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Found 8 results

  1. L'italiana Renovatio Development lancia online il nuovo e rinnovato sito web ufficiale, con relativo online store per l'acquisto diretto di tutti i prodotti. Inoltre, grazie ad un accordo raggiunto con il partner DHL, è a disposizione dei clienti un nuovo listino per le spedizioni nazionali ed internazionali che include tariffe particolarmente convenienti per gli acquisti.
  2. This post has been promoted to an article

    R3E: patch e multiplayer

    Con un nuovo post sul blog, il team Simbin torna ad aggiornarci sui lavori in corso riguardanti RaceRoom Racing Experience: per il fine settimana sarà disponibile una nuova patch, dedicata soprattutto all'eliminazione degli indicatori di curva su vari tracciati; il team svedese ha anche pubblicato una serie di interessanti FAQ riguardanti il futuro multiplayer... When will MP Alpha be available? Sometime in May or June. Hopefully May. What about R3E players who do not own the DTM Experience? We are working on a temporary menu system that will be similar to the Web based DTM Experience Menus. With that we will be able to have MP browser and all the other components to share both Single Player Race and Multiplayer Race with all R3E users. Please note the menu system we are developing is just a temporary one for the purpose of sharing MP and SP as soon as possible. It is not going to be the finalized, fully revamped UI/Menu system we are working on.

    R3E: cosa ci attende nel 2014?

    CURRENTLY IN PLAN FOR 2014 Multiplayer We are currently working on preparing Multiplayer Alpha. We aim to start stress testing the infrastructure with a limited amount of users before this summer. Initially Multiplayer Alpha will be made available to DTM Experience Season Pass holders only. In other words, it will be available for players who have purchased a redeem code for DTM Experience 2013 + Season Pass via Depending on our tests, we will then enable the alpha mode to more of our players. WEB Technology based User Interface and Menu System We are currently working on making a switch to WEB technology based UI and Menu system. We are working on revamping the entire presentation of the game with a dynamic and more user friendly WEB technology based approach. Controller Wizard & Physics We are revisiting our controller profile system and will revise our default controller profiles. We are also working on the physics side of things to bring more realism to car handling. Single Player We are working on completing the Single Player experience for the R3E base. Adaptive AI and Single Race is being implemented for R3E alongside Multiplayer. Shared Memory Data We are working on improving our Shared Memory Data system and we are creating a technical documentation to provide better support to 3rdparty developers who develop applications that can be used with R3E. Telemetry app and motion plugin developers will be able get more usable data from the R3E and thereby improve their compatibility with our game. AI Improvements We are currently refactoring the AI and the Adaptive AI system to improve the performance and accuracy of computer controller cars. Multiple Experience System We are implementing a more dynamic system to support multiple experiences under the R3E umbrella. Different Race series will have their own style and theme within their own unique experiences. INTRODUCED SINCE APRIL 2013 Extended Controller Support We have added extended controller support for players to be able to user their controllers (D-pads and analogue sticks on gamepads and steering wheels) on every section of the game. This implementation allows controllers to control the mouse cursor to make menu and option browsing more accessible. Instant Replay in Game We have added the ability to watch replays instantly during gameplay sessions by pressing the key “I”. This implementation allows players to instantly access the replay to re-watch an event or take screenshots. Banner-Pack System We implemented a dynamic banner-pack system where we can dynamically change the visuals on the environment objects such as banners and billboards around a track layout. This allows us to add endorsements and sponsor banners on special events such as competitions. IBL (Image Based Lighting) We implemented a lighting/rendering system that improves the look and feel of the visuals in the gameplay environment. The IBL system improves the illumination on the entire environment including the cars. Account Removal An account can now be deleted by the user through the account settings link in the portal menu. Newsletter Subscription Manage newsletter settings through the account settings link in the portal menu. Novice Mode We added novice difficulty for the players that are new to simracing and racing in general. The novice mode includes various automatic assists and in-game HUD (Head-Up Display) markers. The novice mode introduces players to racing and lets them get familiar with the game before they are ready for the more advanced driving models, Amateur and Get Real. TrackIR Support We added TrackIR support, a motion tracking hardware that is widely used by gamers, especially simulation players. Graphical Improvements and Options We made various improvements to the rendering and the overall graphics of R3E. We also implemented various new graphical options to allow players to customize their visual settings as it suits them. Some of the added options are; Car & Track Texture Quality Shader Quality Rearview Mirror Quality Reflection Types (Cubemap reflections on car surfaces) Advanced Stats We implemented Advanced Statistics to the portal to let players get more detailed statistics on all cars and tracks the player has driven with. Adaptive AI We implemented an Adaptive Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that adapts to players performance on individual cars and tracks in race sessions. The AI adapts and adjusts its difficulty based on the performance of the player on the driven car and the track. Class Based Leaderboards We added class based leaderboards to allow players to compare their performances across an entire car class. Before this implementation, the players were limited to compare their laptimes in the leaderboard of the individual car only. Brand Pages We added Brand Pages for players to subscribe to and get more information about various brands that sponsor our events and competitions. News Feed We added Newsfeed section to the portal where players get real-time updates. Via Newsfeed, players get instant updates on their friend’s activity and their favourite brands they have subscribed to. Photo Feed We added Photo feed widget to the portal that shows latest uploaded screenshots to the portal. The player can set photo feed to show screenshots from friends only, or let it show all the screenshot updates globally. Corner Marker Toggle We have added a corner marker toggle to allow players to turn ON/OFF the corner marker assists. With the introduction of Novice Mode, the purpose of these arrows have diminished and we are now working on updating all the tracks to let players turn off these marker assists. Overlays We have implemented an overlay system which can be seen on DTM Experience 2013. The overlays simulate the experience of watching a race series on TV. In DTM Experience 2013, the overlays are designed after the real life overlays used in DTM races seen on TV. As an alternative, we have also included an option to turn off the overlays for players who want the fully realistic driver experience instead of the TV experience. Steam DLC Integration We implemented Downloadable Content (DLC) system to make our content packages and add-ons available in Steam Store.

