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  1. Da non perdere, per tutti gli amanti di rFactor 2 e della Formula 1 del passato, la nuova versione aggiornata 0.935 del F1 1975 Season. Conversione perfezionata dalla release originariamente creata per rFactor, da ChiefWiggum e Dave Purdy, a sua volta riproposta dalla versione storica del team CREW per F1 Challenge, il mod ci permette di rivivere la gloriosa stagione di Formula 1 che vide il trionfo di Niki Lauda e della Ferrari. Per dettagli, commenti e download correte a questo link del forum. Hotfix 0.935 released. -Fixed brabham -Improved radiator (would love get feedback on this)

    Automobilista: F1 1975 Season v1.1

    Da non perdere, per tutti gli appassionati della Formula 1 storica, il nuovo F1 1975 mod in versione 1.1 appena rilasciato per Automobilista. Convertito dal rispettivo mod creato originariamente per rFactor, torna ad emozionare gli appassionati del sim made in Reiza per rivivere la mitica stagione 1975 che vide il trionfo di Niki Lauda con la Ferrari. Potete scaricare il mod direttamente dalla nostra sezione download, mentre per commenti e discussioni in merito fate riferimento all'apposito topic del forum. La stagione 1975 del Campionato mondiale FIA di Formula 1 è stata, nella stor
  3. Cars soul

    Review: F1 Williams FW11B by ACFL

    Quale più bel regalo di Natale per un appassionato di Formula Uno e di simulazione, se non una monoposto del passato che ha fatto la storia del motor sport? Questo devono aver pensato i ragazzi di ACFL quando hanno reso disponibile il loro ultimo mod (questa volta a pagamento) lo scorso 23 dicembre. Si tratta della formidabile Williams FW11B, nota per aver vinto e dominato il campionato di F1 del 1987, con alla guida due geni del volante come Nelson Piquet e Nigel Mansell. Non potendo resistere, l’ho provata su Assetto Corsa, per me e per voi e queste sono le mie impressioni. Che il team
  4. Voilà la Petite R8 Gordini qui avait été realisée pour RF2 et qui rejoint désormais Assetto Corsa. LES CREDITS DU MOD – 3D – PIERRE CUISINIER – 3D / TEXTURES / MISE EN JEU / PHYSIQUES – NICOLAS NAVARRO Nous esperons que vous vous amuserez longtemps avec ce petit bolide et qu’il deviendra un grand classique au même titre qu’une voiture officielle du jeu. DOWNLOAD Fonte.
  5. Croft v1.01 by Senormen (original version feels3) Download!TVswBIpa!IllCxzVJvqSNfmIUCzl8eZ9c0u2NXhU0IM5pYk5wQ-4
  6. DOWNLOAD -> RSR Formula 3 v3.0 3D Model Improved 3D and shaders Added chromo, opaque and metallic effect (thanks to Marco Calesella for his help) Several parts completely remodeled: rear wing rear diffuser tyre profile (the thread is now much more visible) steering wheel is now fully modeled in 3D. Small bolts, display screen and so on. rear light is now also remodeled in 3D. The rear light is now blinking in the pitlane new tiny details on the interior 3D optimization to improve performances N
  7. DOWNLOAD -> Fonte.

    AC: Ferrari F2002 v1.4

    Il team capitanato da SalamanderSoldier ha rilasciato per Assetto Corsa la nuova versione aggiornata 1.4 della mitica Ferrari F2002, monoposto del Cavallino presentata il 6 febbraio 2002 a Maranello, che ha vinto il titolo piloti con Schumacher e costruttori di Formula 1 ed è stata la vettura che ha ottenuto la 150esima vittoria, in Canada, sempre grazie al pilota tedesco (tutti i dettagli storici qui).

