change of race mode * Updated to use new STM lib. Removed duplicate linkage of the lib from GamePhysics to fix link time missing PDB warnings in Release and Gold. Warnings still exist in Debug due to problems with the fex lib itself Tracks: * Heudsen: tweaked texture map * Emirates Raceway: Removing not needed track logos Vehicles: * BMW Z4 GT3: quick collision detection point tweak Build 362 (4/12/12, Manager+) Weather: * Adding in project settings to exclude WeatherStringEnum.cpp from all PS3 build configurations * Change for ps3 compile to use unitly cpp * New Setup so texture files names are now kept in String Lists Common: * Updated cleanup of participant manager to reset spawn location info used during change of race mode Base: * Code so Live Edit Components do not need to keep a copy of their infomation strings Tracks: * Eifelwald: Fixed (removed) Logo on Curved Tribune Build 361 (3/12/12, Senior Manager) Physics: * Converted all STM DLLs to a single LIB (fexCathedralUber) * Added multi-rg file loading support Online: * Work around for partial attribute sets: The admin will always request all attributes to be changed, even when the intention is to change a subset Tracks: * Heusden: Tweaked texture map * Milan Short: Add final pit area buildings (add missing lodB's) * Milan Short: Updated occluders and remove treewalls behind pitbuildings (back parts pitbuildings are now visible from road) * Milan GP: Add final pit area buildings (add missing lodB's) * Milan GP: Updated occluders and remove treewalls behind pitbuildings (back parts pitbuildings are now visible from road) [P4Utils.PerforceEdit v1.0.0.0] * Milan: New textures and new textures for the ad banners
  18. Build 327 (19/10/12, Team Member+) Fixed the timeslice value in Vehicle::ExtrapolateDynamics Season weather parameters now passed through to the races Added cancel dialogs for MP UI screen transitions (join & create) Fixed lobby list flicker Added better detail and variety to disconnect warning dialogs (and added to text DB) Changes to logging to stop compile errors on console builds Added info-level logging when TCP connection is closed by the server Alt+tab capability (free resources before DX device reset) ; CRenderer - enumeration of render targets for RenewDefaultPoolResources corrected - iterator re-initialization Derby - tweak grandstand textures Switch to player control instantly for rolling starts Formula A: new suspension geometry plus setup tweaks for latest STM updates Improved water droplets, using per pixel fresnel and reflective boost on droplets Added per-pixel Fresnel support functions to allow better looking reflections on water droplets Wisconsin Raceway - Add new txt for SetBackCafe Northampton. Tweaked textures. Derby - fixed intersection on pitwall viewer asset with marshal bridge Visual polish to the HUD elements Eifelwald new complete AIW. New main path, raceline, etc. supports 45 players Audio: Formula B updated to new specs including vibration layer, EQ etc Audio: updating Formula B with latest balancing changes New Derby exports Build 326 (18/10/12, Team Member+) Changed logging level of frame tick to "debug" Tweaked Lap Info hud element colours Added extra logging to render tasks to detect invalid pointers Added two more categories to renderer logging Fixed 'CInGameSectionload' call to 'SetSpecularIrradianceEnabled' to use profile settings Added Global Specualr Irradiance option to graphics options screen Fix for mistake in waterlevel logic Integration of initial Pit2Car speech, with initial phrases for fastest lap, cutting the track and occasionally when being overtaken. Note that this includes volume changes to get speech audible properly within the mix, so in-race volume has been reduced from what it was Fixed bug when host migrates to node that is not time-synchronized yet. Now the node correctly disconnects from the session with "migration failed" error and triggers another migration Enable AI control during end of race GUI Add explicit call to deactivate track camera manager during race exit to release the objects being held on to by the camera editor Post-race screen in multiplayer will use the MP flow to return from race Added missing memtraces in cReplay::Init() Initialised input sets with correct maximums, where known Added NULL guard in Detect_WithdrawFlag() to prevent crash in replay Change so wet track is real time Derby - fix flags position for grandstand (new improved version) Derby - add new and improve textures - pitwall and grandstand Added logging controls for two new types of renderer log data Derby - logo update Derby - new textures addition