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  • KartKraft: nuovo update via Steam con la telemetria

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    Nuovo aggiornamento disponibile via Steam per il sempre più interessante KartKraft, simulatore di guida dedicato al mondo appassionante del karting. La principale novità di questa release, è l'implementazione del plugin che permette il funzionamento del sistema della telemetria e degli eventuali componenti dinamici.


    Build is now live! (Telemetry update)

    We're back with a brand new release featuring the first version of our telemetry/motion plugin system. Over the coming weeks, we'll be working with motion platform developers to get their systems working with KartKraft.

    Telemetry plugin tools

    Whilst we've added support for streaming core data out of KartKraft as well as a SimTools plugin, we've designed the system to make it easy for anyone with basic coding experience to build their own telemetry apps. With examples in 5 different languages (Python, C++, C#, Java and Javascript) available now at https://github.com/black-delta/kartkraft-telemetry you can develop, test and release your own app for the KartKraft community. As developers, we're also strong proponents of forwards and backwards compatibility, and have chosen technologies that make that possible. That means, an app built today, will still work regardless of the changes we make to KartKraft. We can't wait to see what you come up with.

    New Features

    Added initial version of UDP Telemetry output. Plugin coders can see more at https://github.com/black-delta/kartkraft-telemetry for more info


    Fixed mouse for mouse input not always being correctly detected. Resolves the problem of the mouse not usually working in the Press Any Key menu, click & dragging to rotate the camera in the main menu and clicking & dragging to look around in photomode
    Fixed crash when clicking on leaderboard notifications
    Fixed spelling of temperature units (Celcius > Celsius)



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