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  1. fonta91

    Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3 in video

    Dopo un paio di immagini misteriose ed i nuovi driver e firmware di ieri, ecco che oggi la Fanatec ci presenta ufficialmente in video la sua nuovissima pedaliera Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3. Per adesso non ci sono altre informazioni, se non il motto "More advanced than most real car pedal sets" e tutto quello che si riesce a scoprire dal promo trailer, che comunque illustra già quelle che saranno le caratteristiche del prodotto. It was time for a major re-design for one of our most popular products and the result are the new ClubSport Pedals V3. Our target was to make ultra high-end pedals wit

    Nuovi driver e firmware Fanatec

    We have a new driver available and the driver also contains the latest firmware for your device as well. Here is the full change log for ver 219: Supported devices. Wheels: ClubSport Wheel Base V2 ClubSport Wheel Base CSR Wheel CSR Elite Wheel Porsche GT2 Wheel Porsche GT3 V2 Wheel Porsche Wheel Turbo S Pedals: All Fanatec USB Pedals All pedal sets which are connected to supported Fanatec Wheels ClubSport USB Adapter (Handbrake & ClubSport Shifter supported) ClubSport Series Steering Wheels: ALL (released before June 2015) Universal Hub for Xbox One (NEW) New firmwares included: -

    Fanatec Universal Hub per XBox One

    These wheel rims have automotive quality and could be used in real race cars. They all are covered in genuine leather and come in different diameters. But you can also purchase the Universal Hub for Xbox One without a wheel rim and use any wheel rim you want or already own. It is comparable to real car steering wheels from famous brands like SPARCO, MOMO or OMP. With every Universal Hub for Xbox One, you have the option to configure the button layout to your preference and the position and angle of every button can also be adjusted. You can also take off some of the small button boxes without
  4. Slightly Mad Studios and Fanatec are proud to announce today that Project CARS will now support a range of Fanatec hardware on both PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. "Wheels, pedals, and gear sticks are the natural input devices for racing games; we have an innate knowledge of how they work from real life and they provide the most immersive, authentic experience for gamers.” said Andy Tudor, Creative Director. "So as we near the launch of Project CARS we’re pleased to announce additional support for the following Fanatec hardware on PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One…" PC & PLAYSTATION®4 Porsche 9

    FanaLEDS versione 2.2H

    E' disponibile la nuova versione 2.2H dell'utility FanaLeds, un programmino che rende funzionanti e personalizzabili i vari display ed hardware con svariati simulatori, comprese le ultime release di Assetto Corsa e rFactor 2. La versione H risolve alcuni problemi di stabilità ed implementa il supporto al SymProjects ProShift. After some weeks of testing we have released version 2.2h of Fanaleds. This version is mainly aimed for solving some stability issues. rFactor and Assetto Corsa racers should now come across less issues while using Fanaleds. Please keep in mind that you have to install t

    Fanatec anche per XBox One

    This is the announcement many people have been waiting for and we are happy to announce that Endor AG (the company behind the brand Fanatec) and Microsoft Corp. have closed a license agreement to make racing peripherals for the Xbox One. Fanatec plans to release a broad line up of racing wheels which will fit all kind of racing styles and different budgets. Xbox One brings the latest in innovation and power to the development of racing peripherals giving fans of Fanatec products the opportunity to play the newest Xbox One titles with full support and integration. Available soon, fans will be

    ClubSport Shifters 1.5 by Fanatec

    La Fanatec ha presentato la nuova versione 1.5 del suo Clubsport Shifter: le migliorie riguardano una nuova elettronica e sensori per migliorare la robustezza e durata. The new ClubSport Shifter V1.5and ClubSport Shifter SQ V1.5. We used the long waiting time to make several upgrades to our ClubSport shifters which include complete new electonics and sensors to increase durability and make calibration easier. All customers who pre-ordered will get a free upgrade and all customers of the V1 will get a free warranty extension of an additional year.