Audio: adding vibration layer to Formula B Eifelwald - grass texture, updated source psd file Eifelwald - new concrete strip texture Removed RA logo from the Lshape building sign/ Wisconsin raceway Missing fonts added to Loading screen pakfile Gumpert Apollo textures, metals update Added new textures for Wisconsin raceway Moved some trees from the area near the Lshape building/Wisconsin raceway Speech volume slider added in Audio menu Back panels improved on Position and Lap HUD indicators Vehicles: reverted H-pattern cars back to previous shift delay values Removed old Block Gothic font from HUD panels, updated to new distance font and polished Minor updates to Multiplayer Lobby messages to reduce their string length Fix audio balance issues Derby GP + National scene dressing Added textual name of the MPRace game mode Northampton. Tweaked textures Black removed from reflection mask texture so no parts of the track are completely dry. also upped the reflection level in a couple of the conditions Northampton. Matched colors to the RL Belgian Forest Circuit - New textures Derby - add new texture - pitwall stuff Wisconsin Raceway - add new textures for CartTruckHuts Records are now navigable on the Load screen, minor kerning fix on Login screen Throttle calibration fixed on Controls screen, improved scroll bar in Lobby, Time Progression now shown, Load screens now consistent with FrontEnd Road dbv change to move fog after reflections. Wtc edits to increase the reflection values and tweaks to build up time New Asano X4 export New Derby exports New Eifelwald export New Eifelwald GP export New Wisconsin Raceway export Build 325 (17/10/12, Team Member+) Logic change to rolling start flags to allow full throttle control to player instantly Added lobby version of game data for MP matches Fixed max participant issues Fixed a few minor UI issues Correct message for game join failure Fixing out-of-bounds issue in GUIList Modified code to distinguish between the initial section allocation (_CreateSection) and subsequent section allocations (_AddSection) in the memory dumps to aid in debugging container expansions. Added safety checks around mChatList calls as this isn't initialised on the consoles. (No console text chat, only Voice chat) BLog updates * Changed the naming of session folders to make them easier to organise and navigate. Example: 'dbgSession\Dbg 2012-10-16 @ 12.18.20' * Crash dump files are now written to the session folder instead of the project root. On PC this is in the user document folder under <project name>\dbgSession * Log files are now written to the dbgSession folder * UTC is added to PC logs * Fixed millisec printf width in logs * Added command line switch to prefix session folder names. This is useful when running multiple instances in the same folder (such as thin clients) -sessionprefix <prefix> * Fixed bug in PC BDir:Create where creation result flag was incorrect in some cases * Fixed some log calls to remove \n or fix formatting Removing detail specular map as fresnel multiplier in road dbv shader Derby - textures update Eifelwald GP texture updates Fixes colouring of first three entries in browse list Added lobby version of game data for MP matches Fixed max participant issues Fixed a few minor UI issues Correct message for game join failure Fixed master.txt and post race AI assert New Monterey crowds New Bologna crowds Vehicles: Updated cockpit animation HRDF files to use full node names Vehicles: removed shift delay from the remaining H-pattern cars New Badenring exports New Eifelwald GP export New Sakitto exports Build 324 Discussion (16/10/12, Team Member+) Proper logic fix for water level build up Fixed unused variable warnings Online: * Split GetUserAPI() to two - one that will return the default setup assigned by admin as a fallback, and one that will return nothing if only the default fallback setup is known * Changed lobby UI to ignore the default fallback setup in most places; this no longer requires explicit test for the FLAG_ASSIGNED_BY_ADMIN in the UI code * Fixed an assert firing when sending a message while leaving the session Code to allow us to build up the track water levels Added in ultra reflection setting for it to generate emap of 1024 Add fresnel to the reflections Improved handling of guaranteed messages (WIP). When the message pool gets empty, log contents of all message lists and disconnect from the session Removed old hard coded dev control for key L to turn off photo mode, which also toggled pause Wet track reflection drying line amount fixed temporarily at 75% until it can be linked with the physics drying line