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Found 4 results

  1. Il team GTL Workshop ritorna per stupire ancora una volta gli appassionati simdrivers di GTR 2, grazie al rilascio della nuova versione aggiornata 3.2 per l'imperdibile Power&Glory Mod ! L'update, oltre alle consuete migliorie e bugfix, ottimizzazioni a fisica e grafica, ci offre anche la nuova 1969 IGFA German Racing Team Ford GT40. Potete scaricare il mod completo 3.2 o la patch 3.1 -> 3.2 direttamente dalla nostra area files; per commenti e discussioni in merito potete utilizzare questo topic. A new update – Version 3.2 – is now available for the Power & Glory Mod for GTR2. There is an updater to update existing 3.1 installations and a complete 3.2 installer for new users. This update features heavily revised physics for all the Ford GT40 variants and all the Porsche 906 variants, based on lots of new technical information which has come to light since the physics for these cars was originally done. The GT40 graphics have received numerous improvements and there is a new car – the 1969 IGFA German Racing Team GT40. Changes to the Porsche 906 models are confined to the accurate reproduction of the size of the four different sets of tyres fitted to the various models. The Lotus Cortina graphics have also been improved and feature a new interior for the 1964 models. As you would expect there are also a number of bug fixes. More details can be found on the Development Blog at which also includes links to User Manuals for the Ford GTs and the Porsche 906. Well its almost two years since the last update to P&G. Those of you who have been following progress will be aware that the team has shrunk in size. Another reason for the long time between updates is its taken some time for me to get up to speed with creating GTR2 physics. The good news is there isn't much longer to wait for the next update. We plan to release it in Quarter 4 this year i.e. between September and December. We expected that most users of 3.1 would already have 3.0 so it was only released as an update to 3.0. While our assumption was probably correct, downloading and installing 3.0 then 3.1 is cumbersome for new users or those re-installing, and to have to install another patch is really a step too far. So the new update will be available as both a "patch" to 3.1 and as a complete install. In the past month we have been working on the Alpine A110s to give them a modest update. It is not a complete reworking like the GT40 and Porsche 906. Although we received invaluable help from a NoGrip member Roger who is an Alpine A110 owner, data on the Alpine in road racing is quite scarce. The publication of the book Alpine Renault - the fabulous berlinettes in 2013 has shed some new light. In particular it highlighted that the A110s entered into the 1966 Targa Florio were 1300s rather than the 1100s we currently have. This will be corrected in 3.2 - both in the physics and the model. The A110 models lack passenger seats and these have been added. Finally, the GT Legends A110 omits the back-fire feature and this omission was carried over to P&G. The backfire has been added to the cars for 3.2. Cars with low power output such as the Alpines are sensitive to rolling resistance. The rolling resistance of these cars has been reduced in line with Dunlop data from the period and the aerodynamic drag has also been reduced a little to match new data on maximum speeds. We just have to finish work on a major update to the cockpit of one of our cars and work on 3.2 should be complete. We believe we are still on track to release before the end of the year.

    GTR2: Power&Glory v3.2 disponibile!

