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Simracing: qual'è il futuro della guida virtuale?

Un altro weekend nero per il simracing, nel quale la competizione e il divertimento sono stati sostituiti da sporchi trucchi e da un approccio in pista da video-game arcade di scarsa, scarsissima qualità. Il futuro del simracing è quindi decisamente buio?
Simracing: qual'è il futuro?

Quale PC per il simracing?

Chi vuole avvicinarsi al mondo simracing può farlo nel modo che preferisce, anche se il più versatile e completo, tuttavia, rimane sempre il PC. Ma quale può essere la configurazione migliore per un PC da Simracing, con un occhio di riguardo al proprio portafoglio? Scopriamolo insieme!
Quale PC per il Simracing?

Sim Race Components sponsor dei campionati DrivingItalia

Sim Race Components è lo sponsor ufficiale dei prossimi campionati di DrivingItalia.NET. Il GT Series Season 3 (con Assetto Corsa Competizione) e Formula Exos Championship (con Assetto Corsa), vi daranno la possibilità di vincere sconti incredibili per l'acquisto dei prodotti dell'azienda italiana leader nella progettazione e produzione di postazioni in profilati di alluminio e accessori per il simracing.
Sim Race Components sponsor dei campionati DrivingItalia
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    Nuovo update tecnico per la build di Dicembre di RaceRoom


    Dopo il corposo update del mese di Dicembre, ed in attesa delle novità di Daytona e della Porsche 911 RSR, il team Sector3 rilascia oggi un nuovo aggiornamento tecnico e di bugfixing per il suo RaceRoom Racing Experience.


    Today's update is mostly about maintenance and fixing issues reported since the December 2019 update. You will find all the changes below.

    Update details:
    Download size = 1.9 GB
    Client version =
    Client BuildID = 4639903
    Dedicated server version = 57.0.1077
    Dedicated server BuildID = 4640022


    Dedicated server now offers the possibility to set an incident point limit. Any player going above that defined amount will get instantly disqualified.

    Dedicated server manager page now shows the points accumulated by each player in real time, rather than the amount of incident events involving that player.

    Reputation - Improved detection of Non Starter participants on long tracks such as the Nordschleife.

    Reputation - Car to car collisions are now worth 4 points. Losing Control of the vehicle is now worth 2 points.

    Flat Spots - Reduced further tyre wear on flat spots, which makes them vanish quicker with tyre wear.

    Flat Spots - Fixed some bad performance when locking a tyre on a flat spot while in gravel or grass.

    Suspension damage - Fixed some cases where a car with suspension damage could sometimes be seen shot into the air.

    Car Setup - Fixed Setup rules are now properly affecting the car setup menu.

    Car Setup - Changed so 4WD cars differential changes affect the rear differential instead of the front.

    Fixed shift sounds playing twice in replays.

    Fixed an issue where HUD elements would show in replays if the client was started with -broadcastUrl=http://**

    Fixed some sorting / timing issues in client's position bar

    Fixed a case where entering the pitlane could sometimes result in the lap being invalidated

    Fixed rolling start qualifying where the car, under AI control, would try and dodge other players around the spawn location, even though they're invisible.

    Fixed wrong values fed to Spectator overlays for live gaps between cars.

    Fixed smoke not rendering from Aerial TV cameras.

    Fixed an old Helpdesk URL that the client was attempting to load after throwing an error. It's now changed to point to the Sector3 Studios forums.

    Content updates:

    Bosh DDU4 - (data display seen in cars such as the Tatuus F4) - Fixed the Oil and Water temperatures that were swapped.

    Aquila - Physics updates

    Audi RS TT VLN - Physics updates

    All Manual Gearbox cars - Reduced dogbox RPM to encourage more lifting when changing gears.

    BMW M1 - Updated cockpit art

    DTM (all years) - Reduced default FFB multipliers

    Formula RaceRoom 90 - Tweaks to AI behaviour

    Group 4 and Procar classes - Increased tyre heating and reduced default tyre pressures accordingly

    GTR3 Car Class - Tweaks to AI behaviour

    GTR3 Class BOP - Improved BOP of the older generation of GT3's. Porsche 911 GT3 R (2019) +20 Kg ; Mercedes AMG GT3 +15 Kg

    GTR4 Class BOP - Adjustments

    Hyundai I30 TCR - Reduced rear ride height and its adjustment range

    Lotus Evora GT4 - Tweaks to pit limiter timings as well as engine orientation

    Nissan GTR R32 - New sounds, updates to cockpit art.

    Porsche Cayman (all types) - Adjustments to car physics

    Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - The current model has now been modified to Endurance specs. The car now has Traction Control as well as more car setup adjustments allowed. The Cup specs will now be only available in upcoming Porsche Carrera Cup classes.

    RUF CTR3 + RT12R GT2 and GT3 - Fixed a bad collision box

    Silhouette Class - Physics updates

    WTCC 2015/2016 - Fixed Chevrolet Cruze not having adjustable Tyre Pressure

    Mount Panorama (Bathurst) - Tweaks to pitlane ambient sounds

    Ningbo - Flipped the starting grid so the pole position starts on the right side, on the trajectory.

    Nuerburgring GP Fast Chicane - Fixed rolling starts that could sometimes be bad for AI.

    Portimao (all layouts) - Moved the spawn location used in Time Attack and rolling start qualifying.

    Silverstone - Fixed AI running wide in turn 1 after a rolling start on GP and International layouts.

    Zhuhai - Improved performance

    Zolder - AI control in pitlane should no longer result in hitting a guardrail

    In this update, we had to heavily modify the looks of some fantasy liveries that had Red Bull sponsoring since their original release. The Red Bull brand guidelines now enforce the brand to only be used as replica's of existing cars and liveries, never on fantasy cars. As some of the liveries were sold, we will be looking into refunding the 29 vRP's to your in-game wallets in the coming days.
    The liveries affected are:
    - Formula Raceroom 2 #1
    - Formula Raceroom 2 #2
    - Formula Raceroom 3 #2
    - Formula RaceRoom Junior #18
    - Pagani Zonda R #73
    - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup #11
    - RaceRoom Canhard R51 #15


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