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  1. Nota: trovate qui la versione per rFactor Superb work by Third-party SLOW MOTION GROUP (full credits on profile link). They bring you this fully licensed Palatov D4, including AWD Hillclimb configuration, from PALATOV MOTORSPORT LLC. Download here! (click order by ‘date last updated’ to quickly find it). Nice profile page here: The car comes with three main configurations: Custom, Track day and Hillclimb. Though there are additional engine and tire options. The Custom class reflects the options

    ACFL Formula 1 2015 v3.3

    rF2: 1991 Group C v0.79 by MAK-Corp

    Dopo quasi 2 anni di lavoro, il team MAK Corp rilascia finalmente per rFactor 2 la nuova versione 0.79 del suo già noto Group C 1991 mod. La nuova release, oltre ai consueti fix, ci offre la Porsche 962C, migliorie grafiche e perfezionamenti alla fisica della Mazda 787B. We are happy to announce the release of v0.79 of the 1991 Group C mod for rFactor 2. v0.79 brings new content and improvements to the mod with the release of the Porsche 962C which has been added to the mod as of this version. Reworked physics done by Damian Baldi on both the Mazda 787B and the Porsche 962C bring a new realist

    Rally Legends: una WRC in video...

    Il progetto modding Rally Legends è uno dei più attesi su Assetto Corsa: il team di sviluppo ha annunciato il rilascio a breve della Citroen DS3 WRC, che oggi ci viene mostrata in azione in video, mentre la seconda vettura disponibile sarà la VW Polo R WRC.

    rF2: FIA GT3 by Apex v0.928

    Mentre prosegue senza sosta il lavoro di sviluppo (ecco alcuni screens dell'Audi), il team Apex Modding ha anche rilasciato per rFactor 2 la nuova versione aggiornata 0.928 del suo ottimo FIA GT3 Mod. Anche questa volta le migliorie e correzioni sono varie, vi consigliamo quindi di provare il lavoro, anche se non ancora definitivo. 0.928 Update - last cpm tyres on all the cars ,tyre wear adjusted - last b.o.p on all cars based on the results of the 2 first race on racingfr online champ - pit time are the same now for all the cars - corrected mp4 rbump who dissapear in high settings - corre
  6. Formula One 1991-1994 MasterBlaster Modding is happy to announce that F1-S-R Team has granted permission for a conversion of this great mods to GTR2. Right now we are working on the 1985 F1 season which is nearly done, after that all hands will work on the 90's seasons. It will feature... - 1991 Historic Edition - 1992 LE V1.01 - 1993 LE V1.2 - 1994 LE V1.3 1991 MOD SUONI FIX SPECCHIETTI 1994 MOD SUONI Thanks to Acestumacher and the whole F1-S-R Team [fonte NoGrip]
  7. DOWNLOAD This is the BETA R8 Gordini for rFactor For the FFB spend your value from 1.00 to 2.00 until I find and rule that little problem List of Fixes in this version 0.2: Of the following materials: - Rear bumper - Front bumper - Contour counter - Seal windshield - O bezel - arch 3D Update: - New cockpit - New side windows - New windshield - New luntette - Repositioning Steering - Fixed headlights (Halo) 2D (textures) - Textures windshield / window / glass (maj provided) - Texture aluminum parts (shift planned) - Texture cockpit (maj provided) [provided in V0.3] - Deformations tir
  8. L'autore della pista OLDRing per rF1 torna al lavoro su di un nuovo progetto per rF2. Nel caso non aveste mai provato l'OLDRing, rimediate subito!

