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NetRace: app per il simracing

Uno strumento per gli appassionati che vogliono tenersi aggiornati su gare e campionati

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Ricordando Ayrton Senna...

Primo maggio: per la gente comune è la festa dei lavoratori, mentre per gli appassionati di Formula 1...

In quella precisa giornata del 1994 perse la vita uno dei più forti piloti della storia

Ayrton Senna

  • KartKraft: nuova build disponibile su Steam con il KZ a marce

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    Come promesso, è stata rilasciata tramite Steam la nuova build aggiornata di KartKraft, interessante simulatore di guida dedicato al mondo del karting. Principale novità della nuova release è la presenza del nuovo e cattivissimo motore KZ, ovvero il kart con 6 marce, capace di ben 45 cavalli!

    Build is now live, so restart Steam to get the update. Attracting top international and factory backed drivers, KZ is the world's premier karting class and it is now availble in KartKraft. With 45HP and a 6 Speed gearbox, the 125cc IAME KZ SCREAMER accelerates from a standing start to 60mph in just under 3.5 seconds making it quicker than many supercars and an experience unlike any other. 


    • Added KZ2 class with 125cc IAME KZ Screamer (Due to licensing restrictions, PFi does not support the KZ class)
    • Added chain link simulation
    • Added auto-upshift and auto-downshift assists
    • Added track map to HUD with different tracking modes
    • Added overhead vehicle HUD radar similar to 'Helicorsa'
    • Added ability to 'discard' previously purchased vehicles
    • Added ability to rename setups


    • Tuned MG Yellow tyres to reduce mid-corner snap oversteer
    • Improved AI behaviour to respect the player.
    • Fixed problem of not being able to cycle through the different gameplay cameras and groups during the replay
    • Added setting to control the amount of notifications displayed in game.
    • Fixed the bug where FFB could remain at a non-zero value after the vehicle is no longer being driven
    • Enabled the recent laps HUD widget in the leaderboard events
    • Fixed the king pins not attaching correctly to the vehicle
    • Fixed bug where not all players would be able to be viewed in the post-race replay

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