Don't skip the start engine phase if ignition is off Drying line set to 50% Online UI: Changed apptimer to exectimer in the lobby select screen, to fix the button not being re-enabled when the application does not have focus Reset animation entry flags when acquiring them from entry list (and some general tidying of their management) Enabled impact pieces effects Updates to TextDB and tool to remove the use of unsafe unicode case insensitive compare and some tidying of the sln and projects to bring in line with latest libs Export Manager - All latest updates and common tools updates Added logging of all DS protocol buffer issues New wtc values set up for rain build up speed and track wetness. detached from physics inputs now. set up for light rain, rainy, stormy and thunder storm Added instance file for Belgian Forest Karting Circuit, currently an exact copy of the full track so inefficient, but a good starting point and better than nothing Badenring - missing reported textures added Belgian Forest Karting Circuit - New textures for the build Disable wrong way penalties in SP. Change MP wrong way penalty to a force reset after 10 seconds Add Belgian Forest kart track Cam box added for Sakitto underpass area so that reflection is visible when you drive below, but does not draw when driving the section above. GP and west New Dynamic Brakemarkers placed (physics scene & system files) Sakitto - Missing textures files flagged in the export uploade copied over Sakitto - temp fix, uploading textures to fix export upload reported missing textures Eifelwald GP. Tweaked textures New Derby Brake Markers Rain fall particle tweak. texture tweak and keyed values such as size and density tweaked so that rain isn't so monsoon like in less heavy rainy conditions. lean to camera increased slightly as well Badenring crowds - fixed wrong positions, fixed cutting crowds Badenring - updated LOD distances Wrong way DQ time set to 10 seconds Fixed SP300 AI sounds, one of the samples was in the wrong soundbank Number of drivers in lobby number fixed, Create Season button added Build script update to re-instate missing xmlf files from vehicles\physics Wisconsin Raceway - add new textures for LapBoard, Restroom and TribuneShed Logitech G25 added to Controller images New Badenring exports New Bologna exports New Sakitto exports Do not use Time Trial at the Belgian Forest Karting track Drive Karts in BTM mode not STM Mode Online MP at the Belgian Forest Karting track is 1 on 1 only When manual control for TT starts throttle input is broken - if you wait a couple of seconds the throttle starts working This post has been promoted to an article
  19. download -> http://forum.wmdport...m/downloads.php Build 302 (14/9/12, Team Member+) Fixed crash for non-unregistered applink Adds caching of ghost data for time trial UI Caching record stats for leaderboard to prevent stale data crash Time trial ghost leaderboards, added 'select vehicle' filter to vehicle leaderbaord Fixed layer handling on events screen Time trial screens update - added registration methods for elements for visiblity and enabling/disabling. Quick fixed server spamming, may need further UI changes to reduce server overloading Added missing call to FixupSlotName() in CarSetupSlot::Read() Fixes for small job SPU setup, also fixes optimisation settings for all configs Improved handling of expected and unexpected disconnects. Leaving DS intentionally or signing off/disconnecting will now properly clean up session information and send "session left" + "session gone" notifications to app New time trial , ghost leaderboard and ghost local storage screens. Some minor UI data changes still needed to deal with disabled menu item states, and some unavailable data Northampton - add new textures for SF gantry Changes to Ghost Leaderboard screen to allow clicking on tabs, Use Best In Session now has applink Time trial ghost leaderboards, added 'select vehicle' filter to vehicle leaderboard Fixed layer handling on events screen Pagani Huayra - small tweaks to engine and tyres (heating and load) Eifelwald - new basic AIW for latest loft changes Disabled state added to all ghost menu items as well as tick to show ghost data is present Remove Ghost button added to Time Trial screen, old Ghost Visible option removed, 'Jump To Me' button added New USA Portaloos & placement on Monterey New Eifelwald export New Moterey export Known Issues: * Ghost name and time are set to 'NA' on return from a race in the time trial screen, though the vehicle name remains. * Ghost screens in 'Events' are not yet available (should be disabled). A slightly different