    AC: Ferrari 248 beta 2 by F1SR

    Il team F1SR ha rilasciato per Assetto Corsa la nuova versione beta 2 della bellissima Ferrari F1 248 della stagione 2006 di Formula 1. Come potete vedere dal video di anteprima, pur essendo ancora una versione beta, convertita dall'originale creato dai CTDP, la monoposto di Maranello è già splendida! Please find our second public beta demo RELEASE 2 of the Ferrari F248, remember it is still WIP !, we would love to receive all the feedback we can, regarding the car, sounds, physics, bugs, anything you can find!, if you find any problems please give a full description so to help us understand w

    AC: USCC Car Pack update by IER

    2014 Corvette Daytona Prototypes by the IER Modding Group Changelog: 1.0 -3D completed for both the Dallara and Coyote chassis -Completely revamped physics based on data from engineers of the real car -Driver animations for both versions -Full LOD implementation for better frame rates -Feature list updated to current version of AC -New and improved sounds -New shaders -Various graphical improvements ______________________________________________________________________________ 2015 Oreca FLM09 LMPC by the IER Modding Group Changelog: 0.3 -Small 3D changes - with more to come once a new model
  11. Fonte Audi TT Sport Cup 2015 for Assetto Corsa Release Date : 31st of August, 2015 DOWNLOAD ======================================================================== Title : Audi TT Sport Cup 2015 Author : Tamas Pongracz (Tommy78) e-mail: Blog : Description : Add-On mod for Assetto Corsa ======================================================================== Version: 1.0 Mod : Scratch-made model by me (Tommy78) Features : Contains almost all curr

    rF2: Nissan Nismo GT-R GT1 by ISI v1.6

    Changelog: – Brand new tyres (CPM). – Reduced Max steering lock and moved to new steer lock method (as per other newer cars, which attempts to keep your steering ratio correct). – minor increase in CG. – Allowing a bit more freedom in anti-roll bar ranges, softened default. – Slightly less ‘randomness’ in engine lifetime. – Minor aero tweaks. – Slower real road rate. – Recalculated brake system. – Cleanup of old params and updated others to newest params based on build changes. – Reduced graphical helmet movement (when looking AT the car) – added tv style onboard cam, – Fixed the hood glitch –
  13. Nissan Nismo GT-R GT1 v 1.6 News post (with car info): Download (83.6MB): Release Info: The Nissan Nismo GT-R GT1 is newly updated to v1.6! This update is primarily an update to bring the tire model (CPM – contact patch model) into this car, but there were a number of other tweaks and fixes done on what is actually quite an old base model. Improved shaders should help the car look a little more comparable with other recently updated content
  14. In an attempt to always offer the best to its community, PTSims took, many years ago, the modding path, offering since its first years of activity high-quality mods with absolutely exclusive content. Renowned championships such as GT Series, initiation championships such as the Lotus Exige (part of the PTSims Academy), or simply dream road cars, PTSims was, for several years, the Portuguese community that most exclusive content offered to its members, for the simulators GTR 2 and Race 07. Every mod was created and released with great care, and the quality reflected that, not only because of th
  15. Il team ISI ha rilasciato per rFactor 2 la nuova versione aggiornata 1.62 della sua Chevrolet Corvette C6R GT2. La nuova release porta con sè varie migliorie, soprattutto per adeguare la vettura all'ultima versione del software. Il pacchetto contiene anche una skin grafica dedicata al compianto Max Angelo. Tutti quelli che stanno invece aspettando la nuovissima Stock Car Gen6 degli ISI, possono dare uno sguardo all'articolo pubblicato da SimHQ con screens inediti allegati. La vettura sarà rilasciata gratuitamente con la prossima build di rFactor 2. Gli ISI stanno inoltre lavorando ad un update
  16. Chevrolet Corvette C6.R GT2 v 1.62 This update is mostly about bringing in the technology missing from the older version (released at around this time last year), along with a few more minor tweaks. You may now upgrade to our CPM (contact patch model) version of the Chevrolet Corvette C6.R GT2 with version 1.62 (below). You’ll also notice updates to wet cooling (which should make slicks more difficult in damp and wets stay alive longer). Download: – 94.1MB Source:

