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Found 208 results

  1. Nome file: Formula 1 1991 HE by F1-Sim-Racer Autore del file: Alessandro Pollini File inserito: 07 Jul 2011 Categoria del file: Open Wheel MODs Finally, after well over 3 years in development, the F1 1991 Historic Edition mod has been released.. What started as a project elf as a learning device into modding for rFactor and eventually became a channel for myself to deal with real-world issues, the F1 1991 HE mod is the result of a TON of work by a LOT of people.. When I turned the mod over to F1-S-R, formerly known as TMF, I honestly had no expectations of greatness.. Since their reception of the mod in its early stages though, the number of modders and the quality of those modders has increased greatly, and it shows in their final products.. F1-S-R has absolutely surpassed every expectation I had and could have had with an astounding mod that both inspires and induces memories for those of us who were fortunate enough to witness the 1991 Formula One season as it happened. A majority of MY work was completed in about a month’s time, not long after the passing of my brother who is memorialized in the credits scroll.. Thanks to EVERYONE at F1-S-R for finishing what I started. FORUM Clicca qui per scaricare il file
  2. Alessandro Pollini

    [rFactor] - Formula 1 2006 by CTDP

    Nome file: Formula 1 2006 by CTDP Autore del file: Alessandro Pollini File inserito: 03 Jul 2011 Categoria del file: Open Wheel MODs FORUM Features 2006 physics and performance (upgrades influence handling) Technical season upgrades for every grand prix Both Midland and Spyker included 2006 high detail models and high resolution textures All special liveries throughout the season 2006 helmets and drivers (individual talent files for AI) Open and closed brakes (with glow) 2006 steering wheels, all redone and new 2006 tires and rims with motion blur Up to 6 tire variants per track Two mixes with 3 temperature-windows for each 2 tire brands Non-linear tiregrip and tire damages through debris 9 Engine programs Realistic wear of engine and brake Realistic suspension model simulation (Single-keel, Twin-keel, No-keel, V-Keel) Setups included Fully-drivable Safety Car with cockpit Menu-Sounds and music by Lars J. Brouwer Full DX7, DX8 and DX9- Support Supports rFactor skinning feature (now with helmets and driver suit) 6 different Gen-Files for best hardware optimization Support for RealFeel & LeoFFB TV-Style overlays for Dinix' Plugin rfDynHUD plugin for custom overlays (including TV-overlay and track map) Mod-Deriver for custom league editions (League pack upgrade has been removed) ControlCenter to control many options for the mod Clicca qui per scaricare il file
  3. Alessandro Pollini

    [rFactor] - Formula 1 2007 by MAK-Corp

    File Name: Formula 1 2007 by MAK-Corp File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini File Submitted: 25 Jun 2011 File Category: Open Wheel MODs ITA: Mod completo + patch 3.02. Per il trackpack andate qui. ENG: Full mod + patch 3.02. To download its trackpack go here Description: The MAK-Corp F1 2007 Mod for rFactor brings you the full 2007 grid of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship to your living room. All teams and drivers are included in this mod to give you the most authentic experience of the 2007 season you can find. With realistic wheelbases, car sizes, engines, and separate physics for each team, can you master every car on the grid? Download this mod now and find out! F1 2007 Mod v3.0.2 Description: The MAK-Corp F1 2007 Mod v3.0.2 Patch for rFactor fixes a Cam issue with the Scuderia Toro Rosso in server edition. The patch also adds new Realistic TCAMs for all teams. v3.0.1 of the mod is required. Credit for the fix goes to newly appointed MAK-Corp CAMs Editor Oliver Kwoka and to Ashley Webster for the idea on the fix method. Features: All the Teams and Drivers of the 2007 Formula 1 World Championship Individual Car Physics for each Team Individual Car Engine Performances Offline Championship mode made possible with MAK-Corp Trackpack Both PE (Public Edition) and SE (Server Edition) available in one install Self Executable Installer making installation and uninstalling a breeze. Click here to download this file
  4. Rot Teufel