solution has been proposed. * Paging does not work on the 'my records' tab - though I've had trouble getting enough records on there anyway, it still needs to be fixed. * Local storage entries do not currently show the user name for non-local users; requires a server call to retrieve user data for other userIds. This doesn't happen much currently and will be looked into later. Build 301 (13/9/12, Team Member+) The profile is now stored in a completely different way. Delete of profile is required for this build. Online session: * Fixed some commands in the debug menu that would assert when the game state was not compatible with the command; they will now fail gracefully * Online sessions initialize campaign interface, scripts on longer crash * Improved asserts for checking expected game state for callbacks handling local user joining and leaving * Information about the current session is kept up to date in the online support system; this information is available to UI via a new API * Added extra information about the current server and session to the debug print state command * Livery validation in the lobby is now implemented. If any member requests a "don't care" livery, the admin will choose one, so that all members see the same livery * Fixed syncpoint manager crashing when joining another session in the same process. When leaving a session, the syncpoint manager will clean up * Fixed assignments to NodeRefIds in syncpoint manager Added new getters to vehicle details for validation and randomization of liveries Implemented "kick member" API call on PS3, handling of "kicked out" and "room destroyed" room events Monterey - add new txt for stairs Monterey - add new texture for distant bridge Monterey - new garage textures Bumped version of all vehicles for Leaderboards stat reset Monterey. New AO map, first commit Monterey - add new textures for bridge New Bathurst export New Eifelwald export New Monterey export Build 300 (13/9/12, Senior manager) Online session: * Before starting data load, all clients fill GameSetup class with the final setup data send by the session admin * Extended final setup data to contain more information needed to setup the GameSetup race details * Race load is now triggered after the final setup is distributed among all members * Local non-authoritative validation of user setup does not check for the structure valid flags; this allows the validation to work even if the data hasn't yet been validated by the admin * Added persistent history of received chat messages, which is also used to check for duplicate chat packets * Fixed incorrect asserts received when handling notification about the local user leaving the session while loading Profile: * Replaced all RTTI functionality with BStorage (migration and fix-up of CL 243030) ControllerSettings now uses index-mapped arrays for storage of deadzone and sensitivity settings Cleanup in GameSetup: * Moved some type declarations from inside setup-related classes to a namesace scope in a separate header. This allows the enums to be used in other headers * Removed some no longer used functions * Split monolithic SetupRaceDetails to several functions Memphis - placed sitting 2d crowds Memphis - added LOD distances definition for crowds AzureCircuit:New textures for Archbridge asset Added race mode info for MP race Crowds - fixed some issues Monterey. Tweaked textures/PSD files Added second chase cam using settings from build 296 BMW M1: Added data for pop-up headlights animation Paganis cpit exposure set to 0.8 to go with new lighting. 0.7 made the environment look to bright. Monterey. Some dirt added Fix for skid pan 200m markers (they were still using the object name that is hard coded, by the coders, to split into multiple parts, which then causes an error) Monterey - add new textures for motherbridge Experimental condtion added to wtc in slot clear5. brighter ambient, more colourful shadows, brighter reflections. White cars look more white at dawn and dusk as a result and in day cars have more of a blue sheen. emissives, headlights and other night specific lighting will look blown out because of increased exposure at this time New icons for Time Trial screens and visual improvement New BMW M1 export New Pagani Huayra export New Azure Coast export Build 299 (12/9/12, Senior Manager) Removed eManagerUseMicroDelta flag from Physics Tick to disable the experimental microsec code Online session: * Changed state sync from non-admins in host migration during load to happen after required state changes. This prevents the new admin from receiving some admin status updates from a client who was