    BUG FIXES / OPTIMIZATIONS: - Fix for the 1974 Zakspeed Escort RS1600 tyre file, which was causing CTD when using Soft Wet tyres. - Fix for a wrongly referenced mesh in the Boss302 Mustang cas file, which could cause CTD at low detail setting. - Fixed wrong tyre textures used on Boss302 Mustangs #15 and #16. - Fix for missing shadowreceiver of Boss302 Mustang bonnet scoop in cockpit view. - Fix for exhaust smoke position on Corvette Grand Sports. - Fix for wrong body mask in Cortina GT #64021. - Fix for material conflict in all affected 60's Touring cars. - Fix for material conflict in all affected 70's Touring cars. - Fix for material conflict in all affected GT Over 2 Liter cars. - Fix for material conflict in almost all affected GT Under 2 Liter cars (still need to do Lotus 7). - Fix for material conflict in all affected PTC Over 2 Liter cars. - Fix for material conflict in all affected PTC Under 2 Liter cars. - Fix for material conflict in Safetycar. - Fix for to render ABS non-functional on Ford GTs and Porsche 906s - Fix for wrong dirt/rain screens in Capri 2600 #72023 - Removed unnecessary "invisible" plane under zakspeed escort chassis meshes, and adjusted GraphicalOffset in .hdc to correct height. - Removed unnecessary "invisible" plane under Detomaso Pantera chassis meshes, and adjusted GraphicalOffset in .hdc to correct height. - Removed front windscreen banner from Porsche 914/6 #70040 chassis meshes. - Altered Porsche 914/6 lit headlight texture. #70040 headlight glow now correctly shows no tape marks when lit. PHYSICS / FEATURES / GAMEPLAY: - Revised physics for all Ford GT40s - Revised physics for all Porsche 906s - Reduced rolling resistance and drag for Alpine A110, #76 & #78 - 1300 engine replaces 1100 - Small changes to Lotus Cortina tyre diameter, ride height and suspension travel. '65 Mann car now has Goodyear tyres. 67 Alain Dex car now has Firestone tyres - Lotus Cortinas now in a single category, rather than the previous Works/Mann categories. GRAPHICS: - Removed right side mirror and cutoff switch box from Boss302 Mustang #70009 - Revised skin and body mask on Ford Capri #72054 - All GT40s slightly widened and lower nose re-profiled - Correct diameter tyres for all GT40s - New BRM style wheels to replace Halibrand wheel for the GT40s which used BRM style wheels - Revised cockpit for Ford GT MkII - new gauges and repositioned mirror - Revised cockpit for Gulf GT40s - new tape strip and wheel boss and #6 now has same gauges as #7 - Four sets of correctly sized tyres replace single set on Porsche 906 - Back-fire and passenger seat added to Alpine A110 - #76 & #78 now have 1300 engine exhaust - New cockpit/dash for 1964 model Lotus Cortinas - Revised cockpit for later model Lotus Cortinas - Revised 3D model for Lotus Cortina body featuring new details such as side exhaust, boot lock, 3D Lotus badges, central fuel filler, and bonnet strap. - New or revised skins for all Lotus Cortinas - #65037 replaces #66013 and #66001 replaces #66027 - Larger diameter tyres for all Cortinas SOUNDS: - Minor pitch corrections for the Ford GT40 and Ford GT MkII, to suit the physics corrections done in the car. UI / HUD / OPTIONS: - Included the "PnG UI Language Switcher" tool (located in the main installation folder), so that users can change the language of the Interface and without needing to download this tool separately. - Corrections in the Italian dictionary files for better translation (external contribution from 'NickM'). - Separated the Corvette C2 L76 Roadster from the Corvette C2 Z06 in class lines, so that it can be selected separately (also for dedicated servers). - Rectified missing lines/text for the specs in showroom for the Corvettes C3 L88 #68002, #68003 and #68045. - Minor checkbox changes (spacing parameters). - Car picture in the set-up screens has been changed to a top-view image (of a Cobra roadster) - this substitutes the underside one (of a Ferrari 250 GT) causing confusion to some. NEW ADDED CONTENT: - 1969 IGFA German Racing Team Ford GT40
  3. Il team GTL Workshop è orgoglioso di presen.... aahh ma che vi sto a spiegà! SCARICATE!! ringraziamo per il primo mirror, ne seguiranno altri anche con un unico file http://www.drivingit...s&showfile=2702 Patch v2.1 Power&Glory v2.0 has been a huge success so far, not only because of the content, quality and overall driving experience, but also because it hasn`t had any showstopping bugs right out of the box. That has allowed us to focus more on overall quality testing, and with the help of the simracing community, spot and correct all the little niggling bugs. We didn't stop at that though. We`ve improved the graphics, sounds and physics on many of the cars, and as if this wasn't enough, we`ve provided some brand new cars for you, which we`re sure you`ll find as thrilling and exciting as ever! Here is a small list of the most important improvements. A more detailed list is included in the changelog.txt file. New! The Porsche 906E. Equipped with the more powerful and responsive fuel-injected engine! The Porsche 906 LangHeck. The amazing longtail Porsches that complete our top 8 Le Mans grid of 1966! The Porsche 906/8. Porsche put a screaming eight cylinder 2.2 liter engine in the 906. The result is explosive! Improvements Search for the ATCC 66001 Mustang of Ian "Pete" Geoghegan. This car still holds an impressive Guinness world record. There's a reason why and now you can drive it! The Ferrari 250 SWB is finally the best handling Ferrari ever... as it should have been from the start. Handling improvements on the Ford GT40 MK1 and MK2. The Ferrari 250 and 275 now have the correct fuel tank capacities. Improved Porsche 914s. Corrections to the Porsche 911 RSR wet tyre values and asymmetrical default setup. Handling improvements on all Austin Healey 3000s. Sound enhancements. Additional content and fixes More GT40s! More Shelby Cobras! Many more Porsche 906s! Dirty Ford Falcons and Mustangs. Period style pitboard with template for you to personalize. Corrected a handling bug on all the cars with rear live axle. Stability improvements ... and so much more!
  4. DucFreak: We wouldn't like to make any promises but we're actually in the last details, and pushing for the v3.0 release betwen the end of this month and 1st half of next month (yes, no joke) but then... there's always something happening. Voodoo crap, I'll telz ya!
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