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    Live for Speed: nuova versione 0.6U disponibile


    Dopo un lungo silenzio, torna finalmente a farsi sentire il team di sviluppo di Live for Speed, rilasciando una nuova versione aggiornata di questo interessante simulatore. La release 0.6U di Live for Speed, oltre ad alcune migliorie ed alla correzione di alcuni bugs, porta con sè importanti perfezionamenti per quanto riguarda il comparto dell'utilizzo dei visori VR, molto apprezzati anche dai piloti di questo software.


    Today we have an update for you with some important fixes and some new features. This is not the graphics update we have been talking about in recent progress reports. This one is fully compatible with the existing public version. We decided to work on version U after learning about some issues with two new VR headsets that could actually cause eye strain, which made an update really important. We also fixed some other known bugs and took the opportunity to add some new features.

    You can try a new setting for the cockpit views. Previously they were always aligned to the car but now you can lock the view to the horizon. Some people can experience motion sickness when driving a car in VR and this option can be a great help for them. With the view locked to the horizon you get a strong feeling of how the car is moving but it can be too much so there is an alternative setting to 'filter' the view. In this case the view still goes with the car's pitch and roll but there is a short time delay while the view catches up to the car. This is quite effective in showing how the car reacts to bumps.

    For those of you who like to race offline, we have increased the number of AI drivers you can add and you can now set their skill levels individually in the race setup screen. The F11 and F12 in-game screens can now be used to adjust their live settings and pit strategy. Read all about this update and how to install it on the Live for Speed version 0.6U page.


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