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  • MX Bikes by Piboso: beta 15 disponibile

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    L'inarrestabile Piboso ha rilasciato la nuova versione beta 15 del suo MX Bikes, simulatore decisamente raffinato dedicato al mondo del motocross e supercross. La nuova versione, oltre alle consuete migliorie, ci offre anche alcune interessanti novità. Potete scaricare il software che funge anche da demo a questo link, per poi acquistare la licenza da 30 Euro su questa pagina.

    Commenti e discussioni a questo link del forum.


    MX Bikes beta 15 available:
    fix: fork offset garage setting
    fix: rider dab during slides
    fix: spectator join crash
    fix: live timing UDP output
    fix: straight rhythm in multiplayer
    fix: pitboard during the last lap
    fix: live screens in replays
    fix: rendering performances improvements
    fix: web server browser join
    new: garage setting to slide the fork in the triple clamps
    new: garage setting to adjust the linkage rod length
    new: support for soft collisions
    new: timed races support
    new: qualify practice option, as an alternative to qualify race
    new: holeshot award
    new: option to limit a server to specific bikes, in addition to categories
    new: IPv6 support
    new: dedicated server admin commands
    new: remote server admin
    new: open practice results export
    new: option to show the 3D names in replays
    new: instant replay
    new: replay interface redesign
    new: protection paint support
    new: additional trick animations
    new: head tracking linked to lookback animations
    new: track paints support


    How to update:

    MX Bikes is also available on Steam Early Access:
    It is possible to convert the standalone license to a Steam key at this link:

    Release Notes
    - Replays, bike setups and trainers are not compatible with the previous versions
    - The chassis inertia, engine inertia, engine braking and dampers of the stock bikes have been tuned
    - Distances in the garage are now always measured in mm even when the US units are selected
    - The "unlocked" onboard views have been tuned to try to remove vibrations
    - The external view has been changed to try to give more feedback about the forces acting on the bike:
    - The "heading" control and head tracking now work with the external view, too
    - The rider heading and dab animations now work in multiplayer, too
    - The rider animations now more closely match the rider physics
    - The roost particles have been changed ( indirectly causing replays to be shorter )
    - Now a race doesn't start until there is at least one bike on track
    - The pitboard should now be more up-to-date
    - The track marker is now saved and restored
    - The "kick" command has been added, as an alternative to "eject":
    - It is possible to hide / show the classification and "telemetry" during replay / live pressing the Tab and Left Ctrl + Tab keys
    - During replay / live, double-clicking on a classification entry switches the focus to it
    - It is now possible to show / hide the 3D names in replays pressing the numpad '/' ( divide ) key
    - The 3D names are now smaller, lower, have a dark background and fade with distance
    - Some of the stock tracks ( MXB Club, Washington, Nevada '13 and Nevada '18 ) have been updated to use soft objects
    -- The track layout bales are now soft, too
    - Not all the stock tracks have the holeshot line
    - It is now possible to use Alt+F4 to close MXB. However, please note that at the moment it is an hack and might cause problems.


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