admin before the migration, but was demoted * Admin now generates participant setup before sending the sync message, and the participant data is included in the sync * Logging of host migration during load now prints state changes as part of the message * Support for each client configures local race and participant setup when everyone is ready for load, and then kicks off data loading. The implementation is fake for now, no configuration takes place yet Tweak for diffuse multiplier of rnd tree instances Tweak of treebacklighting boost for badenring trees Tree instance texturemap colortweak Monterey - add other ads for bigbanners BMW M1: Added opening doors Monterey. New textures/psd files. 1st commit Monterey. Tweaked textures/psd files Vehicle functions. IBL scale factor set to 1 Monterey - add new txt for bigbanner ads Common Aluminium turned darker diffuse New BMW M1 export Build 298 (11/9/12, Manager+) Direct weather allocs to game mempool and add missing memtraces/fixup container lazy inits Online session: * Implemented structures containing detailed data about race, user, and participant setup for online sessions. (They don't contain all information yet.) * Authoritative race setup for race start is stored in a different memory area than the setup distributed in the lobby, because it contains much more information (e.g. participant details for AI vehicles) * Changed names of some member variables of OnlineSession_Support to achieve a consistent naming convention * Simplified online session API for retrieving lobby setup * Extended event API extra data manipulation to allow copying the data in smaller chunks * Updated the Online API to allow the definition of "online request to server" be a platform-specific type Updated chase camera for more dynamic movement Harrison Pike Raceway - placed sitting 2d crowds Harrison Pike Raceway - added LOD distances definition for crowds Harrison Pike Raceway crowds - added initial sitting crowds Crowds - fixed some issues BMW Z4 GT3: updated rear wheel size Pine instance trees...diffuse multiplier and tree boost tweaked by material Harrison Pike Raceway crowds SFB/MFB versions setup Azure Circuit:New textures for Sbend apartments 04-05 Rain droplets texture update Common rain droplets texture. Saving as DXT1 for Darren Common rain droplet psd for vehicle bodywork added New BMW Z4 GT3 export Build 297 (10/9/12, Senior Manager) Added structure describing the full online session information. This include race setup, user setup, and participant setup. Handle "session member left" events. Also added "leave session" as temporary handling of "room owner changed", to be later replaced by proper owner migration. Added ghost option setting, available for time trial only Added new online ProgressPoint system. Modified LeaveGame() to allow it to be called from OneSock Thread. Slightly increased BAC Mono steering weight again. Crowds - Connecticut Hill crowds - fixed bug causing crashes of View Tool, fixed texture paths; added initial sitting crowds; placed sitting 2d crowds; added LOD distances definition for crowds Added lock for non-available vehicles by status New exports of BMW Z4 and Eifelwald This post has been promoted to an article
  20. Slightly Mad Studios and world-renowned sports car manufacturer Pagani Automobili S.p.A. are proud to announce a partnership which will see three of the manufacturer’s cars featuring in Project CARS. The companies have pledged to work closely together to perfect the ultimate digital representation of the cars, breaking new boundaries in terms of visual representation, true to life handling and audio fidelity. Players will be able to experience virtual versions of the Pagani Zonda R, the Zonda Cinque and the all-new Huayra, giving gamers access to both road-going hypercars and thoroughbred racing machinery. Passionate racers will love the Zonda R, the last and most extreme version of Pagani’s popular Zonda model. Powered by a six-litre V12 DOHC engine built by Mercedes-AMG, the 750bhp track-bred monster sprints from 0-100 in an almost unbelievable 2.7 seconds. Drivers who don’t want to be confined to race tracks will love the Zonda Cinque, the pinnacle of the road-going Zondas. And the line-up is completed by the all-new Huayra, Pagani’s latest addition to its stable. Utilising the first turbocharged engine to power a Pagani, it puts out 730bhp and features a revolutionary active aerodynamics concept in a bold new design. Ian Bell, Head of Studio at Slightly Mad Studios said “We’re delighted to be working so closely with one of the world’s leading supercar manufacturers. Pagani and Slightly