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  1. A new version RC2 D has been released with New livery, new interior textures, less rear slide under acceleration Change log: Overall improved quality Much more stability under acceleration New livery from Nurburgring 24 h special New Interior with more detail on the doors and new textures, it now has the 2015 dash, (still needs improvements) Tyre blur Hundreds of vertices adjustments on the model DOWNLOAD real fonte AC forum This post has been promoted to an article

    AC: Darche PX1 by UnitedRacingDesign

    Il team UnitedRacingDesign ha appena rilasciato per Assetto Corsa una nuova versione aggiornata del suo PX mod, pacchetto dedicato ai prototipi, che include ora la Darche PX1 (l'avete riconosciuta vero?): direttamente dallo shop URD potrete acquistare per 9,80 euro il pack, al quale saranno poi aggiunte anche altre vetture.

    AC: Ferrari F310 by ASR Formula!

    Il team ASR Formula ha rilasciato per Assetto Corsa la prima versione beta 0.1 della mitica Ferrari F310, prima monoposto del Cavallino dell'epoca con motore V10, pilotata da Schumacher ed Irvine, che conquistò il 2° posto del mondiale costruttori nella stagione di Formula 1 1996. Per commenti in merito fate riferimento a questo topic del forum. F310 v0.1 Beta Closed is available! Those who have already donated to the previous car, can use the username and password used to it. For those who donate for the first time, as explained here, complete the donation procedure to have username and passw

    rFactor 2: 2 auto e 4 piste by ISI !

    A quanto pare oggi il team ISI è scatenato! Sono infatti disponibili per rFactor 2 ben 2 vetture aggiornate e 4 nuovi circuiti, creati da collaboratori esterni al team americano: cominciamo dall'imperdibile Dallara DW12 Indycar in versione 1.65, quindi le Stock Car v1.04, per passare poi ai tracciati di Northside, Apple Valley, Eagle Creek e Palm Springs, sia ovali che con layout stradale.
  5. Although it has been updated a number of times, the DW12 really needed this one. The car is much closer to being called ‘final’ now! Download: Non-Steam – 166MB Changelog: – Fix for weak overall FFB feeling. – 120″ wheelbase default now (with 119″ 2nd in list, in order of usefulness) – Reduced real road rate slightly. – Increase in wet cooling effects across all tyres. – Small tyre fix which helps to improve optimum camber angles. – Attempt to make AI less prone to cut corners (especially slower turns and very high speed turns). – Minor AI physics correlation improvements (less longitudinal

    Stock Car by ISI

    We’re delighted to release a great update to our Stock Car that should make those of you who enjoy it – even if just on the roadcourses – very happy! You can now race as – or against – Joey Gase in the rFactor 2-sponsored car as seen in Phoenix last season. It really was a gorgeous livery, so we’re happy to bring it to you in the sim. Download: v1.04 Non-Steam – 279MB Changelog: – Added #32 Joey Gase A.I. car and skin. – Tires tweaked, which now require more camber. – Fix for tuning upgrades. – Fixed typo in setup notes. – Reduced AI sampling rate slightly (afforded by newer AI bumps

    AC: Formula 3 by Radiator v2.0

    Per la gioia degli appassionati di Assetto Corsa, il team Radiator Springs Racing ha rilasciato la versione aggiornata 2.0 della sua attesissima monoposto di Formula 3 ! Il mod, che include anche un doppio pacchetto di skin grafiche, è scaricabile anche da DrivingItalia e ci mette a disposizione una vettura curata in ogni dettaglio, con la fisica sviluppata in collaborazione con i piloti reali.
  8. -------------- v 1.1 - Template: Skins, Rims, Windows include in folder Renault_Clio_Cup_197 - Extra Template : French championship , unzip file "skinsCDF" on folder skins, is in folder skins - Data: from the reel technical specs according to reel clio cup drivers - Testing: All virtual drivers to CDF Help: FFB is very hard and a lot off dumping if you want less change FFB in game an after in setup, FFB according to setup of the car, test setup for have feeling V1.1 (work on new suspensions sytems) Setup: Attached base setup ---------------------------------------
  9. ISI Formula Masters While the 2012 Formula ISI might be an older model and chassis, this car is used by a large number of rFactor 2 Grand Prix racing leagues around the world. Something more modern is in the pipeline, but we wanted to bring the 2012 car up-to-date before that (mainly because a lot of people don’t like the modern cars). The vast majority of work went into the physics and tires, there are only minor visual tweaks. Download Non-Steam: 108 MB Steam: link This post has been promoted to an article

