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Found 6 results

  1. Well, this is not a release at the moment. I wish to bring a point. Last week, I started playing more of Assetto Corsa, and have fallen in love with it. It wasn't long that I wanted to lap around my Nordschleife, and I couldn't. That's when I found Snoopy's v0.93 version, but it wasn't riding well, so I decided I would convert my track to AC. I had all the terrain converted, and I got to the trees. I found out AC didn't supported billboards, so I was out of luck for my forests. I tried swapping my billboard plane meshes for Y meshes in Forest Pack Pro, but at the moment, FP resets the vertex normal I have set up as a sphere around the mesh so it light up properly. So I couldn't get them to look right. I was bummed out. I wrote a support email to Itoo software (makers of Forest Pack Pro) and told them about my issue. It's likely to be fixed in an update. So in the meantime, I'm a bit out of luck. There is a work around, but not really what I was intending. That's when I thought I would give GTR Evo's nord a try. The trees on this track are already non-billboards, so it went much better. The road mesh was better to drive before I upgraded it than the com8 version when it wasn't upgraded either. I have worked on the road mesh a lot and did a really good job on it. I did it all manually by flow connect. Most of the mats are also converted to AC mats, and the track is looking amazingly good in AC, even with the lower resolution textures the track haves. I haven't swapped much textures at the moment, only starting on it... I had to change the grass however, since the way the mats were made, the first base texture was a dirt/sand one for all the large scale grass around everywhere, so I had dirt/sand everywhere, and I couldn't find a way to set up a tex1 add tex2 mul tex3 shaders in AC to reproduce the original grass, so I took my own grass instead and set it up. My initial intention was to send the v0.1 version I have now, but after reading the topic on copyrighted content, I think I'll hold on to it for now. Here is my point of view on the matter: I wish no harm to anyone. I respect others work as much as possible, and have bought all the textures I have used in my own conversion of Nord, as well as any scripts/plugins I used (forest pack pro cost nearly 300$ for example), and I'm proud to support indie devs whenever I can. In this case, the track have been made more than 5 years ago. The game it belongs too is still a nice game, and I play it from time to time to drive the many cars there is in race07 on the nordschleife, but as of today's standard, that game falls short, not on the graphics, they are still fine if you ask me, I wouldnt mind lapping on it if it had rf2 or AC physics/ffb... but the race07 one doesnt cut it for me. SimBin made a bundle of money already with this product, and I would believe GTR Evo has been a buying factor for race07 for many owners, myself included. I doubt many to this day are purchasing this however to play it on a regular basis. Last year, when I started my conversion, I asked SimBin, if we could work something together... I wanted to use their model, but replace most of the assets, as I did with the com8 version. I also wanted to include their logo on the loading screen, and suggest people to buy gtr evolution, since anyway its now dirt cheap. So in the end, I doubt allowing a conversion at this point in time would have cut much into their revenue, and I would think it might also have increased them. However, they never answered me back, totally ignoring me. I hate when people ignore me. And always had it on the heart ever since. Also, it's not like SimBin didnt benefit from other conversions, and lots of them coming from other games as well. Another thing I thought, since most people in the racing sim community don't play one game only, and a lot have a growing collection of sim titles, its safe to assume that most interested and knowing the track well already have already bought in the past GTR Evo to play the best nordschleife there was on PC until now. So what is the real harm here, since most will already have GTR Evolution, and a few might be willing to buy it to support SimBin given the release (if it happens) goes smoothly and without hitch. So I dunno what I should do now. Here is how the track is looking at the moment in AC: fonte AC forum

    rF2: Nürburgring Nordschleife by Pleclair

    Hey guys, Well…. good news and bad news…. Good news is, I managed to finish up the long awaited update, and I’m currently almost finished uploading… will probably be done by the end of my post. A lot of things changed, you can find out all about it in the component description. I also reworked all the tatoos yesterday, since after redoing them and setting them to 0.001 as mentioned, I didnt noticed that most of them were still actually hidden. The large clip plane require more than 0.001 in most cases. I found out that splitting my objects that need to be set to decals, into smaller pieces, helped reduce/remove the flickers, and allow to use smaller values like 0.003-4… So all tatoos are now visible. The bad news is, things are stirring up a bit over here, and I dunno how long I’ll be able to work on Nord… not sure how things will end up over here, so I might have to take an unwanted break. The download is much larger because of the new road textures… each are 5mb in size, but not all are used… I will clean up after I’m totally done with adding variety to the road. I havent found much on the state of the tarmac in the guide, for the section after the karussel, it was mentioned in lots of corners the tarmac was rather in good condition at the time of the guide, so I let the light tarmac (medium age) there.. with the new patch that was already there. So right now, there is three variety of tarmac, old, medium, and new. You will easily find out which are which as each as visually distinct and feels distinct as well. Pleclair
  3. Dopo molte settimane di silenzio, il bravissimo pleclair è ritornato per la gioia degli appassionati di rFactor 2: è infatti disponibile per il sim made in ISI la nuovissima versione aggiornata 1.5 beta dell'imperdibile circuito tedesco del Nurburgring Nordschleife Tourist ! Come potete notare dal video qui sotto, si tratta di un download imperdibile.

    rFactor2: Nordschleife Tourist v0.97N

    Pleclair ha rilasciato per rFactor2 la nuova versione 0.97N aggiornata del suo Nurburgring Nordschleife Tourist, migliorandone diversi aspetti, rendendola così sempre più piacevole da guidare. Updated lots of the lower resolution, nearby track, textures. Guardrails, metal post, all fences, wooden post, antenna tower, castle, environment texture (top down trees), and more... tweaked further the LODs, and fixed the rear view mirror mostly. Few popouts occurs near horizon line... nothing disruptive.

    rFactor 2: Nordschleife v0.97j

    Il bravissimo Pleclair ha rilasciato per rFactor 2 la nuova versione aggiornata 0.97j Beta del suo imperdibile Nordschleife, il temibile "Green hell": per dettagli, commenti e download fate riferimento a questo link.
  6. Uff

    Doppio Ring per rFactor 2

    Mattinata particolarmente ghiotta di novità per gli utilizzatori di rFactor 2. In un colpo solo, infatti, vi segnaliamo il rilascio di una nuova pista e l'aggiornamento di un'altra. La prima è il tortuoso tracciato dell'Euro Ring, realizzato inizialmente dagli ISI come pista da drift sul primo rFactor e convertito ora da vicent-sollana, che ce lo ripropone con una ottima conversione. La seconda è invece il vero e proprio Ring, anche noto come Green Hell: pleclair ha aggiornato la sua conversione del Nordschleife migliorandone diversi aspetti, rendendola così sempre più piacevole da guidare. L'autore suggerisce l'uso di un profilo HDR appositamente realizzato e che potete scaricare dal topic dedicato alla pista sul nostro forum.
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