    Formula 1 1971 v1.1

    Buone notizia per gli amanti delle ruote scoperte classiche. E' in fase finale di lavorazione l' F1 1971 mod (se tutto va bene, potrebbe essere rilasciato per Natale), con finalmente i permessi del Team Crew (Slayer) Il comparto fisico sarà curato da Slimjim, che come per l'F1 Classic studierà i dati tecnici delle vetture per la resa più realistica possibile, con l'aggiunta di cockpit veramente ben fatti Dall'altra parte, ChiefWiggum credo che curerà le textures delle livree dei veicoli, dei piloti e dei caschi con grande cura. Reuteman invece ha curato la parte inerente alla conversione dei veicoli e delle nuove gomme. Da notare come i cockpit sono stati completamente rivisti.
  5. CTDP 2005 Formula 1 Mod for rfactor Description Something missing in your rFactor? Something fast? Something loud? You waited long, but finally CTDP brings you the real Formula One-experience to your rFactor. Now you can get the complete 2005 season with all cars: polished, cleaned and prepared for you to race. And that won't be a small one, but you get physics, which will put your ability to succeed to its limits. Who said Formula One was easy, has never tried... the real thing. I wish it was real! This mod contains: 2005 Models and textures All models inhigh details and textures in high resolution All special liveries used throughout the season 2005 helmets and drivers 2005 Physics and Performance 2005 Rules (ie no tyre change) Non-linear tyregrip and tyre damages through debris 3 kinds of tyres for each of the 2 manifacturers New tyres and rims with motion blur New Sounds by Fonsecker 10 Engine preset programms realistic wear of motor and brake Updated Menu with Music by Michael Renk Updated Head Up Display Full DX7, DX8 and DX9 Support all Templates Supports rFactor-Skinning-Feature So have Fun! Version 1.1 of the F1-2005 mod for rFactor was released a few minutes ago. We tried to address as many problems as possible. So there are few small texture updates, some improvement on performance and sound and some smaller fixes. Due to the big request, we also prepared a Server Edition, where all cars run with McLaren's physics. This can be selected in the installer and will be installed next to the regular mod. We also added to install low-resolution skins, if you deem it necessary for your system. Please note to uninstall the old F1-2005 1.0 mod first. Have fun, racing! Download mirror 1 Mirror: http://ctdp.gamebrite.com/rfactor/Formula_...y_CTDP_V1.2.exe Version 1.2 * Fixed installation paths * Fixed Skins-problems at McLare in the Server-Edition * Fixed missing drivers in the Server Edition * Updated Main-Menu graphics Version 1.1 - Reduced memory occupancy (about 30% less) - Changed veh names & skinfolders - Fixed Parc Fermé rules - Fixed engine overheating - Fixed sound problems - Fixed Sauber car numbers - Fixed Redbull textures - Fixed BMW-Williams frontwing - Added brake disc wear & thickness to setup-menu - Added Server Edition (All cars have Mclaren 2005 Physics) - Added new Intro video (Thanks to Staromedia) Title: CTDP F1-2005 for rFactor Author: CTDP - Cars & Tracks Development Project Other Works: F1 2005 for F1C F1 2004 for F1C F1 2003 for F1C F1 1998 for F1C F1 1995 for F12K2 F1 1995 for GP4 Tracks for rFactor Other Stuff Base: Everything from scratch Known Bugs: Restart needed to acivate CTDP Menu Minor AI and PaceCar issues Minor Sound Issues Unprecize collision model - ISI has to fix that Build Time: Starting March 2005, Release for F1C in November 2005, Release for rF August 2006 Instructions To install the CTDP F1-2005, run the installation and install it into your rfactor-directory. Select F1-2005 in your Mods-Menu in rFactor. Done, ready to go, simple as pie. This mod is built for rFactor Version 1.1.3*. Problems may occur with older versions of rFactor. Everybody who doesn't want to earn all the cars, you use this cheat to get around it. Type ISI_BABYFACTORY in the chat-window of a testday and you can then choose all cars. Uninstallation Use the uninstallation to remove CTDP from rFactor. Credits 3D ARTISTS Andreas Neidhardt Marco Büttner Matthew Scerri Omar Shaikly Menno Meeldijk Wai Keen Lam 2D ARTISTS Daniel Senff Jiang Zheng Steffen Krägelin PROGRAMMER Daniel Fredrich Dan Ziegelbein PHYSICS Damian Woskowicz Dominik Binzk Sascha Grindau Sebastian Schmalenbach TWEAKING AND PACKING Andreas Neidhardt BETA TESTING Eric Eifler Marius Schneeberger Michael Erne Michael Müller Philip Nagel Steffen Max Timo Vollmering ONLINERACER.de Bastian "ist schuld" Poltermann Ludwig Conrads Mario Daamen Markus Brenner Peter Engels Rudi Broschek Sascha Winkelhaus Torben Stahl Wolfgang Kraemer Balázs Hajdu Shervin Vali MUSIC 'Socc Me I'm Famous' Created by and Courtesy of Michael Renk 'The Race' (CTDP05mix) South G.a.T.e (Konrad Blank) SOUNDS Fonsecker (GSMF) SPECIAL THANKS Image Space Incorporated Joe Campana Gjon "Always says No" Camaj Micheal Borda GSMF for parts of the PCC PaceCar Fonsecker And everyone else who was involved or contribuited to this project. Disclaimer It's not allowed to copy anything from this package without explicit permission from CTDP. You use this MOD at your own risk! We're not responsible in case of problems and/or damages. You do not have permission to put this package on any cover-cds without our explicit permission. This modification may not be distributed for any commercial purposes. If you are the webmaster, please tell us if you are going to mirror our MOD. We just want to keep an overview. ENJOY. feels good to be able to say that at last! [attachmentid=14985] Uno dei progetti più attesi da tutti gli appassionati per l'rFactor degli ISI è certamente il nuovo F1 2005 Mod, che ci permetterà di simulare la passata stagione del Mondiale di Formula 1. In attesa del rilascio quindi, che avverrà dopo la nuova patch ufficiale degli ISI, ecco una breve intervista fatta ai CTDP con alcune risposte molto interessanti... http://www.drivingitalia.net/articoli.php?...id=61&pag=1
  6. Uff