    AC: mods aggiornati by UnitedRacingDesign

    Assetto Corsa DLC updates are out for PX, Formula, T5 packages. EGT will follow. Check spam and wait some time until emails arrive pls. Shop -> Mercedes CLR for Assetto Corsa -> Reminder for our customers on AC. Our T5 2015 is whole new package with full new models and it will receive free update for 2016 Maures and 2017 Aura models!

    rF2: FIA GT3 by Apex Modding v0.940

    0.940 Update DEBUGGING - debugging alt tab problem discover by Euskotracks, offset=7 now - reworked animated driver on all cars . - reworked z4 cockpit , problem discover by Luc devin - reworked Motec rendering - debugging ground impact on z06 on the Nord - name changed on steam workshop GRAPHICS - new tyres sidewall for all the cars except Camaro isi( thanks James hazen for HD michelin textures ) - new cockpit default view with new F.O.V except Camaro - reworked some parts of the z06 cockpit SOUNDS - Complete new internal sounds on the corvette - added missing scrub sound PHYSICS
  11. We've been a little quiet lately as we've been working on more content to bring to you all on rFactor 2. Today we're proud to release some progress shots of a car I think many of you will love to drive in rFactor 2. The 1994 Mclaren Peugeot MP4/9 progress screens have been posted on our official flickr account. Be sure to check them out here The 1994 Mclaren will be part of an F1 Classics mod that will house a number of cars from various seasons. With time we'll be showing them all off along with progress of in-game and open beta's like we have done w

    FMod official project v1.9

    La Kunos Simulazioni ha rilasciato per tutti gli appassionati modders di Assetto Corsa, la nuova versione aggiornata 1.9 del progetto audio FMod, che offre ora molte più opportunità ed opzioni. Hi guys, time for big news audio wise. As you know, we introduced the FMod middleware in an early (and bugged) stage. Since that moment, many Fmod versions have been released (with new features and awesome bugs), but we had no time to update our version, until now. Console feedback together with requests by modders gave us a "good excuse" to start a new two-men BIG challenge in a ridiculous amount o
  13. Since we initially released the Brabham BT20 for our users, Sir Jack Brabham unfortunately passed away. We wish his family the best, and once again thank them for allowing us to include this car and “Jack Brabham” himself in our simulation. We’re delighted to also have “Denny Hulme” joining him to truly represent their era as opponents for you to drive as, or against. In 1966 Jack Brabham finished on the podium in Mexico using the BT20, winning the Drivers Championship. Meanwhile, Denny Hulme raced the car for most of the season, finishing on the podium four times and cementing the team victor

    rF2: Group C v0.96 by MAK-Corp

    The 1991 Group C mod includes the Mazda 787B, Porsche 962C and the Sauber C11 in the latest version of the mod for rFactor 2. Featuring unique realistic physics for each vehicle as well as different tire compounds, this is your chance to get behind the wheel of the three most iconic racing cars in the history of Group C racing. Features - 1991 Mazda 787B model by Ionut Nicolaescu, updated by Dmitriy Barishev. - 1991 Porsche 962C model by Dmitriy Barishev - 1991 Sauber C11 model by Dmitriy Barishev - Unique physics for each vehicle - Unique engine sounds for each vehicle

    AC: IER Car Pack #1 update v1.01

    Changelog v1.01 Bugfixes: - Corrected Coyote's blurred rims in showroom - Auto exposure settings improved - Dallara steering animation corrected - Various other fixes Changes: - Updated sounds from Fonsecker - Slightly different tire heating characteristics - "Black_Glass" shader modified to match other glass ambient and diffuse values. If your personally created livery uses a black windshield banner, copy the new version of the texture from one of the official liveries. - New flashing lights functionality added
  16. The present project is to add some Peugeots in AC. The choice is the Peugeot 205 GTI and Rallye version. Présentation of the model 2 exterior designs [1984-1989] and [1990-1992] 2 interior designs [1984-1987] and [1988-1992] The 205 GTI was sold between 1984 and 1992 The engine is a 4 cyl in line - electronic injection - 1,580cc(1,905cc) - GTI 1.6 105HP -> 1984 to 1987(also available with the "PTS road kit" for 125HP) - GTI 1.6 115HP -> 1986 to 1992 - GTI 1.9 130HP -> 1987 to 1992 The 205 Rallye [1988-1992] The engine 4cyl is a 4 cyl in line - 2 twin barrel carburetors Weber - 1,2
  17. Hi all, F1SR is please to announce we will be completing a Formula Ford Ecoboost mod for Assetto Corsa.