    Fanatec ClubSport V2 video review

    Shaun Cole di The SimPit ha pubblicato la sua completissima video recensione dedicata al nuovo ClubSport Wheel Base v2 della Fanatec. Shaun analizza in dettaglio ogni aspetto della nuova base per i volanti della casa tedesca, considerandone i pregi ed i difetti.
  9. Here are the details: 7 Ultra Precise We replaced the optical sensor with two magnetic high resolution hall sensors mounted on both the motor and the steering axis. The new sensors have double the resolution and the magnetic sensore are less vulnerable to dust or scratched code discs. 6 Smoothastic The cogging of this system cannot be felt by a human anymore. It is incredible smooth and feels natural and realistic. It is on par or better with the best and most expensive wheel out there although those wheels costs a multiple of the CSW B V2. Every little bump can be felt and effects which w

    Fanatec ClubSport Porsche 918 RSR wheel

    Oggi la tedesca Fanatec possiamo davvero definirla "scatenata": tramite il blog ufficiale ha annunciano numerosi nuovi prodotti già disponibili, come ad esempio i volanti ClubSport steering wheel GT, ClubSport steering wheel Round 1, ClubSport steering wheel Flat 1, ma fra le tante novità si distingue certamente il volante ClubSport Steering Wheel Porsche 918 RSR, replica di quello originale montato sull'omonima vettura! The race version of the Porsche 918 supercar is the best what Porsche has to offer at the moment and a true masterpiece of Germaneering. We loved the breathtaking style of th
  11. Driver v200 (for all Fanatec wheels): Now shows the firmware version of our wheels (CSW, CSRE, CSR, GT3V2, GT2, PWTS) in the “update” tab of your device. The driver can carry a new firmware for the CSW directly and the updater for the CSW is included as well. It will start automatically if you set the CSW into bootloader mode. Automatic detection if the your CSW has an older firmware installed than the one which is included in the driver. New firmware for CSW (V53) included! The driver also contains both firmwares for the CS USB Adapter and asks you which mode you want to use (h
  12. ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal Hub Rim Features 16 integrated buttons on top of the hub 4 button boxes with 3 buttons each FunkySwitch™ with 4-way direction pad, 2-way turning function and push button. Comes with a metal knob Small or big shifter paddles for different rim diameters. The big shifter paddles are fully adjustable in distance, width and angle Shifter paddle units can be taken off to save weight. LED display for Tuning or telemetry functions. It can be installed in two positions: Standing or flat USB port to charge a smartphone. No data An additional

    Fanatec: freno a mano e paddles rally

    La Fanatec presenta altre tre novità nella linea dei suoi prodotti: come prima cosa delle nuove palette del cambio fisse, molto più grandi, da montare direttamente sulla base del ClubSport, che non ruotano quindi con lo sterzo, particolarmente indicate per gli appassionati di rally e drifting, al prezzo di 79,95 Euro; ancor più interessante è il nuovo freno a mano, al prezzo di 99,95 Euro, che potete apprezzare nel video sottostante in una prova in pista con Richard Burns Rally; infine un volante pensato specificatamente per gli appassionati di drifting.

    Volante GT e Flat1 da Fanatec

    People are still screaming for more so here comes the FLAT1 wheel rim for the ClubSport Wheel. Just like the Round1 it is a small rim with just 270 mm but this one is covered with suede leather. We also added some more buttons and a tuning display. If you compare the last rims we announced you might get a clue what they all have in common. Available this summer for 349,95 Euro / USD (incl. tax / excl. tax) And we are not done yet...

    Fanatec ROUND 1 WHEEL RIM

    Dopo il modello Classic, il Carbon e l'Oval, la Fanatec annuncia oggi un nuovo volante per il suo ClubSport Wheel: il Round 1 Rim, questo il suo nome, è un volante tipicamente pensato per gli appassionati delle vetture GT, che sarà anch'esso disponibile da questa estate al prezzo di Euro 349,95. And here is the next one: Say hello to the ROUND 1 WHEEL RIM for your ClubSport wheel. A lot of people are waiting for small, round and light GT rim and here it is. Fine, smooth leather, plenty of buttons and a diameter of just 270 mm. Available this summer for 349,95 Euro / USD (incl. tax / excl. tax

    Fanatec: Formula Carbon e Oval Rim

    Dopo il volante Classic, la Fanatec annuncia altre novità dedicate al suo ClubSport Wheel: agli appassionati di monoposto più esigenti è infatti dedicato il nuovissimo Formula Carbon Rim, ovvero il volante interamente in fibra di carbonio! Per i fans delle stockcar Nascar c'è invece l'Oval Rim. It seems that some of you expected a new rim with more buttons and less expensive so what about the new Formula rim with real CARBON fiber? The functionality is the same as in the Formula rim but the style is completely different. The 3D effect of the Carbon Fiber makes it looks different from every an