    CTDP F1 1994 AFD

    Questa volta i CTDP hanno deciso di regalarci un lavoro... alternativo! CTDP release the new AFD 1994 mod for rFactor For years CTDP has become well-known for high-quality-mods who raise the bar of quality for mods. Today, CTDP tries a different approach and instead of giving you the most advanced F1-1994-mod ever, we present you 1994 like it was played 12 years ago. With CTDP ADF 1994 you can turn your rFactor into a Time-Machine and go back to the year 1994. This mod is based on the advanced technology deployed in GrandPrix2. The mod features all teams, 2 carshapes and 13 car textures. Everything state of the art of 1994! See the project page for more details. Have fun driving this very special mod. Let us know, how you like it… Description Gentlemen, please start your timemachine. Recreating a Formula One season with today's state of the art technologies is one thing. Recreating the look and feel of the year, the season was running is another. CTDP is proud to present you the Back-in-the-Days-Edition of the 1994-mod. Sit down in your 1994 race car! Enjoy the high-polygon-models of 1995 and the high-resolution-textures of Grandprix-2 will blow your mind. Have fun! Features * 2 high detail model of 1994: low and raised nose * All teams of the season 1994 * No track liveries at all! * Blurry, barely unrecognisable helmets, which only serve the illusion! * No new physics and barely any tyre physics * 3D tyres that spin! * Menu with 256 colors! * Fully skinnable with any GP2-texture ever released! Installation 1. To install the CTDP AFD 1994, run the installation and install it into your rfactor-directory. 2. Select CTDP AFD 1994 in your Mod-Menu in rFactor. Done, ready to go, simple as pie. This mod is built for rFactor Version 1.255f. Problems may occur with older versions of rFactor. Download
  7. correte qui: http://www.drivingitalia.net/articoli.php?...ultimedia&id=56

    Formula 1 1998 by CTDP v1.3

    Il team CTDP ha rilasciato per l'ancora validissimo F1 Challenge la nuova versione aggiornata 1.3 del fantastico F1 1998 Mod, che ci permette di simulare in modo completo la stagione di Formula 1 di 7 anni fa. Questa release corregge i tanti bugs riscontrati e contiene alcune monoposto senza sponsors tabaccai. Download: http://www.f1gaming.de/get_file.php?action...ad&id=340&w=url (99,8MB)
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