    AC: F1 2015 v3.2 by ACFL

    rF2: FIA GT3 by Apex v0.925

    Il team Apex Modding ha rilasciato per rFactor 2 la nuova versione aggiornata 0.925 del suo già noto ed apprezzato FIA GT3 Mod, progetto che ci permette di simulare l'omonima serie GT3 ufficiale della FIA della passata stagione, con tutte le vetture. Qui di seguito i dettagli delle novità e migliorie apportate, mentre per download e commenti fate riferimento a questo topic del forum. Changelog 0.925 Update - reworked 997 : new gear box , new final ratio, correcting the rear of the car who slide on fast turn - reworked the two broken cars : sls and z06 - rework some lods - third try for kil

    rF2: novità Ferrari by ASR Formula

    Da non perdere, per tutti gli appassionati di rFactor 2, le due ultime novità rilasciate per il simulatore ISI dal noto modding team degli ASR Formula: la nuova versione 1.0.6 della Ferrari F310 (immagini sotto) e la release beta 0.9 della Ferrari 412T2.
  20. Final1 version Released! This version is now feature complete and can be regarded as 1.0. When new assetto corsa versions are released the mod will be updated. The big cat! Features of the car: -gearbox: 4 gear stick shift manual -naturally aspirated 5.4litre V12 engine. 600hp@7500rpm -cockpit adjustable arbs (hopefully ac will support this some day) -front wheels were using single bolt attachment system like all sportscars do nowadays -independent suspension on all corners -19 inch wheels and low profile slicks tires -water bottle in the cockpit so you can spray water into the front brake

    Assetto Corsa mod's updates

    Sono numerosi i mods per Assetto Corsa aggiornati dagli sviluppatori in questi ultimi giorni: partiamo dalle ruote coperte, segnalandovi la splendida Bentley Continental GT3, che vedete anche nel video qui sotto, quindi la Camaro GT3, la Ford Sierra Cosworth, la Mazda 787B; per le monoposto troviamo l'update 3.1 del F1 2015 mod e per finire coi circuiti, è da non perdere il Red Bull Ring Spielberg. Come al solito seguite la nostra area files per le ultime novità.
  22. Fonte Finally I'm going to call this update version 1.02. Damage has been added to all versions, LOD's have been made up, blurred wheels, along with so many other changes. Also introduces the DTM version of the car with reduced horsepower and more weight. CREDITS: -Original mesh: ChongMcBong -Skins and light textures: NWrap -Porting, extra fixes, physics: Me -Sounds: GTACE, Kunos -ECU: Alex72 -Testing: Lunae, Marlo0081, Avoletta, Patrik Marek, Jebus, Pankykapus, and anyone I'm forgetting BUGS: -The mesh is NOT perfect. I know it's not, but please consider I've spent months trying to fix
  23. Here's a preview of my Mazda 787B. I hope you like it Disponibile la versione 1.3. Disinstallare la precedente prima di installare questa.
  24. Il team UnitedRacingDesign ha rilasciato per Assetto Corsa la nuova versione aggiornata 1.35 del suo apprezzato Endurance GT Mod: la nuova release porta con sè un paio di migliorie, supportate dalle ultime patch rilasciate dalla Kunos Simulazioni per il proprio software. Vi ricordiamo che il mod, che ci offre 5 vetture, può essere scaricato previa donazione di Euro 5,20. URD ha inoltre reso disponibili anche le nuove release del T5 mod (ovvero le auto DTM) e del PX mod (i prototipi). Those who receive emails from us about updates, will receive them in some hours. T5 AC updated to v1.35 - a
  25. Andrea Brunini

    rF2: FIA GT3 by Apex v0.92

    Changelog cpm patch on every tyres ,slick and rain on every car tyres temp and wear are now better ,but you need to stay clean on road and have a good setup.. mp412c gt3 added to the mod 3d,2d,and sounds = yoss Turbo engine physics and rounds thing : Michael Borda ISI Reworked thing - as requested ,new filter system for select only the car of the mod , more easy : one general filter named AMGT3 and one specific filter if you want choose one one car of the mod for challenge cup : AMGT3_BMWZ4_GT3 AMGT3_799R_GT3 AMGT3_854GT3 AMGT3_Camaro AMGT3_MP412C AMGT3_SLSAMG AMGT3_Z06RGT3 - updat
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