Mad Studios both share a core interest in creating class-leading products for enthusiasts, and pushing boundaries to their extremes. As such, we are dedicated to producing the most accurate representation of Pagani’s amazing cars ever seen in a game. We look forward to doing the cars justice.” Horacio Pagani, founder and chief designer at Pagani Automobili said “A simulation like Project CARS will give enthusiasts all over the world the opportunity to experience the unique driving feel of a Pagani. With the support of our technical partners Mercedes-AMG, Brembo and Pirelli , our engineers are working closely with the physics engine developers to create the most realistic experience possible.” All three cars will be available to drive in Project CARS later this year. WMD members will be able to take a virtual test drive once first versions of the car have been completed by using the regular development builds of Project CARS. This post has been promoted to an article
  21. http://forum.wmdportal.com/downloads.php Build 202 (27/4/12, Team Member+) Update rolling start option accordingly when selected track forces rolling start Fix AI throttle cap at 100%. Adjusted helmet cam exposure to suit new art Added the ability to submit flags with stats. In the future, the stats will be used to record information like whether or not driving aids were enabled during the record lap. Removed obsolete API to submit records without sector times In car view exhaust resonation layer enabled New Azure Coast reverse HUD map added Enabling helmet cam audio dampening Bodywork_Carbon Max shaders. Changed specular settings for carbon to look the same as vehicles_basic New Besos textures checked in Bodywork_Carbon Max shaders. Specular settings for Matte option updated Adjust LOD/CUL settings such that distant cars don't disappear so early Belgian Forest - update trees for new terrain/new treewals and fixed few crowds intersections Added the California HUD maps New Palmer JPLM export New Anhalt exports New Bathurst export New Belgian Forest export New Besos exports New Loire exports New Sakitto exports This post has been promoted to an article
  22. Il team SMS ha rilasciato come ogni venerdi la nuova build aggiornata del suo ottimo Project CARS: questa settimana la build 184, come di consueto destinata a tutti gli utenti membri, oltre ai classici bugfix, ci mette a disposizione la nuova vettura BAC Mono ed i tracciati di Laguna Seca e Suzuka! Slightly Mad Studios have released the newest weekly build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title, introducing exciting new content to the quickly-evolving simulation. Build 184 gives members with Team Member status and above the first chance to test drive the exciting 2011 BAC Mono on a brand new track. Built by the Briggs Automotive Company, the BAC Mono is a lightweight, road legal sports vehicle, aiming to bring the sensation of single-seater driving to public roads. Project CARS is the first driving simulation to feature the stunning Mono, allowing members to experience a first version of the car with the newest build. To go along with the new ride, Build 184 also includes a brand new track – Monterey. Located in California, Monterey is a popular road racing circuit featuring a very distinctive layout Aside from the two new content additions, Build 184 also brings all changes that have been added to Project CARS during the past weeks, including: New versions of several tracks (Azure Coast, Sakitto, Connecticut Hill, Milan) Lots of audio improvements New Palmer Jaguar JP-LM liveries Animation improvements and much, much more.. Build 184 (30/3/12, Team Member+) Fresh profile is required fix for RenderContext blendstate 'over-optimisation' bug Update profile defaults (meaning new profile needed for this build). fixed black shadows bug under sx11 change to the setup of the weather forecast so that we always go from the first condition to the second one and back.. [Weather] day and night time building setup. i.e self illuminated buildings; weather system clamping values between 0.01 and 0.99 for emissive control; setting default emissivetexturecontrol to be 0.01; changing the name of the default sky texture. Experimental: modify camera behaviour when world movement setting is fully off. Fixes for console compilation errors Audio: Doppler setting changes for most cars (this heightens the effect). Most cars have subtle filter effect for interior engine sets to emphasise higher rev ranges Surface sounds received some balancing tweaks (wind effect is louder and jet stream enhanced for flybys) Cosworth DFV cars have received some