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  • Raceroom Racing Experience: disponibile l'update di Giugno

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    Walker™ By Walker™, in Software, , 2 comments, 257 views


    Sector 3 ha rilasciato l'attesissimo aggiornamento di Giugno per Raceroom Racing Experience: l'update contiene tante migliorie alla fisica dell'auto, un nuovo menu impostazioni (con un utilissimo tool per impostare il FoV), nuovi effetti grafici per scintille, fumo e sporco e soprattutto il nuovo FFB, completamente riscritto da zero, basato al 100% sulla fisica di gioco.

    L'aggiornamento è già disponibile per il download via Steam, se non riuscite a scaricarlo è consigliato il riavvio del client. Inoltre sul forum di Sector 3 sono già presenti alcune guide e consigli utili per estrarre il massimo dal nuovo FFB (qui trovate alcune informazioni circa il passaggio dal nuovo al vecchio FFB e qui trovate una breve guida sui valori consigliati in base al vostro volante)

    Ecco di seguito il changelog completo:


    Update details:

    Download size = 3.7 GB
    Client version =
    Client BuildID = 6916738
    Dedi version = 76.0.1312
    Dedi BuildID = 6916920



    • New Force Feedback system ( click here for details )
    • Options menu interface has been redone, with FOV tools, Triple Screen setup, Search field.
    • Replays interface has been redone, with added keyframes feature and 100% unlimited free camera movements
    • Gameplay menus interface has been redone with Timing Screen comparison tools, Multiplayer chat box, new Race Monitor controls.
    • Test Drive feature in the store page now allows to select any of the free track layouts
    • Particles - Smoke and dirt puffs improvements
    • Particles - Sparks added on applicable cars. Sparks will be emitted with varying amounts depending on the type of material that hits the ground and the force of impact
    • Particles - Added exhaust fumes. Cars will emit varying types of fumes depending on engine type, exhaust types, engine temperature.
    • Sounds - Improved on how drivetrain oscillations at gearshifts are coming through for a selection of cars (Formula cars, DTM, Group C, GTE). All the cars will eventually receive this change in subsequent updates.
    • Sounds - Updated sound from riding on curbs
    • Controllers - Updated to latest Thrustmaster SDK, adding full support for their new SF1000 wheel.
    • Added support for 16:5 aspect ratio with 3840x1200 resolution



    • BMW M235i Racing - Physics review
    • Formula RaceRoom 2 - Physics review
    • Formula RaceRoom 3 - Physics review + New Sounds
    • Audi TT RS VLN - Improved sharpness of turn-in
    • BMW M3 E30 - New sounds
    • BMW Z4 GT3 - Resized wheels
    • Ford GT GT3 - Resized wheels
    • Formula RaceRoom 90 - Improved differential settings, less engine braking reduction
    • Formula RaceRoom Junior, 2, 3, 4 and 90 - Tweaked rear tyre slip curves to give more progressive grip drop off beyond the limit
    • Group 4 - Tweaked rear tyre slip curves to give more progressive grip drop off beyond the limit
    • Group 5 - Tweaked rear tyre slip curves to give more progressive grip drop off beyond the limit
    • Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO - Fixed a hole spotted in the dashboard
    • P1 and P2 car classes - Updated brake heating/cooling behaviour. Cures some inconsistant brake performance issues.
    • Pagani Zonda R - Switched to tyres GT3-spec
    • Porsche 911 GT3 R (2019) - Fixed a decal on the seat that would still be rendered while the seat itself was disabled in visual settings.
    • Brno - Fixed starting grid issues with maximum amount of AI opponents
    • Vålerbanen - Fixed a strict cut detection



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