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Ferrari F399 by ASR Formula

La monoposto Rossa del Mondiale di Formula 1 del 1999.

Per molti, il periodo più bello della massima serie automobilistica...

Ferrari F399

Simracing Pro: il test di Raimondo Ricci!

Cosa succede quando un pilota TCR prova una pedaliera professionale?

Lo scopriamo con il test di Raimondo al suo simulatore!

Simracing Pro pedals

Formula Hybrid 2021: test in pista

Race Sim Studio ci propone la nuova monoposto di Formula 1...

confronto con la Hybrid 2020 per capire le differenze

Formula Hybrid 2021

  • rFactor 2: GSRH intervista Marcel Offermans (parte 3)

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    E' disponibile la terza parte (ecco prima e seconda parte) dell'intervista a Marcel Offermans condotta dal sito Global Simracing Hub.

    Come preannunciato la terza parte dell'intervista tratta il fenomeno degli eSports e il ruolo che rFactor 2 ha avuto e continuerà ad avere nel futuro. Ecco un breve estratto


    Q: Esport have escalated as a business in the last few years, but sim racing hasn't had its big break. But with the 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual being such a huge success, do you see things changing?

    A: It’s true that within the esports world, sim racing is a niche. You could even argue that, except for maybe F1, the same holds true for racing in the world of sports. That said, the last year or so we see an increase in interest for esports from the world of motorsport. There are probably several reasons for this, apart from the current situation in the world. Most importantly, sim racing and real racing require a very similar set of skills and as we get more successful in simulating cars on consumer grade hardware, there is a growing interest to use rFactor 2 for all kinds of training purposes. At the same time, sim racing democratizes racing, lowering the barrier of entry into motorsports, which traditionally has been labeled as a sport for the very rich only.

    I would like to see the two worlds merging even more, and that is definitely a trend we are seeing right now. It’s hard to predict the future of motorsports. With the changing ways we all think about future mobility, it’s clear to me that there will be big changes. We grew up with the car as a status symbol. The current generation sees it much more as a way to get from A to B, with many alternatives that are more environmentally friendly. Over time, I’m sure that will make the big car manufacturers rethink their huge investments into motorsport and that might actually be a good thing, as it pushes the sport in a direction where it’s not all about money, but about competing on equal terms where the skills of the driver are decisive and not the research and development that goes into the cars.


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