balancing changes and some pitch and crossfade tweaks Reverb level settings adjusted. Sakitto: Change main fence texture; brightnes tweaks Monterey: new textures AzureCoast: textures Connecticut Hill: wtc and emissive control map tweaks so that windows come on at night; random factor added to CH lights coming on and off; rescaled nightcolor textures and reduced some of them in brightness; Textures update for fresnel road shader Portaloos created and placed on Badenring variations Fixed carbon shader not compiling with crumple damage and vinyls on (needed VS outputs to be packed into less items) [Weather] day and night time building setup. i.e self illuminated buildings. BAC Mono added to the game (placeholder physics) New exports of Azure Coast; JPLM; Connecticut Hill; Monterey; Sakitto This post has been promoted to an article

    Project CARS

    http://www.wmdportal.com/projectnews/v8-rumble-in-northampton/ Slightly Mad Studios have released a new weekly build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title, giving members with Team Member status and above plenty of improvements and new content to enjoy. Aside from various improvements made to key aspects of the simulation, the new build introduces a brand new track that can experienced with a powerful new sports car. Ariel Atom V8 You think you can handle the Ariel Atom 300 & the Ariel Atom Mugen? Then get ready for a new challenge as the brand new Atom V8 is powered by a mighty 3-liter V8 engine with more than 500hp! Northampton The new build allows Team Members to give the brand new Northampton track a first spin. Located in central England, the track offers a challenging mix of long straights and tricky corners, making it a perfect place for racing with all kinds of vehicles. Aside from the two new content items, the new build also introduces loads of other stuff, including: Extensive physics improvements for various cars New Ariel Atom 300 liveres New versions of Bathurst, Connecticut Hill & Bologna and much more… Build 135 (20/1/12, Team Member+) FFB updates. New spring code, revised rumble strip effects, effects can now be modified by F1 menu. Expose opponent type selection to GUI. T500RS wheel spring forces enabled and functional (may require some tuning) Ariel Atom: All suspension animations finished Reduced motion blur a little. Caterham: New liveries added New physics on Racer cars based on the new tyre direction. Dropped main grip / increased sliding grip. Also even out front and rear base grips and staggered the load sensitivites. Misc chassis balance changes to suit. Darkened race groove a little. New export of California Raceway Build 134 (20/1/12, Team Member+) Fix for NULL deref that can occur if the stats callback occurs after loading is complete Ariel Atom Mugen: fixed halfshaft bone orientations Bumped all vehicle versions ready for stat wipe More detail changes to the Ariel Atom models. Mostly braking balance, aero drag and a bit more work on the tyres base grip vs sliding grip amounts New exports of Northampton circuit, Ariel Atom 300 and Mugen This post has been promoted to an article

    Project CARS

    Slightly Mad Studios have released the final development build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title before the holidays, making sure that WMD team members have an adrenaline-packed festive season. The new build introduces a brand new car as the Ariel Atom Mugen is now available to be pushed to the test. While Project CARS members have already been enjoying the regular Ariel Atom for a few weeks, the ultra-rare Mugen version is an even more powerful driving machine. Powered by a Mugen-tuned Honda iVTEC Type-R engine putting out 270hp, the car also comes with a special Mugen paint scheme and rims to set it apart from the competition. The new build is now available for download for all WMD members with Team Member status and above. For a one-time membership fee of 25€, Team Members get to follow the development of Project CARS up close and get to enjoy weekly development builds of the title. So if you’re a Team Member already, simply download the latest build via our download page, and if you aren’t yet, join us and become a Team Member to play games as they’re created, contribute to their development, and talk with the devs! Build 121 (23/12/11, Team Member+) Ariel Atom Mugen added Belgian Forest track updates Ariel Atom updates California Raceway updates Grass grip reduced Known issues: Ultra shadows setting causes the game to crash with ATI(AMD) cards. This post has been promoted to an article
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