    rF2: Group C by MAK-Corp v0.81

    Dopo un attento lavoro di sviluppo, il team MAK Corp ha rilasciato per rFactor 2 la nuova versione aggiornata 0.81 del suo imperdibile Group C Mod. La release open beta attuale ci offre vari bugfix ed alcune importanti migliorie alla Porsche 962C ed alla Mazda 787B. Dettagli, commenti e download a questo link del forum. Seasons greetings everybody. We are happy to release today v0.81 of the Group C mod for rFactor 2. Please take some time to read this full article as we are also releasing this mod on STEAM for the very first time and there are a few things you need to know before downloadi

    AC: RallyLegends Polo WRC e pista RX

    Dopo aver superato il necessario testing con l'ultima release 1.4 di Assetto Corsa, ecco arrivare dal team RallyLegends, per tutti gli appassionati di rally e rallycross, la nuova Volkswagen Polo WRC e lo spettacolare circuito rallycross (ovvero metà asfalto e metà sterrato) di Kouvola. Dettagli, download e commenti a questo link. VW Polo R WRC- Version 1.0 - ( No Damage - Tarmac/Asphalt Tyres and Setup) Version 1.0 VW Polo R WRC by Rallylegends Mod + New Rallycross Track "KOUVOLA" by ultranew_B; 1) - Included New Rallycross track "KOUVOLA" By ultranew_b + Base Template Added (.psd format

    Ferrari F310 by ASR Formula

    Ferrari F310 - Early Beta v0.5 rFactor 2 Il team F1 ASR ci presenta oggi per rFactor 2 la nuova versione 0.2 beta della bellissima Ferrari F310, che fu portata in pista nella stagione 1996 da Michael Schumacher ed Eddie Irvine. For all those who support us is available today the Ferrari F310 driven by Michael Schumacher and Eddie Irvine of the 1996 season! Go to in the download section and enjoy! Recall that just a free donation to have access to the all beta version. This post has been promoted to an article

    rF2: FIA GT3 by Apex Modding v0.930

    Physics changes by Lgel 1 The revised physics while retaining the unique features of each car and offer now similar tuning ranges for every car. 2 AI speed has been balanced too. 3 Each car needs a specific setup, those of previous version 0.92 may not work as intended. 4 The default setups are meant to be drivable out of the box, they are on the safe side (mild understeer). 5 They are not optimal for braking strength and balance, gearing, cooling of motor and brakes, and may be tire pressures. Tires reach their pressure balance after 5 to 6 laps, they don't like to be abused. 6 Cars should ha

    rF2: Ferrari Challenge 2011 v1.1

    Il team Simtek Mods ha rilasciato per rFactor 2 la nuova versione aggiornata 1.1 del suo già apprezzato Ferrari Challenge 2011, progetto che ci permette di simulare in modo completo sul titolo ISI la stagione 2011 del famosissimo monomarca del cavallino rampante che si disputa con le 458 in versione appunto challenge.
  15. Il team Simtek Mods ha rilasciato per rFactor 2 la nuova versione aggiornata 1.1 del suo già apprezzato Ferrari Challenge 2011, progetto che ci permette di simulare in modo completo sul titolo ISI la stagione 2011 del famosissimo monomarca del cavallino rampante che si disputa con le 458 in versione appunto challenge. changelog 1.1 - Attempt to fix flickering (better results on 1.1 update) - Reworked body shaders - Small textures update - Slightly better brake torque 1.0 - Physics updated - Tire physics with CPM model - New Chassis flex configuration - New external sounds - New Shaders

