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Analizziamo limiti e vantaggi per piloti e appassionati! 😉

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  • Sporchiamoci di grasso con Wrench in accesso anticipato Steam

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    La Digital Mistake annuncia con un nuovo trailer il prossimo arrivo in accesso anticipato su Steam del suo originalissimo Wrench (letteralmente "chiave inglese"): si tratta in sostanza di un simulatore di meccanico in realtà virtuale VR, che ci permette di riparare e modificare le vetture, sporcandoci virtualmente le mani! Come potete notare dal video il livello di dettaglio e realismo è molto elevato, speriamo quindi che il progetto prosegua per il meglio.

    Wrench is coming to early access this fall. I put together this promo video that features 47 minutes of engine assembly crunched down into just over one minute


    Wrench is a highly detailed race car mechanic simulator that tasks you with maintaining your team's race cars.
    In this early access release you will:

    • Start as at the bottom as a junior level assistant handling fluid and tire changes
    • Earn XP and gain mechanic levels based on each component of the car you service and the car's race results.
    • Mechanic level ups grow your role on the team and make you responsible for a larger portion of each car's mechanical systems.
    • Service a growing library of parts and assemblies in detail including: Engine bottom end, Cylinder head, Front and rear suspension, and the braking systems.
    • Delegate repair work to mechanics on the team who are junior to you.
    • Diagnose mechanical issues with a variety of tools including the part logbook and driver symptom reports.

    Wrench has a traditional desktop mouse/keyboard play mode in addition to a VR mode for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive (WMR headsets experimental support). Players can switch between play modes on the same save file.










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