    R3E: Audi Quattro 90 in arrivo...

    Il team Simbin lo aveva già preannunciato in un recente dev blog, ma oggi si è portato un pò più avanti, mostrandoci un gustosissimo video di anteprima della nuova Audi Quattro 90 in arrivo per RaceRoom Racing Experience!

    R3E: SimBin Dev Blog

    Il team Simbin ha pubblicato un nuovo development blog dedicato al suo RaceRoom Racing Experience: questa volta i ragazzi svedesi ci parlano dei cartelli indicatori di curva (che è già possibile rimuovere dall'ultima patch), del multiplayer ormai imminente e ci mostrano anche alcuni screens della vettura che stanno creando in questi giorni...
  7. fonte ISI forum First teaser image of Silverstone Circuit for rFactor 2 This post has been promoted to an article

    rFactor2: saluti da Silverstone

    Il team ISI ha pubblicato oggi una serie di nuovi screenshots di anteprima dedicati al nuovo circuito di Silverstone, in fase di sviluppo per rFactor2. La pista sarà rilasciata a breve per il simulatore americano. ISI are happy to announce that in addition to the Indy 500 licensing announced last week, we will soon be releasing an officially licensed Silverstone Circuit to be a part of our free rFactor 2 content. rFactor 2 is an ongoing development that will be updated and have major content like this, added freely, for years to come. We encourage you to post in our forums for any other content you may be interested in, and we will see if a license can be obtained. If you haven’t already tried rFactor 2, consider that we offer a no questions 30-day full refund, and are in the process of developing a free-to-try demo installer. Below you will find a first batch of images showing off the model quality and detail going into our build. Note that all images represent a work-in-progress model. All screenshots are in-sim, from our development versions which will also be public soon.
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