    Fanatec presenta un volante Classic

    Dopo aver soddisfatto gli appassionati di monoposto con il Formula Rim e i fans delle GT con il BMW GT2 Rim, la Fanatec ha deciso di rendere felici anche i nostalgici delle vetture storiche: sarà disponibile infatti la prossima estate per il già noto ClubSport Wheel il nuovo volante Classic Rim che, come si vede dalla foto, è chiaramente ispirato all'epoca d'oro dell'automobilismo. Il volante Classic sarà in vendita a 349,95 Euro. The CLASSIC rim features fine brown leather and polished aluminum and is the most stylish way to steer any classic car. No buttons disturb the nostalgic look so it
  18. Fanatec presents the new version of their state-of-the-art RennSport Cockpit featuring a new concept and stunning improvements. The RSC V2 is now available as a frame construction to which race drivers add a seat of their choice and a variety of accessories according to their needs, preferences and budget. The objective of such innovation is to offer racers the possibility to create a unique cockpit that can be entirely customized by them. This alone should help them increase their performance and their ability to maximize on their ultimate racing simulation experience. The structure is design
  19. Dal forum ufficiale arrivano questi suggerimenti su come impostare i volanti.

    Fanatec: driver 170 e Shifters spediti

    La Fanatec ha annunciato di aver iniziato le spedizioni del suo nuovo cambio Clubsport Shifters a tutti coloro che lo avevano pre-ordinato nei mesi scorsi. Inoltre la casa tedesca ha rilasciato la nuova versione aggiornata 170 Beta dei suoi driver per tutti i volanti Porsche, CSR e Clubsport. I am happy to announce that the first shipment of the ClubSport Shifter has arrived and will be delivered to customers today. This includes both versions and the shifter table clamp. At the moment we only got enough units to fullfil just a part of the European pre-orders but production continues and the
  21. Uff

    Doppia novit

    Fanatec ha presentato oggi il suo Clubsport USB Adapter per permettere a tutti coloro che volessero acquistare uno dei cambi Clubsport Shifter di utilizzarlo anche su volanti di altre marche. Il semplice adattatore è in pre-ordine sul sito ufficiale al prezzo di 19,95€. Tale pagina, tuttavia, sembra contenere anche un'informazione ben più preziosa, forse sfuggita per sbaglio ai piani alti della casa tedesca. Come ci ha fatto notare il nostro utente biancazzurro, tale adattore viene infatti indicato come compatibile anche con quel Clubsport Handbrake di cui si erano perse notizie. Dobbiamo asp

    Fanatec: ClubSport Shifter & CSL Stand

    La tedesca Fanatec annuncia questa sera il lancio di due nuovi prodotti: il primo è l'attesissimo ClubSport Shifter, il cambio manuale disponibile sia in versione ad innesti a 7 marce che anche sequenziale, che è possibile già acquistare in pre ordine al prezzo di 149.95€ e 199.95€ rispettivamente, per una consegna prevista al 30 Agosto e Settembre. Il secondo prodotto è il CSL Wheel Stand, ora ulteriormente migliorato, un comodo supporto per montare volante e pedaliera dotato di varie regolazioni, al prezzo di 89.95€. ClubSport Shifter SQ Features: Full metal construction Ultra realisti

    Video review doppia: ClubSport Wheel

    Direttamente a questo link dell'apposito topic, potete ammirare una doppia videorecensione dedicata al ClubSport Wheel della Fanatec: sia il team di Simracing Review che i ragazzi di Inside Simracing ci raccontano infatti cosa ne pensano dell'ultimo nato della casa tedesca.
  24. Nome file: Fanatec Driver 32/64 bit Autore del file: Uff File inserito: 27 Feb 2013 Categoria del file: Varie After a long time without updates we would like to introduce a new driver version for all Porsche, CSR and ClubSport wheels. The driver is a Beta version for Windows 7 and 8 (32 and 64bit). Please test it and let us know all problems you find. You can also let us know how you like the new features! CSW: Analog joystick of CSW works as mouse Control panel update for CSS Improved compatibility to external programs like Fanaleds CSW: Map sequential shifter to shifter
  25. Nome file: Fanatec Driver 32 bit Autore del file: Uff File inserito: 27 Feb 2013 Categoria del file: Varie Driver 152 per volanti Fanatec. Versione a 32 bit. Disinstallare i driver precedenti prima di installare questi e riavviare il PC al termine della loro installazione. Clicca qui per scaricare il file
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