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Found 7 results


    R3E Hillclimb Pack

    A new Hillclimb Pack will be available on soon. It includes 5 car models with 14 classic liveries: - BMW 365 csi - BMW M3 E30 Gr.A - BMW M1 Procar - BMW 320 Turbo - Carlsson SLK 340 JUDD + the RaceRoom Hillclimb Track.
  2. I present you my track originally created for rFactor but I converted it to AC just to see how will be it behave in this "not-outdated" engine note: just a test conversion, nothing really works hehe Glava Zete is hillclimb track in Montenegro. This track is the bumpiest track I have ever created for rFactor and practically it is undriveable in AC. and there are some problems with normals and lighting. -length: 6.9km version 0.9.1: -fix for "hotlap" and "race mode" version 0.9 -new trackside and pit objects -3D spectators ( goodbye cardboard cutouts -new distant trees -road surface is slightly bumpier -some work on material/shader settings -new cameras download
  3. Working on the model contained in the WRC, I created 2 different models of the Lancia Delta S4. The first is the version that participated in the World Rally Championship 1986 with Sanremo Martini, Totip, Esso livery; The other prototype versions are competing in European Championships Hillclimb of the legendary Bruno Ianniello with the liveries of the 2007/2010 and Sasha Geninasca with the colors used in 2007. The 3D models are very detailed and contain specific details and arrangements for the different versions of the machine. in processing...... fonte AC forum
  4. Hi i make a hillclimb that i worked for RFACTOR and RBR sims this is the hillclimb Thanks to Kon, SIMTRAXXX team, Vicent Sollana and Antu for their help this is a beta version v0.5 DOWNLOAD fonte AC forum
  5. Fonte. Readme from the zip file: Petersberg Hillclimb for Assetto Corsa by GTAce v0.9 Converted by dkutch/bobskype Don't convert, or change this track in any way! If you want to convert it to another platform, or want to edit things like the AI and CAMERA files, ask for a permission first. It's very likely that I'll give it to you, as long as it improves the track. DON'T UPLOAD IT SOMEWHERE WITHOUT MY STRICT PERMISSION!!! INCLUDING DRIVINGITALIA, RACEDEPARTMENT, OR OTHER MOD COLLECTING SITES!!! - INSTALL - To install this track, simply drop the "petersberghillclimb" folder into X:\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks. - HOW TO RACE - This track has a maximum grid of 15 cars. It's meant to be driven alone, or with at least 15 seconds between the cars, as a pure time attack track. So just use the normal time trial/free practice mode. There are no lights (real life road doesn't have any either), I'd recommend to drive at daytime, if AC ever gets a real nighttime option. - KNOWN BUGS & ISSUES - No Cameras No AI. There are some slight pop-ups in the background which are unfortunately necessary for performance reasons. The track is a bit more FPS heavy than others, because of all the details. Movable objects aren't supported by AC yet. - CREDITS - Track layout, terrain modeling, design, road textures, object placing and preview picture by GTAce. Petersberg Grand Hotel, Chapel and the Guard House were built by renntom. Additional texture work (mapping, shading, materials etc.) in the rFactor version by aleksssk. Conversion, shading, optimization for Assetto Corsa, skysphere, additional texture work, terrain map by dkutch/bobskype. All other textures and objects like trees, guard rails, spectators, vehicles etc. used, are from several Xpacks. I don't know all the individual authors, but I'm very thankful for their work! If you see anything you made and want to be mentioned, feel free to contact me and I'll add you to the ReadMe file. The Simca Rally used for the preview picture is from HistorX Team's 'HistorX v1.95' mod for rFactor. - SPECIAL THANKS TO... - dad, who gave me the idea to use the road while I was searching real roads for a (fictional) hillclimb and for his constructive critics, which helped me a lot. To my friends Peter (who filmed the real thing for me and helped me out more than he might know) and Lilli (who was patient with him while doing so and who motivated me a lot with her comments). Also again to renntom and aleksssk, not only for their actual work they've put into this, but also for many tips and ideas they gave me and all the motivating comments. YOU GUYS ROCK!!! To dkutch/bobskype for his absolutely amazing Assetto Corsa conversion, which is much better than anything I ever imagined. He's put so many hours into it and I feel honoured and am extremely thankful for that. Also, sorry again for my all my nagging, kudos for bearing with me mate! To all the members of GTPlanet, GTR4U, NoGrip, GTRP, the official Assetto Corsa forums and Racedepartment who also motivated me and gave me tips. - DISCLAIMER - No one mentioned here in this file is responsible for any damage taken to your hard or software after installing this track. While it's extremely unlikely, that something bad will happen, it's definitely not the fault of anyone above if something goes wrong. Everything was tested for malware and viruses and all files are clean! If you got infected with something, you most likely downloaded it from a shady source, not supported by anyone involved in this project. DOWNLOAD V0.9
  6. File Name: Alp Hillclimb (point to point) File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini File Submitted: 17 Jun 2014 File Category: Track Author : tomj Converted from "Antonio's" rFactor version, who did it originally for (site seems to be dead now though) This has the normal and reverse layout with AI. The AI are a bit strange at the finish line but they should be decent enough for some offline racing. 5 Pitboxes for multiplayer races. Click here to download this file
  7. Alessandro Pollini

    [GTR2] - Foster Nth HillClimb

    File Name: Foster Nth HillClimb File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini File Submitted: 16 Feb 2014 File Category: Tracks Author : legendsatlunch This was my second track (Foster Nth) it's a pineforest run in the hills of Foster Nth. Behind my home! he he.... I have added alot to this track since the first release. I will update the other sims soon to this version. Hope frames are ok this time. Many thanks to Piddy for BTB, without which I'd be trackless...... lol. many thanks to Ennis and all who help out with textures and models for us not so clever peoples....... Many thanks to sunalp for the gdb settings An awsome amount of thanks to Vman for.... Vman's GE to BTB Video Tutorials Great information there and there are other video and tutorials which people have taken the time to write, Many thanks........ Many thanks to the following people for the excellent work in creating the models and textures for the xpacks Golly :EWE textures Duff Buckets :Race Objects Wierdbeard :Hayward Club delu77 :roadside objects Raceking :Savannah Grasslands jay_p_666/rbr :Great Britain woodn :dirt track Equipment woodn :Race car trailers woodn :Track tyres Mr Men Mod Team Also to Isi/simbin for some of theirs...... I have now made some of my own textures and models, if you would like to use them please feel free..... Hope your still reading.... Cheers and enjoy the track! Paul..... Legendsatlunch Click here to download this file
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