    PCARS: Pagani Zonda R Evolution 2012 v1.9

    Autoprophet-ZR ha rilasciato quello che di fatto è il primo mod per il Project CARS targato Slightly Mad Studios: è infatti possibile scaricare da questo link la Pagani Zonda R Evolution del 2012 (nuova versione 1.9). Convertita dalla versione originale creata dallo stesso autore per Shift 2, include modelli, liveries, fisica modificata e vari files, dimostrando che, con un pò di lavoro extra, il modding è possibile anche nel titolo SMS.
  17. Virtua_LM is proud to present you with one new endurance legendary track: Sebring, United States, for rFactor 2. Converted from our from-scratch creation on rFactor, this track has been modified to take advantage of new rFactor 2 capabilities. What is new in v2.00 The actual (newer) RealRoad shader is applied Curbs are also RealRoad Nightlights on the track side objects are back working A lot of changes on the materials and textures The overall brightness of the track is reduced to match the current version of rFactor 2 AIW (AI-Driver): some smaller fixes GDB (Time and Position): some sma
  18. ITA: Di seguito la lista completa dei mod, delle piste e delle app rilasciate con i link alle relative discussioni sul forum. Ciascuna entry ha indicato l'autore, così da facilitarne la ricerca. Se (ad esempio) state cercando i lavori dei Radiator Springs Racing, premete Ctrl + F sulla tastiera e scrivete il nome del team: potrete così navigare tra tutti i loro rilasci grazie al tasto F3. TOP significa che è un mod che ci sentiamo di consigliare data la sua alta qualità. Hai bisogno di aiuto per inserire il tuo file? Contatta Alessandro Pollini ASSETTO CORSA Download Area by DrivingItalia.n
  19. Il team RSR sta lavorando anche su un'altra auto per Assetto Corsa, oltre alla Gallardo. Fulvio "Gek" Genova, sta modellando questa "nuova" auto dalla grande valore storico. Sapete riconoscere che di che auto si tratti? Maggiori informazioni sul nostro forum.
  20. A strive for realism The International Formula Master (IFM) was a supporting series in 2009 thought as a stepping stone into the GP2. The cars were manufactured by Italian based company Tatuus and were comparable to smaller single seaters like the Formula 3 cars. Such physics, very wow! We got our hands on the original user manual of the Honda K20A engine and Tatuus chassis and had access to more real data as ever before. This helped in creating highly realistic physics for IFM 2009 so you can feel like a real race driver. And bonus features! The addon includes all cars of all team
  21. Fonte. DOWNLOAD Dal forum di assettocorsa un lavoretto che sembra veramente ben fatto! E qualche immagine. e un videozzo per mostrare il movimento delle sospensioni

    rF2: update Ferrari by ASR Formula

    Il team ASR Formula rilascia oggi un doppio aggiornamento per rFactor 2: per il sim made in ISI sono infatti disponibili le nuove release 1.5 delle mitiche Ferrari 412T2 e Ferrari F310 di Formula 1. Tutti i donatori possono poi già scaricare la prima versione 0.3 beta della storica Lotus 99T che fu di Ayrton Senna! Today ASR releasing the last major update of Ferrari 412T2 and F310, both v1.5. At the moment we have no plans for these two cars, think of them as final versions! The update includes the physical, I hope you like it! For donors instead issue the beautiful Lotus 99T v0.3 BETA wi
  23. We’re very happy to bring the Renault Clio 197 to v1.63. This update brings wet weather tires (in all cars since the Brabham release in February) properly into the Clio, along with changes to the contact patch model and various other physics tweaks. Download: 140MB This update does fix the tire crash (with this car only) that some people experienced after crashing into barriers. Apparently, sim racers don’t crash enough to help us figure this one out, so it took a while. Clio Cup v1.63 changelog (from v1.51): CPM enabled tyres, including all latest wet weather parameters. Slightly
  24. :::::: with the arrival of physics 4X4 on te Assetto Corsa Game, we can use exotic and legend cars and have made racing history! Arrives free RallyLegends Mod, with the aim to include and insert in this magnificent Sim - Game the most important rally cars!! My friends Moku, Kazuma76, Garyson, Rodriguez, Maxximum, Farins i was allowed to convert their models created in recent years. To take advantage the performance of the AC game engine, each model will be revised with change specific 3D, and HD texture. In the future of AC probably it will come snow, dust and mud, at this time the cars that w

    rF2: Palatov D4 e Brookdale aggiornati

    Il team ISI ci segnala questa sera un doppio rilascio per gli appassionati di rFactor 2: è disponibile la nuova versione 1.15 del circuito ovale di Brookdale Speedway, con numerose migliorie e vari bug fix, inoltre è stata rilasciata la release 1.38 della divertente Palatov D4, anche questa con moltissime migliorie ed updates. Inoltre ISI ha pubblicato 4 nuovi screens che ci mostrano lo splendore del prossimo aggiornamento grafico in arrivo per il circuito di Montecarlo 1966.
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