    rFactor 2: Group C v0.95

    For non STEAM users who are using v0.81, please remember to uninstall v0.81 before installing v0.95. For Steam users, the update should occur automatically soon. For non Steam users, you can download the mod via the Group C page located HERE v0.95 Changelog ADDED: New vehicle, Sauber C11 ADDED: New template pack including the Sauber C11 ADDED: New Skins by Arturo Pereira, Damian Baldi and Daniel Gomez UPDATED: All sounds have been updated and re-balanced UPDATED: Wiper now removable in interior views through upgrades UPDATED: Mod manual PDFs UPDATED: UI Menu pictures redone U

    AC: EGT & PX updates by URD

    Assetto Corsa PX & EGT updates released! PX package V0.097 -Shiro PX1 added -New V10 tire model -Updated V3 aerodymanics model -New Exhaust flames -Updated brakes with temperature feature Major physics update with new suspension geometry and weight distribution EGT package V1.7 New V10 tire model -Updated V3 aerodymanics model -New Exhaust flames -Fog lights blinking in pit lane -Updated brakes with temperature feature -Improvements to Traction Control System -This goes for some cars-Minor changes in default setup,FFB, fuel consumption and TC, Major physics update with new suspensio

    Bike MOD by Klax75 v2.25

    Fonte I've decided to try my best to continue the great work JamoZ has done. I've been working on setting up a Mega site for the bike MOD and paint database. The bike MOD I will only update twice a month, on the 1st and the 14th. Any bikes released between those dates you can get from the authors thread, but the full bike MOD will not be revised until the 1st and 14th of each month. I am continuing much as JamoZ did. There is a full bike MOD meaning all the current bikes with all the paints available at the time of the .zip file being made. There is also .zip files for each bike with no paint

    RallyLegends: nuovo update disponibile

    Il team RallyLegends ha appena rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento per Assetto Corsa: come prima cosa la release 4.0 della già apprezzata Citroen DS3 WRC, ora ulteriormente migliorata ed ottimizzata, con incluso nel pacchetto il tracciato rallycross di Holjesrx, quindi la versione 2.0 della Ford Fiesta WRC, anche questa ottimizzata, per finire con la release 2.0 della VW Polo WRC, con incluso anche il circuito rallycross di Kouvola. Per il download dei tre files necessari correte a questo link, mentre per commenti e discussioni in merito utilizzate questo topic del forum.
  22. Fonte. After a fair a bit of deliberation both me and @pankykapus have decided on what our next project will be. Currently it's still in its very early development stages, with panky taking time out from the Cobra to begin researching, gathering data and acquiring material. At this early stage we will be just working on prototyping the car physics with a low poly placeholder model as I'm still tied up with finishing off the Cobra (animations, LOD's etc) Some basic spec- 1100bhp in qualy trim Twin-turbo 12-cylinder engine 0 to 100kph in 2.1 sec Top speed around 238mph The most powe

    AC: T5 updates by URD

    Il team UnitedRacingDesign ha rilasciato sul proprio shop ufficiale alcuni updates per Assetto Corsa: in particolare potremo acquistare il pacchetto T5 2015, ispirato al campionato DTM, con le nuove Aura e Bayro, oltre alla Maures (ovvero BMW, Audi e Mercedes), mentre il pack 2016 sarà poi disponibile gratuitamente per tutti quelli che compreranno il DLC attuale. Inoltre è disponibile anche il pacchetto delle stagioni 2013 - 2015. Gli URD hanno annunciato che a breve saranno rilasciati i nuovi pack Endurance GT (dedicato alle GT) e PX (dedicato ai prototipi). Commenti sul forum.
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